Emiliano Martinez on Argentina: “We are a group of 70 people that came here for a dream”


Emiliano Martinez was the hero for Argentina and he gave his thoughts on the team’s victory in the semi finals, the Copa America and the final.

Martinez showed that he is someone for all the occasions. After Argentina took the 1-0 lead vs. Colombia, he made a good save on Cuadrado moments later to keep Argentina ahead. While he did let in a goal, Martinez did not let that get to him.

When the match went to a penalty shootout, it was all about him. Speaking to the media after the match, here is what he had to say:

“I left my house a while ago, it was for moments like this.

“The truth is I have no words. We came here 40 days ago and we have been locked up. I think this has been the only national team that can’t see anybody. We are in a bubble, honestly, just with the coaching staff, those who clean, those responsible, we are a group of 70 people that came here for a dream.

“We said it the first day, we want to play the final and even better that we play against Brazil on their pitch.”

In regards to the match, here is what he had to say:

“We were ahead quickly but they played a great match, they gave it their all. Colombia played a good second half, we had chances to make it 2-1 and to close the game. They took us to penalties, they’re very strong. And this is a matter of luck, today it was my turn.”

He also spoke about Brazil and the final of the Copa America:

“They are a great team, they have been the candidates since the first day but we have a great coach and the best in the world, we are going to win it.”


  1. If Romero can not be in final Scaloni will be responsible for . Because for last 3 years he is using Pazzella with out knowing his capability . It shows how inexperience Scaloni is . I would say he is taking too much time or he dont care about defence

  2. —————-Emi Martinez – – – – – – – –

    Monila–Romero – -Otamendi – acuna.


    Di maria——-messi——–de paul

    ————————-Martinez – – – – – – – –

    This is a perfect line up for final

  3. Our midfield is also quite weak.. inability to keep possession is constantly creating trouble for our depleted backline. Columbia was overrunning our midfield and Scaloni did bring Paredes but other than his provocations couldn’t do anything. Dimaria entry pushed Columbia in the backfoot and they were made to think twice before enforcing another wave of attack. He is a must next game and he needs 70mins. However, I don’t know if Molina can cover him alone. If Dimaria starts then we might have to drop locelso and play paredes so that Molina has someone to help him out to restrict Neymar. This is the game where we desperately needed Foyth on the right side. However, Our weakest link is nodoubt Pezzella … he needs to be dropped. Romero now hopefully is fit. We need him more than ever!!

  4. Kasper Schmeichel responding to the reporter telling him how the trophy is coming Home to England that is, to which he responds, “Has it ever been home…….I dunno, have you ever won it? in 1966 when you won the WC?” and then the reporter asks him what they need to do to stop it from coming home, and he says that he hasn’t given it any thought to what they need to do to stop England and more WHAT IT WOULD DO for Denmark……..
    and that’s exactly what ARGENTINA needs to think about as in winning COPA as opposed to stopping the Banana yellow.

  5. Messi has a look of determination (Its almost scary)…He’s leaving it all out on the pitch. Win or lose he’s done everything to get this team this far. Dibu has a swagger about him that hasn’t been seen in Argentina in years. He is confident and believes in himself and its trickling down to his teammates. Messi’s bloody ankles will be the image of this copa especially with Neymars diving and showboating. Messi deserves this, Argentina has grown this tournament and only need one more herculean effort. I can only hope that the referee allows a clean game because you know the yellows are going to goon it up and drop as soon as they feel a finger on them. Still hard to believe that CONMEBOL will allow Argentina to win a title in the Maracana but nothing to do but support from a far and hope the soccer gods and lady luck finally touch Argentina for this first time in a long time.

  6. Final at Maracana…

    My team….

    —————-Emi Martinez – – – – – – – –

    Monila–Romero – -Otamendi – acuna.


    Depaul…………..messi——–lo celso

    ————————-Martinez – – – – – – – –

  7. Final at Maracana…

    My team….

    ——————Emi Martinez – – – – – – – – –
    Monila–Romero – -Otamendi – acuna.


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