Ángel Di María out of Juventus team vs. PSG in the Champions League


Ángel Di María has been left out of the Juventus team for their Champions League vs. PSG on Tuesday.

Di María has played three of the five Serie A games for Juventus this season but will miss their first Champions League game. The 34 year old started and scored their first league game vs. Sassuolo but was substituted out due to injury.

He would miss the next two league games vs. Sampdoria and AS Roma but would play against Spezia and Fiorentina. Juventus announced their team for the game on Tuesday and Ángel Di María’s name is not included.

Leandro Paredes and Matías Soulé are both in the team.


  1. Well it’s been an interesting few weeks for our boys and here is how I see things for now:

    – Dibu has done fairly well considering the wreck that is Villa! Had one big oopsie last week but other than that he’s been pretty good, especially against ManCity. I’m not worried about him, for the moment, but he really needs to think about leaving this loser club at the end of the season.

    -Rulli is doing well for a rising Villareal but to me he’s 3rd choice GK at best especially after last season’s CL where he showed that he’s just not good enough at the top level.

    -Musso is doing very well for the surprisingly rejuvinated Atalanta and is easily no.2 for me.


    – Cuti is looking good (as usual) and thankfully Conte has brought stability to Spurs.

    – Otamendi is also looking decent for a strong looking benfica, but he’s yet to be tested properly, which will come soon in the CL against the likes of Juve and PSG

    – Licha. Wow an interesting few weeks for the ‘wee guy’ as the brits like to call him. I have to admit that I thought his move to ManU at this time would be a mistake but I’m glad he has proven me (and most of the English media) wrong.
    I’ve noticed that he tends to struggle physically at times, especially in the latest game where Jesus got the better of him on a couple of occasions but he’s adapting fast and that’s what matters.

    -Nahuen Perez, Medina and Balerdi have all been doing well in Italy and France. The latter in particular has impressed for Marsaille, especially after being so inconsistent last season. this gives me further hope for Argentina’s future defensive options.

    – As for the fullbacks, well Acuna is looking good despite Sevilla’s struggles while Tagliafico seems to have found a new home at Lyon, although with Peter Bosch being coach I won’t get my hopes up.
    On to the right side of the defense, Molina started the season like a bull in a china shop, hence why he saw a red! Honestly Atletico with Simeone is now as bad of a place for Argentines as Spurs used to be! Still early days and I hope Molina can turn things around because Montiel is not doing all that well with the struggling Sevilla while Foyth continues to be plagued by injuries.


    – De Paul, another struggling NT starter at Atletico, a real worry. I don’t know whether it’s his off field issues or it’s Simeone or both but I really hope Rodrigo turns things around because he’s a pillar for the NT and I can’t see anyone replacing him.

    – Paredes, finally got his move to Juv and looked surprisingly good in his first start where he made multiple vital interceptions, hope he keeps it up.

    – Celso, looking better and better at Villareal and scored a goal to boot!

    – Papu, like Montiel and the rest of Sevilla he’s not at his best, but still, his ability on the ball and his vision remain intact and I think he’ll be important in Qatar.

    -Guido is looking good for a Betis team that’s also looking good.

    -Palacios (lastest match aside) has been one of the very few good things about NeverKusen. I just hope he stays fit because it’s his fitness that has hindered his form in the past.

    – Enzo Fernandez. While I’m not as hot as some of you seem to be on the guy, I do like his game. He’s neat and tidey with his passes and always has his eyes on the goal, always looking for that forward pass or have a go at goal himself, despite that fact that he’s playing out of position in a double pivot defensive position. His call up is well deserved.

    – Nico Dominguez. Sadly my boy hasn’t done all that well, so much so that he was benched in the latest game. The silver lining here is that when he came on as a sub in the same game, he looked really good, so maybe Mijhalovic benching him lit some fire under his butt.
    I don’t see him making it to Qater but he could very well be a important factor in 2026.

    – Finally, Alexis! The kid has been generating alot of discussion here and I will say one thing about him: He’s good, and I like him but I don’t see any place for him in the NT with a 3 man midfield. Alexis is a decent enganche, he can do everything well, pass, shoot, defend but I can’t say that he’s better than any of the above midfielders I mentioned and while watching Brighton it’s clear for me to see that he’s still trying to adjust to his newfound position as a CM where he’s doing the defensive work well but only at the expense of attacking side of his game. Will he figure it out and balance the two? who knows but for now he’s behind all the 7 midfielders I mentioned above.


    – Lio D10s. I know people are saying that he’s not scoring enough etc…but he’s looking good out there, playmaking his heart out and his 5 assists and 4 goals in 7 game isn’t anything to worry about.

    – Lautaro is looking good and so is (surprisingly) J.Correa! Although with Joaquin’s history of inconsistency I don’t know if that will last.

    – Dybala is looking hungry and I just hope he stays fit because I see him as an important backup in the team.

    – Julian has adapted much faster than I thought he would and I hope he keeps it up because like Dybala, he can be an important backup.

    -Maria hasn’t had the easiest of starts after his explosive goal/assist debut with Juve. I just hope he stays healthy and doesn’t run himself to the ground.

    – Nico Gonzalez is yet again struggling with injuries, which is worrying considering the fact that he’s an important sub and that Argentina doesn’t have many players in his position (LW/LFW) to call on. Hope he gets well before Qatar.

    – Lastly A.Correa, poor kid, he was Atletico’s best player last season by a mile and his reward….a warm spot on the bench. Honest to god f**k EL cholo!! I don’t want that man anywhere near the NT.

    Overall our boys are looking fairly good with the Atletico starters (Molina and De Paul) being the exception but as I said before it’s still early days and there is still 70 days before the WC so I hope things will turn out for those 2 because De Paul in particular is irreplacable, atleast for now.

    • you talk standard, i agree with you all of this you mentioned and i think enzo has little more to surprise bcs he has plenty of space to improve and he already shows he can grow very rapidly, his inclusion may not be best of all but his inclusion is very necessity for futre

    • Very good roundup and I agree with all your points. About Nico Dominguez I also really like him as a player but with how tight the midfield selection is if you aren’t coming with momentum and consistency you won’t be selected. He had momentum going for him last year but the shoulder injury interrupted it and Enzo came swooping in. Like we all know it’s between Mac Allister, Palacios, and Enzo. The latter two are more talented but the former two know Scaloni and the team better and that chemistry/experience may give them a push.

  2. After scoring 2 goals and what? 4-5 goals this season, 2 or 3 of which are penalties it is easy to say he is a good player. Wait until full season. If he really is a good player, the big teams will line up for him.

    Cucu moved to Chelsea for what? £70 million or something. Bisaouma moved to Spurs. Those 2 along with Troussard were 3 of Brighton best players. Liverpool needed a midfielder badly before the transfer windows close. Why they never went for MacAllister then? Chelsea also needed more midfielders, Juventus too.

    Look I gave report of Cuti and Emi last season week in and week out. I always gave the actual reports. For example, last Sunday Cuti played not too good. I said it here. I gave him the rating of 6.5. I never say that he’s always fantastic and flawless. But at end of last season, it is proven. Cuti was the best signing of all EPL teams.

    But this MacAllister dude, when he played bad, no one said nothing here. When he scored 2, it is such a hot issue that even when Lo Celso scored a goal for Villarreal, no one hardly talked about it.

    Give the real report. If he plays bad, say it. If he plays good say it. Last season for example, Brighton vs Spurs part one (the one that Spurs did not lose). I watched the full game. Cuti was fantastic and MacAllister played super bad. Why no one said he played bad?

    Oh I got it, only when he scores and his team is winning then we praise him here right? Where was the comments when he scored an own goal against MU? You see how biased this place is?

    Look if Cuti plays horrible or Licha scores an own goal, I will be the FIRST person who admits it here.

    At the end of every season, you will see each player real value. If other (big) teams lining up for you that means you are doing a good thing. Remember one time the young Icardi scored 4 goals for Sampdoria and stopped scoring in the next 10 games or so. Don’t just make a quick judgement based on 1-2 games. Last season Gio Simeone also did the same. Scoring 3-4 in a game and disappeared completely.

    • By your logic locelso should never start for Argentina as nobody wants him. No big club went for locelso also where as spurs wanted to sell. Psg barca madrid chelsea Liverpool noone. Club interest is not a big deal. McAllister is a good utility player and can help us in penalty shootout

    • sorry I don’t want have got at you
      It’s look like that it brothers you poor Alexis MacAllister Playing top flight epl and doing reasonable well. Maybe you wish he is to fail like many other Argentina players and come here to prove your point At the end of the day Alexis MacAllister is Argentina
      If he is doing well we will all say it
      It’s your choice to report likes cuti and emi No one asks you especially in the modern day where is everyone has access to social media weather it’s twitter, YouTube fb ig so on , one more question Don’t you f..king get bored reporting same two players every match they play that is crazy especially when everyone watches them and know how they did , f…k spurs hate them and they won’t win shit they don’t stand chance I feel sorry for poor cuti Romero locked with shitty club too boring to watch under conte and soon he will go and than what, BTW licha made right decision and move biggest club the world arguably.

      • f…k spurs hate them and they won’t win shit they don’t stand chance I feel sorry for poor cuti Romero locked with shitty club too boring to watch

        Oh I see u hate the Spurs. You are entitled to hate a club or a player just like me. I have the right to hate/like a club or a player right? Just like back then u hated Di Maria and Higuain like crazy. Everyone remembers that. Go ahead remember me: I am the one who hates all players who are not NT materials but always get called up including: MacAllister, Nelson Vivas, Mariano Gonzales, Maxi Meza, Pratto, Benedetto, Gonzalo Pity, Nico Gaitan, and many more.

        For the record the Spurs is doing fine. Go ahead hate them. I don’t care. And Cuti loves playing there. Oh I see So you wish the Spurs doing bad and Cuti goes out from there right?

        As for me reporting the Spurs or Aston Villa yes no one ask me, but I watch their games always. Are you the moderator here forbidding me to give the actual reports of them? If you are the moderator here and you have a problem me watching their games every week, then tell me. You can kick me out for that.

        As for MacAllister, I just want this place to be healthy. It is unhealthy when only when the player plays well then he is worshipped and when he plays bad, no one mentions about it. It makes the place toxic.

        • True I used hate di maria when he played most of his nt games below average he used be so annoyed and frustrated But tha has changed since he scored that goal Vs Brazil gave me so much joy , he plays well and deserves his place in the nt now unlike you. I don’t hate players a sake of it again if di maria plays sh…t world Cup I will hate him if he plays well I will like him simple as that , come on Mr el principle you are so disappointing to see Alexis MacAllister is doing relatively well epl especially when the sold Y. Bissouma to your beloved club
          Everyone was thinking how they will replace himBut guess what who filled his position and doing much better than many was expected is mac allister.

          • I will remind you when he plays shitty. From now on I will watch Brighton. And please don’t run away or change your id if he plays shitty. Just like how u kept super silent when Di Maria scored that goal.

            And one day if he moves to middle east, I will mock you… everyday.

            Anyway MacAllister better than Bissouma my ass. That shows your futbol knowledge.

          • Only here in this forum people think that MacAllister is the the next best thing. Everywhere else in real world, no one hardly talks about him.

            The same goes when Pity Martinez or Meza had 1-2 good games, he became a god here.

          • I didn’t say he is going to be next big thing and I will never say that I see decent player and I’m happy for him doing alright that is all my friend. One thing I will never do run way or change id that is me. the reality is players can flop or surprisely can be good, look as example I would take palacios and enzo Fernandez over mac allister oh another thing I know my knowledge about the beautiful game is quite good actually no need anybody’s approvel

          • One thing I will never do run way or change id that is me.

            Good thats pretty gentleman. I also would never make alotta ids here to back up my points like some people do here.

            Let’s see how that dude will do. I still stick with my idea: A mediocre player might have a couple of good games but consistency only belongs to real great players like DI MARIA: Second most assist in futbol history after Messi, champions everywhere he goes, CL winner (best player), Copa America goal winner, Olympic games goal winner, a bunch of league winners, an all FIFA best team of the year, and many more.

            Again I will let everyone know how he does every week as I will watch all his games too. I am very fair. If he plays good I will say so, if he plays bad, I will say so. But if you ask me I don’t believe he is that good and has already improved.

  3. I am not a MacAllister fan either. I do not hate him like some people on this forum. He scored a couple of goals the other day against Leicester, which is always nice to see. But keep in mind, he plays right wing at Brighton, not midfielder. I do not think he is a bad player, I just don’t think he is fantastic at anything. Between Enzo, Palacios, and MacAllister, two will go to the world cup. Enzo has done well at Benfica, but I do not know how it will translate to the NT. Hopefully he will get some minutes in the friendly. But to exclude Palacios out of the three is absolutely crazy in my opinion. He is the most talented of the three, and links up well with Lautaro, Nico, and Messi. Just look at some of the passes he made in the WC qualifiers. He is a magnificent talent. The reason I do not like MacAllister is he reminds me almost of Lucas Biglia. He is too slow to read and defense catches up with him. Poor instincts and slow play allow the opponent to park the bus. I hope Scaloni sees this.

    • Lucas biglia was one of the corner stone of that team which reached a world cup final after 24 years. I don’t know what are you trying to say by this comment. Biglia was a starter palacios a sub player max.

    • To leave Palacios will be the ultimate betrayal he is been here from day 1. I don’t think Scaloni will do it think all three will make the squad but if I have to choose I will drop MacAllister because Palacios and Enzo have higher ceilings as players they are more talented and they play in better clubs. a Brighton player in the Argentina squad that doesn’t sound good

  4. Why nobody talks about thiago almada, for me he is ahead of enzo ferrnandaz he is very box to box with great finishi g and creativity skills we cant ignore him by the reason of playing in MLS

    • We already have exciting young players like Julian, Lautaro, Molina , Foyth and Lisadro all below 25 years of age and just entering their peak. Scaloni and his team are very good in scouting talent and this is not the time to include untested youngsters in the team just based on hype. Guido was playing in Mexico before he was selected for the national team. When pitbull Battaglia got injured, Scaloni selected Guido in the national team and he hasn’t looked back ever since. Hopefully after the World cup he will provide graceful exit to the senior players and start the integration of young blood unlike Tata and Bauza, who should also be held accountable for 2018 fiasco!!

    • Thiago Almada is an AM, Enzo a DM/regista. Thiago a creator, Enzo a passer who controll the game, a lethargic player like Paredes with defensive skills. But he will never beat opponents with dribbling. Passer, but imo not alternative of Lo Celso and RDP who give much more.

      • Almada is not done yet. If he somehow can go to Europe in 1-2 years then he will be one of the players to watch. He was supposed to be the next big thing a couple of years ago but his agent sold him to MLS.

        I remember in Olympic last year, that stupid coach ignored him because he was playing number 10 and at the time that shitty MacAllister always started in all 3 Olympic games ahead of him. Anytime Almada played, Argentina played different and was much more lively (like in the last game against Spain). The coach Batista just got it all wrong and he paid the price by being sacked and Argentina losing the tournament by their worst ever performance in their history of Olympic.

        • Olympics 2016 was even worse. Ofc we were bad without the biggest talents. In 2021 Morales—Facundo Medina-Cuti-Licha-Molina—Macallister-Nico Dominguez-Palacios—Julian Alvarez-Lautaro-Nico Gonzalez. Brazil always play with their strongest team just like Argentina in 2004 and in 2008. In 2016 Musso—Angileri-Mammana-Quarta-Bustos—De Paul-Paredes-Lo Celso/Lanzini—Angel Correa/Joaquin Correa/Ocampos-Icardi-Dybala. Would have been way different story.

          • The best team of Olympic ever is Bielsa’s Argentina in 2004 if I am not wrong with Tevez as the main player. We did not concede any goal at all and we won the tournament easily. That team was considered the greatest team ever that can rival US dream team of basketball.

        • Your hate towards Mac Allister never ending…but how can you call a NT player shitty…?
          Almost all coach he played unde trusted him..that say something.

          • macallister good at little above average obviously his defensive approach has improved bcs of the way brighton used him but it is not a feeling that he is going to give vital moment, no way using him in left or right midfield is better decision, his only playing spot is defensive midfield, he could be usful in some game some games could be cost bcs of him bcs he lacks something more dynamic like celso depaul even palacious, choosing enzo over macallister is easy decision maccllister best playing team where he is playing now, but enzo could be suited any big clubs for a day to day challenge

          • excuse me, back then everyone hated Di Maria. Why didn’t u protest too? Even if Di Maria had a fantastic year, he still got the hate here.

            If I dislike a player because he is shitty and I said the fact that he clearly had a super bad Olympic 2021, I don’t think that disqualify me as an Argentina fan. Go ahead watch all 3 games of Argentina Olympic again if you want.

            There are a bunch of MU die hard fans who hate Maguire. So what? they are not real MU fans?

            And yes you are very right. Batista trusted him that much ahead of Almada in the Olympic and for that reason he is sacked after the tournament.

          • TBH, Mac Allister has been improving tremendously for the past 10 months. I never liked his playing style in the past, but lately I realized that he deserves to be part of our WC team. He can be a very good backup. He is a good penalty taker, can play in different midfield positions, and has powerful shots from outside the box.

          • MacAllister is just a sub , he is not going to start any match. In the event of an injury or suspension to any of our starting midfielders Papu will replace Lo-Celso, Guido will replace Paredes and Palacios / Macalister will replace DePaul. Also many folks are talking about Enzo should not only be in the team but start ahead of Lo-Celso!!. This boy has shown a lot of promise but lets wait for a full season in Europe and see how he performs. After Dimaria and Messi , Lo-celso is our creative engine and fourth is DePaul, for me. Enzo will most likely only get 10-15 mins in the two upcoming friendlys or might not get any time at all, only get to train with the team. I agree with el-Principe, MacAllister is average midfielder but his recent form is very exciting and his work rate is what Scaloni likes to execute his pressing strategy and also to cover for Messi and Dimaria’s lack of defending. Nevertheless, Enzo will have to do something especial in the Champions league first 3 matches to replace MacAllister or Palacios in the world cup squad.

          • You are absolutely have your own right to hate or like whoever you want and that doesn’t mean you are not Argentina fan either yes I agree he was bad and shitty during the Olympics and i dislike him for that reason too but that was then now Alexis MacAllister is different player and he improved massively since he becomes deep laying playmaker he makes good passes btw the lines good forward passes can shoot from distance can score free-kicks penalties so on and he is doing all that the best league in the world no average league so my point is the guys deserves credit that he is established EPL player especially middle of the park and I’m sure if he continues this path he will go world Cup.

      • I don’t know why some of u are trying to say Enzo is a DM he is not I think it’s because u started watching him since he started playing for Benfica. in River he played on the right of a midfield three he had a lot of freedom Enzo Perez was the defensive midfielder.in Benfica, he plays in a double pivot with Florentin who is the DM

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