Argentina’s 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign – Juan Román Riquelme, Lionel Messi


It’s a new series on Mundo Albiceleste’s Youtube channel as we review Argentina’s 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign!

With it being World Cup year, Argentina have had some memorable World Cup qualifying campaigns and matches. We will review some of Argentina’s more memorable runs to the World Cup.

To start the new series, we will look at the 2010 qualifiers, from Juan Román Riquelme to Lionel Messi, from Alfio Coco Basile to Diego Maradona.

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  1. Reply to free flowing attack..

    Firstly, you lied claming that Argentina had many draws or winning by one or two goals margin.

    Then, you didn’t know what to say, so you started talking about wcs. Yes, you have more wcs than us, with the way you “earned” them especially on 94 and 02, but still i will tell you that the only south american team that reached a wc final in the last 20 years, was Argentina in your own backyard, while you managed to conceed 10 goals in just 2 games!
    And the top of it? You were chanting in the final for the team that raped you by 7 goals, just because you couldn’t tolerate seeing Argentina winning in your own backyard.
    That is how pathetic you are!

  2. I read that Cuti is flying to Argentina last night right after the West Ham match. Scaloni is trying to ask the ban to be reduced to one game instead of 2. That way, Cuti will be available to play against Ecuador.

    I wonder if Lo Celso, Emi, and Buendia are flying to Argentina too?

  3. Can it ever be imagined that if Gavi and Pedri had played for Argentina they would have called for Argentina now. No. Argentina coaches will not do that. Many will say that Scaloni has called Luca Romero and Garnocho. But there is no guarantee that Scaloni will give them a chance in the World Cup. This team of Argentina looks like Prime Atletico madrid,defensively good but zero in attack.

    • “zero in attack” huh, yet they still scored on your brazilian boys and beat them at home, which makes it the 2nd brazilian humiliation at home in the last 7 years, that’s gotta hurt.

      • Argentina has drawn most of the games. And most of the games they have won are either one goal or two goals. Can the World Cup be won in this way?

        • Your lies have the same contradiction with reality, as your nickname with the team you support, the yellow team. Facts from copa america history:
          1) Most copa america titles: Argentina, 15.
          2) Most appearances in final of copa america: Argentina, 29.
          3) Most appearances in semi final of copa america: Argentina, 36.
          4) Most wins in copa america history: Argentina, 124.
          5) Most goals scored by a team in copa america history: Argentina, 465.
          6) Highest goal scoring per game ratio by a team in copa america history: Argentina, 2.35 goals/game.

          Where is fraud yellow team?? Without fifa and the support of referies, the yellow team would have managed half of what they have done up to now.

          Stop propaganda, you make yourself seem like a fool!

          • Copa America and football World Cup are not one and the same. Everybody knows what Copa is a regional tournament and World Cup. If you think you have won the World Cup, then there is nothing to say.Now the question is, can a football superpower be won by winning the Copa? This question is ridiculous. Argentina has not won the World Cup for 36 years.

        • Argentina has a goal difference of 16, so stop trolling.

          ” Can the World Cup be won in this way?”

          Dude did you even watch Spain in 2010 or were you too young? which would explain alot.

  4. How Xavi turned by a dead Barcelona in 5 months is really commendable!! He is without doubt one of the greatest midfielders of all time and now it seems he is going to mark his legacy as the Greatest tactician as well.
    But it is sad how Argentina never produced a coach of this stature who could dominate his every single game, despite producing numerous footballing icons!!

    Flick’s Germany was the team I would like to face the least & now Spain has joined their hands in the list furthermore. Also it is very transparent that we have to bring our A-game, if by any chance we come across Spain & Germany in the Qatar WC coz The Spanish midfield will be 90% of the Barca’s midfield. They know to dominate the ball, unlike most of the teams.
    But yes, if we aspire to be World champions, we should be competent to face any team in the world.

  5. I only dream of what could have been if riquelme played in 2010. Boca/Argentinean politics as usually between Juan Roman and Diego …cost us a great opportunity to get the third Star in South Africa ..

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