Argentina to play Colombia or Ecuador in quarter finals of Copa America


Argentina will play one of Colombia or Ecuador in the quarter finals of the Copa America.

Lionel Scaloni’s team have secured a top two finish in the group which means that the only way they can play Brazil would be in a potential final. However, before even getting to a final, there’s the matter of a quarter final and a win there would still mean a semi-final match.

While we know that Argentina will finish in the top two, we also know the final standings of the other group. Brazil top the group to no one’s surprise, while Peru finish second. Third and fourth places go to Colombia and Ecuador respectively while Venezuela finish last in the group and miss out on the knock out rounds.

Should Argentina finish first in their group, they would play Ecuador in the quarter finals. But a second place finish means a match vs. Colombia in the quarters.

A win in the quarter finals for Argentina would mean a match vs. Colombia or the second runner up in Argentina’s current group. That is one of Paraguay, Chile or Uruguay.

The final matches in the group will be played on Monday as Argentina are up against Bolivia and Uruguay against Paraguay.


  1. this tournament is fixed for messi’s argentina. brazil wont that much paressure on argentina in finall.

  2. The game will be officiated by Andres Rojas. If you don’t know he was in VAR for Peru 2-0 match. He tried to convince the referee to give a penalty to Peru for non existent foul by Armani. Referee did not buy it.

    “The Argentine National Team will seek to close with its arms raised its participation in Group B of the Copa América 2021 and for that, it must first face Bolivia tonight, from 9 p.m., with the arbitration of Andrés Rojas . It will be the first time that the Colombian whistle directs the Albiceleste on the field of play. He already did it from the VAR room and sparked controversy.”

    “The only time it was part of a duel between Lionel Messi and company was on November 17, in the 2-0 victory against Peru in Lima for the fourth date of the South American Qualifiers. That night at the National Stadium, Rojas, in charge of the VAR, called the main referee Wilmar Roldán to review a red and white attack and tried to convince him of a non-existent Franco Armani foul on Christian Cueva 10 minutes into the first half. From his position, Rojas was looking for contact with the Argentine goalkeeper and the judge indicated that it was a purely game touch.”

    • Still unfair to penalise him while others goes without punishment. The Referee of last Copa game was more culprit then ever. Like entire VAR team against Varsil game should suspended too. Remember match against Peru or someone else VAR was goin to convince Referee that Armani made foul but the Referee didn’t agree. Now that same Referee will lead us against Bolivia who wanted give a non-existent penalty for nothing

      • @mmh007, I agree a 100000% that, that SOB from the ARG/Bananayellow game should have been suspended because his offense was FAR worse than this particular one…….and I don’t think he is part of this COPA.
        Interesting part here is this, somebody from the CONMEBOL is actually looking at things and correcting them and LET that be a warning to all REFS.
        Nestor, a HIGHLY respected REF. who called the last WC final, messed up a BIG time and he knew it as soon as he pulled that whistle away from his mouth. ………..the damn ball touches the REF. THE BALL is DEAD right there and then.

      • Very well said mmh007. So they admitted that VARsil goal shouldn’t have count. But those frauds took the three points anyway and escaped without any punishment as they did in copa 2019 against us and eventually became copa winners. Conditional justice.

    • Sportskeeda has always been a bunch of trash talkers. Do not take their opinions seriously. They once made an article about why Messi should not have won the Ballon d or in a few specific years and Xavi or Iniesta were ahead. To me the minimum is Scaloni is an above average coach. I have not seen such free flowing organized attacking football since pekermans time. Of course they sitback like a bunch of turtles after taking a goal lead but up until that they play very good football. Whether he is great or not time will tell.

  3. Vamos Argentina. Eagerly waiting for a Copa Champion Trophy. I m a Bangladeshi and started supporting Argentina in 1990 world cup. My father was a huge Maradona Fan and I m influenced by him.

    Unfortunately most of my family members( brothers) are Brazil supporter and nowadays it is difficult for me to counter them. Hope I will have the last laugh this time. Vamos Argentina.

  4. I don’t understand why messi is starting the game. I don’t want to see him having another frustrating 90 minutes, just ahead of KO matches. It would have been messi coming in from bench, as the icing on the cake for argentina which will be leading comfortably against Bolivia & the group. Messi has always been great when coming from bench after a rare drop in form/injury. I feel we are totally wasting this opportunity. Nevertheless, wish him have a great 90 minutes, far from frustrating, against the worst team in South America.

    As usual, not at all expecting anything from the Manger.
    Vamos Argentina.

    • Messi has taken enough rest he should start. Even in Barcelona I have seen that after taking rest for the sake of fatigue Messi did not perform good in the next match so Messi needs to start always.

  5. Arg will meet Ecuador in the QF; it will be shameful if they finish second in the group. Should be no big deal to beat Bolivia who have finish in the bottom and no hope to advance.

    Keep the feet on the ground and play well and smart. No hurry and never under estimate the opponents

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