Cristian Romero asks Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni to play in Copa America final


Cristian Romero has reportedly asked Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni to play in the Copa America final.

Romero, who has not played since Argentina’s group stage match win vs. Paraguay on June 21, has missed the the last three matches for Argentina due to a knee injury. Per a report by TyC Sports, Romero has asked Scaloni to play him in the final.

However, one thing that could go against Romero is that he has not played in over two weeks.


  1. Don’t know what to feel. Formed a relationship of brotherhood with you all. Many from worldcupblog days and many more over here. Sometimes we don’t like each others opinion, but that’s what brotherhood is. I am in my 40s too, seen way too many losses. Today I get a feeling I am becoming cold. Emotions have dried. But somewhere there is a hope. That’s why the world and humankind exists. Somewhere it says, may be tonight it is.

    Make no mistake, it has be to a miracle, a super lucky day. A night like when we beat Brazil in 90 Italy world cup. We were peppered by Brazil but the ball just won’t go in. We need a night like that. I remember 2007 Copa final, we were so overwhelmingly favorite. We didn’t even have to perform at 100% to beat that Brazil-B, but we lost 3-0. We need the role reversal tonight. Shit happens in this world, we need shit to happen tonight.


  2. I wish I could share the same enthusiasm as everyone here. At the age of 40, I’ve got used to be disillusioned.

    The albiceleste is the only team I’ve loved unconditionally since 1985. Anyway….doesn’t matter. I hope the powers that be give the lads the strength to perform well, regardless of the result.

    • Agree
      Too much heartache
      I’ve decided not to watch and check the result in the morning
      Too much finals heart ache
      3-1 Brazil i think (hope not)

      • Oh brother you must watch!
        Through thick and thin we stand together.
        Just like those terrace chants:
        “Where were you, when you were shit?!”
        Answer: “we were here!” Cos when the shit hits the fan….we will all stand and face it!

        • As painful as it may be, It must be watched…Only then can you truly enjoy any glory….All I’ve known is pain for almost 30 years…you can’t kill what’s already dead inside…I do however believe in redemption

  3. Good to see Scaloni playing mind games already. Agree that Scaloni lacks experience as a coach but he isn’t that foolish or stupid to let 50% fit player play in the finals. But in this case I m certain Romero is fit enuff to play in the finals.
    Come on Argentina get this one in 90 mins🙏

  4. Emotions kills me….11:30 here in Qatar. Match is at early morning 3:00. Can’t sleep…
    Hopefully this time..we will have a victorious ending… finally break the drought..🙏

  5. Man Romero knows his body. If he says he wanna play then he knows that he is healthy enough. Pezzella is an average defender. And we are in the final. I hope Scaloni will surprise us now. I agree with Sulav, even if Romero is not fit, we can always subs him in the second half. It is nothing bad playing your best defender in the final if he asks to play.

    Also news update: Angel Di Maria will start.

    So those confirmed seem to be: Emi; Molina, Otamendi; De Paul, Lo Celso; Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro.

    Pezzella vs Romero let’s see if miracle happens
    Acuna vs Tagli: Now they say Acuna has more chance!

    Paredes vs Guido: They say Paredes has more chance.

    • Molina and De Paul has a chemistry.
      Paredes and DiMaria has the same.
      Acuna and Papu(of we go for 4231 lately) has..
      Messi has chemistry with Lautaro, DePaul, LoCelso, and DiMaria.
      Vamos Argentinaaaaaa…..

    • Not few hours ago news portals started Nico Gonzalez ahead of Di Maria. As I said earlier they have 5% info and 95% speculation.

      ESPN and many others have started Pezzella, but truth is Scaloni and Romero will have chat and will decide based on that. Romero want to start and Scaloni would like to use him as well.

    • The news keeps on improving hours by hour. Acuna, Romero, Molina, Di Maria. Let’s hope that if Paredes plays he plays well and does what he does best

      • I keep refreshing with the hope of the good news of Romero, but what I found is Montiel now is likely to start instead of Molina… man keep changing.

  6. He won’t be match fit let alone at optimum level.
    Heart says I would pick a 50% Romero over Pezella.
    Head is telling me, regardless of who partners Mr liability Nico Otamendi, we are going to be stripped endlessly tonight.
    This is going to end miserably for us..

  7. We haven’t had to use all five subs so far.. start with Romero first and if he fails to impress then sub him. But that would be a risky move in such a important game but playing Pezzella seems equally risky!!

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