Lionel Messi starts, Sergio Aguero reaches 100 caps for Argentina vs. Bolivia


Lionel Messi starts for Argentina and as does Sergio Aguero who reaches 100 matches for the national team.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni confirmed the starting eleven on Sunday and he has kept his word. It will be the same eleven which he announced and that means all six players that are on yellow cards will not be starting the match.

Here is the starting eleven:

Armani, Montiel, Pezzella, L. Martínez, Acuña, G. Rodríguez, Palacios, A. Gómez, A. Correa, Messi and Agüero

The players dropped from the squad for today are Angel Di Maria, Joaquin Corera, Cristian Romero, Emiliano Martinez and Nahuel Molina.


  1. Messi MOTM again, this time also scores from open play. Kun finishing looks rusty but got that brilliant assist for Messi at least. Lautaro scores right after coming in, while Papu continues to be our joker card.

    A Correa played well, Acuna helped big time when it comes to attacking but made some defensive error. Armani can starts if you wants to gives the ball away to opponents.

  2. Good game, Happy to see so many goals especially Messi and lautaro.
    Paredes and Montiel should not start.
    WTF is Armani doing in Argentina’s national team.
    Angel Correa is a must along with Nico Gonzalez. Papu and di maria are other alternatives.
    Lisandro Martinez played well.
    The team is shaping up well.
    My team against Ecuador
    Molina Romero Otamendi/Lisandro Acun
    Guido Depaul
    Acorrea/Dimaria Messi Nico/Papu

  3. 1st half 3 goals because papu and correa supported messi and aguero well.
    2nd half no support for messi from midfield and attack. thats why scored 1 goal.

  4. Good win, good confidence booster, Messi scores twice and assists on another……..and off course ARG plays and the opposing GK turns into Wolverine from X-Men, stopping everything in sight.
    I was looking at the pitch right before the game ended, a close up view and that field is ALL F***ed up.

    Ok REST UP and get ready for Ecuador and oh yeah REF. was GOOD

  5. Lo Celso was really bad, Paredes some forward passes only, Julian Alvarez not ready yet. Palacios nothing extraordinary, Guido is good, but no forward passes, Papu played great. Correa, Aguero and Lautaro OK, Messi is Messi.

  6. Armani always find opponents feet with his pass lol

    Messi should stay around the edge of penalty area, that’s why he’s effective creating and scoring. Everytime he played on the right side near halfway line, he’s too predictable and less less effective.

    • when papu was partnered with messi messi no need to come deep. papu and correa was there in the deep to take ball forward. so messi scored and created chances in 1st half.
      when papu and correa left everything changed. messi comes deep and take ball forward. so the weakest is midfield. parades, locelso and dominguez are waste ones
      guido, lisandro, acuna, palacios, papu, correa, aguero, pazella and messi all good except montiel and armani. armani sometimes good. montiels was clueless.

      • Yea, good thing Scolani’s replaced Papu to saves his energy for next game. COrrea looks great aswell, connects well with Messi. With Paredes, everything’s back like in previous games, Messi has nobody to link up with and has to dropped deep again. First half was exciting everytime we springs forward.

        Not only Papu scores, but won that penalty aswell.

        • With Paredes? Cmon he played deep, without Gomez, Aguero, and Correa, Lautaro is not that good in link up plays, Alvarez was lost and Lo Celso played really bad. With Nico Gonzalez there wil be a runner, but even less link ups, shakiest passer in the team with Lautaro, Lo Celso needs to step up again.

  7. scaloni must find alternatives for parades. he is destroying the team. guido is better than parades.

  8. Everything OK except Montiel and Armani. I dont know why my heart beat increases whenever my tv screen shows Armani. I still repeat Montiel is not good.

      • Lol. Not just back passes. He lost the ball several times which is not even ok if that is from an attacker. Then there is Montiel who plays Right back for us. Poor shots, Pathetic crosses, Horrible passes, awful defending… Together gives Montiel.

  9. the team is getting worse of when parades comes in. he is the worst player among argentines. lisandro is good overall.

  10. Guaido played an excellent game – the heart Argentina midfield. Palacios disappeared in the second half. Let’s see how Parades and Dominguez perform.

    Happy for Lautaro!!

    • guido, correa, papu is more better than parades, lo celso and julian alvarez.
      whent they played in first hals the score was 3 after they replaced they scored 1

  11. looks like aguero trying to be get his old self back. and aguero was good
    today quality of player argentina got..
    messi,aguero,gomes,lisandro,a.correa,acuna all seems to opens exequisite site of argentina close range football without air strength..

  12. Nico g shld get some minutes. A correa, papu, dimaria will be solid subs in KO. Jus want to see aguero score 1 & messi kindly allow himself to be subbed today

  13. See how we make all the cries about this and that every time.. We need chemistry in the team to win a tournament.. France with all the firepower did not get going in this euro and knocked out by minnow..Argentina started with sluggish but very important wins.. Now they will start flourishing.. We should look fluid and strong at knockouts rather than in group phase.. The signs are very good.. Angel Correa papu gomez are looking good.. Vamos Argentina

  14. Argentina strikers haven’t scored any goals in Copa 2021, if Icardi was there easily scored 5+ goals in Group stage. Hope Aguero to score in 2nd half and back to confidence which is needed for knockout stages.

  15. It seems like Paraguay prefer to lose because they prefer Peru in the QF than Colombia.

    The 70% Aguero clicking with Messi. A Correa is the better Correa among the subs.

  16. Very nice first half. This is exactly what I wanted. A free scoring game with no stress about the result. The first goal was very nice and great strike from Gomez. Also great job for him to get the penalty. As much as I think Messi needs a rest (he has also lost possession a couple of times) I still think he is on fire today and this is exactly what we all wanted, several Messi goals to stop the Ronaldo and Euros comparison (plus a beautiful assist). Lisandro and Guido are also playing well. Aguero as always seems rusty but I have to swear I think the horrid pitch played a role in the ball moving outwards on the last shot (maybe I’d need another opinion on that). I would like to see Alvarez come on and see what he can do as well as Dominguez who I am intrigued by. Maybe Gonzalez could play a small bit so he can score a goal and get some confidence back.

  17. Against weaker, defensive teams Papu Gomez is a valid starter if Lo Celso would be injured: Papu—Guido/Paredes-De Paul—Nico Gonzalez-Lautaro/Aguero-Messi

    • Nagh put both in. Gomez also owning left side, doing better than Nico (or at min making a strong case for himself)

      Gomez – Kun/Toro – Messi

      Lo Celso – Guido – De Paul

  18. Finally enjoying a show!! Quick thoughts

    1. Correa keeps making great turns. And the speed. He is making a difference

    2. Acuna should be automatic left back. His Sevilla transformation was great. He is bringing to NT too.

    3. Licha is great for me. Happy for him

    Messi is doing Ok 😉

  19. in close range pappu is too good.. only things problem with pappu his defensive contribution lack of physicality.. he could prove with exquisite player against some team.. and against some teams he could be weak points .. his advantage he is superb in close range play and finishing.. A.correa seems to be fast and exciting to see

        • Today match Argentina played free flowing football, Papu has cemented his place in starting 11, parades is scaloni favorite so he’ll be back and Gouido can’t be dropped for solidifying defense therefore De Paul lost his place. I told it earlier, De Paul must have played against Paraguay and Bolvia to bring back his form now can’t expect De Paul starting in knockout

          • We will see, De Paul has been one of the most important players for Argentina for a while so it seems odd. He did play against Paraguay off the bench

  20. So far Angel Correa is the one who is turning with speed and creating something.

    We do get a penalty. There is something breeding between Messi and Papu

  21. technically bolivia is better than argentina. when argentina facing paressure from opponents can see many back passess and kicking on the air from backline.

  22. Guys this is such an event for the first time since 2014 we are playing a competitive game where we can be relax not thinking about elimination…..

  23. I was hoping KUN would do something with that hideous haircut……………….off course all will be forgiven if he scores some goals

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