Emiliano Martínez of Argentina on Copa America final: “We are going to give it our all”


Emiliano Martínez spoke at a press conference on Friday where he commented on the Copa America final.

Martínez was the player selected to speak at the press conference on Friday as all of South America prepares for the final on Saturday. Dibu was the hero for Argentina vs. Colombia in the semi finals and he will want the same outcome in the final. Speaking at a press conference, here’s what he had to say:

“I knew I wasn’t going to be present for the birth of my daughter and that made me stronger. I worked with my psychologist to dedicate myself 100% to the Argentina national team. The captain helped me a lot and I am enjoying it.”

He also commented on the penalty shootout in the semi finals:

“There are many who study or watch or concentrate on the steps (when the player goes to take the penalty). We did everything. We studied the opponent with the goalkeepers, with the goalkeeper coach.

“I decided to study the rival. I knew they liked to look, I had to wait until the end. It was my night.

On what he said during the penalty shootouts:

“The truth is, I don’t care. In football, a lot of things are said, on and off the pitch. It’s a football match, these things stay on the pitch. I am concentrated on helping the defenders.

“I’m not going to think about if they can hear me or not. Everything is heard these days. I have always played the same way, now you hear things that you didn’t hear before. It’s normal in football.”

Dibu and Colombian goalkeeper Ospina both played together at Arsenal and Dibu had this to say about it:

“I have a good relationship with Ospina and I congratulated him on his penalties in the quarter finals. It was something I wanted to do, we shared three years at Arsenal, we would be together in the training’s. I am proud to have reached a final with my country and to give them some joy during a very difficult time.”

In regards to the final itself:

“It has been several years that we have been waiting for a final here, at the Maracaná and we are going to give it our all.

“The tears were those of pride. It’s a dream of mine to play in a final and to lift a trophy with the Argentina national team. There’s no better scenario than to play against Brazil at the Maracaná.

“We have made a lot of trips going from Brazil to Argentina, it was very tiring but we worked together and that will have us strength for tomorrow.

“Ever since I was a kid, it has been a dream of mine to play a final with the Argentina national team at the Maracaná. The entire Argentine public wants to see us win in Brazil.”


  1. Time is going by so slow! Can’t wait for the match. Something tells me if by miracle Romero plays we have a good chance. I’m anxiously awaiting the line up.

    As stated before my family is Colombian and they are all going for Brazil. Most of them say 3-1 Brazil wins it. They might still be sour from last match .

    Either way, watching it with about 22 people going for Brazil and me and my 16 month old daughter only Argentine fans ( atleast I think she would be on my side). I guess my wife is going for them too (forcefully lol).. I just hope good match and no blowout from Brazil so they don’t rub it in. Tough family love 🙂

    I think guido lo celso and de Paul should start middle. We’ll see

  2. According to TyC, Romero has asked to play. It is upto Scaloni now. He has a complete and a good squad. If he starts Di Maria over Gonzalez, this is his decision. If he starts Pezzella over Romero, it’s also his decision. Judging by his past decisions, he will choose hardworker and mediocrity over quality and risk.

    • Scaloni just lost 4 games in 34. The last one was 2 years before against Brazil in Copa SF. We know how they robbed that. Some other loses were when testing new players and formation. So..I hope a cup finally…. coming…🙏

  3. Football matches are not won on emotions alone. It was clear after the penalties that we lack none. It’s the tactics of Scaloni that we lack. Does he have any? We have been lucky through out the tournament to scrape past Uruguay and Paraguay. It would be interesting to see if the whole team can come up with some strategy to face the mighty mighty Brazil spearheaded by Neymar.

    • Mighty mighty Brazil! This team, r u sure? Lol..

      Brazil is a bit better than us, that’s it..

      If Romero doesn’t play, things will get more complicated, we will have to go into full defensive mode then. We shouldnt let them counter attack without Romero..

  4. Just trying to go about my day and not think too much about it. If we win it will be incredible, but if we lose I don’t think it will be worth coming to this site for a while.

    Anyways, based on news it seems it is doubtful scaloni will start romero, even though the player has asked for the opportunity, because he hasn’t played full minutes for 2 weeks. If pezzella starts I am quite certain he will start gonzalez as well to muscle up the defense.

    It will be important to closely mark neymar this game, quite similarly to how brazil will do to messi. Regardless of the players, I am hoping they come out in a 4231 than the usual 433 for it. Rather than a single player, it will be better to rotate between two for that task. Tite will quite certainly come out in the 4231 double mid with casemiro and fred. As long as we can then cancel out the wings with the defensive wide mids, it should then leave plenty of room for messi to operate in, and I would take lo celso over paqueta in a heartbeat.

    In any case, all this does not matter I suppose, as the first thing is the XI have to play with full concentration and determination for 90 (or 120+ ) minutes and not leave any second of mental gap leading to goals like previous games.

  5. This is the third time we are facing Brazil in the Copa during Messi era. Sure, we are the under dogs in this year’s Copa. But it won’t matter once the game starts. I still can’t believe how we lost to a terrible Brazil side in 2007 & 2019, both times they went on to win the trophy as is the wont in international football tournaments.

    If Brazil can win both times being huge under dogs, surely they had luck and other things on their side, we should be able to defeat them being the under dog this time. We would need a little bit of luck this time. Hopefully, those half chances will go in.

  6. I’m so nervous , but believe In my team , Albi Celeste till the day I die . Lol I ate since 1:30 because later on I won’t be able to eat if something happen lmao 🤣

  7. Its unbearable…The wait…Man, I’ve waited in the same way for many times, but like always I’ve that feeling that finally it’s the moment… They say that’s the beauty of fandom… Whatever…Just bring it on…Vamos Argentina

  8. Nearly six hours to go. How surreal does this feel? It is not very often in one’s life that one gets to say that they are about to watch an Argentina-Brazil final. This is a small sliver of my life that I will either look back on as one of the worst memories ever or one of the best. It is only a game of no more than 120 minutes that will dictate the way we feel for so long. I have though about all of the emotion of when we reached the World Cup final and when we lost the games against Chile and tears came to my eyes. I hope Messi and the nation of Argentina finally get what they deserve. Let’s not forget about Maradona. Do it for him! I hope his spirit inspires these players and I hope he looks on from above. Could he give us the luck we’ve been needing for so many years?


  9. I am so nervous!! I couldn’t think anything but this final since we went to the final. I heard that a young guy died while he was putting an Argentine flag high above a building or electric pole. Please, please !! Messi and co give your everything and win this cup!!!

  10. Folks, I’m nervous since we reached the final. I am really tired of seeing our beloved Argentina losing final after final for so many years. I hope this time around luck will be on our side. I have been checking the possible lineups posted by various sites and whenever I see Romero isn’t in the lineup I’ve been getting too nervous.

    Italy lost their best defender, Nesta, to injury in 2006 WC after only playing two full games and never played again in that WC. Maybe Romero is our Nesta and the team will be as lucky as Italy were in 2006.

    Vamos Agentina Carajo!!!

    • Italy 2006 side defense was immense. Cannavaro was a beast. I don’t see any gattuso in our ranks plus its unfair to compare with a continental cup like highest ranked cup like world Cup. 2006 had ronaldo-ronaldinho-kaka led Brazil, pekerman Argentina, Zidane-henry led france, very good German side, figo-deco-nani-cr7 led Portugal. That tournament quality was immense. U cant compare. We are facing major attacking threat for the first time in final. All other teams we faced were mediocre in attack. This will be a good experience

      • Hey, did I make any comparison between the two tournaments? No! Did I say Italy’s defense was bad? No! I don’t know where in my comment you saw that. Just said Italy lost their best defender at the time and they were lucky enough to win that tournament which is true. Maybe you are more nervous than me and you can’t even read properly 😁

          • @bigb Neymar and Brazil is not my favorite. Im here only for messi if i was a Brazil supporter thn i would join a Brazilian blog why would i join an Argentine one. Bt being sceptical and have doubts is normal not like we are smashing every team by 4-5 goal margin. Plus we r playing in marcana and referee var all will be against us plus our defense is quite weak so that makes me nervous

  11. Messi’s story with Argentina is one of hope, agony, determination and destiny. I think the wait will be over tonight, against all odds. I was in the Medlife stadium when Argentina lost the Copa final to Chile. It was my hope to take a picture with him, but seeing how devastated he was with his face buried in his knees, I respected the moment and filed out of the stadium. Tonight will be his night guys!! He has transformed into the leader I hoped he would. Vamos Argentina 🥰⚽️

    • based on the last report Scaloni seems to want to play it safe.

      Tagliafico vs Acuna: Tagli has more chance
      Paredes vs Guido: Paredes has more chance
      Nico Gonzales vs Di Maria: Nico has more chance

      If all above is correct then Scaloni will rely on his old guards. So the starting line up will be:
      Emi; Molina, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico; Paredes, De Paul, Lo Celso; Nico, Messi, Lautaro.

      But it is not final yet especially those 3 positions above may change.

      • I would go for the one that started Colombia..Brazil might not have the same pace and counter attack as Colombia, but nothing is taken for granted..

        I liked Peru – they have improved a lot and shown character..Colombia was sheer pace and Pezella or Montiel was no match..

      • Pazzella Makes me Nervous Hopefully Romero is Fit

        Parades Better Footballer than Quido but Guido gives us more Balance

        How about If he plays them Both and Take off Nico González Just to Avoid Countra Attacks

        Under Scaloni Have we played double Pivot before?

        • Double DM and sacrifice Nico Gonzales? I don’t think it is a good idea to be too defensive against Brazil. Unless we are leading 1-0 until the 80th minute or something then that’s fine.

          • You are Right it’s too defensive but Brazil don’t Dominate you They are A Defensive team waiting for Counter Attacks ,We Mustn’t play Into Their Hands as I have seen it many times

            In 2019 Copa We were so Naive he played (Aguero,Lautaro,Messi) with a Midfield 3 of (Acuña,Parades,DePaul) And our Defence doesn’t need Introduction.

            The last friendly we won 1-0 Scaloni played (4-4-2)
            (Messi-Lautaro) upfront
            (Lo Celso-Pardes-DePaul-Ocampos)

            My Point is we Must be Cautious our Team is Limited, we have a Shaky Defence and mustn’t Fall into the Trap.Brazil want us to be ultra Attacking like 2007

            Under Sabella Double DM got Us to the World Cup Final .

            We must must win Tonight we better be defensive than conceding 2 in first half.

  12. Can’t wait to see my beloved argentina lifting Copa America. It’s been too long for a team like argentina to not lift a silverware.
    If this happens this would be one of the best days of my life.

  13. My 11 vs Brazil:

    ———————- Lautaro ———————-
    ——– A Gomez | Messi | DePaul ——-
    ————— LoCelso | Guido —————
    Acuna | Otamendi | Romero | Molina
    ————————- Emi ————————-

    DiMaria for A Gomez (DePaul moves to left)
    A Correa / Paredes for LoCelso (former if we need to attack)
    Aguero for Lautaro

    • Vamos Argentina.
      Let’s all pray, so that the all mighty hears our pray and helps us to achieve our silverware. I’m very emotional and rooting for the country to win.
      Once again, Vamos Argentina.

  14. It seems Scaloni somehow filtered out all the questions on team selection in his last press conference. It is surprising because he used to confirm teams or openly answered queries before this. I think he might make a few changes from SF. Whatever be the case, I think he has managed the demanding Argentine media very well throughout the tournament.

  15. I wish Scaloni starts the match with inform Papu Gomez and DiMaria and at some point utilizes A Correa. We can’t afford to miss chances in the Final. Messi will be surrounded by the Brazilians, he may not play his usual game. I wish we end our trophy drought tonight and save this match for celebration in the coming days.

  16. The cards are going to fall the way they’re going to fall and there’s nothing we can do about it except watch and support. Are the cards stacked against Argentina? Yes Does FIFA And CONMEBOL want Brazil to win? Likely…Is playing Brazil in a final in Rio like looking Goliath in the eyes? Yes. That being said, Anything is possible however unlikely…To me this doesn’t define Messi whether he’s wins it loses it.

  17. Papu Gomez should play he will be crucial for Argentina victory. Di Maria should come as substitute in 60 minute.Guido Rodriguez and Acuna should start.
    I see good chance for Argentina to win.
    Brazil does not have much in attack with only Neymar they can not beat Argentina. Richarlision,Everton and Firmino are not in form,Paqueta is good but Argentina can cope with him ,plus point is Gabriel Jesus is suspended.
    Argentina should attack more in first half with Papu, Messi and Lautaro as they have solid defence only creative player like Messi ,Lo celso Papu,can break that Brazilian defence. Just take a lead in first half and go for defending in second half. Argentina can win this way.

  18. I’m not an Argentine but BY GOD when it comes to football I’m a 1000% one, so much so that usually before the game starts and the ARGENTINA anthem is played I get very emotional. I particularly remember the first game in the 2014 WC, I had to walk around because I had tears in my eyes and I didn’t want the rest of the family to see that.
    I cried many times at the conclusion of the Finals ARG was involved in and I often wondered what it would feel like to cry HAPPY tears for once.

    I’m a grown man and I have to admit, the frustration has taken a toll on me physically and psychologically ……….will a win tonight make me any richer, better looking, better person ……..probably not but it will definitely heal my wounds and despair.

    • Same prayer hear 🙏🏼.
      Disappointment after disappointments since last 28 years
      This could not be better team than 2006 but seems they got mentally strength and Messi who is so furious and aggressive

      Lets pray together

    • We all Know your Felling Sir ,it’s almost like You are Speaking for Myself, or All of Us in here.

      Hopefully we will win Tonight!!!

  19. Vamos Argentina.
    Hopefully we will end our Trophy drought and spread happiness.
    Considering history, current Brazil form and the match officials the task is not easy for us. However it is not impossible. Let’s go Argentina. Let’s play our heart out and win.

  20. News update from TYC.

    8 are confirmed: Emi; MOLINA, Otamendi, PEZZELLA; De Paul, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro.

    That means:
    Molina starts.
    Romero is out

    3 places still not confirmed:
    1. Acuna vs Tagliafico chance is 50-50
    2. Paredes vs Guido
    3. Di Maria vs Nico Gonzales

  21. today begin one historical i want to believe day. One day that will bring us to live days from 1993. i want to believe that from tomorrow the 10 July of 2021 will be written in the book of our history and the generations after us will be remember and speaking about.

    i want to wish to all my friends here to enjoy this day and i wish you guys in future will be remember speaking to your loved people saying “the day that Argentina lift Copa in Maracana i was doing that…..bla bla bla. ”
    i wish one happy glorious historical and emotional day to all of you guys.
    May our destiny bring us today the day that everybody was waiting so long.

    from my side this is the first and last post for today. i already have wear the Argentina jersey.Now i take the county flag to wear as jacket from my shoulders and i am going out to enjoy this day with my friends and people that we share the same dreams.

    As i said may our destiny bring us today the day that all of us was waiting for.
    Enjoy my friends.

    Sean eternos los laureles,
    que supimos conseguir.
    Coronados de gloria vivamos

  22. 🏢 In the hotel,
    where the Argentine players are staying now,
    it is full of Brazilians wearing Argentina shirts and supoorting Messi & Argentina.

    — from a video of TyC Sports

    🇧🇷 First, Neymar himself confirmed about this
    that many Brazilians are supporting Argentina.

    🇦🇷 And now, Argentine player Germán Cano:

    🗣”There are many Brazilians here who want Argentina to win because of Messi.
    I received many messages on social networks from Brazilians saying that they want Argentina
    to win and I were surprised.”


  23. I have a feeling…
    Winning this final would be symbolic.
    – Scaloni coming on as interim manager with 0 experience as head coach, little experience as assistant manager, making big overhauls and rebuild of the team and moving away from Messidependencia and focus on the team as a whole, atmosphere and pragmatism. Now in Copa America finals 19 games unbeaten.
    – Emiliano DIBU Martinez climb from nobody to national hero and best performing goatkeeper in EPL and top5 in Europe within 13 months, immediately installing huge confidence and security in goal for 3 different teams. Messi is correct – Dibu is a phenomenon.
    Yes, Lautaro Martinez open goal miss should be unforgivable and never repeated, but we should be thankful that he didn’t score as it lead to penalties. Dibu winning this penalty shoot-out especially in this manner is a MASSIVE confidence boost going into finals.
    – Messi has really grown into the captain role the past couple of years, consistently showing huevos, desire and giving confidence to his team mates. Many of them were children growing up watching him become the best player the world has seen since Maradona. Now he’s their captain. I believe that has a big impact. Messi is in great form this Copa and it’s fundamental that he brings it to Maracana to seal his NT legacy.

    Today there is nothing I wish more than the stars lining up for Argentina.
    Send your best energy to the team and management.

    This is world football’s biggest rivalry at their grounds. They underestimate us. Tonight we spit in their faces and end this 28 year drought.

    Vamos Argentina 🤍💙

  24. Di maria is fresh for the final, He should start the match ahead of Nico. Argentina has to play double pivot to prevent Brazil attack and play on counter. The best possible 11 for the final considering everyone fit:
    Emi Martinez – Montiel Romero Otamendi Avuna – Paredes Guido – De Paul Messi Di Maria – Lautaro

  25. In this final, our finishing must be improved. That is why i cannot risk playing Nico Gonzales… If it were up to me, i will play Papu Gomez with Di Maria coming on as a sub for him.
    If Romero is 90% ready, i will play him. We need Romero

  26. The important thing is that we created a lot of chances. If you make good use of those opportunities, it is possible to win big. The score could be 4-0 or 4-1. It would be great if messi got a hattrick

  27. Hopefully we will won and enjoy last match of messi at copa…it’s his last copa match for argentina hopefully all 11 player gives there best performance….

  28. One question.will our players be fresh for final or they will be tired?? If Romero plays he will be fresh if acuna plays he will be fresh now Molina or montiel is our biggest weak link and if pezella plays he will be another weak link. I have simply no expectations as im assuming Brazil will win comfortably by 2-0 or 3-0 or 3-1. They won 2-0 last time without Neymar so just imagine with what can they do. Neymar is right now the best player in the world he can single handedly win the trophy for Brazil. Without great defending we can’t win. If we have to win we need a defensive masterclass. I believe we can only win if we defend like prime italy Molina plays like maldini and thn we can scrape through a 1-0 victory. Argentina has 99% chances of loosing im preparing mentally so i don’t get depressed. After 2014 loss i went underground for 6 months thats how disappointment it was for me. I know its not as important as wc final bt tension is inevitable. We have gained a lot. We reached a final we still looking for good players in defense we need to find good defenders if want to win wc 2022.acuna and Romero is a plus point. We just need a good partner of Romero and a proper rb who can defend well thn we can do the impossible and finally win wc after 1986

    • Big Heart Man !!
      Neymar is not at his prime as our Messi
      Every Argentina player is currently mentally prepared unlike previous times
      Get ready for surprise lineup – I know who you is giving you stresses , NOT NEYMAR , you will finally see him in our first 11
      cool down and have big heart

    • Last time they had Neymar in Copa, they’re out early lol

      Brazil couldnt beat Switzerland & Belgium in 2018 WC & they got Neymar.

      Just look at Euro, all the teams in so called group of death gets eliminated in quarterfinal.

      Neymar cant even win CL final without Messi. He got Mbappe alongside him, still cant do anything.

      • Thing is in the WC Brazil doesn’t get the CONMEBOL advantage. The players can’t play over the limit like they do with South American officiating. If I was Brazilian I’d seriously want the favouritism in SA to end because it ends up being a big shock for this current generation of players like Fernandinho, Casemiro, Silva etc. when the WC comes around. Suddenly you can’t handball, elbow and foul everything in sight.

    • Neymar is headless chicken, holds the ball longer and not team player. Last time Alves played like prime Zidane reason Brazil beat Argentina.

    • Neymar the best player in the world 😂😂😂

      I stopped reading your comment from that point..

      What do bra fans have got to do here? Lol..

  29. Argentina looked good with some little flaws but still here in this forum there are toxic people who are saying we need Buendia Medina and so on and on.. They are criticizing scaloni and want other managers before the final .. Who are these assholes.. Come on let’s bash these outsiders who are here to demotivate Argentina team and they just want Argentina to lose.. But but we will succeed this time.. Vamos Argentina.. Lets shutoff these haters.. Vamos

  30. No more mistake in selecting the starting XI; it’s a do or die game; hopefully all runs smoothly and Argentina will be the champion of Copa 2021. No more tears !!

    Start from the beginning with Messi, Lautoro and Di Maria in front.. the trio works well. Mids belong to De Paul, Lo Celso, Guido / Parades and back Romero, Acuna and 2 fit ones

  31. This is a strange forum! Argentina reached the final of a major tournament after 5 years and comment section are as quiet as it can be!

    Even match against Bolivia had more interaction and news… Plus I was expecting Roy and Seba to come up with some videos at YouTube channel !!

    Is it all are Nervous or some of the so called fans can’t deal with the fact that without their beloved players we are in the final!

    Anyways 3-1 Argentina! Cheers

  32. Attack -Papu Lautaro Messi
    Midfield -Lo celso Guido Rodriguez De Paul
    Defence- Acuna Otamendi Romero Mollina
    This is the way to go this team will take 2 goals leads in first half.

    • That means he is preparing a surprise. I still hope Romero to be fit. Ole.com already rules Romero out, but TYC says there is still a hope as Romero took part in 100% all practice without limitation.

      Also according to the news:
      Molina/Montiel: Molina has more chance to start than Montiel.
      Lo Celso and DePaul are guaranteed
      Now it is Guido vs Paredes again who is not guaranteed yet.
      Also Acuna vs Tagli and Di Maria vs Nico Gonzales.

      Di Maria has more chance to start. Acuna and Tagli is 50-50.

      • As per a particular source from TNT, there is possibility. That source denied Romero’s chance in QF and SF, gave some positive vibe for final. I think it has already been decided in yesterday’s training.

        Ole and ESPN ruled out Romero based on logic not exact information. Nobody has exact info on XI.

        • if Romero took part in all training without any problem, what is so bad about starting him in the FINAL?

          In 2014, Di Maria trained separately until the last day of traning (meaning he was not too healthy) and he insisted that he wanted to play. Romero did not train separately, he did participate in all training programs along with his teammates. So Romero condition must be better than Di Maria in 2014 and De Bruyne a couple of weeks ago.

          Hope you are right, there is still a hope. Romero is crucial really for us especially our right back needs a good back up from our right sided central defense.

  33. Despite likely chances of Romero not playing we also need to understand Sandro LB (not 100-% confirmed news) not fit for the match as well as Jesus suspension.

    Gonzalez may not be my favorite and to almost everyone but is a must to cover up Brazilian RB attack and could be useful on penalty shoot-out.Dimaria to start this match and if possible entire 90min. Lo celso as usual til 65min then Paredes who can be useful for pivot when we already winning the match.
    Depaul assisting Guido @ molina/montiel entire match until when penalty kick comes we sub with better PK taker.

    With Messi , Dimaria & Lautaro upfront , Gonzalez just comes as a plus to occupy the left wing and shift some Brazilians to that side and create spaces for our main attackers .

    Praying that CRomero is fit to play the finals

  34. Less than 24 hours to go.This is what we all dream for, An Argentina vs Brazil finals. Lets hope the match is played fair and square. And finally our final curse is broken. Will it be tommarrow? Lets wish all the best to ourselves. It may turn out to be one of the happiest days in our lifes.

  35. I dont care if some of your favourite players did not cut it. All I care is we are on an Undefeted stretch and we win the copa no matter how it comes. Scaloni might be young but he knows better football than you all.
    Vamos Albiceleste.

  36. You know right I don’t any toxic people talking bad about argentina if you don’t have something positive to said you just need to shut the hell up scaloni don’t call some players he is the coach he does anything he want stopped complaining let pray that the boys play a great games and gaining experience instead of complaining or comments bad we don’t that now

  37. If game goes to penalties, emi should this time sing to brazilian kick takers our 2014 unofficial anthem of ‘ brazil decime que se siente tener en casa tu papa’ 😎

  38. Argentina are in bad shape in the final due to Scaloni’s incompetence. Fucu Medina, Sensi, Foyth, Perez would have been lot better than Montiel, Pezella, Armani.

  39. Let’s watch the game and enjoy! I have watched all our finals live since last time we won in 1993 till now, with so many unexplainable defeats since then, so I don’t have a high expectation this time, specially with Brazil playing at home and our defense is far from decent, our coach is not top-notch either. In other words, just hope for the best.

    In 2004 Copa, our team was young but very strong, but conceded in the last minute and lost in penalties against Brazil. Again in 2007 Copa, the team is full of stars from multiple generations, all Veron, Aimar, Messi, Crespo, Requelme are that Copa, we played a very poor game in the final again a Brazil B team, we lost 3-0. Crespo was injured before that though.

  40. Argentina hardest match would be against Colombia and it’s proved, don’t think Brazil match will be difficult like Colombia was.

  41. What a coward mentality cristian Romero has, he doesnt want to play in such a historical match for a club which just want to sell him fixed a price tag on him. This could be a dream game for most of the players Its Brazil vs Argentina, its final at Maracana. Look at the player like Kevin Debryune who is such an important player for a club like Man city still played with injury gave his 100% and provided an assist. Messi played with bleeding ankle against Colombia.

    • C. Romero has mentality of Emi Martinez he will play if he is fit. Do not bring your dull imagination

    • Who the **** told you this?

      Romero wanted to play QF, let alone final, lol..

      Atlanta has pressured just like any other club would do, no club would want their player to take risk.

      It was the team management’s decision not to play him QF & SF as he didn’t have the match fitness.

      I think the team management would play him in the final even if he is not fully fit.

  42. Luiz Diaz has been a revelation in this tournament. Never watched him before this & the guy eclipsed a big name like Cuadrado. For now he has tied up with Messi for top scorer. What was surprising on Colombia is they deciding not to take James Rodriguez ( in a 26 man squad , even if partially fit , James wld have been a handful as a sub in knockout stage ) & the fact that they didnt utilize Duvan Zapata well. From Zapata’s body language in entire tournament & the award ceremony it is clear that he is not welcome there. Also even Borja ended up getting more minutes than Luis Muriel who has one of the best scoring frequencies in Europe. Lot of under currents in Colombian NT.
    Would have been good to see Peru take 3rd place today & some relief for Ricardo Garcea . If not Luiz Diaz , Peru wld have won the penalties.

    • Really wanted penalties as well. It was already passing over 3 minutes of extra time and all they had to do was take the ball and clear it. Gallese looked devastated after

  43. At wc 2014 if we had Di Maria we would have won. He is my favorite player after Messi. With Di Maria, Cuti back, we will raise the cup in Maracana. Vamos Albiceleste.

  44. Win or lose we have the sexiest team in the world. I was born in Buenos Aires in the German hospital, and this national team is all I knew and know.
    If we lose tomorrow I will still have my jerseys ready for the world cup and so on until I die.
    So no matter what happens we are the best.
    F Brazil, and while I am at it…. mutha F France….

  45. Scaloni’s poor team selection has come right back to bite his a$$. His both RB have failed against Columbia and if he sticks with one of them tomorrow and if Romero can’t make it then with Pezella and Molina/Monteal our right flank will be an open invitation to Brazilians. In addition to that, his starting XI and failure to utilize Angel Correa says everything about his strategies. Now with Brazil, CONMEBOL and FiFA teaming up against us tomorrow, it will be upto Messi and Co to pull off this seemingly impossible task!!

    • So who is the alternative? Foyth was the best of the lot but it seems Scaloni has lost the confidence with him due to the blunder against Colombia last month. He was totally irresponsible to make the team lose those two points.

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