Emiliano Martinez comments on Lionel Messi, Cristian Romero and Copa America final


Emiliano Martinez has emerged as the number one goalkeeper for Argentina. Despite making his national team debut last month, he has solidified his position. Following his penalty shootout heroics vs. Colombia, Dibu, as he is known, kept a clean sheet in the Copa America final.

In addition to winning the final, Martinez was also named as the goalkeeper of the tournament. But even after the final, Martinez made time for the media. Speaking to TyC Sports about what Lionel Messi told him after the Copa America final. Here is what he had to say:

“The captain who told me that today you gave me the Cup… When he wrote on (Messi put a picture on Instagram), he put a picture with me, that gave me strength. I have a daughter I haven’t hugged yet.”

Martinez was also very confident in himself:

“Today, whoever was going to kick, it wasn’t going to go in… I was very confident.”

“Cuti did the impossible to play. After the semi final, he told me he wouldn’t leave me alone. They injected him before the match, during the match… If I’m crazy, what is he?”

Dibu spoke about Cristian Romero and what he had to do to get to that Copa America final:

“The captain who told me that today you gave me the Cup… When he wrote on his Twitter, he put a picture with me, that gave me strength. I have a daughter I haven’t hugged yet.”


  1. A bit late to comment, but yah the last few days were really very good.

    Not only our beloved Argentina won; but also England lost and Italy won.
    It was really like double victory.

    Also enjoyed all the comments about Maradona controlling everything from the heavens.

    Nice job Argentina. Now it’s time to target World Cup.

  2. Good news, Conmebol has contacted uefa to schedule a one off match Supercup between Argentina and Italy to decide who is better.
    Now this is FUN

  3. my squad next year
    GK – martinez, Musso, Armani
    Def – Acuna, Tagliafico, romero, montiel, foyth, pezzela, kannerman
    MF – guido, parades, de paul, lo celso, di maria, palacios, papu gomez, correa
    FW – messi, martinez, icardi, alario, nico gonzalez,

  4. ARGENTINA IS CHAMPION !!! we beat Brasil in Maracana !!!
    in same time England ,Chile and Germans eat shit big !!

    DIEGO what you did again? we didn t say that you should stop use your hands?
    ha ha ha ha !!!

  5. one new day begin. Argentina is CHAMPION. we became CHAMPIONS in Maracana.
    Brasilians crying still. England and Germans eat shit.
    this is a senario that look like i could make it in my dreams.
    i wake and i see it is true not fixed in my brain.
    and i think with myself….. what a wonderful world !!!
    he he he

  6. One thing is true that scaloni is open minded. When we ended last copa we had anothr team, Before this copa scaloni dropped ocampos, foyth, saravia and dybala ( Dybala was called in every scaloni team).
    He always keeps players who are performing. Today he has given the team EMI Martinez whom messi has named Beast.
    If you remember in 2018 WC defense was our biggest problem. We co conceded 9 goals. This time we conceded 3 goals and kept a clean sheet against brazil
    I feel that transition of the team is successful. Now we have to fix some problems and play with motivation of WC 2022. Messi can do it, I don’t know what will be his fitness after 500 days.
    But it will be a dream come true.

  7. I think the reason behind the victory of Arg is Scalonis inclusion of Dmaria on right wing. D Maria played excellent in all matches in rightside..

  8. I just went to research about penalty shootout history of top 8 footballing superpower and was pleasantly surprised that Argentina ranks the second highest successfully nation behind Germany!

    Plus, Argentina is ranked number 1 when it comes to the number of penalty shootout a nation is involved with:

    Total played Win Loss Win%
    Argentina 16 10 6 62.5%

    Germany 7 6 1 85.7%

    Brazil 13 8 5 61.5%

    Spain 11 6 5 54.5%

    Italy 11 5 6 45.45%

    France 7 3 4 42.9%

    England 10 3 7 30%

    Holland 7 2 5 28.6%

    After knowing this stats, I will be more confident from now on… 🙂

  9. Still incredibly ecstatic about this win.
    We are champions!!!!! IN BRAZIL!!!!!
    What a relief, what an amazing feeling. Keep enjoying this high!

    Thank you Scaloni, thank you Messi, Dibu, Di Maria, De Paul and every player and management staff of this Copa America. I also want to thank (some) of you guys for being such good supporters of this great team, especially to the older ones who have gone through such a long time of heartbreak. This is deserved.


    I made this comment the night we won but it apparently didn’t get posted. I’ll make a longer post later

    • Received and acknowledged Brother!

      Same feeling here , I hardly visit this site after every tournament we lost – This time cant believe I got 110% energy to reach each and every comments.. hahahaha

      This being my firs-ever live match to watch life my favorite team winning A FINAL!! No words to describe

      Brief History of myself
      I could only watch 1993 copa through record videos tapes – that was my first time recognizing a national team – just post tournament. That when first love was born
      1994 wc – Not that very serious but Agentina got eliminated without the late Maradona
      1995 Copa – I can remember it so well but was not allowed to watch live matches past mid nights being 10 years old kid – No serious heart-break yet
      1997Copa- at 12 yrs skipping home if not very late to watch some few matches – but not as serious since most of our first choice players & second choice players not picked by the crazy passarella –
      1998 wc- @13 years this was real passion and excitement – I still think of how Bati’s left kicked hitted that post against Netherlands- A night that I could not take my supper , next morning could not eat until lunch of the next day . i Haven’t been that sorrow of football show
      1999 copa- Incomplete selection especially front-man- the misser of 3 penalty kicks in one match hahhaha, Brazil eliminated us in QF with their best squad , my hate to Brazil upgraded higher level.
      2002 wc- I was over confident , probably just like the team its-self. I haven’t ever seen a complete squad since became fan of Argentina that can match 22 man squad of 2002. The rest you know
      2004copa- This was the match finall that gave all hopes towards injuy time the brazilians did what they did – as always my hate got better version of hating Brazil
      2005 confederation – again brazil –
      2007 copa – This was a final no one in the world expected Brazil team B to win Arg team A by 0-3 .. Trust me from this time I started fearing to meet Brazil in a tournament whichever team they play us. For me its like a curse
      The rest most the people here could remember history


  10. Ole praised Scaloni for not being stubborn.

    He entered the tournament having his favorite 11 of: Armani; Montiel, Otamendi, LM Quarta, Tagliafico; Paredes, Lo Celso, De Paul; Messi, Gonzales, Martinez.

    But then he was flexible enough to put some new ones into the line up especially: Emi Martinez, Romero, Guido, Di Maria, Acuna, and Molina instead of sticking with his favorite 11.

    • Absolutely true!
      Though I have a feeling this team is behind the show technically advised by Diego Simeone & pochentino – but mainly Simeone. Especially during these last few matches of the tournament

      Most probably Walter, Aimar & Ayala are behind busy in communication with their 5th coach

  11. Imagine !!!
    Just one time in my life time I would wish England to win against Germans in WC 2010 to avoid German team as well as to have chance of revenging wc 2002
    My wishes was never accepted – Lol!!!!!
    One of my best weekends . Italy my second team only if Argentine gets eliminated or if not participating in a torment.Though the anxious is not as genuine as when I watch Argentina. FYI I dint watch Eng vs Italy match , because Argentina match woke me up at 2:30 in my time zone and I could not sleep – the next night comes no need to watch , who cares who wins but as always any result against England will be positive to me

    I expect Italy vs Arg friendly match later this year – I just have that feeling

    can anyone advise if Confederations will be held this time round – a year before wc 2022
    If yes is it Brazil or Argentina to participate ?

  12. I always notice that anytime. I mean ANYTIME the England fans sing “god save the queen” their anthem, they would lose the game in the elimination round match. Last night I heard them singing that and I knew they would lose… even if they were up 1-0 by the time they sang that. Take it as good news if we face England and they sing that.

  13. It’s good Argentina won Copa but need to forget it and focus on the big target World Cup. Winning Copa is like winning the league title but champion league final yet to be played so Argentina need to determine more for 2022. Argentina badly need to replace Aguero, Otamendi, Dimaria and even messi to some extent for goals/assist. Icardi and Dybala hitting their prime, Argentina badly needs to inject in the team.

    • This Copa victory gives many additional advantages to the team
      1. Its time Argentine regains its identity and threat to the entire world is regained its respect
      2. Its the Nation (Argentine citizens) that will start have confidence in their players and automatically this brings harmony between Players, coaching staffs, AFA, Media , Public. You might not realize but core factors argentina kept losing were tension , pressure and criticism
      3.Very soon a lot of potential youngsters will emerge and selection creamy option will be too much since every new generation will have dreams of winning
      4. Its time Messi will start to be more relaxed and less pressure going into the wc2022 despite being that old age we will see how he helps the team. The guy is more dangerous if he plays without pressure.
      5. Its the time that ever Nation will start testing himself with Argentina and our player will always have competitive attitude facing any teams while showing their best hence healthy progress in building process of a strong team

      As for your points of replacing those great players its not ideal option considering we have less 15 months – who knows Kun will soon regain his form with lifestyle in Barcelona ?
      Form is more determining factor when it comes to national team. Nothing is finished until its finished

      • There is always science and one team can’t have 35 year old 4-5 players in 23rd man squad, Age is important factor and apart from Messi Ronaldo Zlatan everyone failed when age catches.

    • When I heard them talking bad about Martínez I left. Just plain stupid. There are a few mundoers that would do a much better job. Much much better.

  14. I’m a big fan of Messi From India🇮🇳 Since I Was only 9 years old.2006 World cup was my 1st tournament as messi fan & Argentina🇦🇷 fan .I still Remember the goal & Assist against serbia. Since then I survived many heartbreak 1st 2006 WC then 2010 / 2011 Copa/ 2014 Wc is still my biggest heartbeat like many others/2015-16 Copa /2018 I don’t have much expectations/2019/& Finally 2021 I can’t explain How happy I am like all the Argentine.When the final whistle blown I couldn’t stop my tears Finally Messi won international trophy. We ware not playing beautiful football but we played effective football. Finally my 15 years dream comes true ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷🇮🇳

  15. I am damn sure France will not win the WC in watar due to champions curese, Our main opponents are Belgium, Germany, ITALY, England( Remember France lost final of 2016 in their country and won 2 yrs later. England are a worthy opponent. We also have to be beware of Brazil, They will take revenge, Atleast we will meet them in qualifiers later this year. So these countries pose a threat to us. I hope we get a easy group this time, Last time our group was toughest. Wins early in tournament gives us confidence. Lets hope for the best in WC next year.

    • In WC those strong sides will also eliminates each other, so its not like we’re going to face all the hot favs. These days too many underdogs capable of beating pre tournament favs, I wouldnt be surprise if we’re going to see alot of that in 2022.

        • @rattlehead don’t think italy is better than Portugal and Brazil. Even against england they only won in penalties. Not all winners r great last euro champion Portugal was knocked out in group stages in wc. I was thinking italy was strong bt after seeing last 2 games against spain and england i feel they are overhyped and this euro shows mayb European teams r getting weaker this wc may see a South American team lifting the trophy after 20 years and Argentina if improve in certain areas can be real favorites

    • Nobody can block Argentina this time. We have everything to win. Quality, mental strength, defense first coach, hard working players… everything.
      If we have bit of luck too…it’s Argentina’s…I already started to believe….Vamos Argentina..❤️🔥

  16. Why I am not able to change my DP picture here? Any idea? I tried to change it in settings but while the picture is uploading its showing HTTP error?

  17. Easily the best happy football weekend for me. After all Football didn’t go home, I guess football didn’t even want to go home. The World is saved from Noise pollution. England don’t deserve to be in the Finals first of all. Anyway Congrats to Italy a team like Argentina with pedigree, One of my favorite NT. After all the suffering’s they had with the 2018 WC missing catastrophe they rise above from those ashes, kudos to Mancini.

    So this ends the International football time, which was amazing while it lasted, no matter how many great club matches are played every year no matter how much money the clubs associations are poured in the Champions leagues etc. Nothing can match the International football emotions. Now back to the boring life again. Good that at least every month the Qualifiers are there. Let’s qualify first and look forward to the 2022 WC, Italy vs Argentina Finals anyone?

  18. “This video will makes u cry! Leo Messi 1st time winning Copa America & tribute late Legend Maradona!”

    Just watched this video on YouTube, thumps up

  19. FIFA should bring rules for diving…there should be a trophy and it should go to Neymar & Sterling..both were equally good in it..

      • Last Copa semi was rigged anyway. Legit penalties on Messi and Aguero, they didnt even bother to check VAR. Brazil had 4 great chances in second half, 2 of them required a good saves from Emi, plus the trademark superclassico brawl near the end. Out of hundreds of nations, Brazil would be the last team that would role red carpet at their home for Messi to lift thropy.

        Neymar got manhandled by Otamendi the whole time , there’s no excuse for them.

    • You feel that way because in every final prior to this one , every single thing was against us . 2014 final FIFA made sure Germans had all the advantage, in last two copa finals we didn’t have any help from the refree whatsoever, last copa semifinal was a robbery in plain sight but in yesterday’s final, we finally had a refree who was neutral. To be honest, 80% of matches Argentina has played in all competitions, opposition always get a fait bit of help from the officials!!

    • Neymar done everything to win. But couldn’t. Tite done everything but couldn’t. Brazilian players done everything to win but couldn’t.
      Actually you don’t like Argentina winning..?
      What a hard fought that was.
      Argentina last two matches against Brazil.
      Both Argentina won.

  20. Some will just not accept and Admit the fact that the best 2 players in history are from Argentina, f..k them for all I care

  21. Angel Dmaria is always on the Shadow of MESSI RONALDO NEYMER MBAPPE. He is actually unlucky player. He is equally quality and technically wise equal to these. HE IS Actually an ANGEL supporting these players from behind like a SHADOW..Not getting enough encouragement from world soccer lovers

  22. You know I always disliked Neymar obviously for being a Brazilian PLAYER not citizen and joining Barcelona to take Messi’s throne and left like a thief in the night to PSG when that didn’t work and off course all his childish antics, rolling around the pitch, diving…..etc

    BUT watching him last night after losing, hugging Messi and then later sitting on the steps chit chatting with Messi like any two friend enjoying each other’s company and his laughs and smiles were genuine and not fake ……….I liked that scene, he is still the enemy but I look at him differently now.
    ………….and i wont call him the chicken-head anymore

  23. I went around today to show off my Argentina shirt.
    one guy told me Messi did not do anything in the final, I said I don’t care, even if he was setting on the field playing with his d..k ,
    Argentina are champions again. and the GOAT got his long waited gold medal

    • Messi didn’t do anything?? he attracted 3-4 Brazilians instantly every time he touched the ball.
      He was involved in 9 of the 11 goals scored.
      He had 5 assists.
      He led his team from the front and ran the show not like her highness standing in front of the goal and waiting to be fed and sulks when she doesn’t have her way.
      Besides, wasn’t Messi injured for the last 2 games and still did his duties.

      WHO is better suited to win the Ballon d’oR than MESSI……who??

      Tell that guy dfox tells you to go F yourself

  24. I have high hopes for this GK, he preferred to go Aston villa when Arsenal did not make him first goal keeper. he was much better than Leno when he took over after his injury

  25. Yes believe it, its true, it really happened, ARGENTINA WON COPA AMERICA, Messi finally got his title and yes the team celebrated and confetti fell from the sky as I’ve been picturing it in my head for years and yes Messi couldn’t stop smiling ……….it really happened.

  26. reports out that England was planning to naturalize EMI to get him to play for them, after his display last season with Arsenal.
    F..k them

      • Yes, just when Acuna started to slow down and giving up the ball few times.. He reacted fast enough. When Tagli came in he made some important stops inside the box.

        • When he introduced Tagi and took out LoCelso I was stunned for such great move. because that just killed Brazil ability to build and put them off balance

    • I was critical of Scaloni’s subbing ability throughout the tournament but yesterday they were spot on. Genius sub of Tagliafico. Great sub of Rodriguez. He went with the flow of the game and timed them spotlessly

  27. South America in general now has better futbol than all of Europe. I think Peru would have done very well against this English or Italian side.
    I’m pretty confident that neither Italy or england can beat this Argentine or Brazilian side. All teams in south America are in top 30 rank of fifa, excluding Venezuela and Bolivia I believe. South America is the capital of the sport. They should give us one more slot for the world cup

  28. I’m so insanely happy. I still can’t believe we won. I hated on Di Maria so much due to past tournaments but I can’t hate on him now. He’s won his selection till he retires.

  29. Something I love about our team is the team spirit. They are all so close and connected. They are all Argentinian through and through. This is not the case for every team, for instance apparently multiple members of the French national team are tense and on bad terms and some of their parents fought each other (sounds weird as heck but true). One of the reasons people think the English golden generation failed was that they put club rivalries ahead and it never seemed like the team was completely unified. I am sure there are other examples out there. Our team shares the same passion the fans do and feel the same way all Argentinians feel, a feeling and pride for the sport that only Argentinians feel. This togetherness can win trophies and this is the reason why you can’t have Icardi in the squad for instance.

    • England is different case, they’re just overrated. Simply as that. Teams like Argentina, France, Italy & Germany waits long between titles but made it to the final during those thropy drought period while England never even made it past QF. Even this tournament, its their first ever Euro final in history. Golden generation or not, they never achieve anything before and after 66.

      • Lampard, Gerrard, Ronny, Bekham deserved international trophy, they’re were truly unlucky but yes current England team is overrated and achieved more than they deserve.

  30. We are in a very good shape as 15 month ahead of a WC.

    The team has passion and determination. The players show up in big game. Team has good leaders.

    I just hope Scaloni won’t get lost in this big win. Our midfield is lack of creativity and he needs to solve it.

    I am looking forward to next two WC qualifier games! Vamos!

  31. I’ve one opinion & don’t know if it is correct or not!

    Infantino was present at the stadium to watch the final. I think, for his presence Brazil, VAR, refferee & conmenol etc couldn’t robbed the game like before! May be we had to see some cheating & robbery by refferee & conmebol if Infantino was not there!

    Anyway, thanks to all. Next trophy will be in Qatar inn shaa Allah, but Mr. Scaloni has to exclude some wrong players from the team.
    Now lets go for olympic!

  32. Argentina vs Colombia penalty shoot out was more fun and better quality than Italy Vs England penalty shoot out.

  33. Emi Martinez was sure shot for Copa America he was not given chance because of covid situation of Armani.Everyone already knew what a beast Emi Martinez is in goalkeeping. After a long time great relief for Argentina in that position.

  34. Congratulation to Argentina and Italy I already knew they both are going to be champion.
    England could have won the Euro if they have played Jack Grealish as starter but Southgate thought other way.

  35. Man social media is going to making a killing trolling the Brits…………..poor them they just cant help themselves, painting a BIG bullseye on their backs with that its coming home nonsense

      • Brazil’s idiot president, “we going to win 5-Zero”
        Neymar, “I want Argentina and we’re going to Win”
        England and their media “ITS COMING HOME”

        No, no and NO….arrogance never pays……nm Christina been home playing FIFA on his PS5 for the past 2 weeks LMAO

    • I am Argentina and Germany fan, rest of the team I don’t care. Greenstone Lobo predicted England/Belgium win Euro that’s why I supported.

      • It’s like telling I love my wife and her boyfriend too.. When you love Argentina, you hate Brazil England and Germany.. There’s no iffs and buts.. Vamos Argentina

        • Indeed I hate Brazil and their fans but I don’t understand the point of hating Germany or England though I am not England fan but Germany was my favorite team until 2014 who destroyed Brazil 7-1

    • Frankly I can’t imagine someone is a fan of both Argentina and Germany if you’re really rooted in football history.

      Would you mind telling the reasons you like both of the teams?

  36. Southgate subbed in two players specifically to takes those penalties and they both failed lol

    Best decision ever. I’d bet England will exit the stadium through the south gate aswell.

    • Imagine !!!
      Just one time in my life time I would wish England to win against Germans in WC 2010 to avoid German team as well as to have chance of revenging wc 2002
      I wishes was never accepted – Lol!!!!!
      One of my best weekends . Italy my second team only if Argentine gets eliminated or if not participating in a torment.Though the anxious is not as genuine as when I watch Argentina. FYI I dint watch the Eng vs Italy match , because that Argentina match woke me up at 2:30 in my time zone and I could not sleep – the next night comes no need to watch , who cares who wins but as always any result against England will be positive to me

      I expect Italy vs Arg friendly match later this – I just have a feeling

  37. And wtf is wrong with Brazilian pitches? I mean you are a.tropical country..growing good grass and maintaining it should NOT be your problem.

    • This time yesterday, I was pacing back and forth, I’m go for a drive to pass the time, No let me stay in, I’m hungry but I don’t wanna eat, my friend calls but don’t wanna answer no time for chit chat, wanna watch a movie until the game starts but my mind kept wondering


    • Picked by man city. 18yr right winger.. So obvious messi comparisons. But he mostly wont play for man city & may get loaned to girona.

  38. Italy has been like Argentina in our previous 4 finals, underwhelming. Italy had lost 2 Euro finals since 2000 , now they put another lackluster final performance. Although its still not over, they’re not producing much in first half.

  39. Do you guys realize how difficult it was to win this Copa AT Brazil?

    First of all, as we all know we lost 7 concecutive finals before this. Second, we were not able to score any single goal in the final of any tournaments since Pablo Aimar in 2005 Confed cup. 0 goals in Copa 2015, 2016, and WC 2014.

    This victory is just sweet. Super sweet.
    Emi Martinez has yet to concede any goal for Argentina when he had Romero playing as a starter.

    If you watch the game, it would be extremely tough to score goals against us. We have permanently fixed the defense. All 31 other WC teams should fear us. We should be coming the tournament as strong as we were in 2014.

  40. What a game. Finally I am recovered enough. A tight game befitting a final played on one of the worst pitches I have ever seen for such high stakes football with the ball bobbling everywhere. Argentina came out in a 442 shape as I had suspected on seeing the line ups while Tite stuck to his tested 4231. The shape of the midfield and the strategy of the positioning of the midfield lines turning out to be the key difference for how scaloni beat tite. The first half saw both teams trying to bring their pressing game. Brazilian forwards trying to attack our build up game whenever the ball started at Emi’s feet and our forwards trying the same when the verdeamarela built from goal.

    The key difference in the first half came with our lines being being able to squeeze the brazilian midfield in build up and sending their attacks wide. With fred and casemiro unable to carry or drive the ball forward, the lines were able to squeeze out paqueta in the middle. With neymar starting the game quite wider and forward enabling us to rotate the marking on him between de paul and montiel. The center backs were also able to successfully follow richarlison when he dropped inwards breaking play. The squeezing of the lines resulted in whenever the first brazilian line of forward press being passed their midfield dropped below the center circle. This opened up space for the both lo celso and de paul in the middle and soon when de paul was left with too much time he was able to connect with di maria out wide for the game decider.

    Immediately after the goal argentina opted to drop their deep build up game as has been typical throughout the tournament but scaloni did continue with pressing the first phase of their build up keeping up the dominance in the key central areas – lo celso, de paul and paredes converging easily on any out lanes that the brazilian double pivot had through the middle to the forwards and sending all play wide.

    The second half was going to be critical as Tite had shown himself to be quite good at making half time adjustments and brazil being a second half team the whole tournament. The brazilian responded strongly recognizing the lost battle in the midfield with the ineffective fred breaking their pivot and adding firminho in the 9 position. This had several side effects – first when firminho dropped deeper he was able to drag otamendi and romero out much more successfully, removal of fred resulted in neymar being able to drop into midfield and connect with paqueta better between our tight lines, and richarlison was moved out to their right (our left) where there had been plenty of room in the first half. With neymar deeper he was able to make dangerous driving runs from the middle and connect better with the attack. Richarlison started operating in a lot of space out wide and lo celso fading out in the first 15-20 minutes and not being to recover into defensive shape fast enough. This resulted in a dangerous period of dominance that resulted in us eating a offside goal and a strong save by Emi by the 60th minute.

    However it was here that Scaloni made the sub of the game in my view – withdrawing lo celso and adding tagliafico in left back and moving up acuna to lo celso’s position. Acuna was now used without any of lo celso’s offensive burden and he and tagliafico were able to tighten up the gap in the lines on the left. Neymar was neutralized by giving him space beyond the circle but by being defensively attacked around the 35 yard mark away from any direct set piece danger. The rest of brazilian opportunities now in the rest of the game came because of them throwing in desperation forwards (gabigol for a mid etc) and not tactically and our defense (emi, pezzella, and Otamendi) were able to see them out. The offense which obviously lost some balance shape wise due to the mentioned change between acuna and lo celso, but with casemiro isolated there was now a few opportunities to counter the wings (mostly on the right) and couple chances to seal the game was missed by our forwards – crucially by messi and one that almost fell to de paul.

    What a win! Congratulations Scaloni on your preparation!

  41. Argentina need to inject Dybala and Icardi in the team, Emi Martinez and Romero already booked their spot now Otamdendi needs to be replaced, Di Maria and Aguero won’t help either in 2022 Qatar WC and can’t expect messi playing copa level in 2022.

  42. Barcelona fans rate Emi Martinez copa america heroics bigger than Tar Stegen whole UCL campaign.

  43. NOW we can enjoy this EURO final and not compare it to COPA and say I wish the coach did this or that, or this player or that………………its OVER WE ARE THE CHAMPS.


  44. According to reports, Emi was going to be no 1 for Copa, regardless of Armani’s covid situation. Scaloni always wanted Emi, it is the press who wanted Armani.

  45. Do you find coincidence that both Goycoecha and E. Martinez are not no1 keepers before the tournament but ended up so as the no1s were having some health problems!

  46. I am happy and it feels weird since there is no heartbreak or disappointments and I WANT MORE. When Messi was given the medal, for a sec it looked like he was going to take it off, No no No man, YOU won ITS GOLD, keep it ON hehehe.

    FINALLY, a PROPER goalkeeper and a center back in the nick of time and they made a seismic difference, Imagine if Armani was the #1………….we also need a proper #2

  47. Now I start believing to win top class title a team requires an excellent GK & good defense

    Not only will this man staying as GK no.1 for 3 upcoming wc but also will give birth to several potential upcoming kids who will want to be like him – a credit to our future team 👍

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