Argentina eleven for quarter final, Pezzella, Paredes back in line-up


The Argentina eleven has been announced as Cristian Romero will is not part of the squad and German Pezzella starts in his place.

In addition to that change, Leandro Paredes is back in the eleven ahead of Guido Rodriguez while Nicolas Gonzalez starts on the left side. Here is the eleven:

Emi Martínez; Molina, Pezzella, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Nicolás González

The five players left out of the squad are Cristian Romero, Juan Musso, Martínez Quarta, Nicolás Domínguez and Julián Alvarez.


  1. We have another 2 games ahead that is very important, the team so far is very solid and looks great; Scaloni and his back up team only need to evaluate and realized the weakness of his team in every single game and study hard on the opponents weakness in details ; as a fan we do notice that there are weakness in certain area; we all knew which player should not be in the starting XI or even not to be selected anymore, Scaloni just need to figure out and be more alert and aware to select the right players from the beginning of the match and with great timing subs. Chemistry, tactical and creativity are the core of Arg players, no need to be commanded.

    We do not need to blow up and being labeled as a useless comments or just another fake and negative fan; all the comments denote that we care so much for Albiceleste and desperately want to win this Copa . Look at Messi face after Ecuador game, so bright, smiling face and happy.

    Messi, ADM, Kun Aquero deserved the trophy. It’s has been a very long time for Arg to win any major tournament. Let’s have faith that this time the luck and force be with us. No need to worry as all the players are in fighting spirit and happy mood. Vamos Albiceleste

  2. There are so many Dumb, useless, negetive comments in here which does not make sense at all. (They make fools out of themselves)
    We come here to support our team and share our usefull valuable opinions. Not to bash our players or coaches.
    We got the win move on be happy. Next stop Semis. One at a time. I only care about results. Seen everything already last 35 years.
    Vamos Albiceleste.

  3. I have always said that what we achieved with the great coaches?? Bielsa – out from league stages of 2002 world cup with likes of Veron batistuta aimar Ayala in the squad… Pekerman – crazy sub of riquelme and not bringing Messi in quarters of 2006 world cup and we lost against weak Germany.. Sampaoli – 2018 didnot knew what he was doing.. These were all great coaches with lot of magnificent players in the their squad.. They all failed miserably.. Who did well?? Sabella.. A lesser known coach with limited players got the best result and nearly won us world cup.. So it’s not about great coaches for Argentina.. Scaloni is doing good.. Hope he can make some good choices in subs in coming games.. We can win this tournament.. Vamos Argentina

  4. Great win I am very happy… But now some thoughts… First of all, for those who said GLC has no contribution on defense. Watch the stats: More tackles and interceptions than any other Midfielder. Also most ground duels won.. He played 70mins not 90!!

    Midfield should be set for every Match RDP Guido and GLC!

    Attack OMG Nico… I love his energy but how can someone pick him over Papu after those games??? Di Maria super Sub! that’s what we want from him…
    could’ve brought Aguero earlier but Lautaro scored. Good for him.

    Defense: we need to figure that out before Semis or we out… Romero and who??? Molina was good but Acuña had better games… Pezella was ok but Otamendi??? please help someone.. we need a good D against Colombia and maybe Brazil


    • Those who said GLC has no contribution are people’s who don’t watch match.. He is a prefect midfielder with ball recovering ability and who can dribble and make key passes.. Only thing that lacks in him is the fitness to play 90 minutes.. In coming years, he should build on his fitness otherwise he is a perfect perfect midfielder.. ADM is a sub material.. He can generate that energy in late stages.. Papu should also be the substitute.. With little bit of luck we can win this tournament.. Vamos Argentina

    • Great points against the midfield, if Scaloni proves to be reasonable he will play Guido from now and and a GLC-Guido-De Paul midfield looks very stable, hard working, balanced (in defense and attack), and difficult to play against

    • If someone think… LoCelso was not good today…they don’t know football…
      They think when DiMaria came we attacked LoCelso bad…huh…
      They both had different role…
      When Gonzalez left…. Attacking become stronger..that’s truth…just like when Paredes left defense become stronger…

  5. Apart from Messi Magic ,we weren’t great ,Till the second gol the game was even

    We were abit lucky we were so shaky

    I said before the Game, and I say it again Guido is a Must he must start, if not we won’t win the Copa.

  6. Great Win Argentina!!!
    My concern is guys..Ever since world cup qualifiers we have been a team who score first and we a pretty comfortable with that but what if we are chasing the game !!!! Maan I’m nervous about that

  7. Scaloni needs to learn that Guido Rodriguez is most important for defence he is always aware of opposition players in his half.
    Di Maria and Papu Gomez are very important player for attack, It looks like Di Maria did not age he is still very quick.
    Papu Gomez is also needed. He brings chemistry.
    Aguero needs to replace Lautaro.Aguero and Messi chemistry can be seen in final minutes that move looked great.

  8. Lessons learnt:

    Guido must be the DM instead of Paredes. No question about this. Paredes has good passing abilities, but is too vulnerable to be a sole DM.

    We badly need Romero, without him and Guido, our defense is vulnerable.

    DiMaria is a Super Sub.

    Nico is still the ideal player for LW. Papu can’t help the defense like him and also is not as fast as him. Nico should have had a goal, but the Ecuador goalie was very good with the double save.

  9. Finally! Uh it’s a huge victory..
    Scaloni is not so bad, as you people think…
    Guido is a perfect DM.. paredes has ability to play in starting xi , but scaloni should use him in right place at right formation…
    Nico is not matured to start at big tournament, he need to handle the pressure.. may be he will learn from his experience..

  10. Opponents can easily beat Argentina but too difficult to beat Messi alone !

    It’s just because of Messi Argentina did survive in so many games. Really G.O.A.T

    Great win 3-0 but still with ‘but’ question with Scaloni’s tactic and subs timing. We can reach the final

      • Fuck off Shubham, you are just a Messi hater. Nobody said we have shit players, but certainly a huge gap in the talent between Messi and rest of the team.
        Messi is the one that is carrying Argentina since 2010 World cup.

        • Calm down.
          There’s a huge gap in talent between Messi and literally every other player in the world anyway, and we are supposed to feel ashamed that he performs well for us and contributes to most of our goals? The only players that played poorly today were those who have better replacements for them so I say we have a TEAM on our hands

  11. Happy for Lautaro Martinez..he’s back with his goal scoring foot… trying all the dirty work too…
    Emi Martinez gives us the confidence…
    Romero…you come and lead the backline…we are set…

  12. Jesus Christ these comments are unbelievable. We won 3-0 instead of typing on your phone’s during the game to complain watch the screen because Argentina went on to score more

  13. Guido is titular for Paredes everydays

    Gomez is titular for Gonzalez every days

    Di maria is titular por Lo Celso (not fit)

    –Gomez——————Di Maria
    ————Guido—De Paul

    it’s not perfect but we need players who can control the Midfield and Lo Celso-Paredes-De Paul cant. it was terrible

    • Lo Celso and DiMaria played different role…Both had good match…and connected well with Messi… DiMaria coming from bench is best scenario…his quickness against tired defense…superb…

  14. Please never try Pezella & Otamendi together again.
    Please Bench Paredes and Play Guido.
    Don’t Give Nico more than 50 mins.

    • Strategy cld be Nico G in 2nd half . We will have a strong penalty option . Maybe start with Papu or A Correa. With today i guess Guido over Parades i am sure Scaloni is convinced.
      18 consecutive games without a loss. So Kudos to Scaloni & the team

    • 50mins to mediocre winger?? He shouldn’t even be in the team .. horrible horrible finisher … he is another headless chicken…

  15. Haters of our coach and players can go suck themselves now. Piece of shit these so called fans are.

    Terrible to read the comments here. Atleast support the team until it’s over. Disgusting!

    • I criticized Scaloni, but I still support our team no matter what. Criticized is ok where it’s due. I see improvement, but I still don’t see a World Cup-winning team. All South American teams have gotten weaker in the last 4-5 years (Colombia, Uruguay, & Chile all downgraded since 2010 & 2016). People actually feared Ecuador in the comments earlier today, which in my opinion shows that our team needs to be more convincing in victories. This was a great win for our team and DiMaria shows that he can indeed be a super sub. DePaul is solid and Messi is Messi.

      Again, I’m happy we are winning, but we have not been truly tested. We can end up winning this tournament, but the goal is to win the World Cup and we need to start playing European teams in friendlies to determine where we are, to improve, and become more solidified.

      Remember we are all fans and want the ultimate goal of seeing this team World Cup Champions. Vamos Argentina!

  16. Brazilian refrees are best for Argentina. After 70 minute with introduction of Guido rodriguez and Di Maria everything changed.

    • Great win Credit to the players and Coach !!! But for the next game Nico Gonzalez cannot start I’m sorry When you have a 2 more form players in Di Maria and Papu why Nico who is clearly lacking confidence ..I understand scaloni played him today for his pace and runs and workrate and it did pay off But still we cannot miss chances in Knockout football That’s why I feel like papu has to start as he is in fine form …Guido is really pushing for a start ahead of Paredes and I am pretty sure Romero will play instead of pezzella rather than otamendi ….Lautaro will definitely start now that he is picking form

  17. Well done Argentina.. Romero in place of pezella will make this team stronger.. Maybe Guido in place of parades.. Papu should be brought on as substitute.. Dimaria also doing well.. With little bit of luck we can win this tournament.. We may have to beat the Brazilians to win this tournament but maybe beating Brazil can be the curse breaker..vamos Argentina

  18. Paredes leaves… Defense become stronger…
    Gonzalez leaves .. attacking become stronger…
    Messi…oh my god….
    Ecuador made the match very difficult… but we created many chances…and scored few…just few….

  19. According to Greenstone Lobo whoever plays final against Brazil win the match so semi final between Argentina vs Columbia will be very difficult, both teams are favorite to win the tournament.

  20. I watch every single Colombia game and they’re nothing that we can’t handle , on paper we look way better . We just gotta be careful in the back with our questionable defense.

  21. I still feel like Papu have his place in the game , he way more clinical, out defense is very questionable. Ecuador don’t have nobody lethal up front that’s why we didn’t pay for our poor defending

  22. Scaloni is 2 wins away from being the most successful manager since 1993 whether you agree with his tactics you not.

    Football is about winning trophies, FACT.

  23. These fools need to stop exchanging shit gifts, eating BBQs and playing football tennis. They need to wake up and sniff the air, this is a war, every second has to count and be loved.

  24. Nico can’t make Denmark’s NT squad. Just a terrible player all around, but somehow succeeds in Suckerloni’s bedroom.

  25. I m really worried about referring. If this reefery find a little chance to blow whistle against Argentina he Will do it. So we have to be careful.

  26. We need Guido ASAP
    I’ve said it many times
    I keep repeating myself
    Our defense is so shaky without out and out Defensive midfielder is suicidal!!!

  27. Paredes is useless he cant do nothing , he is slow, have no creativity. Nothing. Crazy… The midfield is so trash and cant control anything.

    Otamendi is … otamendi : Dumb, weak, the best news could be he take another yellow card in semi if we are qualify to be out for the final

    Gonzalez cant finish nothing

  28. Guido Rodriguez needed defence is getting exposed. Scaloni is not the coach for pressure game, he should be coach for only friendlies and 3rd place game.

  29. Some thoughts about the first half:
    Now on the game: we clearly are a better team but there are so many fouls the game stops constantly and we haven’t been able to do enough and are only leasing by a fine margin, but we look better than previous games. Ecuador do have a capability of being dangerous of times and we must be wary of it. We need a more defensive player with more physicality and height, and who do we have on the bench? Guido, who would be in place of Paredes that coincidentally in my eyes has been the poorest player. Lisandro could come on for Otamendi given his yellow card. Lautaro has been meh but has not had any very clear chances so it is hard to judge fairly. I think Scaloni should be looking for more stability from their counter attacks and to have control of the ball for longer periods of time. I do not think that this is a game where we should go all out defensive without at least another goal but lets see.

  30. Nico Gonzalez and Lautaro are worst in forward line.Defence is getting exposed Guido should be there. Papu Gomez and Aguero are needed. Poor finishing from Nico and Lautaro,Scaloni should not have break the rhythm of this team Papu Gomez,Aguero and Di Maria needed like hell.

  31. OMG…

    what a first half… Offense needs to score at least 3! Midfield is pretty solid, I mean De Paul great Lo Celso also good. Defense, what the f… We are so lucky not to concede two goals… Both headers from Enner, where were are CB?????? Damn we need Romero and Guido!!!!!

    About the ref I don’t really want to start… Very poor performance. I’m afraid that Ota is gonna be sent off in that match

    I’m sweating my ass off

    now let’s go and grab that win🇦🇷

  32. Positioning of Paredes is horrible. Because of him at last second of 1st half Ecuador got a free header… How on earth a coach select him as DM. He doesn’t make covering run… Horrible…

  33. Even after coaching for 3 years Scaloni does not have any idea how weak his defence is. One Romero can not solve this problem. Argentina lacks talent in defence.
    And paredes. Omg! Should retire for NT.
    Lo celso is not contributing in defence at all.

  34. You have a bad defence with Pezzella and Otamendi and you bench your performing true 5 against a fast attacking team. Result we are suspect at break and there is no ball winner at midfield.

    Nico gonzalez can’t pass, can’t combine and can’t finish. He is starting in place of our second best goal scorer.

    We deserve it so far. But luckily we scored a goal.

    Referee is bad, incompetent.

  35. Guys may be I am wrong

    We are expecting Papu or Dimaria as a sub

    but Scaloni will bring Palacios for Locelso 60th minute

    I will be happy if I am wrong

  36. Yes Nico Gonzalez is not having a good game but again the goal came due to his run.
    And I would like to see Acuna passing the ball to lo celso more.

  37. This ref is a hard ass…Otamendi needs to relax…Gonzalez, Oh Nico…good second save by Ecu goalie buy Nico should have buried it

  38. Otamendi is a red card threat for me from the start every day..

    dangerous because referee will be trying to make us 10 men

    • I am so nervous with this referee and our centre backs little slip up by otamendi and Wilton sampaui is going to give a pen ..pls Argentina score another one and defend deep For god’s sake NiCO !! Take your bloody chances!!! Bring on Papu in the second half for Nico

  39. How many years…still Otamendi is same with foolish act…gets yellow…
    Acuna doesn’t have a brain to think…
    Gonzalez is cursed…he can’t score….
    Paredes can walk on the ramp….

  40. The Good. We scored a goal and are winning.
    The Bad. Our defending on the flank is suspect.
    The Ugly. Our finishing is atrocious and we should be winning at least 2-0

  41. Nico Gonzalez is a waste of time… What has he done to deserve to be in this squad let alone starting XI. Absolute shambles from management yet again, it happens every tournament. I remember when Meza walked into the starting team in a major tournament out of nowhere. Absolute fools.

  42. from last game I was asking badly for Papu not nico
    look how pathetic Gonzalez is
    please Sub Gonzalez..his honeymoon time is over

    • Nothing new … why wasn’t Papu selected he was in form n full of confidence esp. in the box. Scaloni the master in making mistakes n ruining teams rhythm.

  43. I think With this squad Scaloni is also getting ready for Shootout just incase its draw in 90 mins then all the young guns Nico Lautaro Parades will come off for Aguero Papu Gomez n DiMaria preferring more experience players for taking spot kicks.

  44. Now everyone wants guido cause he brings stability.
    Scaloni has his preferences like every other coach…..that’s why paredes knows no matter how shitty he plays he will always get the nods.

  45. 90 minutes.. then tie-breaker
    So,Ecuador will go for a draw,, they might only attack in counter… they may park the bus too..

    let’s see how Scaloni approach ..

  46. I know Guido is not a world class player by any means, but he is still miles ahead of lazy Parades. Parades absolutely brings nothing to the table other than sideway short passes. I don’t want this player to be anywhere near the NT after his pathetic performance against the Brazil. This defense will get exposed with him in the starting 11.

  47. I hope I am wrong

    But I feel we are more solid or Balanced with Guido instead of Parades

    I am also not convinced with Midfield Trio of (De Paul,Parades,LoCelso)

    Vamos Argentina !!!

  48. Those who brought this team to knock out stage are not in knock out games. Such a poor selection where are G. Rodriguez andPapu Gomez.Scaloni doing mistake again, if pressure comes he goes for worst. Not a good coach. He breaks the rhythm of this team with his selection. Poor finishers like Lautaro and Nico are starter.

  49. I am ok with the midfield selection. I think he has gone with the trio that can actually control the midfield the most knowing Alfaro will probably try to lock it down in the middle.
    Would have preferred Papu over Nico, as I think he is one of the few threats in this team who actually does not ‘look for’ messi. And their right back Preciado is a bit raw, so a player with experience like papu can exploit. But hopefully Nico’s directness is a good substitute.
    Honestly no preference between lautaro and aguero right now for me. still waiting for one of them to pick up form in this tournament and hopefully its lautaro now since he is the starter.

    Let’s go!!

  50. “The Argentina eleven has been announced as Cristian Romero will start the match on the bench”

    Romero is not on bench. He has gone with only one CB on the bench – lisandro.

  51. Its Colombia in semi. Current trend of copa penalties – side kicking PK first has won. Good attempts from most players & ospina was sharp enough on gimenez & vena who both hit weak.

    • Yep. So far two games have gone to pens and the other was a close margin. Either we suffer this pattern or break the trend, and judging from the other teams I think we are totally capable of breaking the trend and even looking like the best team in quarters.

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