Lionel Messi, Leandro Paredes back training with PSG


Lionel Messi and Leandro Paredes are back training with PSG.

The two Argentine players returned from their holidays early and are already working towards the new season. As we reported earlier, Mauricio Pochettino is no longer coaching the club but the two Argentine players are already back with the team.

Mauro Icardi returned to training on Monday and for the time being, all three players are remaining with PSG. There had been reports that the club was looking to sell Mauro Icardi and Leandro Paredes but Paredes himself stated that he will remain with them for this season.


  1. This Benedetto guy is a choker, two missed penalties one in the normal time and one in the shootout (the 5th one for the win) and a missed sitter. 6 brazil teams will be in the last 8 of Libertadores thanks to him. Btw both Paranaense and Corinthians deserved exit today, Libertad and Boca choked it. These brazilians are so lucky. River is our last hope.

    Shots today Boca 20 Corinthians 1…Paranaense with extra time goal after got dominated by Libertad too.

    • benedetto is more than a chocker he is our worst export to europe when he returned to argentina he acted as a king trashing Almendra and luis vasquez confidence has been shredded beacuse of him i hate benedetto.why u put a talent like luis vasquez on the bench for a flop and a chocker like benedetto.i hope battaglia gets sacked,one for the sake of almendra two for the way he sets up his team three the way he is killing young talents. until he got the job permanetlly he played a midfield three of almendra medina and varela after he got the job he bought benedtto pol fernadez and oscar romero and benched all the youngsters .one postive thing rojo plays amazinglly

      • benedetto return, oscar romero signing all are Riquelme’s doing. Riquelme has battaglia arm twisted and has a big say in who plays. Luiz Vasquez really stood up when given a chance but sad his development has stalled.

        • ya Riquelme was one of my fevourite players when he was playing now i am starting to dislike him

  2. If you are an Argentine fan, you would hope these realistic scenarios to take place before the transfer windows close on August 31st (The best scenarios that do not involve Argentina players):

    1. CR7 to remain in MU. Why? Because his presence will limit England players such as Rashford, Sancho, Greenwood, and Lindgard to not grow for another year. If CR7 goes to Munchen for example (very unlikely though), Rashford, Sancho, and Lindgard (if he doesn’t go anywhere) will get their minutes and freedom back. In other words, CR7 remains in MU is bad news for England national team.

    Reason number 2. If CR7 remains in MU, Garnacho will get another year to learn from his master. Try to copy as much as possible from him, young man.

    2. Gleison Bremer not to move to EPL and be successful there. This Brazilian guy is the serie A defender of the year, just like Cuti was last season. His game is similar to Cuti’s. If he gets promoted to Brazil national team, it is bad news for the rest of the world as Brazil defense already the strongest in the world even without him.

    3. Lucas Paqueta does not move to EPL. Brazil key players such as Militao and Vinicious Jr just won CL and got a contract extension. Their regular players such as Raphinha (Leeds), Richarlison (Everton), and Jesus all move to big clubs. Now Lucas Paqueta of Lyon is wanted by 3 EPL big teams too: Arsenal, Spurs, and Chelsea. It is bad for us if all their players suddenly move to big EPL teams.

    4. If Lewandowski go to Barca, Bayern will not promote a new German striker to replace him. Germany are strong everywhere but they don’t have a proper 9. We don’t want them to create a new monster.

    5. Steven Bergwjin not to move to Ajax and be a star there. Bergwjin is only a back up player of the Spurs but when playing for Netherlands, he plays like a super star. We don’t want him to improve his confidence as it is very likely that Netherlands will be our opponent in the WC quarter final.

    • With all due respect, this group in the NT play very well together as a team. As long as we stay healthy, we can beat anybody in the world. My main concern is our form, and health. I could care less about other teams. Anyone can lose any game, including us. Our players need to concentrate on their form and fitness, and everything will take care of itself

    • We are playing with both utmost passion desire and strategy. Scalonis strategies are perfect to neutralize any team currently. The confident level is the main thing. Don’t need to worry about those Brazilians. Get them strong as they want. It’s in our hands. We can take on anybody. Whenever we starts as the favourites we failed like in copa 2007 2015 2016. But whenever we starts as underdogs we showed our best. And when this Argentina team gets their best means it’s a graveyard for Brazil.

    • Over the top over thinking.
      How about just hope whenever we meet a strong team they have an off day and w3 beat them soundly?

    • I am a life long Albiceleste fan and with all due respect el principe, I wouldn’t give 2 squirts of p**s about any of this. It’s not against you or anything, that’s some good research you’ve done there but my only concern is our boys and what they’re up and not what other players from other teams are up to.

      I hope that Lautaro and Nico Gonzalez continue to develop up top. I hope that Maria goes to a club that appreciates him and treats him like the star that he is and that he doesn’t run himself to the ground for said club so he’d be fit and ready for the WC. I hope that Dybala stays injury free and plays to his potential because he could be a lethal no.9 backup (or even a challenging starter?) for Lautaro.
      Lastly I hope that things go well for J.Alvarez and that he atleast gets into Pep’s rotation and earn himself and his coach’s cofidence.

      I hope that Celso finds a good club, that Paredes gets more playing time at PSG without injuries, that Simeone learns how to use De PAul better and that Palacios gets control of his injuries so he can have more continuity. I am also hoping that Enzo Fernandez and Nico Domingues have breakout seasons to give the team more options in the middle of the park.

      I hope that Cuti has a relatively injury free season at Spurs, something that he hasn’t had since moving into that cursed club. I hope that Licha gets some playing time in England even though I truely doubt he’ll start. Finally I hope that Molina continues to develop his defensive and offensive game because his rise in the last 2 seasons has been meteoric, which is all more impressive considering that fact that Udinese got him on the free and non of us have heard of him before.

      Lastly I hope that el D10S stays fit, healthy and happy and come into the WC like a conquering general and shuts up all the pundits and doubters who think he’s past his best.

    • As management guru Stephen Covey stated: it is absolutely useless to worry about things outside your circle of influence.

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