Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United, Matías Soulé of Juventus post pictures with Argentina team


Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United and Matías Soulé of Juventus posted pictures of themselves with the Argentina national team.

Garnacho is one of the 17 year old players who has been called up to the Argentina national team by coach Lionel Scaloni. The Argentine posted about it on his Instagram page.

Matías Soulé of Juventus is another one of the young players called to the team. He had previously been called up for the more recent World Cup qualifying matches. He also posted about it on his Instagram.

Argentina play two World Cup qualifying matches. The first match on March 25 against Venezuela with the second on March 29 against Ecuador.


  1. Suspended players travelling with the squad is a big joke and embarrassment to this national team.. acting like if we don’t have players.. afa is run by clowns and puppets.. especially since they have already qualified. They have zero reason to risk players… and people gonna say oh they need to train together.. we are in March month and world cup is in November… so tell me is this making any sense?

    • Here’s a thought. Firstly, AFA applied to overturn the ban and there is a chance that our suspended players might play against Ecuador. Secondly, national team coaches get very little time to spend with their teams (unlike club coaches) to implement ideas and train. Therefore, any time you get to spend with your best players is to be cherished. Emi, Romero and maybe even Lo Celso are the backbone of our team, our pillars and they should absolutely train with the team when given a chance. Thirdly, if nothing else, team chemistry is a huge aspect in all of this and our best players that are very likely going to go to the WC (barring injuries and total loss of form) have to be there as part of the team.

      • I understand your point.. but this is the only team in world football does this. Even for the Brazil game they left they english based players of the roster while we chose to call them up and ended up with all the confusion.

  2. These kids should get some minutes and tied permanently to the Albiceleste especially Garnacho and Luka.
    Sure ..they are our future. So, integrate them as soon as possible. They are way better than Meza. So they deserved the chance.

  3. You know how bad it is when you type “Armani Argentina” on youtube search, the video at the top is compilation of his blunder in national team lol

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