Lionel Messi on Argentina win: “Individual awards are secondary, we are here for something else”


Lionel Messi scored once and assisted twice for Argentina in their 3-0 win vs. Ecuador as they are now in the semi finals.

Messi was as influential as ever for Argentina and an assist in the first half, another assist in the second and a goal in the second means he leads the Copa America with four goals and four assists. Speaking to the media after the match, here is what he had to say:

“It was a very difficult match, we knew about the difficulty of the opponent. It was hard fought until we got the goal, then it got more tangled. The important thing is that we took one more step.

“We tried to play, at times we couldn’t, the pitch didn’t help much. We played a very important match. One of our objectives was to be among the top four best teams. Now we have to rest because there is little time until our next game.”

In regards to the Copa America and the team:

“I have always said: The individual awards are secondary, we are here for something else. I want to congratulate the group for the work they have been doing, it has been several days that we are away from our families. We have an objective and we are thinking about it.”


  1. There were many positives to be taken from today’s win. The forwards and the midfield looked hungrier than previous matches. Passes were more accurate. Messi at his sublime best. Opportunities were coming up , al beit, misses were galore. Lautaro got another goal, which, hopefully, would boost his morale. Di Maria again looked dangerous in the final quarter. Otamendi looked an improved version of himself. But the negatives cannot be overlooked. The defence looked pretty vulnerable once again. There were 3 clear chances and one near-sameside chance. Someone like Christian Romero is badly needed for the semi. We also need someone like Acuna on the right. But instead of blaming individuals, what was missing was a formation in the defense when Ecuador was attacking. Scaloni needs to do tactically better in the next match from a defense perspective. He has got a cohesive team now. Colombia game plan should include stopping Juan Cuadrado up the pitch and not near the Argentine box. In the WC qualifier match, he was allowed to quickly build up the attacks and the final equalizer was a result of that.

    • 100% agree. Now it’s too late to rest Messi. Should have been done in group stages or when we’re up 2-0 in the 80th minute.

  2. paredes had some good moment with depaul messi but having him in the play defence needs to superior.. and he needs to in his best

    • Yes he was lively today in fact he was trying to score and was passing in final third very lively. during the game people were criticing him which is wrong.Otamendi is dominant in air he wins almost all aerial duels

  3. @Great win. Not because Argentina win big but against a physical team along with crazy referring against us. It is really difficult for a team to win when official are partial against us. I am really worried how they will act when we play against Brazil in the final. Hope for the best.

  4. Another transfer. Leonardo Balerdi has moved to Olympique Marseille in a permanent deal.

    Completed deals so far:
    Foyth to Villareal.
    Rodrigo De Paul to Atletico Madrid.
    Musso to Atalanta.
    Buendia to Aston Villa.
    Martin Payero to Middlesborough.
    Possible transfers:
    Joaquin Correa to PSG (if Sarabia agrees to be part of the deal)
    Icardi to Juve.
    Julian Alvarez to Aston Villa (if Villa press hard, River have no intention of selling him, as they have sold Borre to Frankfurt, and are willing to let go of Carrascal)
    Facundo Medina to Man Utd. He is on their short list. Unbelievable move if it happens.
    Lisandro Martinez to Barcelona.

  5. Lineup against colombia:

    We are facing a weakened colombia but still very strong.


    Molina, Lisandro/Christian romero, Otta, Acuna

    Correa, Guido, Lo Celso,


    Papu, Aguero

    I think Messi can play AMF. Nico, Di Maria, and Lautaro should be second half for high work rate. Lo Celso needed for build up imo, Paredes and De Paul refuse to move up for some reason. Correa is a balanced player, he can run and dribble and pass when needed. Guido needs to be there man. Molina is good counter against speedy wingers/forwards. IMO Otta should still start but SCALONI NEEDS TO TELL HIM TO CONTROL HIS FUCKING TEMPER. Christian romero and lisandro are both better than pezella imo. Acuna is a great build up player. He can get the ball out of our defense and also come forward to midfield when need be, very versatile player on the flanks. Martinez so far has had a solid performance. This is our second clean sheet I believe, and swapping in Armani will ruin chemistry.

    DYBALA would have fit well because then messi and aguero could have played as dual strikers and Paulo would have been AMF, as he plays regularly in that position at Juve.

  6. this should be the front in the first half

    in second half
    dimaria messi lautaro/gomes

  7. though i like licha a lot.. but i don’t want to play him agianst colombia bcs colombia try to attack through the air most of it’s early matches…

    guido is must against colombia..

    aguero must start … don’t play lautaro and nico together let one rest the other informs of sub..
    lautaro in the second half could be very much handy bcs of his high working rate

    • if lautaro and di maria are subbed in together, I can see a goal for sure.

      They both have high work rate and should be used as an exploit to second half opponent stamina.

      60th minute sub will be perfect.

    • NOTHING is easy……you wanna win a trophy then you need to get out of your comfort zone and TAKE IT…..they want it then let them go and get it.

  8. Next match against Colombia will be the most important match of the tournament for us. It demands extreme concentration. But feel we play with some tranquility than the one against Ecuador. Even though Nico missed chances, his work rate is immense. Better start with Nico and for God’s sake please no Paredes. Guido all the way. Do Maria is playing with real maturity. Using him well in right side immensely help our team and Messi. Maria should enter by 60th minute and not by 70. Otamendi needs to keep his cool. And finally if we play normally we are really unbeatable. We make ourselves life hard because we become too nervous. Only think about the next match. Enjoy the occasion. Vamos..

    • I just hope we stays calm if we dont score early. In last 7 or 8 games, we’ve been getting first half goal all the time. But it wont be like that in every matches.

    • Yes Nico is needed, the Same team with 2 needed changes.
      Romero for awful Pezzella.
      Guido for pathetic paredes.
      Dimaria should come in as a sub around 65mins.
      paredes should not come at all.

      • nico is needed but he is again like lautaro. His high work rate isnt good for first half. Players with explosiveness should be second half to exploit lower stamina. That way his finishing and runs will be easier to complete.

  9. i said it before paredes over guido will be wrong decision bcs argentina isn’t stable from the back.. about gomes there could 50-50 chance of significance,, in offensive play he could be exequisite but his lack of physicality could be sometimes weak points for defense against a team whos main attribute or play with physicality and speed … scaloni may thought it could reduce strength from defensive viewpoint…

    for me dimaria for full 90 minute is no for me.. i would like to play him 45 to 65 minute .. playing in first half or second half it could be vary.. and obviously it is on the right and center

    and i’m against playing aguero in second half… aguero must be started in first half and lautaro in second half could be good points for taking test of opponents defense with his high working rate..

  10. @Godin…
    If you think LoCelo had a bad game…you need to learn more about football..
    I hope you will realize the importance of LoCelso…

      • He has fitness issue…but still he’s our best midfielder.. today he had more tackles and interceptions than any other midfielders..with most duels…he connected well with Messi.. created chances..

    • Lo celso is definitely our best midfielder in my opinion. He is good in the midfield, can do dirty work and going forward he is full of ideas. I think Acuna and lo celso Don’t connect well together, tagliafico has better understanding with lo celso.
      And to be honest de Paul was the best midfielder today. He was class.

  11. Not since the match ended I immediately had a strong gut feeling that this semifinal is going to be the decider of the title. No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not basing these words from what that Lobo guy had predicted. He can have his words and carry on with what he does but my feeling is clearly spontaneous and instant.

    It’s the same feeling I had felt when Argentina squared up with France in last world cup. I was sure that whoever won it would go on to win it all. And that’s what happened, France won.

    Taking that picture this time, it’s the same as well. This semifinal is the real deal as because no matter whatever happens on the other side, Brazil’s simply not gonna take it home this time. It’s not possible.

    All eyes on scaloni and what and who he chooses for next match. Every atom of Argentina’s hope rest on his decision and obviously on Messi’s performance as well. Scaloni will have to make his choices click and he has to do it in time, not when it’s too late.

    I hope and I pray to lord Jesus and every other gods to grant their blessings on us. Everything depends on our boys and the bit of luck that had carried us this long.

    Vamoooooo ..argentino🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    • Yea, just like when Uruguay beat us on penal, they won. In fact, every team that managed to beat Argentina always win Copa. It has been like that since mid 90’s. Brazil, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile , Chile , Brazil… even Germany & France in last 2 WC.

      It’s like a game against Argentina always becoming title decider.

  12. Nico worked hard for defence but that is not his main job. His main job is to attack. He misplaced passes, lost ball and shooting was bad. Our attacking from left side was non existent. If we judge by his main role, he was one of the worsts. If we judge by his secondary role, he was ok. Take your pick.

      • Yes, sometimes we are so concerned about defence that we forget scoring goals is the duty of forward. No amounts of defensive works from forwards will be enough if Pezzella and Paredes is your CB and lone DM.

  13. I know its crazy around here so i’m keep it short:
    Great win, with a lot of room for improvement.
    Team is happy, Messi scored and assisted and the morale is high.
    REF. looked like he was going to screw us over but thankfully had some dignity to do the right thing.
    Get some rest and lets focus on Colombia…………….the team they beat on Pks back in 2015

  14. Dimaria is in excellent form and Scaloni shouldn’t waste him on the bench! He should start next game ahead of Lo-celso..

  15. Guido is tall, physical and can defend. Parades is a liability, but he will start again due to his relationship with mediocre Scaloni. Romero is a must start for the next match.

    • Right, because Paredes and Scaloni are in a relationship… at the same time as Pereyra, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Nico, Pezzella, Armani, Quarta, etc. Gosh.

  16. Good win! Congrats everyone.
    Guido should start over paredes next match, other than that I think we are ok. Maybe also papu to start. Other than that the team seemed ok.

  17. Guido over paredes any second, but Nico will have to start every matches. Even though he is not finishing the chances he’s still crucial for that first 45 minutes.

    People forget too easily that his work rate is what allows our forwards and midfielders play the game they want. So in that case, he’s crucial and needily important.

    But guys……I do think the semifinal is going to decide who picks this cup.
    Colombia are no easy team. The way they forced the comeback against us was really dangerous and quick. Plus they have a class keeper in ospina. It’s really difficult.

    The priority should be the same, score first as much as we can and then defend for life. I hope Romero will surely start the next match. It’s been too much rest for him. His presence in the defence is immensely important.

    • We supported Nico Gonzalez for all of his hard work…his yellow was one of the good example..
      But in SF and final..we may get few chances only..we need to score from those…
      No doubt in his ability…but he should be consistent in his finishing…

  18. Nico Gonzalez and Paredes should not start.Papu Gomez and Guido Rodriguez should start.Di Maria is a super sub.

  19. @Mafioso lo celso was sh..t, him a long paredes were passengers I don’t agree with nico gonzalez I thought he had decent game. By the way Argentina had more clear cut chances than ecuador af course they had two guilty chance first half due disorganise defence.
    Scaloni and co are improving but they must drop paredes for Guido, Palacios over lo celso.

      • Insider lo celso wasn’t good mate I don’t know what much you have watched, fitness issues
        exactly that is why you have subs
        Palacios or gomez or even angel Correa could come. Not point to carry out injury players.

          • Please tel me what lo celso did that game? Palacios will make much more need balance in the middle of park
            Without the ball lo celso and Parades nothing more than passengers
            No-one praise more than me paredes and lo celso when they were playing good but you insider you only critical for paredes you have be consistent and say same thing for lo celso I say again lo celso offer nothing for the game tonight remember he supposed be the main playmaker for the team

    • what he hell are u talking about lo celso was very good today. he takes away a lot of pressure from messi. palacios is someone I like but him over lo celso! no way!

  20. Nico gonzalez’s yellow card sums up defensive performance of first 70 min. The DM Paredes was nowhere to be seen against a dangerous Ecuadoran counter attack and Pezzella needed Nico to slow down the opponent player in order to win the ball. If not for Nico’s tackle, Pezzella would make a mess out of it.

    It was not tactics but player selections. There is reason for hope but it depends on Scaloni.

    • Scaloni has Paredes favoritism…he should take that away….
      Keep Paredes and Nico Gonzalez on the bench…
      Guido and Papu will be good… against Colombia…

  21. Inclusion of DiMaria and Guido changed the game in our favour before that Ecuador looked very close getting an equaliser.

    If Nico is that good of a player then he shl play for Argentina after Copa ends coz he has been super-duper flop other than anger stress or anxiety he offers nothing to the team.

    Lautaro scoring goals (no matter how) before semis n hopefully finals is good news but he needs to work more.

    Paredes’s game has just dropped immensely whereas Guido has impressed more n more definite starter against Columbia.

    Papu Gomez Dimaria n Aguero these so called older guys are certainly our triumph card this time if used sensibly n effectively.

  22. This result is deceptive. It is like 3-0 win of Barcelona against Liverpool, it does not tell the whole story.

    In my opinion, this is bad player management by Scaloni. His favorite selections Nico and Paredes were two worst players on the pitch. Lo Celso tried but got slaughtered. In the end, none of his favorite picks performed.

    Scaloni also awaited too long to make changes. It is not like we were in control until our first changes. Ecuador could have and should have scored and it would be a very different game. We have to assume that Colombian and Brazilian forwards will bury some of those chances

    We won. Should it console us? No. We can do it only if it was final. If we are satisfied and choose to be so clumsy in attack and defence, we will not win this tournament.

    Anyway, Di Maria is class. He is having the best tournament with national team so far. His control, pass and decision making is top notch. He can run at full speed and still can provide accurate passes.

    4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 is our best formation, not 4-3-3. Guido and De Paul as double pivot is enough. Flanks should be occupied by Di Maria, Papu, Angel Correa and Nico Gonzalez… In that order.
    Hopefully, Romero is fine for next two matches. We are better than first 70 min showing but it lies within Scaloni’s decision making.

    • Agree on everything.
      3 man mid with LoCelso-Guido-Depaul…or 2 with Guido and DePaul… together with…Papu-Messi-Maria…I prefer first one..for stability..
      Second one..when needed goal…

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