Mauro Icardi scores for PSG in 1-1 draw against Lorient


Mauro Icardi scored for PSG in their 1-1 draw against Lorient.

Icardi saved PSG at the death with a late goal in injury time. It was 1-0 for Lorient and PSG were down to 10 men after Sergio Ramos was sent off. A cross inside the penalty area found Mauro Icardi as the Argentine would score with a header to draw PSG level.

That goal was his first in the league since September as he reaches four goals in the league this season. PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino went with an Argentina front three of Lionel Messi, Mauro Icardi and Angel Di Maria.


  1. Where is the guy who criticized Messi after every match, saying that he can’t dribble anymore. And when Messi completed 11/13 dribbles in a single match, the critic is no where to be found

  2. Di Maria explaination on Messi condition make alot of sense actually. He said Messi told him that he’s not used to snowy and super cold weather in France around this period of the year.

    Messi doesnt seems to be injured anymore, but his movement definetely looks very stiff.

    He did looks more lively in CL away games against City and Bruegge.

    Also , Messi missed out pre season training aawell.

    Speaking of Simeone, like Mourinho, his style is outdated and boring, but since he won La liga last season in which Messi still playing there, Im afraid lots of people would still rate him quite highly.

    As for Poch, I believes he couldnt control the locker room. Too many big egos at once. Ramos is Ramos, a true red card collector.

  3. Diego Simeone is outdated manager , in my opinion he is finished no big club will hire him after Atlético not because of lack of success but his stlye. on top of that he almost finish the cereer of every Argentine who goes to Atlético. I genuinely believe angel Correa could have been much better if he had played under more attacking manager . Now I fear for our best midfielder . Look amount of talent Atlético have and yet they are playing ugly football. I think Atlético is team made by coachs like Gallardo or even Eduardo Coudet who is far more bravery than Simeone in terms of football philosophy.

    • Results matter more than style. Organized defenses win tournaments. The key in futbol is balancing a rock solid defensive block with creative talents so when you bite, it has teeth.

  4. Poch’s strategy kind of reminds me of crazy tactics from Sampaoli. No matter how vulnerable our defense and aging midfield was, he stuck with his high line attacking game plan. Against Craotia his madness had reached its peak, highline plus 3 man defense. PSG gets caught on counter every match, multiple times and that is the main reason why they have been leaking goals but Pochettino hasn’t done shit about it. Messi today was fantastic, he not only made tons of successful dribbles , his passing was stunning. Had he been a little less unlucky he could have scored a marvelous goal and also couple assists if his argentine team-mates were a bit more clinical. He delivered two awesome passes to both Dimaria and Icardi in the first half but both missed them !!! This game proves Messi is the reason why Mbpape has been scoring a lot!!

    • I think Poch is lucky to be managing PSG. He did not won any trophy at Spurs and was happy to fight for top four. Zidane is also not a tactician, but he was able to get big players on his side and make them happy, that is how he won so much. Where as Poch is neither great tactician or manager with winning mentality to keep superstar in his side. Poch is exteremly overrated manager due to his PL resume. I am sure he would struggle in any big team that aspire to win trophies, he is manager for players who works ass off to become average. He did that in spurs and try to do in PSG by subbing mediocre players.

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