Argentina eleven for Copa America final, Cristian Romero, Angel Di María start


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has selected both Cristian Romero and Angel Di María in the starting eleven for the Copa America final.

Cristian Romero will play in the Copa America final. After several days of rumors, Romero will play as Scaloni has selected him. Marcos Acuña gets the start over Nicolás Tagliafico, Leandro Paredes over Guido and Angel Di María over Nicolás González. Here is the starting eleven:

Emi Martínez; Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro and Di María.



  1. An argentina fan since 2014 world cup I have witnessed 3 heartbreaking finals and was thinking that messi would never get his hand on that one international trophy with argentina.



    though we didn’t play that beautiful football but f**k it doesn’t matter in these competition tournament’s ITS WIN OR LOSE AND WEE WON BOY SCALONI PUT PLANNED THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT TO PERFECTION.

    From using Nico Gonzalez as a runner to tire out opponents to playing a fully hit high energy di maria in the final to gambling on Cristian Romero’s fitness in the semis n playing him in the finals and most importantly playing an out of form Montiel directly in the final .
    This was definitely a scaloni masterclass
    Scaloni has proved me and many other mundoers wrong by doing the impossible .
    Well done scaloni you have proved once again that in these type of competitions it’s the Mourinho style that matters n not the Guardiola style
    This argentina won because of one reason only they didn’t depend on messi one bit such was the freedom each player exibited noone received the ball to look up n pass to leo or pass back it was total individual decision making n less reliance on messi which made the difference for argentina this time and Kudos to scaloni for implementing that confidence n individuality in each of the player’s.
    And also another reason argentina won this copa America was because of scaloni strongly opting to play players who are IN-FORM n deserve to play in the starting xi and not succumb to pressure from the media by playing players like armani or calling up rojo. This type of bold decision making should also be appreciated.

    There are many more things to highlight in scaloni’s masterclass planning but anyways let’s get to the individual player performances messi once again didn’t shine in the final but the rest of the team stood up emi Martinez damn wat a player I just can’t believe arsenal f**king used this guy as a mere backup or even fourth choice seriously stupid English football and its brainless one season wonder managers like Arsene Wenger thank you Aston villa for buying him and unleashing his full potential and let the world know argentina have one of the best goalkeepers in the world I’m pretty sure now with buendia joining Aston villa it will be the team I’ll root for in premier league . Gonzalo Montiel my man I’m really laughing at European clubs for not spending the right amount to buy you man even I was surprised that you started the final but somewhere I knew you were the right choice since you always put in masterclass performances in crucial matches for river plate and boy you did make argentina proud like a fierce soldier on the battlefield.
    Romero is definitely the real deal and a gem unearthed at the right time we always look hundred percent solid when he plays I just hope argentina can have a solid left footed young centre back playing well in the next season most probably I’m hoping Facundo Medina will shine next season or maybe Marcos senesi or even lisandro Martinez . Rodrigo de Paul my man I’m speechless but just glad you will join the club which suits your stature and class and I’m excited to look forward you in the UCL. Paredes also a good performance when it mattered most and finally man angel di maria I literally was disappointed seeing di maria called up to the national team and was even more frustrated when scaloni dropped buendia from the Squad and not di maria but boy I was made to eat my words and boy he proved the world wrong WHAT A BEAST YOU ARE DI MARIA but most importantly I think we should really appreciate scaloni’s intelligence here as knew exactly how to use di maria and used di maria to the best of his abilities from playing him as a super sub in the knockout stages to starting him in the final once again thank you scaloni
    Thank you that you did justice to football that my king leo finally has an international trophy to his name finally penaldo fanboys can shut their mouths BECAUSE THE KING HAS FINALLY WON AN INTERNATIONAL TROPHY VAMOS ARGENTINA thank you leo messi for giving me happiness with your wonderfull plays and victories thank you argentina and thank you scaloni. It might be too cheeky to say this but let’s see let’s hope this argentina improves it’s performance and hopefully win the WORLD CUP NEXT YEAR !!!!! VAMOSSSS

  2. otamendi was the main man in the defence both in semifinal and final.. montiel was always active precautious,, and he gives his 200% today.. everyone ignore lautaro for me lautaro was in top level though i was in doubt in beginning.. whenever he got the ball he tries to move it forward with a right angle .. and di maria was the shining star for argentina today.. and de paul long ball was amazing… there is some ball loosing in the middle which was at a time was fearsome

  3. Im literally crying. Great performance. People including me was doubtful about scaloni he proved us wrong and how! Take a bow! Defense was amazing. Everyone played well. And i always shouting for starting dimaria very happy to be proven correct

  4. Messi and Di Maria need to stay for next year WC. Di Maria come alive when Messi can’t show up. They complement each other.

    Vs switzerland in 2014 WC.
    Vs Ecuador in 2018 WC qualifier final match.
    Vs France in 2018 WC
    And now vs Brazil

  5. And one more thing I have always been so sad that so many people dislike Di Maria.
    He is the one guy along with Messi that all Argentina fans should cherish.

    Remember he also scored the winning goal in olympics finals? I remember it like yesterday.

    I always saw in my dreams Di Maria scoring a winning goal and giving Argentina the World cup. The goal that he scored today was eerily similar to the one in my dreams.
    I am scared now, do I have prophetic powers or something? But in my dreams it was the world cup.

    Also De Paul and Emi Martinez deserves applause.

  6. Can’t be happier than this today, What a day for all of Argentina’s football family. I have seen so many heartbreaks since 2002. But today I am over the moon. Lifting a cup after beating brazil in brazil is one hell of a story written by God for Messi and Argentina. Messi and Argentina would go to war against the world next year.

  7. Happiness overloaded.. tears in joyful movement.. Messi deserved the Senior team trophy.. longtime wait is over …
    Today referee is very decent.. Our players sweat a lot, it feels like they all played for Messi..
    This team got talent , passion, unity , especially a bit of luck too.. thank god, for your all blessings to this team…
    Maro we miss you in this moment…

  8. If anyone know me, I have been the number one defender of Angel Di Maria. He is a big time player that plays good in decisice moments most of the time. But here ppl create their own version of Di Maria as “headless chicken” or “he only plays good 1 in 10 matches” bla bla bla…

    CL final best player
    Copa America final best player
    Olympic final best player

    Now just wanna tell y’all… eat that shoot!

    • Di Maria always been the main game player. He is the change maker, the decisive one.
      De Paul is one of the best cm right now.
      Emi is top 5.
      Acuna is top 3 lb.
      Di Maria is the best right winger, since messi became more central.
      BTY, its always been a joy to read your thoughts. Vamos.

  9. Sheer Joy and relief. Beating Brazil in the Maracana to win a Copa America is HISTORIC.

    RODRIGO DE PAUL is a legend for me from now on. He was like 2 players today and that beautiful pass. Man of the Match
    Montiel shut the fuck us up of most of us, including me. Thank you Scaloni. You knew better than all of us.
    De Maria n Messi when they play together in a final they have never lost.. ha ha..
    I was never a big admirer of Otamandi. But today he was like Ayala
    Romero, thank you for playing
    Emi was just Emi. a new legend was made in 2021
    Acuna, Lautaro, Paredes all did their part.
    All the other players, Nico, Correa’s,Pazzello, Pau all of you thank you.
    All the coaching staff thank you. Especially to Scaloni..
    Finally Leo, you deserve this.. I wish he had scored that last chance, but doesnt batter.
    Vamos Argentina..

  10. I don’t know opinion of you guys, but to me otamendi was the best, second was montiel. What a game by otamendi, played with full of passion and madness. Montiel pocketed everton and vinicus, pressed a lot, cover the field.
    Emi with two great saves.
    My 1st comment since last copa.
    Good to old pals still active here, missing gonzalez and mamoun el pipita.

  11. We did it!!!

    THANK GOD!!!

    This is for you Diego!!!

    This is for you Alejandro Sabella!!!

    This is for you Rene Houseman!!!

    This is for you Jose Luis Brown!!!


    • I Love this comment!

      I just learnt that Sabella died. That makes me sad.
      I stopped watching football and news for 4-5 months after Diego passed away.
      And in the mean time Sabella died too? So sad.
      I loved this coach.

      Yes this is for Diego, Sabella and all Argentina well wishers.
      Vamos Argentina!
      Viva Argentina!

  12. argentina should improve.. if they lost in a joy points of lackings could be hampered … there is lot of things to improve don’t stop .. don’t stop improving

  13. We need to keep this team for the World Cup and we must keep Scaloni.
    Whatever he did worked.
    It wasn’t the prettiest final but who cares? Messi has a trophy!

  14. We did it finally 👑

    Vamos, vamos Argentina,
    vamos, vamos a ganar,
    que esta barra quilombera,
    no te deja, no te deja de alentar.

    Thank you to all the players who played like it was their last match.
    Thank you Lionel Scaloni ,Roberto Ayala, Walter Samuel n Pablo Aimar for making this possible without any coaching experience.
    This time luck was on our side and why not we deserved it !!!

    Argentina !!! Argentina !!! Argentina !!!

  15. Who’s in Washington DC tonight??? Party on H street !
    De Paul man of match in my opinion.
    Montiel surprised me, great game.
    Pezzela came in and had a good defensive moment.
    I am happy that we did it without Messi having to carry the load. This team has matures and advanced.
    Next is the world cup hermanos!

  16. Sad that Diego Maradona was not alive to see this.
    But may be its his blessings after all.

    So glad to see that huge Maradona poster in the stadium from Argentina fans .

  17. Incredible game. I can’t believe the dry spell is over. Well deserved. I hope everyone is as happy as I am on this result…
    Can someone tell me where we can get the argentina shirt the guys were wearing? The championship shirt.
    Vamos Argentina!

    • Lol! Dude!
      I went online straight away thinking I’ve got to get a Di Maria 11 shirt. And then saw the campeones shirt and thought let’s wait!

  18. Brothers and sisters, fellow albiceleste’s
    THIS IS THE GREATEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  19. In Brasil against brasil and lifting the cup as tournament top scorer and assist getter….WHAT A LEGEND…….VAMOS ALBICELESTEEEE…VAMOS MESSIIIIII

    WOuld have been even happier if Maradona was alive to witness this history…..VAMOS ALBOCELESTEEEE

  20. Montiel had the game of his life! De Paul unbelievable.

    El Fideo thank you finally!

    All these finals I used to wear my blue and white and tonight i decided not to. Anything to break the trend. So happy!!

  21. I am ecstatic with joy. I feel so great.
    The last few minutes my heart was beating so fast.

    Finally! After so many years!
    May be its Maradona’s blessings after all.

  22. Messi played all the matches in this copa…full 90 mins too….no rest whatsoever ….Would have been very happy if maradona was alive to see this 🙁 2007 Argentina team was the best team on paper and yet lost 3-0 but this team has the heart…NEXT STOP TO THE WORLD CUP…LETS WIN THE World cup too next year…VAMOS ALBICELESTEEEEEEE

  23. I salute Scaloni.. Second consecutive game he beat Brazil….🔥
    And in final DiMaria, Romero and Montiel was his brilliant decision…🇦🇷

  24. I said it many times Argentina won’t win with fancy managers but they will win with some unknown managers who will stick with some decent team.. He made dimaria come in.. Montiel was magnificent.. Everybody was.. Vamos vamos vamos

  25. Tears of joy. Waited so long for this. Fan since the eighties. Last time we won Batistuta, Redondo and Simeone were still young men. All finals in 21st century lost and now finally the spell has been broken.

    If only Emi had been our keeper in 2015 and 2016…

    Won’t mind if Messi, Di Maria, Aguero and Otamendi retire. To go out on top is simply magnificent.

  26. Come on!!! Happy for Messi and Argentina and the people of Argentina It will lift their spirits !!!!! Great defending!!

  27. Lots of thanks to the Almighity!

    Really everything is written in the fate. Finally it was a Argentina’s day, Messi’s day!
    Vamos!!!! 💪💪💪💪

  28. argentina wins, it is a joy.. but tactically scaloni choose too much defensive approach and some midfield wrong passes at a time gives fearsome experience… lautaro is playing too good… but scaloni sub lautaro, and dimaria around 75 minutes gives some tensed moment.. it was too early to give brazil to attack in full mode.. luckily any wrong didn’t happen…
    in play of defensive approach simeone is a beast… lackings should be highlighten otherwise things may go wrong in future

  29. I AM CRYING!


  30. Finaly a dream become true. Thank you all for being part of this long journey. Since 1994 WC for me the first Argentina Match i saw was vs Greece. Congrats everyone.This is special. This moment will be with me forever.

  31. Euphoria, after 28 years and 5 finals,
    I get to see Argentina champions again,
    All we need now, one good CB, one good no.8 and one good RB, WE will be
    WC 2022 champions, VAMOS

  32. fair referring though argentina got little advantage.. at a time midfield passes gives fearsome feeling… argentina wins this cup with luck favors… though argentina wins but scaloni as a coach don’t impressed like elite coach… argentina needs to improve more…

  33. I am Crying like a Baby we’ve suffered so much

    What a Joy before I die I can see my beloved Argentina win something
    We could of won so Much more over the years

    • 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  34. Wow … finally a cup after 28 years.

    I scrolled down some comments in first half and as usual, I see trolls commenting like this final is between Arg vs Jamaica. No offense to Jamaica.

    Man of the match … Rodrigo de Paul and angel for his goal.

  35. Come on De Paul please stop passing back! Hold onto the ball! I believe in this team!

    Give another fantastic long ball, anything!

  36. Someone needs to break Neymar’s legs man. If we are going to get a foul make it worth it.

    What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Cannot stop diving even on the biggest stage.

  37. Richardlison getting way too comfortable something need to be done . What’s wrong with acuna, I realize when Neymar got the ball they all marking him , like really since when do we play like this leaving open hole , while everyone defend one player .

    • No the main problem is with the tactics as we r overloading our right side to stop all the attack from right, Brazil just changed the tactics to play from left…should be alright now, if scolani adjust the tactics with taglafico and guido

    • No the main problem is with the tactics as we r overloading our right side to stop all the attack from right, Brazil just changed the tactics to play from left

  38. What a golazo!!! Perfect long pass by De Paul, perfect first touch and finish by Di Maria
    We can score more. We look more confident and comfortable.

  39. I feel very nervous to see Parades in the line up. Honestly, what does he do other than getting yellow for himself or for others? He was the sole responsible for Romero getting an yellow at the early stage of the tournament and Guaido getting it in the semi final.

    Bring him on 89th minute if we need to take penalties. Otherwise, he is the weakest link.

  40. Nearly perfect first half and tactically and defensively solid so far. You guys keep moaning about players but everyone had play good so far. Running and working hard. Paredes had his best first half in entire tournament. Now he needs to be careful and he knows. I want Palacio to come one and run like a dog entire game to harash the yellow shit

  41. I remember the names of those stupid fans here who always criticized De Maria and Otamendi by the rules. They are the real stupid with zero football knowledge.

  42. Di Maria with the Olympics flashback.
    Yellow or not Paredes is one of the best players on the pitch.
    When the the final whistle blows, after checking twice or thrice then just then I will celebrate.

  43. Montiel has been very good so far just like de paul and di maria.
    We are winning this tie….we clearly looked the better team in the first half.

  44. Paredes’s yellow card is a trouble. Guido has to come in.

    We should play more on life side. Losing ball on right side is more dangerous because of neymar.

    Lautaro has nothing to provide. Play Messi in the middle and Papu on the left.

  45. This line up is quite balanced to neutralize Brazil. We will be dangerous and at the same time strong from:
    1. The right side: Montiel will be backed up by the best center back Romero and De Paul. Offensively we will see Di Maria, De Paul and Messi a lot from this side.
    2. The left side: I am glad that Acuna will start, which will make our left side not totally dead with the absence of Nico Gonzales. Acuna, Lo Celso will cover this place.

    • Score against Brazil is difficult. So..make them under pressure from starting… DiMaria and Messi can do that.
      Vamos Argentina 🔥

  46. Two positive Dimaria & Romero starting ..

    we need to score in our first chance..

    Two negetive Guido in bench …Montiel starts..

  47. Anyway these 5 players won’t be on the bench:
    1. Juan Musso
    2. Nico Dominguez
    3. Julian Alvarez
    4. Joaquin Correa
    5. Lucas Martinez Quarta

    Just like the pecking order, these 5 are the bench of all the bench.

  48. Confession to make!! I went to a World Cup Brazil game vs Cameroon in 1994. I wore a Brazil jersey and since then Argentina has never won a championship and Brazil has won two mundials and a few copa Americas! And me being superstitious, I feel responsible!!!
    Soooo…. Since I need to reverse the curse today I am wearing the country that conquered (colonized) Brazil .. Portugal !!! Because I can’t wear a Brazil jersey again! Lol
    Fingers crossed !! Vamos Argentina!!!

  49. I am not sure if there is anyone happier than me to know Cuto Romero will start. I have been following his news from the very first second after our victory against Colombia. I checked out his instagram, all news, all other related instagram just to check out his pictures and videos.

    Although all medias speculated he would not make it, I still had hopes! Today, I refreshed the news every 2 minutes. His status kept improving. He went from impossible to make it to doubtful to questionable to probable to the actual starting line up!

    I applause Scaloni for this. Whatever the result is, he has been doing this part right: Fielding the strongest team in the final.

    • I did similar things. It is morning here. I woke up and saw Romero in the lineup. I have been in tranquility since then. We have done our best to face Brazil.

    • So that he can’t have any impact whatsoever like last match?

      I would say with this starting lineup Common sense has finally prevailed!! We needed a strong midfield to win this final!!

    • Brazil strategy will be score first, defend stronger and counter. If they score and defend deep… last 30 minutes may not be enough for DiMaria. Better use him since starting. He fill find space at starting. Score or assist.
      I am with Scaloni for this intelligent decision. Whether it workout or not….we have to see.

  50. Finally Scaloni saves the best for last!!!
    With the exception of Montiel, this is our best starting line I could think of.

    Scaloni keeps the secret starting line up until the very last minute, even TYC, Ole, ESPN and pretty much all of the medias had ruled Romero out.

    Now I feel calm now. Brazil is NOT better than 2019 version and we are MUCH stronger than 2 years ago.

  51. Very strange decision to start Angel, but if that means Nico and Lautaro are saved for second half I think that may work to our advantage.

    I still think De Paul is a mistake, Guido should have started ahead of him. He can dribble and move fast but he and Paredes are both afraid to move forward in the pitch and actually deliver some crosses or passes.

    Regardless, I hope we play well and hard, and most of all win this Copa America!!!

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