Lionel Messi showing the Copa America winning medal to his family: “Ciro! Look!”


Finally, Lionel Messi was able to win a title with his national team. No less than winning the final against Brazil, at the Maracanã Stadium. A dream come true for the best player in the world and his teammates.

Messi, who finished the Copa America as the top scorer with four goals and top assists with five, was unable to celebrate with his family in person because of protocols. However, that doesn’t mean he was not able to celebrate with them at all. Here, we can see Messi talking by video call with his children, after the game:


“Ciro! Look!”

Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife, posted via her Instagram account their children’s reaction:

From left to right: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro

Antonella also uploaded the following picture, where we can see her and Lio during a video call after winning the trophy:

“Your joy is mine! Let’s go my love!!!!!”




  1. There are some drug addicts here who say it is impossible for Argentina to win a world cup in 2026 without Messi…… I wonder are they really Argentina football fans……or just absolute dumbs who have no idea about the game…….and don’t understand that it is too early to make a comment…. about 2026 WC…

  2. This tournament is a validation of the fact that while top 5 European teams certainly have class, Argentina has shown both Grit and Class. Yesterday that was the difference between us and Brazil… rainbow flicks are fun for the spectators but determination gets you victory and we beat Brazil with determination. The way we played yesterday, top European teams look like ballerinas compared to it.

    We just need to find two offensive and two defensive formations and build consistency. Time to develop that between now and 2022 WC. Couple of games against European teams will be good. They will be happy to play us now too and we can try out our combinations

  3. I have 2 questions:
    1> Can Luka Romero be ready for 2022 world cup? He joined Lazio, right?

    2> Who has the best heading statistics among all Argentina players?

  4. About Qatar and so called tough team will be nothing that we can’t beat. You all so called fake fans underestimate that virtu of this Copa America. It was the hardest tournament in history of Copa. Giving the covid crisis,condition of field was nightmare. Players didn’t see their kin one for 50 days. Qatar playing condition and field and facilities will be much much better. Also most important thing is our coaching staff. Scaloni, Ayala, Samuel, Aimar and other did amazing job in tactically. They made plan according to opponent and playing condition. So my wish that we keep those people till Qatar and no major injuries to players and adding more solid back up and first team players. We will definitely play till semi unless we are very unlucky

  5. We have to be very very careful, Winning the World Cup is a process of 4 years, Today our win showed that we are on right track, but we need replacement at every position which are also world class. We Should be ultra focused. We should continue our unbeaten run till WC. We are currently at 21 games unbeaten and world record is 35.
    In A Wc especially in knockout stages every team is a damn favourite. Small details decide matches, I believe we can reach Semi finals, Then luck comes into play, I request everyone who believes in God to pray to him every day that leo lifts the WC in Doha. We have to try to top the qualification table, But for that we have to beat Uruguay and Brazil and Colombia in the upcoming qualifiers. We are becoming a powerhouse. We should incorporate dybala as well. Just imagine Dybala, Di Maria,Ocampos, Messi.
    I have one doubt, should we take ageuro forward because he is not a regular starter and not much of a threat. I guess that might change after he plays with Leo. Even Leo is also focused on Qatar because he is renewing until 2023. Which means that he will play 2022wc and then retire from national team. Or can he play till 40s like zlatan. But at most I dont see him beyond 2024 copa America. He should leave at a high and forever be remembered as Hero.
    What are your views about our chances in Qatar.

    • team chemistry is more important than big names, this copa proved that. I will add alario or icardi for header if we can’t score from open play. we can’t play messi and dybala at the same time as messi doesn’t run , we cant afford another player who won’t run. nico and lautaro playing ahead of aguero because of that. this team has a balance , this team suits messi as everyone work hard , run a lot which covers messi’s lack of running.
      IMO messi can play beyond 2022 but as 30 minutes player.

      • Limon, its a myth that messi and dybala cant play together.They can cause havoc to any opponents.
        It is very likely Dybala will hit his prime, so I guess Scaloni will be looking to incorporate Dybala into the starting 11 with Messi.
        Secondly, Messi doesnt show his abs..that doesnt signifies he cant play for 90 minutes. Messi might be short, but he is a physical beast.

    • Well said. You said a lot of good things except may be, in my opinion, that we should top the qualifications. No need, we just need to get in. Now, it’ll be fun if it happened but it shouldn’t be a goal. Also there’s lot of good things in a useful defeat. If we stay unbeaten that’s fine but honestly, knowing human nature I won’t mind a useful defeat. I’d rather lose a non consequential game than get bounced in a knockout. Remember Golden State? If you know about basketball. They got the winning record but ended up losing the championship. Or New England in 2017, unbeaten records take so much out of players, emotionally, that it’s just better not to focus too much on ‘em. Argentina cannot lose laser like focus on what is important, to win the World Cup title, a real possibility now. The team KNOWS how to win now, it’s a championship, PROVEN, championship caliber team. Champions in any sport just approach things from a very different perspective, from a winning perspective, tend to be focused even off the court. Argentina will have a bigger target on its back now, the sleeping giant has awaken, the reputation has been restored. Happy Copa win to every single Argentina fan, we’ve suffered a lot lot and lot. I see similarities with Spain in 2008 here. They rolled over everybody for four years, good for two additional cups, including the biggest.

      • Very good points about the winning streak thing. If we kill ourselves to make the team stay the same and win every game and top the qualification then by the world cup we may be burned out, not have a plan B, and not know how to handle losses, and it can all end in an instant. We have time to try new players, try new things, continue developing tactics, and improve before the world cup so that the team is ready to win the world cup and is not a team that was only there to top world cup qualification. Take it step by step and time things right and I think we have a great future ahead.

  6. So many feelings. I cannot get all in one post. Waited 28 years. Let me cover few thoughts

    1. Damian Martinez: What a rise in last 18 months. Greatest GK of Argentina ever. I have not seen anyone command the box like this. He is 28, hope he can carry this form and serve the country for 4-5 years.

    2. C. Romero: Another great rise. Be a great defender. Don’t compare with Ayala or Samuel. He can be better. I have seen 100s of games of Ayala and Samuel, so let’s not do compare.

    3. De Paul: What a beast, what a rise. What a player Atletico Madrid is getting.

    4. Montiel: Hated this guy. Still don’t think he is special. But what a game he played. He had the heart and the balls yesterday

    5. Otamendi: Not a fan again. But what a tournament and final he had.

    6. Di Maria: Can we stop trashing this guy here please? Enough said.

    7. Messi: Why did he miss the goal? Did GOD save one for the final next year?

    We are team after a long time. There is an identity forming. I just get a feeling we might have opened the flood gate!

    Scaloni: Great job in finally playing Di Maria on the right. Great sacrifice from Messi to free up that space. I don’t know who is managing the dressing room, but SHIT IS HAPPENING!!

  7. Hola Amigos, I usually don’t comment here, but today I cannt resist my self from commenting on this historical day. Cox, gonzalez, Csabalala, Amit and all the other Albiceleste fan on this forum, Congratulations Amigos. We won, we won. couldn’t have find better place in the world than beating Brazil at maracana. Finally leo and all the other remaining golden generation got what they deserve. De Maria, Man he is next to messi in the team and Argentina history. The only missing part is that “El dios” is not with us. I guess that beer Advertisement finally proved true in which some heavenly strength helped argentina to win against Brazil. Celebrate guys! Last but not least after seeing the celebration song, I am addicted to the song “Brazil, decime que se siente”. I don’t know Spanish but since I translate that song, I am addicted to it. Lets aim at world cup to tribute our beloved Maradona give a perfect farewell to the golden generation players.
    Again to some Brazil fan here
    ” Brazil Decime que se siente, Tener en casa a tu papá, Te juro que aunque pasen los años,
    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar
    Que el Diego los gambeteó
    Que el Cani los vacunó
    Que están llorando
    De Italia hasta hoy
    A Messi lo vas a ver
    La Copa nos va a traer
    Maradona es más grande que Pelé”
    Roy Thanks for creating this forum. It’s been an immense joy to share the feeling of copa champions. Vamos Argentina.

  8. One thing I’d like to share: I think I’m starting to dislike Neymar more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

    After the game:
    1. Neymar stays crying in front of the camera,

    2. then runs towards the bench where there are more cameras to pray and cry in front of the camera

    3. After no Brazilians around, goes to smile and congratulate Argentina players.

    4. Goes to hug Messi for a photo op

    5. In the locker room he is still laughing with Messi and getting a photo op well after the trophy celebration is over -why are you still here? Why not go with your own teammates? Why not let Argentina celebrate?- as if making people think the game was rigged. Neymar is a sneaky one, I remember when he left Barcelona, many insiders said he did it to leave Messi’s shadow (even though he found Mbappe’s lol), he always was upset he wasn’t praised for PSG comeback)

    Neymar thinks this is all about him. Can’t even let Argentina celebrate. “Look at me” Look at me” “Look at me”

    At least Ronaldo has the decency to be pissed and leave the stadium, work out alone, and cry. This Neymar is the worst primadonna of all. He is stat padding and will surpass Pele record and possibly Messi’s goal record only because he was a starter for Brazil since he was 18 and the team was given to him while playing the likes of Scottland in friendlies. In his early 3 years, his toughest opponent was Mexico (with the exception of the Spain confederation cup – which Brazil won because of the hookers scandal in Spain’s team hotel and constant harassment of the Spanish team). Brazil was better in the last Copa without Neymar because they didn’t have to cater to his stat padding.

    • Messi won’t hang up his boots soon, I don’t think Neymar able to break messi record unless Neymar able to maintain fit like messi/ronaldo. And for PSG perspective, He is in the Mbappe shadow after running from messi shadow.

    • You sound very futile to be honest!!!
      Its Cristiano and his family, who is always pissed for Messi. The hatred is very transparent in thier body language.
      Neymar wants to be the world’s best, there’s no doubt about that and he certainly has the potential. But if we are being honest, he is a better player than Cristiano who only relies on penalties and tapins.
      But, Ney really adores Messi and even being himself a Brazillian, he claims Messi as the Greatest and I guess Messi is mature enough to realize Ney doesnt have devils eyes on him, else he wouln’t embrace him.

      • What’s futile about ones opinion?? You make no sense and your response was futile. The point I made is that it was Argentina’s night, not Neymar’s. Neymar doesn’t need to remain in the spotlight at this historic moment. If he is happy for Messi, he can call him, congratulate him on the pitch, and go your way. There are a ton of photo ops on twitter that I couldn’t share links to here.

        He comes off very pretentious and I’ve shared a couple of scenarios (leaving Barca for PSG). Just because he says, “Messi is the best” means nothing. Anyone can say things to be liked while in their heart feel differently.

    • To be honest I thought the whole Neymar fiasco was hilarious, the rise and fall of emotions and etc etc. He should be an actor. He did it for the spotlight and for whatever reason I was not mad and thought it was funny. The real problem I have was the camera constantly focusing on him instead of Argentina. I guess that was on purpose because the whole preview before this game was “Messi vs Neymar” which to me is ridiculous.

  9. Simione and Atletico got extremely lucky, had they waited until after Copa to buy DePaul they would be easily paying 10-15 million more!!

  10. Scaloni should not consider this is a goal achieved, but a journey that has started. The much bigger platform beckons us in 2022, where teams would be tougher and before that we have to again meet the same teams in the qualifiers. We should not let complacency set in the team Sky is the limit because we are albiceleste !!

    • Yes, true satisfaction will only come after winning the world cup.

      I wish Diego and Sabella were alive to see the next world cup victory.
      (Hopefully, they are watching from above.)
      I have a feeling that we will win either 2022 or 2026 world cup.

      • 2022 WC will be the last for messi, winning without messi in 2026 impossible and players stature like messi won’t be replaced so fast therefore 2022 will be the best and probably last chance for Argentina to win world cup 2022 for a longer period of time.

  11. Argentina always had good squad atleast to win Copa if not world cup then why Argentina has to wait 28 long years to win a trophy under unqualified coach like scaloni where failed with great coaches like Bielsa, Pekarman, Sabela, Sampaoli etc. Reason is simple, scaloni worked on basics, he can’t relay on single system like Bielsa or Pekarman, because of their arrogance Argentina failed to win between 1994-2007. After that any average coach could have won trophy with Argentina golden generation and messi at his peak still Argentina failed because all coaches tried to get best out of messi and it costed Argentina big moment, a single player can win matches but the team which can win the tournament. Scaloni reduce messi dependence from the squad since he took over the job for rebuilding, Messi played 5 finals with Argentina and won only final which he played poorly which proved that scaloni deserves copa success credit more than anyone else.

  12. I still can’t believe those idiots has audacity and heart to come here and talk rubbish of our coach and Players. Get a freaking life!!! It isn’t even a day pass since we humiliate their yellow team so called Mighty Varsil at their home infront of their people and now they still talking rubbish. If that we hadn’t robbed in last copa we would have been champion 2019 aswell

  13. Scaloni is good in game management …..and certainly the right coach for Argentina…….I believe he is qualified enough to manage the Argentina side for the long run…..his team selection is very sensible as well….

  14. Scaloni seems young Mourinho, I believe He will have good coaching career though winning trophy with Argentina itself big achievement, I supported scaloni always apart from his personal relationship with some undeserving NT players.

          • He made them work and we are champion. Let him do his job. You ain’t better then him . You do your job by cheering and support. Alario is quality player,Pareya is a versatile,Hard working player and Armani was vital after post world Cup exit but he ain’t staying much longer

          • But Scaloni made squad more competitive. With harmony and nice atmosphere in dressing room. Everyone knows they have to work hard to get a place.

  15. Argentina ending trophy draught with Copa certainly good thing but it will considered micky mouse tournament, Messi need to win World Cup for that.

    • Mickey Mouse? You out of your frikin mind? Blood was spilled literally man… this is one of the most BRUTAL competitions outside the Rugby union. Hsve you seen the Columbians taking out our players…ask your Harry Cane or Penaldo to survive a round of competitive South American soccer. Those players don’t even sweat I. Europe..I have zero respect for what they go through compared to what playing against South Americans IN SOUTH AMERICA is like. I cannot imagine any other team surviving the physical onslaught of what our players go through in South America.

      I don’t need keyboard pundits and hot-headed idiots to accept Messi is GOAT… because you deny earth is round doesn’t mean it is flat.

      Mickey Mouse my ass.

      • According to critics they will consider Ronaldo winning Euro more superior to messi winning copa, I told it much before because I was 100% sure Argentina win copa 2021 because apart from Brazil there wasn’t any team to beat.

        • Who are these critics, by the way?
          Sure Euro may have more good teams, but Copa is older and more prestigious. Both are continental cups.
          Only those who know no football and biased Europeans can consider it inferior to Euro.

          Only Brazil and Argentina?

          Remember Uruguay knocking out “European Champs” Portugal easily?

          Hell , make tonights Euro champions play Colombia or Chile. Chances that Colombia or Chile would win is > 50%.

        • You are Mickey mouse idiot. not Copa america.
          Return back to support Germany as you did before 2018 and leave us to our peace.
          You are shit and the critics that is made in your brain.
          i consider you as idiot as the majority of people inside here.

    • You can say this around 2000s where we fielded B team for Copa. But now all teams are A teams. Keep in mind that South America hold 9 WC champions

  16. But there is a small problem, We qould be playing qualifiers till march. then in 2022 we won’t have time to dace any European team. We are playing SA teams from 2019 to 2022 till WC.
    I think we should play european friendlies before WC.

  17. I have been on this forum since 2018, I have seen many people Criticizing scaloni, Calling him Clown, Many people before the Copa were saying that we cannot win this copa, But they were wrong, When i saw scaloni’s face before messi recieved the trophy, My respect gre for him, His face said it all, 3 years ago when we lost 3-0 to croatia, Argentina football was at its lowest.
    Now we are South American champions and on our way to world cup glory.
    I hope messi wins it too.

    • Don t give attention. there are just 2-3 people here that spread hate for Scaloni because his name is not glamorous. They want shinning names. forget about them.the majority of people here understand football and the work of Scaloni and his staff.

  18. I am so happy we won this final and I got to celebrate in front of my Brazilian wife!
    I never found my Argentina shirt, but the victory is satisfying.

    The players played like soldiers (bleeding & fighting back) just like their camouflage uniforms.

    Now it’s time to fix the cracks in this team, include Dybala on the right (since DiMaria proved another can play right side of Messi), Lamela, Mammanna, Buendia, Icardi, give Messi necessary breaks, and we’ll be World Cup Champion level.

  19. I just want to say a few things about Montiel.

    I was happy with Scaloni’s starting XI, the only tiny doubt I had was with Montiel.

    But at least he showed that he has a lion heart – the way he played with a bloody ankle. Admirable performance in the final.
    He should certainly be in the team squad, even if not always in the starting XI.

    • Congratulation to ALL Argentina, thank you for the video.
      apart from being extremely happy for Argentina for beating Brazil in a final in Brazil. It is hard not to feel happy for Messi. Dimaria, Aguero and Otamendi who stuck with the team through pain until they delivered the title.

      All Argentina players played with heart yesterday. Congratulation amigo

  20. Messi has won a bunch of La Liga titles, CL trophies, 6 Ballon D’or, and Copa del rey, Intercontinental cup and so on.

    Ask Messi which one is sweeter? This Copa America one or all of those? 🙂

  21. Here is an article written by michael cox on the athletic. Enjoy 😊

    Saturday night’s Copa America final was effectively a game of two halves. Argentina were the more effective side at 0-0, taking the lead after 22 minutes through Angel Di Maria, before Brazil inevitably pushed forward more after the break, and had long spells of pressure. The two key tactical battles took place in the same corner of the pitch — in front of the small number of Brazilian fans allowed into the Maracana for the first time in the tournament.

    Tite’s Brazil used a fluid 4-2-3-1 formation here, with Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina system more compact, rigid and more of a 4-4-1-1. The crucial aspect of the game in the opening stages was the positioning of Brazil’s full-backs. In keeping with the way they’ve played throughout this tournament, right-back Danilo held his position while Renan Lodi pushed high up the pitch, providing left-sided width to allow Neymar to drift inside.

    At times, the imbalance was particularly extreme, and while central midfielder Fred dropped back to cover for Lodi, his booking in the first minute compromised his ability to stop counters.

    In the second minute, meanwhile, there was a good example of Brazil’s lopsided shape. In the first picture, it’s clear that Di Maria is only going to track back a certain distance with Lodi, while central midfielder Rodrigo De Paul is alerting team-mates to Brazil’s left-back being free. When the move breaks down, Di Maria sprints into the channel between Thiago Silva and Lodi, calls for the ball, but the pass doesn’t come. Fred, incidentally, has been drawn inside to Lionel Messi.

    Five minutes later there’s a very similar situation. Di Maria is content to leave Lodi free on the overlap, knowing that a turnover might put him through on goal. That’s very nearly what happens — this time Lautaro Martinez spots Di Maria’s run, but his pass is angled towards Thiago Silva, who intercepts.

    Argentina started to instinctively look for Di Maria, though, even when Lodi wasn’t pushing forward. The goal came from a spell of possession play rather than at a transition, and featured De Paul receiving the ball under little pressure, looking up, and lofting the ball over Lodi for Di Maria’s run on the outside. He controlled the ball perfectly, allowing him to lob over the advancing Ederson with his second touch.

    That theme continued. Fifteen minutes later, Leandro Paredes tries exactly the same ball for Di Maria, who receives the ball on the outside of Lodi again, nearly gets in behind, but twists his ankle while controlling the ball, and goes down injured.

    Tite changed things for the second half, sacrificing the ineffectual Fred, and introducing Roberto Firmino as an extra forward.

    Brazil moved to a 4-1-4-1 system that often looked more like a 4-1-5, with Casemiro forced to cover a huge amount of space in midfield. They started threatening down the right flank, with Richarlison particularly lively from out wide. This goal, rightly disallowed for offside, showed how aggressively Brazil’s effective front five were playing.

    An even more telling incident came two minutes later, when Brazil had the ball on the left, which dragged Argentina’s back four across the pitch to close down, leaving Richarlison entirely unmarked at the far post. He couldn’t find a finish, but Brazil were clearly making inroads down that flank.

    Scaloni, therefore, reacted. He substituted Giovani Lo Celso, drifting infield from the left, and brought on Nicolas Tagliafico, a sturdy left-back. This meant Marcos Acuna, who started at left-back, pushed forward to the left of the midfield quartet.

    In reality, though, he was more like a wing-back who ensured Argentina defended with a back five when needed. As Neymar is on the ball here, Argentina are in a back four. But as Brazil spread play to the right, Acuna has dropped back in an attempt to block the cross, allowing Tagliafico to become an extra centre-back.

    That was crucial as Argentina held on to their slender advantage. Here, with Neymar again prompting an attack from the inside-left position, Tagliafico knows he’s being tasked with stopping both Lucas Paqueta and, again on the outside, Richarlison. He gestures for Acuna to drop back onto Richarlison, which he does — allowing Tagliafico to track the run of Paqueta and make an important block.

    Scaloni’s adjustment worked well, and he used his bench effectively to load up on defensively astute players to see out the victory. Ultimately, Brazil rarely looked like scoring.

    The only surprise was that Argentina didn’t take full advantage of Brazil leaving themselves exposed in midfield, with Casemiro stranded and vulnerable to Messi’s drifts towards the flanks. Argentina’s captain actually endured a disappointing game here, making poor decisions in the final third, although he nevertheless collected the awards for player of the tournament, top goalscorer and then, at long last, lifted the Copa America trophy.

    The hero of the final, though, was Di Maria, a deserved moment for a tremendously talented footballer who has spent much of his career sacrificing his own game to provide the defensive discipline to cover for Messi at international level, and Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar at club level for Real Madrid and then Paris Saint-Germain. His first Argentina goal for three years couldn’t have come at a better time.

    • I knew Scolani was using Di Maria to attack Brazil because before and after that goal, the team still often tries to put long passes straight to Di Maria on the far right. Brazil defence tend to shift more to the center including their winger back due to Messi gravitational impact. They always afraid Messi might get the ball near their final third.

      The goal itself was reminiscent of Messi goal against Nigeria in 2018 which came from Banega’s long pass, similar to RDP did in this game.

  22. The curse has finally broken!! I have been waiting for this moment since 1998!! The two qualifiers before the Copa was a pure blessing to us. Not only it exposed our weakness , it also help build the team chemistry. Our team had played 8 competitive games within 2 months and we peaked in the final. The reason Brazil looked so poor was not because they were playing bad but our midfield and defense outperformed them and left them with very tight spaces . Scaloni outplayed Tite who seemed clueless. I was quite nervous when both Dimaria and Lautaro were subbed leaving only Messi as a lone attacking player but we held on till the last minute.

    Dimaria finally displayed his outstanding club form for national team. ADM’s club performance has always been awesome but he has finally brought that form into the national team. He is easily the top 5 clinical forwards in the world now, yes a forward!! Otamendi was our best defender the whole tournament and yesterday he turned his beast mode . Montiel as everyone has said had the best game of his life. We finally have mentally solid players in our team. Only if Higuain had the mental strength of Emi,Romero or Papu our trophy cabinet would have 2 more Copa and a world cup!! Also thanks to the referee who was unbiased , Brazil received no help from him what so ever!!

    This team can only get better from here . I have been criticizing Scaloni’s team selection a lot in this tournament but he is the kind of coach who doesn’t shy away from admitting his mistakes and correcting them. We just need to phase out some of the oldies and bring in couple more new players in few positions and then we are all set. I am quite sure he and his management team has noticed that the European team are on the downfall and the next world cup is the perfect opportunity to win our third one!!

    • Yes sula
      Thought I support since 1990 I became more hardcore in 98 when we got internet

      I was certain we would win 04 and 07 and more but the wait was too long

      Hopefully no more long gap

  23. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this win as hell but am also thinking what would one do,”finally really retire while on a high?”. But knowing how hungry and motivated he is, I’ve got a feeling he’ll keep going on till WC2022. Let’s go!!!!

      • cox4, MY FRIEND we won man we won, WE ARE CHAMPIONS finally, its a beautiful feeling watching Messi happy, dancing with the COPA AMERICA trophy, Papu dancing in his shorts, jumping, singing, Messi’s kids singing………….BEAUTIFUL AND WE ALL DESERVE TO SEE THAT

        • Yes my friend we won. Finally the day we all waiting came. it is finally the day to celebrate. i can t still believe it. sometimes i afraid that it is a dream and i will wake in morning suddenly and realize that i was just dreaming.

          • My friend i understand you totally, but please my friend just trust me and your innerself like u have allways done not lettini a go or giving up instead besides your passion u allways had and Still have the patience and now it is time for u my friend and for your whole country and for all of those around the world who have that same passion like u and all of Argentina to just purely enjoy and celebrate as long as everyone will be able to, personally i will enjoy my everyday life with my kids and family and with them i will celebrate this beautiful moment and special feeling that have finally after 28 year’s returned to all of Argentina to all of who been around with our beloved Albiceleste and for all who been supporting our beloved Albiceleste ! Btw. Your dream and all of Argentina’s dream have finally come TRUE once again after 28 year’s and for me now it feels like not really 28 year’s instead i’m feeling like Ok so what it took us 28 year’s well Yes it is quite long time but it doesn’t matter to me like it did before anymore
            So, maybe in my lifetime i will hopefully have a long and as healthy life as possible and personally i dont care if i have to wait another 28 year’s , but i dont think that will be the case instead i’m wishing also and i know that your dream’s and the dream of all Argentina will eventually just get better and better and the specially for the ones like u that have that patience inside of u besides of all your love and good willing heart as true and fully alive Person with so much of passion and also so emotionally but Still so strong in your heart will be as happy as u are now forsure once again u will see your beautiful country to be able to celebrate once more at least, maybe and hopefully as many times and so offently as possible ! I’m so happy For u my friend and for all of our country ! God bless u all ! With all of my love and passion from my heart i will gongratulete u and all your country once more, because once again in my life time your country and our beloved Albiceleste has given me again such a joy that i simply can’t Express more than that this time even my father had to celebrate in the heaven’s and stars Still your country and our beloved Albiceleste gave me so much of joy and bliss to my heart and what made even more happy that same love and joy that i received from your country and our beloved Albiceleste went straight to my kids and all of my family’s haerts and filled it wit so much joy and happiness that we are going celebrate forever and today first time with ball as both them have their training sessions and today they will not wear their teams Jersey instead they will honour your country and our beloved Albiceleste with Jersey of Albiceleste as samegoes for me and i dont know if IM going to change my shirt ever again and at least not to TaKe it of as long asi i will be able to live and even beyond that i will carry all this moments of that joy and happiness starting from 1978 that your country and our beloved Albiceleste have given me during my life and i’m sure once when i will eventually reborn as i belive will happen one day or another that i will never forget what a love and joy and how much of it your country did allready gave me and i want give thanx to your country and our beloved Albiceleste for that love and joy and happiness that ihave been able to celebrate since 1978 and most hopefully will be able to celebrate once again in the future ! Best regards my friend to all your family and to al, of your country and stay all as healthy as all of u can and just celebrate ! Ricky

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