Verona to use buy option on Gio Simeone from Cagliari, could resell player


Verona are set to use the buy option on Gio Simeone from Cagliari but could end up re-selling the player.

Gio Simeone is presently the fourth high scorer in Serie A this season. The Argentina has 16 goals in 34 games, with the goals coming in nine separate matches.

Simeone could be leaving Cagliari according to reports. Per César Luis Merlo, Verona could buy Simeone but sell him to another club as there are other teams interested in the Argentine.


  1. Dybala is more skill full player but lautaro didn’t get ball(chance) in penalty area ,, so as a number 9 its simple to looks him less dangerous..

    • Except that penalty he was not dangerous, Dybala much more, assist some good passes and shots. Plus i understand what coaches like in Correa.

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