Argentina rumored to play Italy in Diego Maradona Cup


With rumors flying high, reports are now coming out that Argentina will play Italy in the Diego Maradona Cup.

It’s a match that has been played in the past, the Copa America winners against the European Cup winners. While the FIFA Confederations Cup has, in recent years, been the go to tournament in regards to seeing the different confederation champions clashing against each other, that doesn’t appear to be the case for this year.

With no Confederations Cup because of COVID, rumors have been flying around for several weeks and months that we could be seeing a match between the Copa America winners and the Euro winners. And with Argentina winning the Copa America and Italy winning the Euro’s, the legendary name of Diego Maradona has served as a link between both nations.

Per unofficial reports, FIFA have agreed to have the Diego Maradona Cup played between both countries. It’s being rumored that the match would be taking place in Naples, the city where Maradona made himself a legend in, at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium. Per the unofficial reports, the match could be played in December but seeing as how there are no official FIFA dates for that month, it could be difficult.

The 2021 Copa America winners have World Cup qualifying matches in September, October and November with other rumors being that if the match would not be taking place in December, it could be played after the European club season ends, a few months before the 2022 World Cup.

Argentina have previously taken part in a match like this one but back in 1993. Alfio Basile’s team, who had won the Copa America, played 1992 European winners Denmark for the Artemio Franchi Trophy. A match which Argentina won in a penalty shootout and also the match which saw Diego Maradona win his last ever trophy with the national team.


  1. On a personal level, Messi has long surpassed Maradona. it was Maradona who admitted messi was better than him. Messi is the best player of all time

    • I didn’t understand why people compare Maradona with Messi????
      Maradona is a legend who spread his nations name not only in Argentina but also each and every corner of the world through his skills, dedication, emotion, etc etc…
      i’m not an Argentine but i love Argentina football team from my childhood. in 1994, i saw first touch of Maradona when Canezia did a goal against Naizeria in WC. Till then i love him and i’m a fan of Argentina football team.
      Messi is a STAR who is always spark in Argentine fan’s mind, who’s skill honesty dedication good human being force to love him always.
      Both are histrory of football, One show how beautiful to play football and other shows what is doing by a football.
      Always love the team Argentina…
      hope inshaAllah we will win WC very soon.
      From all bangladeshi die fan good wishes for the Team Argentina..

  2. Copa Win should not lead to complacency. A long way to go in the qualifications. We are precariously positioned in that. 2nd position sounds great. But the difference in terms of points with the 3rd/4th placed is not that great. Brazil is way ahead. We should be very cautious when we play the next games in September. We should play confident and good football and not a complacent lazy one.

  3. Finally Montiel proved his class. Played almost ok against brz. Ok Arg wins Copa tounmnt. it feels yet not completed some gaps in certain areas. Locelso playing good in CM position it feels something missing in C midfld.RB position is also a question mark. CB position not fullfilled. I think one experienced plus new talented Cb is not bad. if tht Otamendi plus Romero good. If otamndi injured pezella is an exp backup. Similarly a backup for Romero needed.Scaloni must thinkiand allowing more playing time for Nico Dominguez&Angel cirrea also.

  4. Arg s juniour players are not getting for Olympics. Why these clubs holding these players when olimpics comes. These tournaments are big experience for them

  5. People like anuparno always vocal for average lisandero martinez(sorry for spelling).. So boring to see this type of hype for average player. Plesse anu take some rest

    • Out of nowhere people are saying he is average, with no trigger either. Why do you think that? We need to get a good partner for Romero and Otamendi can not be it forever. Who else?

      • Otamendi is good partner for Romero, WC is just 1.5 year away. I do not want Lisandro Martinez as CB his height is problem. Age does not matter in both Euro and Copa older CB are choose in team of Euro or Copa.Lisandro has never played in big matches. Otamendi and Pezella are much better. Not much will change in defence till next WC

        • Height is not the defining factor in winning headers. Technique is more important. Why do some players that are taller win less headers than him? He has good technique

    • Im confident lisandro is world class. Don’t forget in 2022 wc otamendi will be 34 yr 9 month old close to 35 years. We need a otamendi replacement and wc qualifier against chile we saw how solid Romero and lisandro can be. they are perfect as cb pair

    • So first he was “too small” and now he’s average? Why? I’d love for you to share some examples from the games he played for the NT or the games he played for Ajax against the likes of Liverpool and Atalanta to tell us why he’s so average and undeserving of praise.

        • Seriously if someone feels Licha is not good enough they have been living under a rock. Licha is clearly our future. As good as Otamendi has been this copa in key moments he is not going to be there. Quicker we get LIcha in the better. The less said about Pezella the better.

    • Sry bro if u think licha is a avarage player then i think you have lack of knowledge abt football..
      he is very decent and he has the ability to take role CDM along with CB.

      • Lisandro is good player but I think Otamendi,Pezella are still better than him for Argentina. What Otamendi did in final vs Brazil I do not think Lisandro could have done that. Defenders needs to defend first ,Lisandro has dribbling, passing,crossimg but I want old-school kind of defender for defence. Lisandro can be utilised in LB position or in RB position.

        • I dare you to see lisandros 5 matches say he is average after that you will say he should play for Barca. Not just any marches matches he played in UCL and UEL he is amazing I hope scaloni gives him a chance against Venezuela and Bolivia In the next qualifiers

  6. SorinXcrespO

    MY FRIEND. first of all i am very very happy to see that we are in the same age.
    So we understand each other very very well. i am sad first of all that you had to leave the country. you left and i stay back. this is our only difference. i hope God have give you good life even if it is far from home. God bless you and your family.
    Now i go back to our subject.
    i don t have to explain to you anything really then. you know all. allow me only to remind you one detail that you forget maybe.
    Messi will not arrive Diego not because he miss in talent anything or anything about football. Maybe Messi is better than Diego in some part of football things. BUT Diego did something that Messi can t do NOT BECAUSE HE DON T WANT BUT BECAUSE HE CAN T.
    DIEGO TAKE ONE BROKEN NATION (not about football) AND LIFT IT TO THE SKY. LIFT IT TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD. this is something Messi can t do because the era we live is different. Even the century is different. Plus he kind of take the REVENGE from our enemies. Imagine how Ardiles could felt watching the game against England ? (his cousin died in the war ). The mothers and the families of our dead soldiers imagine how they felt. And all the Argentines of that generation. All this just 4 years after the war. i remember myself as kid from 1990 and after. Even then the effection of war and the black years of military junta (1976-1983) was more than visible in every aspect of Argentine society.

    My friend those things Messi can t compete unfortunately. those marks and wounds in Argentines hearts can t deleted even with 4 world cups because they are very deep.
    This is Kempes point.
    This is their difference.

    • i do agree that Messi will never have the same impact as Maradona when it comes to politics and culture for Argentina. When it comes to talent, that is an endless debate.

      The problem i have is that Kempes is more than capable of using very clear language to get his point across, but he didn’t.

      “If [Messi] wants to be better than Maradona, he is not going to achieve it even if he wins four World Cups in a row.He still hasn’t won the World Cup. No matter how many [titles he] wins or what he wins, it can never be compared to what Diego did.”

      He could have said something like “messi will never be like Maradona in terms of politics and cultural importance for Argentina”. But Kempes DID NOT say that, he only refers to the SPORT which only INVITES people to debate his words.

      Why didn’t Kempes be clear in his statement? Why does he’s say something vague that will automatically invite people to debate and question? Why did Kemeps come out after the 1st TITLE in 28 years and say about Messi?

      Kempes has been in the spot light for a long so he should know better about saying vague stuff in the public.

      (Also, if Messi did bring home 4 world cup titles so 6 in total, i think most arg supporters would be in heaven with joy and praise him all day long)

      • my friend i have the time and flexibility to express myself well when i am writting. if you put me speak in an interview maybe i will not be able to express myself well. it is not same easy in one interview. The 4 world cups is symbolic my friend. it is one extreme way to try to give to somebody understand the size of the thing. one way to understand the size. Kempes and people lived the myth of Maradona is very normal to express themselves this way. Messi era is not the same my friend. World was not same back then with the years we live now.

    • I agree Cox4. You wrote this very well:

      “DIEGO TAKE ONE BROKEN NATION (not about football) AND LIFT IT TO THE SKY. LIFT IT TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD. this is something Messi can t do because the era we live is different. Even the century is different. Plus he kind of take the REVENGE from our enemies. Imagine how Ardiles could felt watching the game against England ? (his cousin died in the war ). The mothers and the families of our dead soldiers imagine how they felt. And all the Argentines of that generation. All this just 4 years after the war. i remember myself as kid from 1990 and after. Even then the effection of war and the black years of military junta (1976-1983) was more than visible in every aspect of Argentine society”

      This is why maradona is an icon. This is why Messi will never be as big, especially on a social impact as maradona.
      But in terms of futbol alone, Messi has achieved alot, so much that in 100 years from now people will say “what a time to have lived”
      Cox, we are just lucky to be able to have lived in the time of the two greatest players ever, and both from Argentina. I agree with kempes…. But almatador has to understand that this is not the time for this statement. This is the time to make Messi feel incredible and invincible and confident so that be may take home the world cup. Vamos!!!!!!!

      • Diego is Diego. He is the people’s champ. No one can take his place. Not even Messi. Its hard for this generation to feel it. I have watched him play and he was my Football hero. But to say Messi cannot win a WC is an assumption. When you assume, then assume for the better. Dream big. You cannot say that Messi cannot, u never know. I believe he can and thats how I like to support my team. Argentina is not Chile or Columbia. When it comes to tournaments like World Cup we are always one of the heavyweights. Maybe we can have a bad WC but we always come back and perform better. We would just have to do one better than 2014. Never say we cant or Messi cant.
        Vamos Albiceleste.

    • Cox4, so you think revenge of war can be completed in football? You just mentioned you are old enough but you still sound pretty kiddish.
      Revenge of defeat in war can only be taken in Battle ground and Football in football ground.

    • Luka Romero is only 16 years old and has only played 4 matches till now. The selected players for the Olympics are all more experienced and have had a lot of time playing together, so team cohesion is high.

  7. I was honestly upset about what was said about Messi, especially comparing him to that IDIOT from Portugal but and I’M GLAD it was a Mexican journalist and NOT KEMPES.
    Jealousy will always exist and I will not lumpsum all Mexicans together and say they all Hate Argentina and their players but obviously some do.
    Kempes in entitled to his opinion, he surely have earned it…………….. I just couldn’t believe he said what he said about Messi and I’M relieved he didn’t.

    • That Mexicano journalist is a literal idiot, I don’t know how these people get paid a lot of money and go on tv with no knowledge about football or anything. Even Kevin would do a better job talking about football than these jealous idiots

  8. I think 2 reasons why Messi was not at his best in the finals.

    1> He had hamstring issues.
    2> He might have developed a psycological baggage after losing so many finals.
    Hopefully, after this major win, it will remove his psychological baggage.

    He was still pretty decent in my opinion.

    • I agree, he seemed tired, but he still had more dribbles in this one game than cristiano Ronaldo had in all of euro cup. Messi is an anomaly. It is going to be hard to find someone with half his natural talent..m we should enjoy him while we can… And I hope he plays til he is 45 years old.

  9. ddr1123
    “Argentina is a crap country in this respect. They don’t know how to respect their heroes”.

    Are you joke? why you insult Argentine people so big? Messi is not Jesus Christ. if somebody make critics to Messi doesn t mean he don t respect him or he don t love him.
    Don t mix Argentine people with the shitty journalists in all around the world please.

    • Apologies if it came out strong and wrongly.

      But it is not a one off thing. There is not much appreciation of Messi by some senior members. Kempes is not a journalist. Or are his words twisted? I don’t know that.

      Question for you: Would be open if people criticize Maradona?

      • i post up to SorinXcrespO one answer about Kempes etc. please read it to understand my point better. as about your question i will answer you honestly. it is open to people criticize Maradona but the ears and eyes of all Argentines including mine ARE CLOSED to anything negative about DIEGO. In case of Messi are open but is not welcome (anything negative about Leo).

  10. SorinXcrespO

    About mexican journalist i don t give a shit. or for anybody journalist.
    i want to speak to you about Kempes only. i agree with him and for explain you why you should tell me how old are you. i believe you didn t understand the point of Kempes that is why you speak like this.
    i ask for your age because if i remember well you are from Argentina (correct me if i am wrong). that means you should understand very well the Argentine society. i am shocked that you are not able to understand the difference between Maradona and Messi as have to do about Argentine society and Kempes point of view.
    with all the respect if you are young then you are excused till one level. if you are not how can you do mistake like this? you don t remember the conditions and life in the country that period of time? what we live and how was our nation after war you remember?
    if you are not Argentine then i apology to you. i am sorry. if you are then answer me if you want to speak with me about that.


    • Ok, Now I’m confused, DID Kempes say what he said about Messi? as in did he say that Christian is the best player in the world and that he was applauding him for supporting Portugal from the sidelines …………etc Did he also say that Messi did nothing in the final??

      That’s what I want to know, Now whether he believes Maradona is the greatest ever, that’s his opinion and that’s fine But if In fact he said what he said about Messi compared to that Portuguese idiot then I would have huge problem.

      • Dfox, just to clarify….kempes said maradona is still better than Messi even if he wins 4 titles more.
        ESPN mexico said that Messi did nothing in the final match and that di maria deserves the glory.
        Cox4 first I want to say that you are one of my favorite participants here, I always enjoy your knowledge and information. My age is 40, I’m old, thank God. I was very young when maradona won, but I remember and my family does even when we had to leave Argentina to go find work in another continent. But I know the hardships of the people, and I know how maradona stood for us even in politics….. I agree with what you are saying…. And I agree that maradona is better.. but if Messi wins a world cup for us next year, then he may be equal to Diego. Listen, I love maradona, I love his personality even when he is crazy. It is hard for me to say someone is better. I am just happy that the person who may become better in history will also be from the same country.

    • I agree, If you aren’t familiar with Argentinean culture or history then you will never understand what Kempes was trying to say. Messi will Never be Maradona, just like Kempes will never be Maradona….Diego is something different. they love him because he is from the street. He was a rock star, He looked England in the face and laughed at them. He Dominated the world. He is flawed, Messi is a saint and is harder to relate to then a party animal and huge personality like Diego. Argentinos love Messi too its just a different time now. Passarella captained Argentina to their first world cup, Kempes was the top scorer, Ardilles, Luque, Fillol, Burruchaga, Valdano…All world cup winners and none of them are idolised like Maradona and I think that is what Kempes is trying to say….That Mexican journalist? lol That is juts utter nonsense…He doesn’t love Ronaldo as much as he hates Argentina and anyone with football hostory knowledge will know very well Why Mexicans hate Argentina.

  11. Argentina has some great forwards like Lautaro, Kun Aguero, Papu Gomez, Dybala etc.
    But all of them are somewhat similar in that they have good ball control, good finish – but most of them are not very fast/athletic or tall.

    The last tall fast player we had was Higuain, but he was not very athletic, nor a good finisher under pressure.

    I can mainly think of 2 players who can fulfill the criteria of Tall-Fast-GoodHeader. They are Mauro Icardi and Lucas Alario.

    We need one of them.
    It seems Scaloni’s favourite is Alario. He was called for Copa 21, but he withdrew due to injury.

    Not sure who our best back 4 is, but I can imagine a team like:

    FW: Lautaro/Kun – Alario
    AM: Lo Celso – Messi – Di Maria
    DM: De Paul
    DF: Acuna – Otamendi – C.Romero – Foyth/Montiel
    GK: Emi Marinez

    or a slightly more defensive one in:
    FW: Lautaro/Kun – Alario
    AM: De Paul – Messi – Di Maria
    DM: Guido/Paredes
    DF: Acuna – Otamendi – C.Romero – Foyth/Montiel
    GK: Emi Marinez

    And if Luka Romero becomes ready, he can come in as a substitute for someone like Lo Celso or Di Maria.

        • For 2022 i will pick foyth Romero lisandro acuna
          Im picking foyth as i think he is a better defender than we have right now. We have attacking left back in acuna so little defensive minded foyth will do the job fine. Otamendi played really well this copa bt he will be 1.5 yrs older so i would play him 3rd choice cb. I don’t know much about senesi or Medina haven’t seen them play bt i have seen lisandro and he may become a star if he joins a big club. He is playing at ajax and became a fan favorite in no time. Molina i think still not ready for starting rb spot for wc. I don’t expect him to improve suddenly his defensive skills he may need 2 yrs for proper development.

    • Makes me think of Zidane or Klose playing their last games in a WC. I can totally see it.
      Would be amazing if Messi won a Copa America and a WC. What would that do to the “Which Argentine player is the best ever?” argument?

    • I have said this before:

      Honestly, a 40 year old Messi should be good enough to be in the team.

      Not only 2022, but he should be there in 2026 as well. He will be close to 39 at that point.
      Other footballers like Roger Milla, Angel Labruna etc have also done that.
      And nowadays the science of fitness has improved a lot.

      I want to see Messi and possibly Di Maria in 2026 as well.

      Of course, I also want to win to see them win in 2022.
      And if that happens, then it is up to them if they want to retire.

  12. […] In presa s-a vorbit despre o intalnire intre cele doua, iar meciul sa se joace in memoria lui Diego Maradona, decedat in 2020, ramas un simbol pentru ambele tari. Ultimele informatii spun ca este o intelegere facuta si Italia – Argentina se va juca la Napoli, in decembrie, insa nimic oficial pana acum, conform […]

  13. Agreed with everyone else that A. Madrid,Barcelona or Real Madrid would be perfect for Romero. I really don’t want him to go at English league at all. Also I am so anxious about Senesi getting a good club. I rate him alot. Hopes he gets good club and makes NT. We another two CB for World Cup. Martinez is an option but I think it will be tough to compete against European with him as football changing every day.

  14. C. Romero should not go to Spurs, he should go to La liga teams or stay in Atalanta. Spurs is not a place to groom they are always in mess.

    • I have a feeling Atalanta really wanna sell him because of money. Anytime a mediocre European club has a chance to get €60 million, they would surely do it because thats how the club grows if the owner isn’t one of the billionaires.

      Now it just depends who is willing to pay Atalanta €60 million for Romero.

      • Atalanta doesn’t own him, atleast not yet. Cuti is a Juve player and is on loan to Atalanta until the end of this season, so he’s not going anywhere and even if he did leave, he’d never leave a CL playing team to go to the cul de sac known as Spurs.

        • Atalanta has the option to buy Cuti at any point during his loan spell, which lasts till June 2022. If they want to, they can definitely buy him and sell him immediately to another European Club.
          In my opinion, staying at Atalanta is the best option for his career. That club is well-known for developing youngsters. Serie A top talents like Kessié, Bastoni, Pessina… all came through their youth rank.

  15. Messi agreement with Barcelona is complete. He is going to continue with Barca with a 50% pay cut. Once again, goes ahead and shows his loyalty.

    Somehow I feel there is a WC for him and Argentina next year.

    • Messi signs an extension of 5 years!
      That is a bit ridiculous. He takes good care of his body, but playing until he is 39?

      • I think it’s more like a 3yr contract but to bring the average salary down of the club, they offered Messi 5 yrs contract and at the end of three years they will payoff his 2 yrs remaining salary and he will retire. Win Win scenario for both parties.

        • That could very well be the agreement. Maybe he’ll take another role in 2-3 years, eg assistant manager or talent scout.

  16. I agree with Madrid (hope they will be interested). Madrid, Barca, and Atletico is perfect for Romero. The best scenario is Barca and if they also buy Emi Martinez there.

    Btw Messi is set to continue in Barca and they likely will swap Griezmann and Saul from from Atletico. Good news for Aguero if they sell Griezmann.

    • That would be amazing. I feel Real has a greater need at this point. They can afford and his style will work nice with Real. Also, Ancelotti is a great plus.

    • Atletico would be good because he’d play with de Paul and angel Correa plus get that extra defensive boost from playing under simeone. Also Nehuen Perez if he starts to improve and get minutes there two Argentinian center backs together is a dream

  17. Copa America 2021 (ELO ranking 2021 06. 10. last day before the start)
    Chile 18
    Uruguay 10
    Paraguay 23
    Bolivia 57
    Ecuador 28
    Kolumbia 11
    Brazil 1

    Euro 2016 (ELO ranking 2016 06. 09. last day before the start)
    Iceland 45
    Austria 21
    Hungary 42
    Croatia 18
    Poland 24
    Wales 47
    France 7.

    Messi route was harder, ARG results and his performance were much better than CR’s.

  18. […] In presa s-a vorbit despre o intalnire intre cele doua, iar meciul sa se joace in memoria lui Diego Maradona, decedat in 2020, ramas un simbol pentru ambele tari. Ultimele informatii spun ca este o intelegere facuta si Italia – Argentina se va juca la Napoli, in decembrie, insa nimic oficial pana acum, conform […]

  19. Kempes said that even if Messi wins four world titles for Argentina he won’t be as good as maradona…. I mean really? I love Diego too, but lets be realistic here almatador. I like kempes, but he shouldn’t be saying things like this.
    ESPN Mexico journalist Álvaro Morales was also critical of Messi’s performance in the final against Brazil:
    “Once again, Messi disappeared. He was nowhere to be see at the Maracanã. Argentina should build a statue of Di María. That’s why Messi shouldn’t even be celebrating the trophy – he owes it all to his team mates because he did nothing. Even Cristiano, when he fell injured during the Euro 2016 final, was encouraging his team from the bench. Messi vanished. Cristiano is the best player in history. Messi doesn’t feel the [Argentina] shirt, they want to make him the leader, but he can’t pull it off,” he explained. “I watched the final right from the first minute and he didn’t make one key pass, he had no personality or character. You have to look at those things with Messi. Tell me what exactly did he do at the Maracanã?”
    Fuck ESPN. I never understood why central and south American press and fans always support Brazil and not Argentina.

    • I will tell you something…

      If your own family members bad mouth you in public, your neighbors and others will get a chance and do more. Argentina is a crap country in this respect. They don’t know how to respect their heroes.

      I am an Argentina fan because of Maradona. But Messi is the greatest ambassador for the country. It is really sad how some older generation cannot accept Messi yet.

    • Kempes is like Pele, getting jealous of everyone that surpass his greatness. He’s once Rosario no.1 golden boy, now its Leo.

      Also, who gives a crap about pundits? They dont play football, nor managing a team, like us.. they’re just commenting 😄

    • REALLY………and how the hell did they make it to that final if it wasn’t for Messi………clearly Kempes is either senile or extremely jealous

    • Agree with Kempes, disagree with Morales.

      Maradona is the greatest ever.
      Messi is the greatest now.

      CR is not even close to Messi.

      Messi was the primary force that took Argentina to Copa Title.
      And Di Maria does deserve a statue.

      • I also agree that maradona is still the greatest.
        But…. If Messi wins Qatar, I will have to re think that statement.
        Also, maradona isn’t only the best Argentine, he is the best player period. If Messi adds a trophy to AFA then I think he deserves the throne.

        • Of course I am talking about all of football history, not just Argentina.

          This is how I view the GOAT debate in football:
          Maradona = greatest player of 20th century
          Messi = greatest player of 21st century(at least till now)

          Between the 2 though, I am definitely at least a little bit in favor of Maradona even if Messi wins the next world cup. Diego was a bit more magical.

          My basis for saying – I saw the replays of all major world cup matches since 1954.

          Kempes was also terrific.


            The words he used are of someone who is jealous with deep-seated hatred for Messi and should be immediately shunned by the Argentine Media.
            ARGENTINA waited for 28 years for this trophy, playing vs the best S. American countries and ending up the biggest of them all, BRazil and beating their ass AT their HOIME and this mother fucker has the nerves to say what he said, FUCK HIM.
            AND so nobody in here misunderstands what I’m saying, Maradona is the greatest or Messi is the greatest, I COULD CARE LESS, one Argentine is as good as another AS LONG AS THEY WIN……that’s all I care about.
            Its the manner he said it, with lots of venom behind it ………Messi did Nothing!!!!!!!!!???, FUCK YOU.

          • I thought it was Mexico journalist Álvaro Morales who brought up CR, not Kempes.

            In any case, I agree with you – winning is what we should care about.

            Even individually players can improve or get worse. Ability is not a static thing. And there is always a subjective element in judging greatness.

            So, winning is what we should care about. Hope we win 2022 world cup.

  20. Yessss!! 💪💪💪💪
    A very good initiative, I exactly dreamt for a such kind of match recently!! 😍😍
    Eagerly waiting for next qualifier matches of my beloved sky-blue team by wearing the copa winning badge on the kit!

    For now, its olympic football!
    Go ahead! Vamos!! Football is life!!! 👌👍✌💪🇦🇷🇦🇷💪💪💙🇧🇩

  21. Off topic…

    I don’t like the rumors of Cuti Romero to England, especially Spurs. Its a straight downgrade from Atalanta. Atalanta plays in CL and even though they are not a huge club they are doing very well. Whereas Spurs is a mess. He will find it difficult to adapt, get injured, media constantly finding mistakes about him. I sincerely hope it does not happen.

    What I would really like: Cuti Romero to Real Madrid. The club needs one and is a better fit for Romero.

    • Agree. Spurs is a mess. But if spurs can recover from their current shit, its not a bad idea either. He can start games and establish his career in full swing there.
      I don’t like the idea of him going to real madrid, where finding the starting spot is a bit risky and i don’t want him becoming a flop signing there and degrade his career, it’s too early for him, i feel.

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