Copa America’s final to be played with Argentina, Brazil fans in the stands


The official Argentina account has stated that up to 2100 tickets will be allocated to Argentine fans for the final of the Copa America. Brazil will receive the same number of credentials.

Daniel Scioli, Argentina’s ambassador in Brazil, confirmed that the tickets will be for free, and can only be picked up at the Argentine consulate by Argentines residing in Brazil. There will be no Argentina fans traveling from their country to Rio de Janeiro. In addition, some PCR protocols are being put in place for those looking to attend the match.

In dialogue with TyC Sports, Daniel Scioli also affirmed that the Maracanã Stadium will be at 10% capacity since, added to the 4200 credentials that will be distributed to the fans, there will be around 200 more per side for the relatives of the players and coaching staff.


  1. No Romero no party, Argentina’s defence sucks and it will get exposed tomorrow. Only 3 goals give Argentina a chance…but if they’re lucky enough to even score they’ll try defend it and allow Brazil to attack u till they gain momentum and tie and eventually take the lead…or the D will just blow and they’ll lose 3-0…everyone wants Argentina s player at these big European clubs and loom where it gets them…Same as 2014

  2. Why not play 4-2-3-1 with De Paul in his original position on the left from years ago? Incidentally, against Colombia, when Di Maria came in, De Paul went to the left wing, so he can still play there. Then, Angelito Correa on the right, in his preferred position. With his energy, creativity, directness and defensive contribution he could be an asset there. Messi as a playmaker in the middle, Guido and Lo Celso as a double pivot with Lo Celso bursting forward as he likes to do in a box-to-box role. Di Maria can come in for Angel in the second half if needed.


    • a.correa rating in center forward 7.14 right wings 7.71 right midfield 7.15 center midfield 6.45 and depauls rating in center defensive midfield 7.41 … according to whoscored

    • Enganche it’s very good idea BTW you thinking like qualified coach honestly I’m not joking, With That approach can win big games in my opinion.

  3. My expectations are very low. Im loosing interest in this final because it feels like 99% chance is that Brazil will win. I can’t take another final heart break 😔

    • You must believe. There is reason to believe it is possible. If the fans don’t believe the players won’t either. Don’t think it will happen but think it can.

      • No true Argentina fan will lose in a final against Brazil in Brazil. May the time to do a retrospect. All Neymar fans can go and xxxx.

  4. Ederson – 8
    Emi – 8

    Danilo – 7
    Mollina – 5

    Marquinhos – 8
    Romero – 8

    Thiago Silva – 7
    Otamendi – 7

    Lodi – 7
    Acuna – 6

    Casemiro – 7
    Guido – 7

    Fred – 7
    DePaul – 8

    Paqueta – 7
    LoCelso – 8

    Everton – 7
    Messi – 10

    Neymar – 9
    Lautaro – 8

    Richarlison – 7
    Nico – 7

  5. About scaloni he is smart coach i think so… In final i think he and his squad should be cool and clear.. Lose and win part of the game.. But there should be the character

  6. After xavi iniesta messi time one think that give good football in laliga that is simeone coaching system.. Though he miss several occasions to capitalize champions League and laliga.. But his squad do goods but didnt catch up in the attention bcs im barca fan..

  7. A.correa has great movement vertically great short passing skills links up well i don’t know why he dont use much.. He could be very much handy for messi.. Messi lacks company ln link up play… Locelso.. Messi.. Correa.. Dimaria presence could be dangerous for the oponents.. Each one of them unexpected danger for the opponents.. I want correa locelso should play more time in field.. Dimaria should be extra weapons

    • Dimarria should be the extra highlighting weapon… I think correa is on of the main player for simeone system.. He just do good in final third

      • Lautaro is good. He just dont flouish his finishing ability even lower than his club form not as good as correa in terms of control the tempo.. I want to bring him in second half to nuisance the opponent with his workrate

  8. Romero now wanted by MU, Hotspur, and Barcelona.

    MU? I hope not. Varane and Maguirre will start

    Hotspur? Not even in the Champions league

    Barca? Perfect but they don’t have the money as Atalanta asked for €60 million. He would be a huge upgrade over all Barca defenders. Messi would be very happy if Barca can sign him somehow.

    • Its better he stays at Atalanta…He is solid for them and atalanta has been consistently finish in the top 4 for the past 5 seasons….he will be a confirmed starter with Atalanta

      • He must move to a bigger club which is strong enough to get into CL final. That kind of experience will help greatly while playing big matches with NT.

        May be he can spend one more season at Atlanta and see if he can help Atlanta win CL.

  9. Brazilian fans + their special guests presence in the stadium shl be least of Argentina’s worries.
    But even if that’s worrying then show them WC semi final match between Ger vs Bra highlights where the host nation were humiliated by Germany in front of nearly 80000 Brazilians fans in the stadium. So compare to that 2100 fans for Copa finals shl be equal to nada 😁

  10. Hope that these Argentinians living in Brazil recognize what the Brazilian fans will do (probably put us down) and sing their hearts out and do everything humanly possible to encourage our team. I hope that because it is free that the most brutal members of barras bravas go if there are any in Brazil. Not just families (sorry if that sounds mean) as we need the craziest ones there

  11. A player to player comparison between both teams:

    Rating done by me based on player position (talent, skills, attitude & form are considered)

    Ederson – 8
    Emi – 9

    Danilo – 7
    Mollina – 5

    Marquinhos – 9
    Romero – 8

    Thiago Silva – 8
    Otamendi – 7

    Lodi – 7
    Acuna – 7

    Casemiro – 9
    Guido – 7

    Fred – 7
    DePaul – 7

    Paqueta – 8
    LoCelso – 7

    Everton – 6
    Messi – 10

    Neymar – 9
    Lautaro – 8

    Richarlison – 7
    Nico – 7


    Brazil: 85
    Argentina: 82

    Verdict: If not for the vulnerable RB position, both teams are equal.

  12. But why having fans at all?? Why all of a sudden in the final they decided to have fans? What are already eliminated teams supposed to feel?? They didn’t have fans. It’s a bad, unfair, idea to favorise Brazil even more. I still remember the referee completely ignoring VAR on obvious serious fouls that could have tilted the game, last time around in Brazil. But Diego Maradona is watching and inspiring. If this is Argentina time no amount of assistance to Brazil will be enough.

  13. This is going to be tough. My wife (who is Brazilian) wants me to watch the game at a Brazilian bar with family and friends.

    The worst thing is she got me a Brazilian yellow jersey & I can’t find my blue WC2014 Argentina away jersey anywhere in the house. 🙁

    I’m going to be feeling like the Argentinian fans in the stadium. I’ll try not to celebrate too much.

    • Married to a wonderful Brazilian woman but this is soccer…If Argentina somehow win then Its going to be a dry, lonely few weeks… lol….Worth it t

        • My wife honestly doesn’t really care TBH but she def will not go for Argentina lol…She probably couldn’t name anyone on the team other than Neymar…Part of the reason I love her…lol My friends in Brazil are more into soccer but always treated me like I was one of them and are salt of the earth…My Beef is always with FIFA, UEFA and CONMEBOL for corruption and diving players that have ruined a beautiful game and FIFA for allowing cheating and diving to be acceptable…They make me sick…Brazilians are cool

          • So true. The Brazilian fans and people aren’t bad, it’s the corruption.
            I try to keep in mind that there were some issues with corruption in Argentina’s favor in the past, to try to keep calm about it. I just wish all the corruption could just be gotten rid of somehow. But I know that’s not possible.

  14. They should choose the best possible crowd that are best motivators from local clubs
    Fans who would keep standing from the first minute whistle too the last second

    2,100 out of 7,800 ( 27% of the total fans present) this looks not fair though

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