Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni with four doubts for Copa America final


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni reportedly has four spots on the team which are up for grabs.

Per a report by Radio La Red in Argentina, Scaloni has not yet decided on the starting eleven for the Copa America final. Per the report, the right back spot between Nahuel Molina and Gonzalo Montiel is one of that remains unclear.

It was Nahuel Molina who started in the penalty shootout win vs. Colombia but he was replaced at half time by Montiel. The other spot is who would partner Nicolás Otamendi.

Cristian Romero has missed most of the Copa America with a knee injury and has been replaced by
Germán Pezzella.

The third spot is between Marcos Acuña and Nicolás Tagliafico. Acuna had started the last few matches but fatigue saw him being rested for the semi final and Nicolás Tagliafico had a good showing in that match.

Guido Rodríguez started ahead of Leandro Paredes in midfield in the win vs. Colombia but the second half saw both of them play as Paredes was substituted into the match. Paredes even took and scored a penalty in the penalty shootout win.


  1. My eleven is
    Demaria—–Guido—- Peredes- Lo chelso

    If Romero is injured then Lisandro. Tagliofico played well in semis he could replace Acuna and Acuna can replace Molina.

    • Starting Lisandro directly in final for the first time is not advisable.
      And you want to keep our best midfielder RDP in bench in the most crucial match?

  2. I haven’t commented much since the Copa began cause, I wasn’t feeling to do that. I was scared. But now when we have finally reached the final I would like to say a few words.

    A few people inthe previous posts were saying that Brazil are good but some of their top players haven’t kicked much in this edition. I heard guys saying that both firmino and richarlison are underperforming. Then I heard about Everton who’s still sucking nipples of Neymar and is relying on creative capabilities. It’s a lot of discussions I heard in the last few days.

    But wait…..folks.

    If you as an Argentina fan have forgotten something then it’s my duty to remind you of those things. Nah I’m not glorifying Brazil but I wanna hatch a simple truth over you guys.

    Whenever Brazil plays Argentina they always gets charged up, or at least seems to get on quite frequently. I don’t care who plays the best football in Brazil or in club but everytime they face Argentina, they literally gets fired up. Even as so much as their team’s latrine cleaner who, if given the opportunity, can wash off us with sheer mastery.

    So whether it’s firmino or richarlison, they will somehow goona gets us scratch our crotch with anxiety. It’s no easy.

    Firmino, as according to your assessments, didn’t have a good show in the previous editon either. So what? Does it prove that he is to be taken lightly. No it’s the mistake that only cowards make. At no time a player irrespective of whichever nationality or team could be dropped off just because of form. The motivation of players works on different levels; there’s something call sport psychology. So it’s absolutely murderous to ignore such minute yet painful desk pins.
    Firmino wasn’t good when he came on as a second half sub against Argentina. At least that what we though until he found himself in good position and scored.

    It will be utter disgrace for any Argentinians to rub off some players. The focus should be on every player that starts on the pitch and the ones that replaces them. Every movement will be vital, every passes and markings will be crucial.

    Just like what Iniesta said when they won the world cup, ” matches like these are built on fine and small details. The result of the match is decided on these small details that are hidden into it. One who capitalises it goes home with the trophy else you’ll have to settle for the silver.”

    Argentina, if they want to win, will have to put a tremendous amount of concentration on each movements and plays. Cause, as expected, the corrupted organizations have already rigged and decided the match. So it shouldn’t be much surprise.

    But Argentina have to play their game…… without digression and mind games.

    • Smell little bit glorified towards Varsil though. I players played good game in last COPA against them untill they got help. However, I am more worried about our right side. Specially Pezzella worried me alot. Argentina will miss Romero big time for sure. Varsil is beatable but need good planning. We can’t beat them with in backfoot. Like we score and then defence. They will kill us like this

    • So true sooo true what you say. I’m reminded of 2007 when Argentina faced a supposedly Brazil “B” team. We all know the result. Brazil/Argentina is like England/Germany. Germany, as of late, always beat England. Brazil have won so many times lately in competition against Argentina that it’s just mind boggling. I mean it starts getting into you head at some point, it’s, the word you used, psychological. But something strange, something unusual, happened recently: England defeated, and finally, Germany in a big competition. England was at home tho. Brazil is at home too so the task for Argentina is almost impossible, almost. But then, psychology psychology, the Diego Maradona supposedly divine presence is in full effect. Supposedly Maradona’s been watching Argentina from up there, making sure the team at long last settles its ton of scores against literally everyone. Who knows, may be players believe that (it’s bs, it’s irrational btw) and truly, really, feel and believe they can’t be beaten, feel invincible. ‘Cause if you actually have talent and also believe you can’t lose YOU WILL NOT LOSE. What better moment, what poetic moment, than to end the drought against Brazil in The Maracana? Nothing even close. It’s nerve wracking because Brazil is still favored, and rightly so, but also thrilling for the possibility. DIEGO MARADONA WILL DELIVER THE TITLE FROM ABOVE 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿.

  3. Lady luck and fate ………..will it work Or not. Will the pain have a joyful tears as an ending or will it be another heartbreak.

    No one knows …… literally no one in this world knows. No, not even bolsonaro with all his political and corrupted arrangements.

    Fate and hard work will decide……but especially……’s FATE.

    Everyones’ eyes will be on the screen on Sunday morning. Everyone will sit down in front of the television with hopes, emotions and agonies of past.
    The stadium has to bleed!!! But none in this world knows which colour it will be. No one.

    It might be yellow or…

    Everything will be decided on July 11th. Everything…….

  4. My team:


    FR: Lautaro(kun/papu)
    AM:Lo Celso(A.Correa) – Messi – Di Maria
    DM:Guido(Paredes) – De Paul
    DF:Acuna -Otamendi(Tagliafico) – C.Romero(Pezella) – Quarta(Molina)
    GK: Emi Martinez

    (if Argentina is trailing) ->

    FR: Lautaro – kun(papu)
    AM: Lo Celso(A.Correa) – Messi – Di Maria
    DM: De Paul(Paredes)
    DF: Acuna -Otamendi(Tagliafico) – C.Romero(Pezella) – Quarta(Molina)
    GK: Emi Martinez

    Honestly why do we play so defensive?
    I mean Brazil is still understandable, but why do we play so defensive against teams which aren’t even that good in attack?
    A good attack scares the opponent to be defensive and that indirectly helps in defense.

    Playing an ineffective striker like Nico for “defensive roles” makes no sense. Is he even a good header? I have been much more impressed with Papu Gomez, and Kun Aguero links well with Messi.

    Di Maria is a must – one of world’s best. I want to see him play alongside Lo Celso who has also been impressive.

    I think Paredes should come in for Guido or De Paul at some point for penalty taking.

    I would like to see defensive players like Saravia and Foyth, but they are not available.
    But Quarta is decent, why not try him? But he should have been tried earlier. I hope he has the nerves to handle responsibility suddenly in the finals. May be he should be tried the first half and if not then Molina.

    If C.Romero is not fit then I guess Pezella is ok. But first choice is defenitely C.Romero.

  5. What is wrong with Romero???? I have never heard such scant details about a player injury when the player has been absent for two weeks. If he is not fit at this point, he probably needs to be shut down for a few months.

    • Atlanta don’t want Romero to play taking risk..

      I find this time only good news in defence is Romero playing for Argentina.. he did with great defensive tactics

  6. Scaloni cant do any expirimentation in the finals. I hope he finds the right balance soon. Whoever is playing i hope they keep the concentration level at their absolute best. History is in their doorstep. Imagine whats going through Messi’s mind. A win in next match will probably cement his legacy.

  7. Repost:

    My gosh. Nothing is more of a mood killer than knowing that CONMEBOL is probably planning everything in order for Brazil to win. FIFA and CONMEBOL are just a bunch of snakes, rats, and pigs. Today I went on social media to take a look at what people in South America think about everything, and I was delighted to notice that pretty much EVERYONE in South America outside of Brazil wants Argentina to win (based on how social media works I’d think it is a pretty accurate reflection of the general population). I scrolled through a lot of comments and these people range from Uruguayans (many of whom are happy about the Yerry Mina thing), many many Peruvians, some Colombians, Ecuadorians, and even many Chileans. Turns out they are JUST as sick of VARzil’s shit as we are, as many of them have experienced it first hand as well. Every Spanish speaking nation in South America wants FOOTBALL to win and not corruption. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this because on the sites I looked on it was fairly overwhelming. It is not even that all of these people are fond of Argentina, they just want Brazil to lose. Brazil is surrounded by enemies on all sides. I think the only way we can lose is if the ref is on their side or if we are missing good players. A complete squad and fairness can go a long way for us.

    • If there is one person I truly hate, that will be Jair Bolsonaro. A truly vile politician. He just said they will win 5-0 in final. Let then gloat and be arrogant. Arrogance leads to demise.

      The Brazilians think that it will be an easy win. They will be surprised. They will come down to earth next Saturday.

      • Right. Our players will need to fight like soldiers. Pay attention to the Argentina national anthem: O juremos con gloria morir! (Oh we swear with glory to die! / or let us swear to die with glory!) They need to complete this promise and put their lives aside to DIE against Brazil. Fight like never before because they will need to

    • I’m Married to a Brazilian so Saturday will not be pleasant…lol JK…My wife could care less, I however do care and I can accept losing fair and square but not with diving from Neymar and hatchet challenges from Casemiro. I’d hate for the referee to play a part in this like in the England Denmark game. I am fairly certain that it wont make difference whether they fight for their lives or not…The cards are stacked against them. The political backlash over a final loss is something that CONMEBOL will never allow. Argentina has to be perfect, I repeat perfect to win this thing because there will be a lot of eyes waiting to call back goals and give penalties at a moments notice, Speaking from someone whos seen Maradona and Batigol lift cups but has been suffering for almost 30 years

    • Is it true that suddenly in the finals they will allow 10% stadium attendance?
      Looks like they are already playing all the cards to give Brazil the advantage.

      But we should still win! Vamos Argentina!

  8. This is what I think is best for Argentina against Brazil



    – Romero shl definitely start if available instead of Pezella.

    – Di Maria n Papu Gomez shl start our best attacking option from both wings which will keep Brazilian attack from wings at bay. Also Di Maria’s n Papu’s dribbling along with their runs inside the box is the best way to break Brazils so called strong defense. Threatening them from the very start is the key and not when we r down chasing game under pressure @70-75 mins.

    – Lautaro even though he is not in his best of form shl start just bcoz he has scored goals (no matter how easy) so he is gradually gaining his confidence.

    – Nico Gonazales can play for Argentina only after finals then Scaloni can decide his fate as he has been a big disappointment btw Defending isn’t his main role in the team.

    Subs @ 60-65 mins Hopefully by then we r one or two goals up then

    -De Paul for DiMaria
    -Paredes for LoCelso
    -A.Correa / J.Correa for Papu.
    -Aguero for Lautaro
    -Lisandro only if Otamendi or Pezella are having terrible game or on verge of getting 2nd yellow card
    If nothing of that sort then
    -Tagliafico for Acuna

    We have to beat Brazil by attacking them from the word go n not by defending as our defense can crumble anytime under pressure so we cannot take that defending n waiting game route. Instead we shl attack n let go off any such pressure. Well our attacking players are technically more sound n better in comparison with Brazilians so Attack Attack get one or two goals take the game away from them giving no chance for any comeback.

    Also not to forget that we cannot trust referee in the finals too coz even if Neymar falls inside the box pushed by air (which he frequently does) penalty is the verdict for sure so our defenders have to be careful.

  9. Just because of one poor game from Molina doesn’t mean that he is a bad player. He is not bad at all. Before the Colombia match he had 3 decent performances for us and he was good against Paraguay too when they mostly attacked from Molina’s side.

    • Against Paraguay we had Romero who covers molina. With pezzela you can’t have that much help and confidence…

    • well one bad game in a tournament like this means he cannot be trusted 100%.

      during a tournament, if you fuck up, you shouldn’t play as much. he should get more chances during WC quals for sure, so he can become better.

  10. Taglafico had good match vs Columbia. So whoever plays it will be ok at LB. for RB we have Montiel and Molina. If ADM playing Play Molina. If he don’t play I don’t mind if we play Lisandaro/LMQ at RB. De paul-lo colso-Parades in Mid. Messi lautaro ADM … its the time Scaloni should start ADM…. he will keep Brazil LB at there own half…

    • no he didn’t. he kept losing the ball, and was unstable.

      he let crosses in every time and though he was marking he is afraid to stick his leg in and claim the ball. when there is space he simply passes the ball instead of making a forward run.

  11. It’s simple we need Guido, acuña, and curious (even if he’s not 100% we need him
    Over pezzela). Molina and Montiel are both not great we really could use foyth but in this case I’d give Molina the nod over Montiel just because of personal preference.

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