Former Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea’s reaction to penalty win


Argentina’s legendary goalkeeper during the Italy 1990 World Cup, Sergio Goycochea, suffered just like a child during Argentina’s penalty shootout win vs. Colombia in the semi finals of the Copa America.

“Goyco”, who is one of the commentators for TV Pública during their broadcasts of Argentina’s matches throughout this Copa America, was recorded by his co-workers during the agonic that was the penalty shootout vs. Colombia.

“Throw it over the crossbar. Over the crossbar!”

Those were Goycochea’s words when Edwin Cardona was about to kick Colombia’s last penalty. When Emiliano Martínez saved it, “Goyco” started jumping and celebrating as millions of Argentina fans did.

No stranger to penalty shootouts or the Copa America, “Goyco” took part in two penalty shootouts for Argentina at the 1990 World Cup, winning both of them. He was also part of the Argentina team which won the 1991 and 1993 Copa’s America.


  1. Scaloni must play a young brigade who can run and chase the better out of a young and more talented Brazil side with a great tactical coach. So Nico and Lautaro should start and Papu can be the sub. But I am sure Scaloni would come up with something as bizarre as his plan of letting the team play for 15 mins and then go defensive. This team deserved a much better and cunning coach. He is not a big game coach like Sabella.

    • All Sabella did is fixed the defence with the best available players we had and used a fast and young Quartet we had The Fab 4- ADM/Pipita/Kun/Leo. Sabella applied common sense over tactics. He even said he closed his eyes and prayed everytime the oppositions were on attack.
      We made the Final. So “common sense” is more effective for Argentina than “tactics”.
      Pekerman/Bielsa vs Sabella/Scaloni

  2. I pray to god that tomorrow we win trophy . I don’t know if I can bear another heartbreak for Argentina and Messi.

    • In that case I wouldn’t watch if I was you. The stars don’t seem aligned for that to happen. I hope so but being realistic sucks

    • hehe..feel we won’t be nervous this much even for a world cup final in case our team play.. but this match is the most important than any other finals even if it’s world cup.. no other option other than going through the suffering for 90 minutes or 120 minutes begging the almighty for an happy ending that we fans deserve more than the players..

  3. Good news!

    Cristian Romero is improving. There are 36 hours left to go. He is healthy enough although not 100% yet:

    Let’s hope for the best. I saw him training in a match practice, so don’t know why they always ruled him out. Come on Romero show us your love for Albiceleste!

    • Yes, I just read the same news. He has shown improvement in yesterday’s but not 100%. Today’s training will give clearer picture. It’s 1 PM now in Rio.

    • He always wanted to play but coaching staff didn’t risk it. I believe anything on knee is dangerous. Small or big injury in knee area could finish your career.

  4. Argentina defense has issue, so needs to play both Paredes and Guido in midfield, Acuna as LB for offense, Brazil will play normal football instead of counter attacking.

    • no way..,
      we played Paredes and Guido together as double pivot. It doesn’t work.. We need lo Celso to start, he takes pressure off Mesdi

  5. Lionel Scaloni should go with this team.Either Romero or Pezella should play.
    Emi Martinez
    Mollina. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De Paul. G. Rodriguez. Lo celso
    Messi. Lautaro. Papu Gomez
    Di maria
    N. Gonzalez
    Angel Correa

    • Hey Kevin

      I like that a lot I would go with the same 11

      I also like your subs…
      We need Lo Celso, but he’s got fitness issues right now. That’s why we need to sub him for Paredes…

      I like the front three although Papu’s defensive workraye is not as hight as Nico’s

  6. I believe the whole world wants to see Messi win a trophy and he has not disappointed thus far, 4 goals, 5 assists and involved in 9 of the 11 goals scored by the Albiceleste.
    I honestly don’t believe Brazil is as good as everybody says they are, all the games they played were against weak teams who were even weaker due to injuries and covid.
    The Chicken-head was allowed to roam free without anybody really giving him any trouble, Peru had defenders from their 2nd division covering him because that was the best they had under the circumstance and it showed. He had 3 defenders on him before passing the ball for the only score …….3 and none of them could get it off his feet!
    The Pressure is on them after what he and his idiot president said and now even some Brazilians want to see Messi win.
    There is still a game to be played and the fat lady is nowhere in site.

  7. There is info that the Argentine futbol association just received around 3 thousand tickets to give away for the final match on Saturday. These tickets are to be given to fans to attend under covid protocols, having to wear masks in stadium etc.
    The news is that they may allow under 10 thousand fans to attend, all tickets to be given for free to both national associations. I don’t know how accurate this is, and if it would make a difference. The stadium holds around 70 thousand at full capacity I believe.

    • Having 10k crowds is better than empty stadium.. A brave decision taken but it’s Argentina v Brazil final.. Taking a little risk but nice to hear that some crowds are allowed to to enter with covid protocols that is without negatively pcr reports and putting mask all the time .. Even confirmed it.. With or without crowd hope Argentina will finally win a major international trophy after 27 years.. Vamos Argentina

  8. I said it many times in many forums whoever starts for Argentina now in final does not matter as it is totally a mind game now.. Argentina has not scored in finals for a long long time.. It was back in 2005 when they scored in final of confederation cup.. There’s some kind of mental blockness I think.. Argentina has been scoring very early in past 5-6 games.. We cannot expect them to score early against Brazil and hope that they would not score in first 15 minutes as we see lot of times we go to shell after leading.. Maybe taking a lead after 60-70 minutes will be enough to win.. Hope Argentina scores finally in the final and that would be enough for us to take a win that is somewhat overdue for last two decades.. Vamos Argentina. This is the time for us to win.. Beating Brazil in the final at maracana is a dream come true.. Maybe that is what is written in Messi’s fate.. Come on Argentina

    • I agree with you on this . Its mostly about psychological maturity now. Apart from the 2014 final , Argentina looked very nervous and disorganized on both 2015/16 finals. On the other hand Brazil is very strong in such situations..Plus this time we have some very average and out of form players like Nico, Lautaro, Montiel, Tagla, Paredes, RDP. Personally I am not having high hopes in this final . I wish all our players give their best ..thats it..

    • Lautaro is brave hearted…he will continue his goal scoring form…and will score in final too…!
      Messi, Papu and DiMaria can unbalance the Brazil defense.
      Waiting for a defense splitting pass from LoCelso, or Paredes.
      This time we will win….I am confident.

  9. Every day is not Sunday. I am dam sure..
    This time argentina will campion…

    For final my team will be….

    …………….. MARTINEZ…………..
    – – – – – – ROMERO – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    OTAMENDI. – – – — – – L. MARTINEZ
    PAUL……. ….LOCELSO……….. MARIA.

    ………………… MARTINEZ……………….

  10. Against Brazil Scaloni has to take care of certain things.
    1. Brazilian defense is very strong, we may/will not get an early goal like other matches. To score goal we have to dominate the whole game.
    2. They can’t afford to miss the chances here like other matches, we will get few , Lautaro and Nico will have to be attentive as Casemiro will follow Messi till his bathroom on Saturday.
    3. Argentina have to dominate the game through midfield , it’s paredes job to control the tempo of the gane but that lazy guy never does that.
    4. Apart from Neymar Paqueta is a dangerous guy he has everything skill , he is creative, he is physical and combines very well with Neymar.

    Hope everything goes well and Argentina will be champion, if Messi have good day in final our 50% job is done.

  11. To counter Casemiro,Guido Rodriguez should be used.Guido Rodriguez will nullify Casemiro. Argentina midfield and attack is superior to Brazil. If C. Romero plays then defence will be solid too.
    Papu Gomez ,C.Romero and Guido Rodriguez should play by any means. These three will provide balance to whole team.

  12. I don’t get it, I go to Argentine seleccion official instagram, I saw Romero training hard and even took part in match practice (not just 1-2 touch pass). He looks totally fine. I am sure he is at least 90% healthy. What is this all about? He is not limping or moving slow or anything like that. 90% Romero is better than 100% Pezzella for sure.

      • Bro he is not playing because atalanta don’t want him to play and our coaching staff scumbbed to thier wishes even if playing average pezzala instead of romero that’s really bad similar thing happened to di Maria as well in 2014 world Cup🥺

        • Why? Fifa rule directly say, Club cannot intervene on any issue regarding players playing for their national team. So, Argentina team management should not succumb to the pressure. Such pressure was given during 2014 world cup for Di Maria… It’s unlawful…

        • Clubs can not force any player. Di Maria was injured that is why he did not play, if Romero is injured he will not play,simple.

          • The problem is it is the final. Just one last game. Also Pezzella weakness was exposed in the goal of Colombia. Didn’t Scaloni see that? A lot of key players chose to play in the final game of a tournament being half injured.

  13. Just read the comments made by Chilevart that how hard it would be for us to beat VAR, The Ref and Conmebol cos they are going to favor Brazil.
    All I want is, us to Blow Brazil away so that Var or Ref cant do anything about it.
    In the Final, I am not worried about our players, they will all be charged up. Its the will and grit that will matter.

    • To give that particular referee in incharge is ridiculous and shows what is going one in inside. When there is other referee are available.

  14. I hope ostojich dies or has something happen before the match so he doesn’t make it.

    Absolutely the WORST referee at the tournament!

  15. In the case of RB I personally prefer Molina I think he’s slightly ahead of Montiel but we are missing a few players I would’ve liked to see in this Copa…

    Dybala, Foyth and Senesi for example

    But I think we really can win this trophy

  16. Several posters here think that it is impossible to win when being robbed. That is not necessarily the case. One of if not the most controversial matches from Ostojich was the River – Palmeiras second leg which I have complained about countless times on here. Something that is forgotten though is that technically River did win that individual match 2-0 WHILE being robbed. The objective was to score 4 or 3 goals to overcome the 3 goal deficit going into the match. Argentina do not have a goal deficit. We are starting the game 0-0. In that copa libertadores match River Plate fought like warriors while being robbed and could only reach 2-0, if we fight like warriors while being robbed like it is the last game of our life we can scrape a 2-0 or 2-1, which for us would be a direct trophy and victory. We will have to fight like if we are constantly catching up because that is the mentality one needs when var, the ref, and conmebol are against you, the awareness that given the circumstances we are behind, against all odds, and fighting 5 fronts at once. With that we can win this game. But Argentina will have to play at 200% minimum. And I have complete confidence that we are capable of doing that and it is within our limits.

  17. I hope tyc is giving wrong information… How can one even consider Paredes over Lo Celso???

    I know GLC has some fitness issues, that’s why he’s always substituted in the 60min or so…
    But really he gives so much to this team even his presence gives relief to Messi… The pass in the colombia Game was great…

    Really hope that Cuti is fit for the final. That’s gonna be a real test for Scaloni and the team… We deserve that trophy

  18. From latest news from Brazilian media, Neymar is likely to play as false 9 against us. Molina has to deal with Richarlison at left.

    • If this is true this is great but not sure they are dumb enough to not try and take advantage of the gaping weakness we have. Romero’s recovery will be vital whether he is put directly against Neymar or not

      • They did it against Peru. Brazil’s problem is they don’t have good center forward and right winger. So they will ‘make do’ with what they have. Everton Soares will be the right winger who is not a RW. It will be a dumb decision in my opinion.

        Their idea is that Neymar will release the wingers with through balls. It worked against Peru. But won’t work against us, we play a low block, there is not much space behind unless we are in attack and someone looses the ball in midfield.

        • Brazil strength are only their defense, goalie, and wing backs, and neymar. All their attacking groups suck, and the overrated jesus is suspended. Good news if Neymar plays false 9 that means he will meet Guido Rodriguez a lot.

          • I will never trust G Jesus in my team but that sucker has scored against Argentina in several occasions. So his suspension is a big plus.

            Neymar and Renan Lodi. If you stop this two, Brazil is pretty much idea less in attack.

          • And yet they managed to blow into the final?

            They have world class players in every position.

            Allison, Silva, Casemiro, Firmino, and Neymar for big names.

            And then they have some extremely well rounded players like Danilo and Lodi and Marquinhos.

            Also don’t know why people are shutting Richarlison’s threat out. He is t the best winger but with his connection with Lodi and our weakness on the defensive flanks he will more than likely have the advantage.

    • Lot of mind games & media tactics at play for now. Tite & Scaloni will hold their tactics close to chest for this game. IMO Marquinhos is the biggest threat after Neymar & Casemiro will be the spoiler. If two of these 3 have a bad day at work , we will have a firm advantage.

  19. Its sad that we can not find our first 11 even after reaching final. This shows Scaloni is not a right coach for NT. RB,CB,CDM,LW in all the position we don’t have a permanent players. In defence our bench strength is weaker than any euro team. Its sad.

  20. Rumour : Montiel will start. I mean why? Is Montiel a better player than Monlina or Foyth?
    Or coach does not have any idea about players. If Montiel start who will save us? What’s wrong with Argentina NT? Why they select wrong player in wrong time?

    • Montiel is better defender than Molina that is for sure. On the other hand Molina has pace. But haven’t seen much quality from him in the final third yet.
      I personally think Montiel should start over Molina.

    • Mollina has speed, power and final touch that will be crucial for Argentina his runs in right wing will be crucial. Mollina performed consistently good so he will be in the final match.
      Mollina is good in interception and also can track back. Montiel was responsible for Colombia goal he could not track back as he lacks speed,got beaten by Diaz easily.
      So Mollina should start no matter what as he has taken enough rest.

  21. Eventhough injured, Romero was in contention till the last moment for the QF against Ecuador. That gave an impression that the injury wasn’t serious and the recovery was pretty close. If not, they would have left him out much before no? Again, his fitness was checked till the last moment for the SF before he was ruled out. Now he won’t be able to play in the final either? If that happens, we should get rid of our medical team. I would like Scaloni to play Licha instead of Pezzella in that case.

    We badly need fully fit Romero play in the final. Even if he’s not fully fit, I would play him if he can play at 90% level, ie he can run and tackle without any issues.

    We need a well worked plan for the RB position as well. Both of our right backs were exposed against Colombia by Dias and both would probably be a bit low on confidence and might be shaky in the game. If Licha can play at RB, it would be great. But Final against Neymar is not the time to experiment either. If either of the original FBs play, we would need proper cover. A Correa would be well suited for that role.

    A Gomez | Messi | A Correa
    Lo Celso | Guido | DePaul
    Acuna | Otamendi | Romero 🙏 | Molina

  22. 🗣
    Former Paraguay goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert :

    “Messi’s team and his teammates have to be prepared to defeat the Brazilian team, Neymar, VAR and the referee,” he said.

    “I would love that Messi escapes three or four times and can score three or four goals. When in doubt, they will favor the host (Brazil). The genius of Messi and his teammates, they have to play at a thousand percent.”

  23. Without Romero in defence it would be difficult. With Molina/Montiel it would be improbable. If Romero cannot play it’s important they deploy LMQ or Licha as RB who won’t go to attacking third…

  24. I can already tell through the selection of Ostojich that they are planning a robbery. Funny enough before I read the article where I found out about his selection the entire day I have been thinking to myself specifically that they were going to select him. I had a strong and random feeling they would all day. It makes perfect sense (in a bad way). This is like the script of a very bad horror movie. Of all people him?? I guess my gut feeling was right and I am so disappointed it was. Chilavert is smart to say what he’s said and I wish more people at a level like him would say something (preferably after the match because if people complain before they will only rob us harder)

    • Listen, all they can do is play their best game, stick to what worked or has been working and avoid idiotic mistakes and in doing so handing the game over to them on a silver plater.
      One more thing, they need TO PLAY TO the whistle and not before, remember in the last COPA when KUN was clearly fouled inside the box and everybody wearing sky-blue and white just stopped……………and to add insult to injury, NOT only did they not call a foul but they scored too!

      They did that crap 2-3 times in this COPA and one was a very close call where they could have given up a goal, just play to the damn whistle.

      • I also wonder and I don’t remember anybody in here ever asking this question, DON’T they (CONMEBOL) want Messi to win a trophy?? I mean they don’t have to cheat to give him one which at this point I honestly would take in a heartbeat but don’t they want their most recognized player in the world to win?? I don’t see why they would hate that!!

        • Not when CONMEBOL is owned by Brazil. Brazilian federation l, CONMEBOL and FIFA hate Maradona enough do you think they’d allow Argentina to gloat about anyone else?

        • I hate being negative, Lol I’ve just been hurt way too many times to care anymore. I always support and cheer but it’s harder and harder every year

    • I love the fact their pres says they’ll win 5-0.

      This means he dont even know how to play a mind game. He basically put bigger preasure on his own team lol

  25. Two things, this site has been slow as hell for the past 2-3 weeks, I understand when a game is going on but on normal days! what gives?

    2nd, So Brazil has a lot of pull with CONMEBOL and I understand that being the biggest and richest South American country but why else???
    I mean the competition is tough as is so why is there an X factor whenever it comes to them??

    • Their president already gave the verdict that we would lose 5-0. I pray Scaloni come to senses and drop that score and defend shit tactics. Man we will miss Romero. Pazzella scares me like he’ll.

      • Didn’t whatever his name, their 2014 WC coach predict winning the WC at home?? we all know how that ended.

        Their president, the one with 1000s of COVID victims deaths if not more on his hands because of his moronic handling of the virus that is still running a mock over there.

    • I can not believe they selected Ostojich. Unbelievable. He is a horrible referee. He was the one that robbed River Plate against Palmeiras clear as day. He was awful in the Peru-Paraguay match. He clearly was selected because this is not his first time being involved in Conmebol corruption. Just disgusting

    • > Two things, this site has been slow as hell for the past 2-3 weeks,

      Truly dreadful. Sometimes have to wait 1 min for page to load.

    • Hi everyone,

      The site is currently going through some server upgrades. Everything will be completed in the next 24 hours!

      Thank you for everything!

  26. I haven’t commented much since the Copa began cause, I wasn’t feeling to do that. I was scared. But now when we have finally reached the final I would like to say a few words.

    A few people in the previous posts were saying that Brazil are good but some of their top players haven’t kicked much in this edition. I heard guys saying that both firmino and richarlison are underperforming. Then I heard about Everton who’s still sucking the nipples of Neymar and is relying on his creative capabilities. It’s a lot of discussions I heard in the last few days.

    But wait…..folks.

    If you as an Argentina fan have forgotten something then it’s my duty to remind you of those things. Nah, I’m not glorifying Brazil but I wanna hatch a simple truth over you guys.

    Whenever Brazil plays Argentina in any competitions they always gets charged up, or at least they seem to. I don’t care who plays the best football in Brazil or in club but everytime they face Argentina, they literally gets fired up. Even as so much as their team’s latrine cleaner who, if given the opportunity, can wash off us with sheer mastery.

    So whether it’s firmino or richarlison, they will somehow goona get us to scratch our crotch with anxiety. It’s no easy.

    Firmino, as according to your assessments, didn’t have a good show in the previous editon either. So what, Does it prove that he is to be taken lightly. No, it’s the mistake that only cowards make. At no time a player irrespective of whatever nationality or team could be dropped off just because of form. The motivation of players works on different levels; there’s something call sport psychology. So it’s absolutely murderous to ignore such minute yet painful desk pins.
    Firmino wasn’t good when he came on as a second half sub against Argentina. At least that’s what we thought until he found himself in good position and scored.

    It will be utter disgrace for any Argentinians to rub off some players. The focus should be on every player that starts on the pitch and the ones that replaces them. Every movement will be vital, every passes and markings will be crucial.

    Just like what Iniesta said when they won the world cup, ” matches like these are built on fine and small details. The result of the match is decided on these small details that are hidden into it. One who capitalises it goes home with the trophy else you’ll have to settle for the silver.”

    Argentina, if they want to win, will have to put a tremendous amount of concentration on each movements and plays. Cause, as expected, the corrupted organisations have already rigged and decided the match. So it shouldn’t be of much surprise to us. It’s has always been this way.

    But for Argentina, they will have to play their game…… without digression and mind games.

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