Former Argentina coach Alfio “Coco” Basile on Finalissima, Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez


Former Argentina national team coach Alfio “Coco” Basile commented on the team, the Finalissima, Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Lionel Scaloni.

Alfio “Coco” Basile remains the person to have ever coached both Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. He was also the coach who won the Artemio Franchi Cup, now the Finalissima. Speaking in an interview with Super Mitre, Basile had this to say on the 3-0 win vs. Italy as they won the trophy:

“Argentina played well in all lines, both in a group and individually and were far superior to Italy. Italy doesn’t have a single “crack” compared to us. It was a show against Uruguay, better than against Italy.”

Basile also spoke about the Argentina national team:

“Today, everything is great but let’s not get big, let’s remain humble. I like how the team presses, they all press.”

In regards to Lionel Messi, here is what he had to say:

“Messi is always a phenomenon.”

He also spoke about Lautaro Martínez:

“Today, with Lautaro Martinez, you are sure of a goal in the matches.”

The former coach also spoke about Lionel Scaloni, the current Argentina national team coach:

“I also looked at Scaloni out of the corner of my eye but after that, we realized the reality, of what he formed.

“We didn’t talk bad about Scaloni but we all doubted him when he started to coach.”

About the World Cup:

“Argentina are candidates with France, Brazil, Germany and England. Spain too although they lack a little experience.”


  1. Injury happens to every team thats why its essential to make 2 quality players as backup ready for each position. Lets analyze
    Emi(musso, rulli, armani)
    Right back
    Molina (foyth, montiel)
    Left back
    Right center back
    Romero (otamendi, pezella)
    Left center back
    Otamendi ( lisandro, senesi)
    Locelso paredes depaul
    ( papu, guido, enzo, McAllister, buendia, palacios, Dominguez)
    Right wing
    Messi (Dybala, dimaria)
    Left wing
    Dimaria (nico Gonzalez, alvarez, Correa, garnacho)
    Lautaro (alvarez, Dybala, alario)

    Clearly we have a problem in left back and midfield if 1-2 players get injured we have not enough quality players to substitute them specially if enzo not selected
    Now i will come to 3 players without them we absolutely have no chance
    1.Messi( even if he is injured or suspended for 1 match we can’t win simple as that.)
    2.Emi Martinez ( goalkeeping backups are absolutely dissmal makes emi essential without him also we can’t win)
    3.cristian Romero ( if during a tournament he gets injured or suspended for single match thn we can manage like playing otamendi lisandro cb pair but if he misses the whole tournament or 2-3 matches then im afraid we can’t win also)

      • Lol chile, Columbia not even in wc. Equador match was a friendly 3 years back. Whatever you say Argentina can’t win the wc without messi

        • even if messi is injured for one match, dybala can handle it based on opposition. if russo and rulli are selected for world cup. then even GK position is not a worry.even for midfield except for GLC substitute we are ok. for me the most important players are romero and GLC.currently they are irreplaceable. these players should not exert themselves for their club till world cup.

  2. Ok. Before all of you jump on me, If was Scaloni this is what I’d do in the Estonia match. This is my imagination not Scaloni’s.
    1. I’d give Licha, Senesi, Foyth, Pezellla, Palacios, Duminguez, Musso, Guido, Alvarez and Dybala a lot of minutes.
    2. I’d tell the defense to concede a deliberate goal with in the first 10 minutes. Yes it sounds arrogant, but it’s not, it is because the team has never been in that situation since Bolivia in La Paz, and ask them to fight back. A situation, the team has not enough experience of. And most of our subs must prepare for such a situation in the KOs.
    3. Work on structured fast counterattacks. Not to depend on them but because we have players who can do a lot of damage to any team as long as we know how to create miss matches in when the opportunity presents itself. Eg. on one counter occasion vs Italy, Messi could have given the ball to the flanker and received it back in the box ( a la Jordi Alba) but instead he went for the dribble and shoot move. Sometimes we have players in space to stretch the defense but they would rather pass it to Messi, if he calls for it.
    And finally, let’s remain humble til we have achieved something again.
    Anyways, just my own opinion.

  3. The chicken-head mocking ARGENTINA for celebrating after beating Italy…….did you win the WC he says…………this bitchass and here I was thinking he was a better man that he appeared to be after getting humbled by the COPA loss but once a 2-faced ALWAYS A 2-FACED jerkoff

    • Neymar said that in response to the celebration song. The song mocks Brazil so id expect few Brazilians to come out and say something. All fun and games, they’re still friends, Nothing wrong with a bit public banter.

  4. “Today, everything is great but let’s not get big, let’s remain humble”. EXACTLY

    “I also looked at Scaloni out of the corner of my eye but after that, we realized the reality, of what he formed.

    “We didn’t talk bad about Scaloni but we all doubted him when he started to coach.”
    I was among the first to criticize Scaloni hiring, it was like they picked a man off the streets and gave him the job. Wanted a PROPER coach but that started to change very quickly after I saw how the team performed in 2019 COPA, how you could see the buildup on attack, everybody running like crazy, defending for their lives, such intensive intensity on defense ……never saw that before until then…….NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO BE WRONG

  5. Two things worth mentioning that stood out to me, Messi pressing more than I remember in recent memory, at one point he stole the ball near our own penalty box, ran and dribbled across the field and shot from a tight angle.

    Us playing almost like a club team, everybody knowing where they need to be and with quick transitions and crisp passing. Comes after a long time spend training with the same players and coaching staff. Few national teams play like that.

    • Prblm is this kind of pressing is sustainable in long tournament like wc?? I think there will be only 3-4 days difference. Like semis are in 14-15 dec thn final will be in 18 dec and quartees in 9-11 dec. This will be taxing to the players

      • Anuparno, it can depend on our players fitness or if we adjust based on the opponent to reserve ourselves. Look at the way teams like Liverpool press playing four competitions over the course of a season. Maybe we would have to keep it a bit lighter than two days ago

        • You can’t compare with club and country. In club season they play once in a week but here we have to play 6 back to back match with difference of 3 days .only 1st and 2nd match we have 5 days gap.

    • Agreed. Chemistry is crucial and the amount we’ve developed this last year and a half is substantial. We even looked abysmal not so long ago. This is why it’s important to keep and develop a core and not make drastic changes to the team every other game. Such reasons are why I’m not for calling players like Enzo Fernandez months before the WC no matter how good they may be playing. I prefer a Palacios whose been with Scaloni since the beginning and is gelled with the team

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  7. Very true what Coco says.

    I posted in the other thread about pressing. That is the biggest development in this match. That is what I see. I am not qualified to understand why it happened in this game, other than they are gelling and know when to press. Like I said, there are some very interesting Sampaoli videos. E.g. You press when you its a throw in, at a certain place in the pitch, and position of opponents nearest 3 players, distance and angle from goal etc.” Its crazy and complex. You need a lot a of training to click at the mind of 4-5 players at the same time.

    This is the game where it looked like we are playing from memory.

    • Agreed. Also we getting better keeping the ball aswell. Players look more comfortable with it.Tactically we are solid then ever. Love that change Scaloni made i think after 30 minutes. He put Lo Celso to press Jorginho but it was Lautaro who was doing that first. I think that changed the game. Hopefully Qatar pitch is good like Europe. It will be bread and butter for our players. Love the competition those coaching stuff brought in to the team. Like everyone plays as it is their last game. Also I don’t think we will suffer from parking bus team. 2014 team was not that mobile in term of quick passing in next third as these team has. At the moment we got 3 good genuine passer from midfield and Messi. Our full back are running behind the opposition box too so I think it will be okay. Biggest concern will be Injury. We always curse by injury. Everytime.

  8. As much as it’s great to avoid big teams in the competition, beating a strong team early in the knockouts will give us great confidence moving forwards.

    I have a feeling France will come 2nd in their group and we will get them in the knockouts. I hope we get our revenge this time round

  9. MagicalMessi channel uploaded six days ago a very interesting video. Just write “The truth about Lionel Messi’s first season at PSG” in the search box and enjoy watching the boss bossing. It’s true Messi didn’t score as many goals as we wished at the beginning of the season, but his overall season at PSG wasn’t that bad. His dribbles and his passes are still superb.

  10. Argentina still have yet to play friendlies they need. They need to face a team that will park the bus since the first minute because that’s how Poland, and all our opponents since second round (Denmark probably) will play against us.

    Remember Switzerland or Iran game in 2014? That’s how they will play us.

    Scaloni’s tactic works perfectly against any side that will attack us occasionally, but we have yet to test ourselves against any side that park the bus. I can’t remember in Scaloni’s last 32 unbeaten matches if there was anyone who parked the bus against us. Maybe none.

    • Elprincipe, if the team sit back and give us possession then it will be at their own peril.
      This team knows how to get the ball or play possession based game.
      It seems like a well organised side so only a special team will be able to break us.
      As Real Madrid has shown there is no replacement for spirit and this team has this in abundance.

      We certainly have weakness and hopefully, at the world cup , we can niggle out those.

  11. Messi 👑 should not be that good … 🔥🔥🔥 & He is 35 years old😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫🇦🇷🇦🇷🇮🇳🇮🇳How can anybody compare him to Penaldo..??? He is creating he is defending he is pressing he is everywhere. Just I’m speechless. This is The Argentina NT we all wanted for long… This is the best Game of Argentina i have watched 2nd is Against Uruguay 🔥

    • I think they all watch too much PSG games. There is a reason why I don’t watch PSG:
      1. “No Messi”
      2. Di Maria always benched
      3. Paredes injured

      Why bother watching? Better watch Spurs lol.

      The last 6 months Messi only plays 3-4 times a year and he always wears number 10 for Albiceleste.

      • Agreed! And spurs even though they have only won once with Juande Ramos the league cup after that famous FA CUP final where VILLA scored is suitable to watch everytime as most of time they at least offer drama, but sometimes they been playing good too and i’m not talking about the present day only as for example at 70’s spurs was big in Europe at euro games too and i think at 1972 they lost the euro cup against Frankfurt if i’m correct which was a big team too during 70’s and now won the Europa league also beat Barca on the way and did not loose a single game in that competion, this just shows that there are or at least been also others than only Real, though offcourse Real is totally in their own category as it is allmost like previous euro cup nowdays Champions league have been made for them to win nearly allways as when they started the euro cup Real won 5 times at row with Di Stefano on abroad amongst others, so they just have this winning culture with Champions league, but i totally agree that even luck has allways favored them Still this year they super lucky as more than ever it allmost felt impossible as it Still kind of feels by knocking out PSG in less than 15-30 minutes or what ever short period of time as PSG was completly dominant for allmost fully 180 min, but taking of Paredes and that is what they got etc…, but Chelsea and City and by what a way to come back and beat those nowdays Giants was something nobody could never expect and after that i think this also effected the mindset of Liverpool who was deffenetly not at their best against Real, though Still could have won, but Courtuois or how ever his name is written have became a monster Goalie and i truly hope Arg will not have to play Belgium because of him, but offcourse in WC u have to be redy for any scenario at all the time etc,,,

        • Also i so understand why there are many against spurs and everyone has right for their oppinion about spurs, but i will Still remind everyone that spurs was the first team in England with foreign player from Germany a long time ago and also spurs has had special kind of relationship to Argentina way before Ardiles and Villa, so coaches changes a lot in England and also in spurs too and some might not favor Arg players than others and not every Arg player who joins spurs will succeed, but most importantly also as fans can also and do change their oppinions quick about any player who is not performing or out of form not only arg player instead they do remember Ardiles and Villa and that is why the true spurs fans or let say the elder ones instead at least have huge respect for Arg allways and now with Cuti this has just come so much stronger maybe even more than in the days of Ardiles and Villa and offcourse it also has to be that way too as Cuti is for me allraedy the best CB around the planet ! Still so jealous for Pablo D to be able to see this famous FA Cup where Villa scored the winning goal from stands, wow i never forget when he told me about this, be and stay well Pablo D !

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