Alejandro Garnacho scores twice in FA Cup final win, named Manchester United Young POTY


Alejandro Garnacho scored twice for Manchester United in their FA Cup final win while also being named as the Manchester United Youth Player of the Year.

Garnacho has had a break out season. He has been selected for the Argentina national team, played for the Argentina U20 team, named the Manchester United Youth Player of the Year and also scored twice in the Youth FA Cup final.

The 17 year old scored twice against Nottingham Forest in the final. The first was a penalty with the second being a deflected shot on goal.

He would celebrate with the Argentina flag both on the pitch and in the dressing room!


      • No problem huh? I don’t know how you watch your own football. If it wasn’t because him voicing his opinion….you don’t come into the national team and be causing frictions especially with world cup around the corner. It is not good for team chemistry. Whether you believe it or not this team is pro maradona/Messi . Both are symbols. So when you know you are playing with two of the Greatest players, you should know when to avoid tricky situations or questions that will put unnecessary heat on you. he is not the only player to play with Messi while idolizing Ronaldo. Until he learn our to act accordingly…he should be distant away from team. We like it the way it is.

  1. Alejandro Garnacho definitely has a bright future, but he should learn to be a team player. He is very selfish and rarely passes to player who are better positioned to score. I hope that won’t be a major issue in the future coz I won’t like to see him turn into another Greenwood. About his style of celebration should be least of our concerns. What matters most is him maturing quickly once he gets the chance to represent his club at senior level.

  2. This is ridiculous people can bash Garnaco for mimicking CR7 in post goal celebration and idolizing him. Get over CR7 rivalry and don’t let yourself bought by the media and press. If CR7 was an Argentine, you would have loved everything he does, even things that you now dislike the most.

    I sometimes wonder if it is in human nature to use rivalry to harness intrinsic good or bad!

  3. Romero today will get pumped up seeing Martinalli. It’s going to be exciting. Any brazilian means kick them out from the word go would be great. And Romero to play in UCL would be awesome.

  4. Its not such a big deal that Garnacho likes CR7. Some 17 year old that has an idol which is a legend of the club he plays at and is a fan of doesn’t change anything. We all know Messi is better and it is substantially clear if you’ve watched them play and looked at stats. It really doesn’t matter

    • Comparing Messi and Ronaldo is comparing apples with oranges. Ronaldo has been playing as a pure striker since his move to Madrid where as Messi is a hybrid of a forward and a midfielder. Even with just 8 goals this season, he has produced so many magical moments, if it was any other player he would be considered among top five midfielders of Europe. You can’t do anything without the ball at your feet and the problem with Messi this season has been the lack of passes, his shitty luck and also some poor finishing!! If Messi would have been a target man like Ronaldo or a Mbappe even with his poor finishing for his own standards he would have easily finished with 25+ goals.

  5. This guy should never be called up for Argentina due to sheer dis respect to Messi. We are never short on attacker. Let him rot on bench in Spain or other NT. Fu him

    • you are totally foolish person.messi also had disrespected maradona when maradona said messi a tady mean after messi Argentina will stop to play football.he never disrespected messi.ronaldo is a legend for man u.and he is also playing for man u.and ronaldo is a current player of man u it’s obvious that he should admire ronaldo and he did this.every player has their own fantasy can’t control it.

      • dic k riding every day is not good enough. If he need that kind of sucking that he is not good enough to be his own. Messi never su cked maradona and he became messi.

        • Your language told that you have mental problem about ronaldo.Ronlado and messi two different player. Both have legacy,different style of play. And both have millions of fans over the world.i have mentioned earlier that you can’t control one’s fantasy hero. Every player have their own thinking own imagination. Every upcoming star wants to be like ronaldo or messi.especially every talented player wants to be ronaldo because ronaldo have become ronaldo throughout hard work,determination,sacrifice but you can’t be like messi because messi is natural talent.natural ability. Every body Can’t do it.

      • man shut the fuck up. i don’t care who he idolizes, what jubilation he does. you don’t come into the national team and be causing problems/frictions especially with world cup around the corner. when you know you are playing with two of the Greatest players, you should know when to avoid tricky situations or questions that will put unnecessary heat on you. he is not the only player to play with Messi while idolizing Ronaldo. I know a lot of people call him a future talent. maybe. but i also see a future ICARDI IN MAKING…PROBLEM CREATORS.

      • But out of 100 fans 95 people are messi fans without a doubt…and I’m one of them becoz for our generation Argentina= Messi that’s it 👍… obviously it’s a team game and we are lucky to have an outstanding gk, fantastic defence (Romero and licha) and a hardworking midfield, a great team which we were missing from a long time but Messi is an emotion in an Argentine jersey ❤️ you will get the same answer from his teammates too all they want a world cup for Lionel Messi 👑

      • Yes but for people like us out of 100, 95% is following Argentina becoz of Lionel Messi 🦁 including me…we have a deadly gk, fantastic defence (Romero and licha), creative midfield a great team where each and every player wants to win the WC for messi that’s the truth jst like the cricket WC 2011 dedicated to Sachin…At present for us Argentina = Messi…Messi is an emotion in Argentine jersey ❤️ and after his retirement still everyone will keep supporting Argentina 🇦🇷💙✌️

    • That should be least of our concern. Am more concerned about him learning to be a team player and avoiding being selfish when needed to pass to his teammates.

  6. Argentina have been suffering a lack of proper classic left winger for many days.aljendro garnercho is the answer now.he has days speed is the x factor in modern football.France, brazil have sppedy winger like mabappe,vini for now garnacho will be a x factor in wc.only concern his physical condition(i mean he is just 17-18 years old).may be he improve a lot.imagine after 60-70 minuets garnacho on the left side and di maria on right side.just fire.Argentina have lot of option on the right side but left side lacking quality speedy winger.garnacho should be included in wc squad.garnacho will get goal and celebrate suiiiiiii is more fun with Argentina jersey to watch.

  7. He will be the back bone for Man Utd in front; hopefully he will improved a lot under Ten Haag and get more minute in the senior team. For the Qatar WC, he is not mature yet. Would prefer to bring Enzo and Julian Alvarez instead of him.

  8. Garnacho stats in FA cup youth
    5 games
    5 goals
    3 assists

    Our best youth since Aguero?

    He seems like underrated by famous video game scouting report, football manager 2022. He is not among their wonderkids list. Someone like Moukaka (Dortmund), Harvey Elliot (Liverpool), Pino (Villarreal), Musiala (Bayern) are rated higher than him. Usually football manager scouting report is among the best one, but not this time.

  9. And all Over the internet cr7 fans are fun about aguero after grancho sue celebration😊 Best Argentine young talent right now. Scoloni should consider him upcoming games.. And i think he will get more minutes with Manu main team

    • Youth players is not parameter to measure ones success on senior level. Hope some one break his legs for dis respect to Messi.

    • Every Garnacho touch:

      I am really happy that this guy is ours. We are quite rich in right winger talent wise (Dybala, A. Correa, Buendia, Luka Romero, Soule), but we are quite thin in left winger. Only Di Maria who will retire and Nico Gonzales.

      This Garnacho ceiling is very high for sure. Hope he will be as good as Di Maria or even better.

  10. Whoever doubting him…for his Argentine blood..he’s shown them the red card.
    This guy is a progressing well. Hopefully he will reach the height..soon.
    An option in the world cup..? May be..! If he gets first team minutes in the coming season…

    • – An option in the world cup..? May be..! If he gets first team minutes in the coming season…

      I would bet against him going to WC. Too many seasoned and prioritized attackers to chose from and even they are at risk.
      It would take a hellava lot more than minutes for this guy to make it. He’d have to score 91 goals at least 🙂

      • No. If he impresses scaloni thn he can go to qatar. Chances are very slim bt if some of our left wing option gets injured he has a chance. Remember when messi was selected in 2006 wc messi scored only 8 goals and 5 assist in 2005-06 season. So coaches tend to pick young talent if they feel the young guy is talented

  11. montiel,palacios,a correa, j correa and papu gomez has underwhelming performance in the latter half of season. there underperformance has opened doors for other guys.

    • Disagree about Papu, if anything he picked things up in the 2nd half of the season and he’s been playing fantastic for Sevilla, too bad the team itself is really struggling upfront.

      • Agreed. Papu is a very important piece in the puzzle. And he scores goals, not a winger only. he is picking up his form again.

      • what will happen if Messi is injured. player should be selected on his form rather than chemistry with Messi. This Team can win the world cup even without Messi if correct players are picked up. in goal keeper emi martinez, musso and rulli should be your top 3 . but scaloni will pick armani, so one of our decent GK will sit back. in Defense , cuti, lisandro , otamendi, molina ,pezella ,acuna and taglifico select them selves in . out of two spots we have quarta , foyth and montiel fighting. there is a difference in quality between foyth and Montiel selected and quarta and Montiel selected. though montiel is playing mostly as a substitute now a days. in midfield out of seven spots , only four are confirmed , paredes,guido,lo celso and RDP. as for pappu , I am comparing his performance from Atlanta days and there is a dip in performance . but still he is a very important player for us. last 2 spots are totally open as palacois has underperformed and those 2 spots can decide the world cup for us. in forward line out of seven spots , only 5 are confirmed, di maria , nico gonzalez, messi , lautaro martinez and alvarez. out of two spots, the concern is angel correa have not scored since February this year and j correa has not scored since October last year, for me we need proven goal scorers in forward line. if messi and lautaro are not present in one match who are our goal scorers?

        • @vineet Don’t be delusional. Without messi we will not even get past quarters let alone winning the cup. If messi is injured for a single game thn we can manage but without him forget about the wc. We can’t win without messi. Even copa America was won by mainly 2 players contribution thats messi and emi and lautaro depaul and dimaria helped. Don’t be delusional. Argentina is not guardiola’s barca or 2010 spain. We are limited talentwise. We r a decent side bt only when messi plays

          • we beat chile and columbia without messi. our strength is our defence and our midfield. it is damn difficult to score against us. get the guys who are in form for midfield and forward line and we should be ok though who should be the 2 guys selected for each of midfield and forward line even i am not sure. if we select underperformers because of coach liking then we are in trouble.

          • 😂🤣😹 both chile and Columbia couldn’t qualify for wc. This is disrespectful towards messi. Without messi Argentina will win shit. U want to say this mediocre midfield will win you games against the likes of Germany france etc. Messi maximum time needs to drop deep and create something. 1-2 match winning against some mediocre conmebal sides without him and playing without messi in wc is completely different.

          • foyth , lo celso and rulli shut down bryan. which has 5 times more firepower than germany. germany defence sucks. our route to semi final is better than many other teams. and argentina have never lost a semi final in a world cup. chile and columbia are much stronger than many european teams present in world cup.

          • foyth , lo celso and rulli shutdown bayern munich. which has 5 times more firepower than germany. germany defence sucks. our route to semi final is better than many other teams. and argentina have never lost a semi final in a world cup. chile and columbia are much stronger than many european teams present in world cup.

          • Disrespectful towards Messi?🤭. How? All players are valuable for the team in one way or other. You are the one who disrespect our midfield. They knows their strength and weaknesses. They are ready to face any challenge.

        • Bayern 5 times more stronger than Germany?? 😂😂 r u kidding me?? Hansi flick is coaching Germany. And under nagelsman Bayern is worst. They lost 4-2 against vfl bochum, 2-1 and 5-0 against monchengladbach, 2-1 against Augsburg, 2-1 against frankfurt, 3-1 against mainz and in the last match they drew 2-2 with Stuttgart in this season only. I don’t see anything good here.

          • 60 % of german starting line is Bayern. they don’t neither have a decent striker nor a decent CB or left back.germany is below average at the moment.Also they don’t have the bench strength.

    • For me there is nothing wrong about idolizing CR7. If you are similar to him, then better copy from the best. I mean among left winger there is no one (probably in the history) who’s better than CR7. Garnacho is a left winger who likes to cut inside, learn from CR7 then. We have Messi but he is never a left winger.

      • Agree@ el_principe.
        Think- Garnacho scoring goals for Argentina and doing Siuu celebration. How the fraud brazil+cr7 fans would feel… 😂😂

  12. Also congratulations to Lautaro & J Correa for bringing Inter Coppa Italia after 11 years!

    And congratulations to Lisandro Martinez for being named Ajax player of the year!
    Impressive when you consider Tadic and Haller had 31 and 28 goal contributions.
    Really hope he ends up in Barcelona. He’s made for possession based football

  13. Congratulations to Garnacho!
    A big win and 2 goals in a final should get the English press talking. Him wearing the Argentine flag was the highlight. He is ours.
    I wish him growth and regular minutes in 1st division next season at Man U or elsewhere. Until then he should come up with his own goal celebration

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