Atalanta announce signing of Argentina goalkeeper Juan Musso from Udinese


Juan Musso has signed with Atalanta as the club made it official on Friday.

Atalanta announced the signing of the 27 year old goalkeeper from Udinese. Having joined Udinese from Racing Club in 2018, Musso played over 100 matches for the club and become one of the top goalkeepers in the league.

Presently with the Argentina national team at the Copa America, Musso appears to eb the fourth choice goalkeeper behind Emiliano Martinez, Franco Armani and Agustin Marchesin.

He has signed a four year deal with the club.



  1. Argentina will win Copa 2021 and fans need not to overjoy after it though we all will be happy to end 28 year trophy draught, Copa this year basically two team tournament Brazil and Argentina, unless something accidental happens Brazil vs Argentina is going to be the final rest all south american teams declined badly, but to win 2022 WC which ultimately main criteria to judge messi by critics, they rate Ronaldo winning Euro 2016 bigger achievement than messi winning copa this year.

    • and who told you that anybody in Argentina cares about to judge Messi by critics in compare with ronaldo etc. Messi is and always will be better than Ronaldo in minds of everybody even if he don t win any cup with national team. i want the Copa and world cup for Argentina.not for Messi. Of course it will be perfect to win it next year with Messi but if we win it in 2026 for example i will not cry.

    • Right, telling Argentinians what to and not to celebrate. Those critics are stupid they only say that BS to get attention to make money and cause controversy. What a stain on Messi’s career to be mentioned alongside that guy.

  2. WC 2022 line up: Musso – Molina Romero Foyth (LB) – De Paul (DM) (CM) – Messi(c) Icardi Gonzalez.
    Bracket places are still open and unlocked.

  3. So, Musso is going to play against top teams in UCL, I always rate musso higher than emi martinez though Armani is ahead due to scaloni personal reasons. In WC 2022, musso will be the no1 for Argentina, in copa 2019 I’m happy at least Armani isn’t there. Atalanta is much bigger club compare to villa, and Musso performance won’t be unnoticed like his previous Golden Glove winning season, just like Romero musso will become untouchable.

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