Javier Zanetti comments on the Argentina national team, 1998 World Cup


Javier Zanetti commented on the Argentina national team and the 1998 World Cup.

Zanetti spoke about the Argentina national team and the 2022 Word Cup. Speaking in an interview with DSportsRadio, here is what he had to say:

“I am excited about the Argentina national team. For what they have done, winning the Copa America and the Finalissima. The group is committed and excited. They know that the country is after the same dream.

“I have the same excitement as everyone but I am aware that France, Spain, Germany and many others have great teams. Argentina has the tools to be serious protagonists.”

In regards to his goal at the 1998 World Cup in France:

“Not even dreaming did I imagine scoring a goal with my left foot vs. England at a World Cup. That play was for Ortega but when we got to France, it was given to me. Passarella shouted it from the bench.”


  1. Top Defender list..what you think?
    1. Anuparno
    2. C Romero
    3. N Otamundi
    4. L Martinez
    5. Juan Foyth
    6. Molina
    7. Teglefico
    8. Acuna
    9. Pezzela
    10. N Perez

    • Easy with the negative vibes friend. Messi looked fine and if in fact as you say he was exhausted in the 2nd half then that would be expected since he missed the last two games and while playing in a high intensity game vs a club with plenty of dirty tackles.
      He’s 35 years old + and knows that he needs to keep his nose clean between now and then and I doubt he needs any reminding.

        • Anuparno, during Copa America, Messi was the best player, top scorer, top assister right?
          With 4 goals and 4 assists in 7 games right?

          Do you know his stats after Copa America? 11 games, 14 goals, and 2 assists.

          So you still doubt that he is not the real Messi? I keep telling people here, the PSG Messi is NOT Messi. If you wanna watch Messi, watch Argentina.

  2. Messi didn’t look happy getting subed with 15 mins BUT good for you Coach……get his ass out and let him be forced to rest especially Vs a semi-dirty club like Marseille

    • True. On two occasions when he was fouled, I really thought he might have hurt his ankle and calf. If it was Dylala he would have been out injured for 6 months straight!! Leo needs to go easy on dribbles. French league reminds of dirty CONMEBOL qualifiers.

  3. Yeah city this season is on red hot form but that form is only against mid table teams and out of form teams. They lost both the match against liverpool this season. And another team with compact defense was Dortmund and they made life difficult for city. They are yet to face Chelsea Tottenham( only team to defeat city 2 times last season) Arsenal and other big teams in UCL. Pep forgot that when Julian comes in those matches were turned into city’s favour like in community shield crystal palace and Dortmund. Yet pep couldn’t even give him his usual period of a sub like last 20 minutes.

  4. Liverpool 1- Man city 0
    I am seriously happy for man city losing this match
    Pep treat holand like
    He is ever best player of the earth
    Our Julian so much neglected by pep

    That’s why I am Happy
    Pep attacking football gives holand a lot of chance to score
    Where our boy Julian doesn’t get 1% chance
    So pep should understand that if Julian get that much chance .what holand got julian also score more goal than holand

  5. Lewandowski whining about he deserved the Ballon’Dor over Messi should have finally understood how Leo Messi was dragging a team 5 times weaker than the current team for three consecutive seasons. Past two years, Barcelona has recruited a lot of good players like Kounde, Raphina, Alonso,Torres, Emerson and Lewandowski and they are still on the verge of getting knocked out from Champions league and today have lost to Madrid where they were dominated the entire match. The only reason they finished 2nd last season and this season are ranked 2nd is because of poor form and out dated strategies of other teams and their managers like Simeone and Julen Lopetegui. Sevilla basically gave Madrid the league and Barcelona 2nd place on a platter last season. With Betis , Sociedad and Sevilla coming back to form, Bankruptilona’s honeymoon period this season seems to be coming to an end.

    Some pundits were against Messi going back to Barcelona as they were convinced the current squad is not compatible with Messi’s style of play and he will pull them backwards. Bitch, their current batch of players like Ansu Fati are disgrace to the no-10 shirt!! However I agree with these pundits about Messi shouldn’t go back to Barca part. He will only tarnish his legend and should close the door for good as he is too old for this mess. On the contrary, Leo should stick to toxic PSG for 2 more season and make some more cash before hanging up his boots. With Neymar and toxic Mbappe fighting over who should be their main man, Messi is back to sublime form and his finishing is gradually returning and has already taken over the control of the team’s attack thanks to Mr. Galtier. Beside the coach, Neymar and Mbappe have certainly made Leo’s life easy by taking a lot of load off his aging shoulders which will eventually extend his European career.

    • Messi should finish this season with PSG and then go to Argentina. He needs to play at least 1 season in Argentina which he never got to do. It should be while he still has legs.

      • it will be wonderful but not posible due to economic reasons.
        Messi cost as much as an entire Argentine team squad. nobody can give that money. Despite what people believe or saying IF he will take some guarantees he wants from Barcelona he will return there. if not then he will choose other future. the sure is for the moment Leo thinking only world cup and this makes me more than happy.

      • Joining Newell’s would be nice, but unlikely. What is likely is Messi and good friend and former neighbor Suarez joining Inter Miami.

      • If Messi goes to Argentine league, imagine the media coverage of the league. Every opposition team Messi plays against along with his team mates will have the greatest opportunity to impress the European club. He can help Argentine clubs get the money they deserve for their players. I would really like Messi to do his beloved country one last favor and go to Argentine league instead of Inter Miami.

        • Right on SulaV ! As that is very good way of thinking and writing a very good post, indeed ! I really like all of what u wrote as it would make things for Arg very good as indeed it would be better for Arg if he would one day return to play there even just one season or perhaps two would maybe even bring more bigger TV broadcast to the world from Argentine’s Primera as i’m sure it will draw even more viewers at least from Europe than now as obviously Arg as nation will benefit from this too in many ways, though i’m sure they would lure most of the money for TV right’s away from Arg or at least try to play some dirty tricks as usual, but Still i think in over all it would benefit Arg’s football to get real regonicion from even more than they do allready now
          as they truly deserve that !and more !,

          but it would also maybe finally change for once that should had been changed allready long time ago since Diego emerged that an Arg player should not be any cheaper than Brazil player or any other SA good player if they truly deserve that Prize and forsure it will help more Argentine players getting on European Club’s,

          but they should only move if they do have real chance to play and not join just to get in Europe, though further transfers do happen inside of Europe, but mostly every team is after someone who have impressed and played many games and been a constant succes for at leat one fully season etc.

          Also in otherhand as we seen unfortunatly so many time’s things don’t allways go as planned and not everybody has good and lucky transfer story as for example Enzo’s timing would not or could not been more on time as he immeadeatly made him Benfica’s at least one the most important player if not the most important !

          For Julian it is what it is as Pep decides what ever he want’s as that been part of Pep allways and i don’t think he will change in that way as offcourse he is trying to push forward and breaking new limits and most propably his brain is ticking and running like super fast Computer as he try to analylize everything out of everything and in that way also slowly and the more time the players spend time with his team will come like machine’s and not so much human anymore as this is the global trend of football at richest level,

          but i think from there come the error for him not been able to win UCL for so long as the game also need’s more human and natural side to it also as when it get’s too machinery,

          well some time time’s the machine’s just break down or do not function as they are expected and to fix such as problems u need more human and natural side to it and trust and give opportunities to others who do not regularly feature for the machine,

          but with their impact can give an new dimension to and for the machine and maybe that way Open up those eyes that can see and think only machinery wise as i think unfortunatly Pep does too much,

          please do not get me wrong as i dont have right to bash him nor that is not my intention either as in fact i kind of alkways liked him and thought of him a bit different than other’s perhaps,

          but maybe joining Bayern’s super machine which has been stuctured as we have seen that those certain names that alkways been there either as players and then becoming as members of the board and the board itself, though randomly moving places with each others as politician’s change their place’s in goverments so that they are able to stay in goverment as long as possible etc…

          every one wise enough know how all this works with Bayern and also why it is structured to work so etc…as we do not need to go back in history for that long when Baveria was very powerfull and feared place in Europe, though not meaning that every single Bavarian was included, but anyhow they could not Still change or not even dare to change anything as it took quite long for rest of Europe and the world too,

          to act at front of such power and feared Bavaria that it once was, and even i would like to belive that today’s Bavaria has no long any part with i’ts past,

          Still i’m affraid so that, what was done in the past has at least somekind effect also for the future as some may called it as Karma and some may gain purpously from such power’s that they used to have in the past, but not anymore, though and Still are able to benefit from it away or another etc…

          as this obviously offcourse applies not only to Bavaria, but rather to whole world itself etc…as those who wrote the history as we know it are the one’s also who have put the whole world to it’s position where it currently stand in way or another, though some may have not done so as purpously as others might have or could had done so for a reason or another, as that we will never really know for sure as it is blurred in to a such web that no one can’t really find their way out of it or at least it ain’t that easy and simple…etc.

          but, as i was talking about Pep, because obviously Julian’s destiny lies now in his hands way or another, then i have to admit that i’m more than dispointing how he treated Julian so far as when the transfer came puplic i do remember Pep saying quite many things about Julian and not only praising him,

          but also talking in way that Julian will be way or another be or have an important part of team and now as season started a bit earlier than before( in fact they should had started even more earlier due to this crazy coming WC played in the middle of the season in Qatar, only because they have so much money and FIFA got so much money out of it than most propably ever before and therefore there was really non competion for WC being played in somewhere else as it is truly sad that those who have the money can basicly decide where and when the WC will be played) and this offcourse causes problems specially with Club and NT football as some clubs are so wealthy that they have the money to fight against not only to each others, but also with NT football, which in fact do not have the money at all in most of the countries as FIFA has allways controlled this NT scene and had power over it etc…

          So back to your wonderful post, indeed!

          With all that u wrote if Messi would for example to decide to go play in Argentine’s Primera, then the effects of it will not only benefit Arg and it’s football, but in fact i belive it will be a big opportunity and very good new change for all the world and offcourse to i’ts football, which has grown out of hands as everything else as due theese rich bastards, who do only care for their own good and try benefit as much as they can out everything,

          though i’m not saying that it would be enough to change everything as corrupted in football, but at least it will Open up more eyes for sure and at least to make people to scratch their heads and wonder why on earth Messi chose Argentine Primera over Miami’s money for example,

          though i’m not saying that he is not entitled to do so as in fact i think he has every right to do as he please after what he has alkready given to whole world as before him only DIEGO was able to do that by playing football, though DIEGO also did it with real rebel heart as he knew the forces which were against him and Arg and that is at least one good reason to say why his life was allways from up and down and viceversus etc.

          As i belive he was very emotional and very good hearted Person who dominated world football as noone had done before him and only one as Leo been able to do so after him,

          but as the world is full of crooks who try to benefit and maximize everything out everything and everybody, so they did to DIEGO too as i’m not saying that he was not involded by himself as offcourse he was as who else could have been, but why ? Is the more correct or proper question ?

          as 1978 he maybe was too young for Menotti, but not for me and maybe, for other too, perhaps ? and 1982 things were done as they were also at 1990 and, well 1994 no one should really wonder anymore why ? Simple as that !

          Theese bastards allways treated him in as anti god of football in the eye’s most of world’s media,

          though there are those in certain media’s and the righteous one’s as we and the one’s who really knew what kind of Person he was and how sensitive and also emotional and that is why he is loved like more than GOD for such a many around the world and for those who really appreciate everything what he did in his life as true rebel and as footballer he presented that on the pitch in such way that noone never seen before and will be never ever seen after,

          As i’m not talking only about his quality and being a complete football player, but rather so unique that it is only been done by DIEGO and Messi in the world’s football as there is not been even others close to them ,fairly and with all the respect towards other football’s greats,

          who truly were great, but not in the same way and could therefore not reach football universe as DIEGo and Messi has done and hopefully one day the third one if there will be such, then it is better emerge from Arg and by that continue that super unique tradition or legacy that DIEGO started and Messi kept on and Still is keeping it on !

          which was the best in the world created by Diego and only Messi could and was able and Still is the only one as the same in quality and super unique wise,

          but also Messi has very human side too, though borned and played in different era, Still it is allmost impossible as how much they remind of each others on the pitch when it comes down to quality and uniqueness and the more older Messi has grown so has he also transffered to allraedy from more than humble and kind+super wise Person to a bit more rebellious which is more than understandable,

          though he may not show it allways in the same way as DIEGO did, but we must also remember that both are 2 super unique individuals and therefore can’t simply be the same Person, though and as unjustice and unfairness has unfortunatly been constantly surrounding him by from those the very same who did that to DIEGO too,

          so they have in fact many things in Common as they have given so much to whole world and lighten the way of football for so many and for me personally more than that and way beyond !

          and i truly hope this time after Qatari WC they have even more and one last thing in Common to both being able to lift the WC trophy for their beloved country as Argentina !

          Though, if not i will never TaKe away anything from both and specially Messi if that will be unfortunatly the last case in common to share with DIEGO, at least i hope, maybe his kids or someone else from Arg will emerge again as the third one

          Though as much as i admire theese 2 unique person’s in every Sense and every way, Still the most important for me is that Arg will be succesfull and win their more rightfull third WC sooner or later as not only justice will come right,

          but more importantly there will come a balance to world’s football, that allways should be there, but sometimes it is not given and taken away or it is just not ment to be for some unknown reason or reasons, but it would be better for the whole world and it’s balance and not only in footballwise for Arg to win WC again !

          Well, if not this time, then i will wait til’ Arg will win Again as i’m confident that one day sooner or later Arg will eventually get it’s third WC !

          And as in India the some of the policy officers have ”Tin Star” printed on their uniform so will it be printed to Arg’s NT Jersey forever til’ the 4th will come, and so on…

  6. Vini jr. is running like hell on the left side and Sergio reberto can’t stop him becoz of which Benzema scored by rebound….Roberto is good offensively but not in defending tackles…tatsy we need foyth instead of Molina against fast wingers…I’m not worried about the attack of our team but the defence mainly the full backs

    • It’s irrelevant when in NT. Doesn’t matter how pacy he is if your tactics is right then a mediocre defender will look world class. How many times have you seen Neymar got in one-one with Montiel. Rarely! So it’s all about position and tactics.

      • Yes, i think so too as it is more about the balance of the whole squad and tactics as u said+ offcourse timing is a key figure, specially for those who might not be so pace wise etc…to have understanding together with each and everyone of your team mates on the pitch at the very same time and to be able to maintain that+understand and read the game so that each player will make another even more better and function as team together on the pitch with the same mindset and willingness to win every battle on the field, though nothing is never granted in life as general, so therefore common focus at the same goal together as a team will help a lot, well if it is enough or will enough…only time will tell that…

  7. Aston Villa lost again and is 16th now in EPL. And Emi thinks this team is cool.

    Please rescue your career Emi. After 3 transfer windows (starting from last season), they still have the exact same loser starting line up of:
    Emi; Cash, Mings, Konsa, Digne/Young; Luiz, Ramsey, McGinn; Bailey, Coutinho/Ings, Watkins.

    That team was not good enough to even be top 10 of EPL of last year and they still do nothing pretty much to it. What a really pathetic team. Remember they got a fat £100 million from Grealish just about a year ago to spend. Ok they got Kamara and Diego Carlos who are both injured. That’s all? Even Bournemouth look better now than them.

  8. Raphinha in Messi position (RFW) contributed 1 goal and 1 assist in 11 matches so far in a very attacking Barca. Perfect example how overrated brazilan attackers are.

      • Yes those brazilian wingers only knows some step over moves. May sometimes cause danger in counters. Other than that they are not much a threat. They won’t have the ability to come out of pressure situations if Neymar got marked. Yeah without Neymar the only way Brazil has to make the defense tight like the one in the home qualifiers 0-0 and hit in the counters. With 4 defending players with 2 DMs they won’t allow us any gap to attack even if there is no attacking threat from them. So even if Argentina has upper hand they play that strategy like in copa 2007. We have to be aware of it. So getting the goal is difficult. So we have to also go for defending strategies and wait for the right chance. If not Rest is all about emi.

  9. Lautaro scoring again vs Salernitana. That was a nice goal from outside the box. Hope he has found his groove because it’s important for a striker to be scoring on a regular basis.

  10. Because someone asked earlier — the 21st of this month the 35 man squad will be released and the 14th of November the 26 definitive squad will be out. The injured players will probably be included in next week’s list

    • Thinking of Dybala injury, I suddenly think about David Beckham in 2002 WC. Dybala importance was nowhere near Beckham to England back then who was their number one key player among all. But Beckham was injured by Aldo Duscher in a CL match which resulted in him being seriously injured until the beginning of the World Cup.

      But England made a good decision to still call him up and Beckham was the main reason why we got eliminated as his PK goal won England 1-0 against us.

      Dybala can be a wild card for us. If (big IF) he can recover at least in the group stage, maybe take him. He has too much qualities that we don’t have among our bench players.

          • No it does matter because the other teams will have 26 players and we will have 25. Better one player in bench less talented BUT AVAILABLE.

          • 26 players teams use for the whole season. no team is going to use all 26 players. so with quality like Dybala, one should take the risk.no point taking players who can not score.Please suggest the players as well because for me J correa should be out and A correa should be in.

          • you miss my point. Dybala is a waste spot.
            no point of take one player he can t play. better take a player with less talent but CAN PLAY.

          • you are so romantic man. Dybala didn t arrive to 90% fit from beginning of his career lol
            you are expect him to reach it next month?
            that is good one lol

          • I don’t judge players just by watching one or two matches, I form my opinion by watching players for a long period. see how they perform under pressure and intense pressing to see if they can perform or not. example being, it was known Higuain choke under pressure because of his performance with real Madrid against Lyon in the champions league and the same issue come to bite us later. with J Correa/alario I can safely say they will underperform. dybala has shown to perform under pressure and that is the single reason we should take him to the world cup. As for other teams are concerned, apart from France or Brazil no team has the bench strength itself to make 5 quality substitutions let alone use their 26 players.

        • Argentina has sent their medical team to monitor and help Dimaria and Dybala. ADM will 100% be fully fit in 3 weeks and Dybala’s muscle tear doesn’t look as bad as it initially thought and chances of him regaining his fitness is very high. Unless Dybala injures himself while recovering he will most likely make it to the world cup.

  11. “Still gladly Arg won, but 1986 Arg was not even considered as amongst the favorites according to pundits”

    This is absolute not true, Brazil and Argentina were the two sky high favourites. Bookies couldnt imagine a european win in America.

    ‘Pre-tournament odds of ‘London bookmakers’, two days before kick-off, were:

    Brazil 11:4
    Argentina 4:1
    Italy 12:1
    England 12:1
    Denmark 14:1
    West-Germany 14:1
    France 14:1
    USSR 25:1

    • “Found the odds that Ladbrokes had at 31/05/1986, at the day of kick-off for the 1986 WC.

      3:1 Brazil
      4:1 Argentina
      6:1 Uruguay!!!!!
      10:1 Mexico!!!!!
      12:1 Italy
      12:1 England
      14:1 West Germany
      14:1 France
      14:1 Denmark”

      The statement, that Argentina won that WC in Mexico, was a miracle is a usual Maradona myth. Not true.

      • According to World Soccer, following the WC draw:

        Brazil 5-2
        Argentina 11-4
        Uruguay 8-1
        Mexico 10-1
        France and Italy 12-1
        Denmark 14-1
        West Germany 18-1
        England, USSR and Belgium 25-1.

    • I see u clearly are right about the pundits as i should not have used that word as” pundits” as it was my fault i do apoligize for that, though i did not say/called it or expressed it as an miracle in any way

      ’The statement, that Argentina won that WC in Mexico, was a miracle is a usual Maradona myth. Not true.”

      No, i did not make any such a statement or wrote anything like that, so i don’t know where u came up with that, but it does not matter for me, at least.

      Instead i only try to said this:” Billardo and his team with Diego showed the rest of the world that they were clearly the best team of tournament and i have no doubt’s at all that who ever had they played in Mexico 86 they would have won them all !”
      what i wrote also, but as the post was so long and my English writing maybe not that correct i do understand etc.

      The actual point was that after 82 with a new a coach as Bilardo and as normal a bit of new scenario than 78 and 82 things were obviously different to 78 and 82, when Menotti was in charge, nothing more than that as i never have looked or listened to pundits about WC, though i’m quite sure many have most propably got it right etc.

      So instead of focusing on pundits i (and i’m just talking about myself now) was aware of what happenned in 82 and saw how it ended for Arg and by watching Tele Santana’s Brazil 82, which for me was a better version than 86, though they Still had kept the core pretty much with some new addition’s to their team etc,, but also obviously many of them were 4 year’s older than 82, Still it was quite sad to hear people committing suicides after they lost PK shootout against France who had won Euro’s at 84 at homesoil, but were better team than Spanish in the final, though Dane’s should have been in the final against France, but they too lost at PK shootout 4-5 against the Spanish as Elkjaer was the last one missing, but it would have been a perhaps a better final to watch if the Dane’s would have been in the final against France as for my own eyes those 2 were best teams from Europe at 84 and like i said earlier i have no clue about what did pundits said about 84 as i’m not just never intrest in their way of thinking, so i quess what i wrote about 86 as :” 1986 Arg was not even considered as amongst the favorites according to pundits”, well i quess in this case i was the pundit myself Still dissapointed from 82 and how it ended for Arg etc.,so sorry my misstake,

      but, the teams that i feared the most at 86 were Brazil, France, Denmark,Belgium and offcourse i could not count off West-Germany/Germany as everyone knows, that most offently they are alkways a threat at WC etc…

      But, i’m glad and greatfull for u bringing up those Numbers from ”the real pundits” as it is not surprise for me to see that those 2 English pundits somehow managed place England higher than West-Germany, France and Denmark, lol ! Sounds like De-ja-VU from them, as no wonder they never won since 1966( though that time it should have been West-Germany as allready in the game against Arg the blody referee allowed the English to do what they liked and threw all shit of against Arg, such terrible ferefee it was that the game ended by one of Arg’s player and maybe the coach too hunting down the referee, lol !

      As after that game the blody English captain called Argentine’s as monkeys as they have alkways had their nicknames or should i rather say bashnames for such as froggies, taffers, Jock’s and das boot’s or Paddy’s etc… the list goes on and on…

      In the end the conclusion i can make from theese 3 different pundits, who deffenetly seems to know their stuff better than others, lol ! And thatbis why i never bother them rather just look with my own eyes and make my own coclusions/pundits, lol !

      Anyhow all them seemed to favor Brazil and Argentina, which could have been my most feared final, but thanx to french and their goal Joel Bats’+the miss from socrates etc…

      Also i’m a bit surprised that non of them mentioned the Spanish, though no wonder from those 2 English pundits, lol !

      In the end there were 3 PK shootouts at 86 from which 2 of them could have changed another way around as they were close one’s between Spain vs Belgium which Belgium won 5-4, though i can’t remember if Jean-Marie Pfaff was able to stop one or did the Spanish miss placed one, either way Pfaff was clueless with both of Diego’s goals which were like allmost identical if remember right? I kind of liked that semi against Belgium even more than the final, don’t know why, maybe because of those 2 Diego’s goals were so great against Pfaff, and i had recorded every Arg game since the first one against South-Korea, though i watched offcourse everygane, but those Arg game’s i watched so many time’s and i wished that i could Still had those tapes, but when i moved to Denmark at Permanently and at the same time rest of my family moved to Spain the tapes got lossed as now i would give anything for those tape’s just to watch them with my kids all over again !

      After a draw with Italy 1-1 i felt like relief and i was very happy, because what had happened at 82 also i knew that Bulgaria was not that good so by winning that Arg could top the group, but when i saw the game against Uruguay i got bit scared again even Arg won 1-0, but the Dane’s had beaten Uruguay 6-1 and also beat West-Germany 2-0, but luckily Butragueno scored 4 past the dane’s which ended up 5-1 for Spanish and i was very reliefed when they lost at PK against Belgium, as Belgium had exactly started to play better after group stages as they beat Soviet 4-3 at extra time.

      But, the way Arg played was also giving me confidence specially after Arg beat Uruguay 1-0 and the rest was just forever living Magic that i will never forget !

      That is why i also wrote : Billardo and his team with Diego showed the rest of the world that they were clearly the best team of tournament and i have no doubt’s at all that who ever had they played in Mexico 86 they would have won them all !

  12. Top Midfielder list….
    1. Gio lo celso
    2. Rodrigo de paul
    3. Paredes
    4. Gudio Rodrigez
    5. Palacios
    6. Enzo
    7. Macalester
    8. Almada
    9. Papu gomez

  13. Now Richarlison from Brazil could miss the world cup after his calf injury against Everton. Poor guy was inconsolable in the dressing room as per reports. Messi really needs to not push himself to impress the ungrateful PSG fans who are totally against him renewing his contract. PSG will play 7 more matches between tomorrow and the Nov 13th , which is too many matches in less than a month time!!

    • Actually if Richarlison missing the World Cup it is bad for us or other teams as I saw a map of Brazil attacking players, there are about 11 of them, and Richarlison is one of the worst ones I think. He is versatile can play anywhere upfront but is average to me. I say Neymar, Antony, Raphinha, Vinicious Jr, Rodrygo, Firmino, and even Cunha are better than him.

      For the Spurs he has 9 league games so far 0 goal and 2 assists. For Everton he also did not score that much all season.

        • A lot of Brazilian attackers are wanted by every club and at the same time overrated too. This transfer windows Antony, Raphinha, Richarlison all move to a bigger club. Paqueta too an AM, but none become a star. All have been disappointing. Richarlison is doing equally as bad as the Spurs attack never click anytime he plays.

          I am not saying others are good. I am saying Richarlison has been really bad.

          Martinelli has been good for Arsenal actually but Brazil have Neymar, Vinicious Jr in his position already. Raphinha and Anthony is like poor man Di Maria.

          It is strange that we had a group of attackers who would be happy to change their clubs last summer named: Dybala, A Correa, Nico Gonzales, J Correa, Di Maria, or Alvarez. Only the last 2 draw attentions from others. Dybala only one club, Roma seriously wanted him when he was a free transfer player.

  14. Morata has provided the assist for the winning goal…….now he well start the next 5 matches for atleti while angel will suck his thumb on the bench…..stupid barbaric simione

    • To be fair it was good play from Molina and De paul. Molina pre-assist and De paul position play was so good that he drew defender out of position. I was pissed at Cholo but I think he is actually helping Argentina by keeping De Paul intact. All those miss passing won’t happen with NT for sure.

  15. You guys can see what can happen without playing regularly a great midfielder like depaul also struggling now. I hope everyone play regularly until wc that’s important you know this time we will get only 7 days training camp not a month long training camp which was the case during the previous world cups.

    • This can be a double edged sword. Does regular mean playing every single minute in every game in all tournaments? I think the scheduling is too grueling because of the winter WC in the middle of the season. Ideally our players should get just enough minutes to stay match fit but not so much that they may risk injury. Just 36 days left though so regular minutes would be good for our players now.

    • What do you mean by “struggling”? I watched today’s match and I didn’t see any struggle. De Paul’s private life and off-field antics are affecting his game but on the field he looks sharp to me.
      As Enganche says, the best thing right now for any player is to play rotation, not every minute otherwise our boys will go into the world cup exhausted.

      • I was actually pleasantly surprised by RDP during international break. I was expecting him to play poor due to his lack of minutes, fitness, and decent form for club. But thankfully those issues didn’t cross over to the NT.

    • Yes, De-Paul deserves to start every match but he is no way getting so little playing time that it is affecting his overall passing and positioning. The reason his game seems so off is because of Simeone’s strategy and approach. When you are constantly rotating players every match this was bound to happen. Not just De-Paul almost everyone in Atletico is having issues. There is no chemistry , noone is able to pick each other runs , positioning is pathetic, crosses are finding no one. Only lucky goals is keeping them in top-4 in the league right now and Champions league they will need something special to qualify to the second round. Regarding our team’s performance in the world cup we will have to use the one friendly against UAE and the group games to regain and reinforce the team chemistry like in the COPA where the two WCQ matches before the competition help kick off our team chemistry development process and we eventually peaked in the final.

      The players I am actually worried about are Alvarez, Cuti and Licha. Julian’s lack of playing time and our lack of back up to Lautaro means Julian will be the direct sub to Lautaro especially after Dybala’s injury. For strikers Lack of playing time means lack of shooting opportunities and Julian is looking like blunt sword nowadays. The other two, Cuti and Licha , like Dybala are being overplayed. Dybala played 5-6 matches in a row before injuring himself in training and then he was rushed back and played another 3 matches in a row and tore his muscle. Cuti and Licha’s teams are fighting for top 4 and their clubs will drain them dry. CBs tend to get suspended a lot and if anyone of them get injured then our strong defence department suddenly will look very vulnerable. Our fourth CB Pezella is only good for closing out matches in the last 15-20 mins left as I can’t imagine him starting a knockout match, it would be nothing but a nightmare!!

    • This is a very long a non answer to your previous question, so sorry again for it lenght…etc…

      Anuparno October 14, 2022 At 2:12 am
      As you see both 1978 and 1986 wc winning team. Im curious in ur opinion where this current players stand in comparison to that 1978 wc winning team?? Are this squad is as good as 1978 team??

      Ricky Villa October 15, 2022 At 5:48 pm
      Anuparno i understand your question, but it is completly impossible to give an answer as and, because the game itself has changed so, so much !
      Surely both teams from 1978 and 1986 were good as they both won the Wc for Arg, but i would not even compare this 2 teams, because as firstly 2 different coaches.

      secondly in 8 year’s of time many things can change, but as maybe the Dutch were favorites to win at 1978 according to pundits, well anyhow Arg had better chance to win as playing at home, though the final was a tuff one, Still gladly Arg won, but 1986 Arg was not even considered as amongst the favorites according to pundits and also maybe, i’m not certain because i’m not from Argentina, but somehow i had the feeling that there were not so big expectations after what happened at 1982 when Diego was in Menotti’s team as he could have been also at 1978, but Menotti, maybe considered him too young and also had allready a good squad, though many around the world and forsure in Argentina knew what kind of player they had in Diego allready back then !

      So if u really want comparison from me, then i can only give u this as 1978 Menotti’s team won at home the first WC for Arg by beating the Dutch at extra time, well the expectations were high for 1982 obviously this time Diego involded, but it was not ment to be and Ok Arg had a difficult start as they lost to Belgium 0-1, but came back beating Hungary 4-1 and El Salvador 2-0, but Belgium Still won that group even they drew with Hungary 1-1 and won El Salvador by 1-0, so that time after the first group stage they had an second with 3 country’s in and if Arg would have only drew with Belgium in the opening game they would have topped the first group of 4 country’s and by this they would have avoid the real ”Group of Death” the worst i seen so far with Italy who man marked Diego with mainly Claudio Gentile and also with help of Gaetano Scirea won that very dirty and more than tempered game 2-1 so next Arg had to beat Tele Santana’s Brazil which for the first time had Brazilian players selected from playing outside of Brazil and for me maybe, been the best edition of Brazil Wc teams, though they also did not won the WC like Arg also and honestly were a better team on the pitch, though the referee took one clear penalty away from Arg so that could had perhaps changed the game and in a way it also did as Brazil scored twice a row and Diego got sent off and so ended that Wc for Arg by result of loosing 1-3 to Brazil, but neither they with their best ever edition team i have seen could won as Italy’s Rossi who had just been releleased from a huge and long doping ban scored the first one and after Brazil equalizer he scored the second and after again Brazil’s second equalizer he scored the third so it was also good bye to Tele Santana’s Brazil 82, which maybe was the favourite to win or at least one of them at Spain 82.

      but, back Arg instead, so after that 82 WC some players who were also had been amongst 1978 winning team did admit that the preparations had been poor from Arg’ s side, though don’t know why as they just basicly said that they arrived to Spain 82 physically weaker than 1978, so it is hard to say after all what would have happened if Arg would have won or at least got adraw from the very first game against Belgium, but for sure Arg Still was a great side with Diego offcourse,

      but somehow he kind of won after 4 year’s with different coach and in a very different situation in over all and Arg were defenetly considered amongst the top favourist, more like nobody exepted really anything, but Billardo and his team with Diego showed the rest of the world that they were clearly the best team of tournament and i have no doubt’s at all that who ever had they played in Mexico 86 they would have won them all !

      But, now we are talking about from 44 year’s/36 year’s period of time til’ now, so your question is very hard to answer as i’m sorry, but i think we have to wait and see hopefully all the way to the end to answer properly to your question…as from 1978 teams and 1986 teams i can’t simply say more that they were both true Champions and at 86 they were not considered really as favourites, but Still they won with Billardo who obviously surprised everyone even with Diego as one of the greats amongst his team, Still back then, when scouting also was quite different to theese days time Billardo, perhaps was maybe known in SA, but not that known in Europe so this could have been one advantage, though everyone truly knewed who DIEGO was and what he was capable to present on the pitch, but maybe they all and specially Europeans thought that he would never overcome that 1982 ” the real group of death ”, but as we all know they were wrong about him and Arg too as Arg threw such havoc on everyone and Diego was literally on Fire and had obviously decided that this time nobody could stop him like Italy’s Genetti and Scirea had done fairly to say more than ugly way and specially Genetti !

      For this time i think only playing Italy, who, Yes could not get pass their group and were knocked out by North Macedonia, obviously were down from that, but Still the way Arg played and beat them in the Finalissima was something special too, so not facing other European teams as there were simply not any opportunities to do so due this year’s more than heavy schedule, well it might suite and favor Arg, a bit maybe similar than 86, but not that much as obviously scouting is tip top at 2022 with blody drone’s flying in air etc…also it could be disadvantage , but i like to be optimistic and that is why i think i will favor Arg.

      as i see only Arg can be it’s worst Enemy by themselfs, meaning that the exepected physical level or condition is not somehow reachable like bit a 82 for example, though Arg had truly once again really bad luck too as it has been the case also other times too, so that is why Arg needs also luck with together being physically fit as other factors such as team chemistry, dressingroom togetherness and also offcourse quality and skill is there as we have seen it allready, though the last friendliess were what they were etc…

      Still even not any preparation time given this time for the WC as this is also same for others at least for the Europeans and that is why Arg has to be really awake from the very first game which is alkways kind of one of the difficult one’s nevermind your opponent, though it would have been better in my oppinion to start with European team instead of Saudi’s , why ?

      Because, Saudi’s for sure have more preparation time than Arg and Arg has to deffenetly beat them at least 1-0 or at least this way things will be easier or at least to start else off a little by little, so ofcourse a drawn will not end Arg’s WC as there allways lies an new opportunity after another,

      and Scaloni and Co knows this for sure as they are not stupid or arrogant, actually i think Aimar either gratiuated as Proffesor or at least he could had easily been one, anyway we are talking about very wise Person, indeed ! And i’m pretty sure that this had something to do with getting Messi again on abroad at the beginning, when Scaloni was Still named as interim coach and, before they made him the head coach and now also gave him a new cpntract, which is also very important, indeed, as it gives everybody more confindence and rest in piece of Mind for the whole Arg Nt !

      So i trust Arg in every Sense and way as i see Arg’s goal keeper department is more than good to win the WC !

      Also defence and specially central defence is rock solid, though i’m a bit worried about Molina’s and Acuna’s form as i think Tagliafigo will be fine when coming to defending, but also one player can’t defend alone so this has to be done inna collective way from the whole team starting from Lautaro or who ever is playing at Arg’s forward or in a forward line etc…

      I know There have been injuries as also Other teams have had some too, but that is part of football and every team has to deal with that as some obviously will be more luckier by avoiding injuries and others perhaps not, but i do hope that every team will arrive with as less injuries as possible and offcourse specially Arg, but i do not wish any injury for certain team or certain players from Arg’s opponent’s etc…

      Middfield this time is deffently the best i seen for long time respectively towards for past ARG NT’s who offcourse had great middfielders among their NT’s, but, maybe were not that equal all in quality and also not so United as this time and also the bench for middfield looks more than good, so some say or belive that middfield is the one who bring’s u trophys and some say that defence is the one who bring u trophys as for me i belive both bring you trophies specially when they are United as one and playing as one team !

      Then, Ok, it is true that Arg may be a bit short at the top as only Lautaro so far as pure no.9, but then, in the end Arg has to be also to be able to score goals from set pieces, corners and hopefully the more goal score’s among Arg’s team the better it will be and TaKe pressure of from Lautaro and Messi, but firstly we have to hope that everyone will arrive as fit as possible and if some or not able to recover in time even for KO’s then Arg has to really think what to do and who to include innthe final 26 etc..

      Also experience is alkways needed, but so is freshness and young blood and if some experienced players are injured and not able to take a part in the coming WC then it might be best to opt for young blood like Almada for example or those who have at least some experience from Scaloni’s training sessions and been called before, but sometime also when injuries hit hard on you there might only option to include someone on form or not in form and have maybe not been called up or at least for long time, but there are so many scenarios with this and that, so in the end it is just nonsense to try to constantly speculate with this and that as it is what it is,

      And when the time arrive’s for Scaloni& Co. to choose those 26 and then if we want we can all start to speculate again, though in my oppinion even i like to speculate too, Still there is not really any use for any of us from that as only time will tell…etc.

      So all we can basicly do is just wish and pray (if we what to do so) that in the Arg will be crowned as rightfull WC Champions for the third time !

      Anyhow i will keep on supporting in any and every possible scenario as i will allways done and as i will keep on doing every for year’s and when the Copa and any Arg Nt game will be played, so nothing has changed for me and nothing will never change for me when it comes down to supporting Arg !

      • I didn’t read. Every post from you seem to be a book reading experience. It’s good that you’re a fan of Argentina and that you’re passionate about it and that’s what matters for a lot of us here. As a fellow fan, I suggest you reach out to the website hosts and see if you get a chance to post your articles provided you are putting in enough effort towards offering coherent thoughts so it’s palatable for the rest of us. Thanks!

    • Personal problem affects us no matter what. Family can be a big inspiration bt any prblm there can affect a person emotionally and mentally and that’s somewhat affects their professional life as well.

  16. De Paul is misplacing too many passes. He’s not playing well offensivley but pretty good defensively. He’s in a tough spot, needs more minutes to improve but not playing well enough to start consistently.

  17. Molina is having a decent game so far today, both defensively and offensively. In fact, he was robbed a long ball assist by a questionable VAR decision.

  18. Sampaoli has started to give Montiel minutes at Sevilla, today he first started him as a right-sided CB in a back three before switching him to a wingback on the right. Two very different roles. One emphasizes defensive responsibilities, another one stretching the play, width and shuttling up and down the flank. Can’t say he had a great game but these minutes are important going forward.

    Acuna played 27 minutes as a left wingback, came in as a sub.

  19. Cuti played extremely well in a win against Everton. No mistakes at all and his passing is just amazing. He passes the ball forwards to Kane, not just to other defenders or DM. Both him and Licha are very good passer for a defender. My rating for him 8.

    In 4 days it is the game I have been waiting for Cuti vs Licha Spurs vs MU.

    • From what I have seen, Cuti’s passing is above average, he is indeed a decent passer but as Csabalala said, Licha, Otamendi, Senesi and Quarta are better. Not that it’s super important as long as Cuti does his primary job which is defending. In Argentine tradition, you have a passer CB or a number 2 and stopper defender, number 6. To me Cuti is one of the best number 6 we have had in a long time.

      • A problem with CB’s and their passing comes from two opposite sides of the spectrum. Some are so untrustworthy with the ball teammates don’t trust them and you can’t build from the back and might make errors in their control. Then you have your ball playing center backs who can pass well but in many occasions get overly confident and make errors in trying to be pretty. I like that Cuti is both an above average passer but also isn’t overly flashy or reliant on his skills and knows when to play a simple pass or just clear the ball. Licha, being a world class passer, is much more confident in his skills and makes more daring passes but he also knows when to play it simple and I’ve never actually seen him make some mistake leading to a goal or shot.

  20. My 35 Squad
    Gk :
    1. Emi martinez
    2. Geronimo Rulli
    3. Franco Armani
    4. Juan Musso
    5. Juan foyth
    6. Nahuel Mollina
    7. Gonzalo Montiel
    8. Marcos Acuna
    9. Nicolas Tagliafico
    10. Cristian Romero
    11. Nicolas Ottamendi
    12. Lisandro Martinez
    13. German Pezella
    14. Nahuen Perez
    15. Facundo Medina
    16. Leandro Paredes
    17. Rodrigo De Paul
    18. Giovani Lo Celso
    19. Guido Rodriguez
    20. Alejandro Gomez
    21. Alexis Mccalister
    22. Ezequel Palacios
    23. Enzo Fernandez
    24. Nicolas Dominguez
    25. Leonel Messi
    26. Lautaro Martinez
    27. Angel Dimaria
    28. Nicolas Gonzales
    29. Paulo Dybala
    30. Julian Alvarez
    31. Angel Correa
    32. Joachin Correa
    33. Giovani Simeone
    34. Lucas Alario
    35. Tiago Almada.
    Mr. Scalloni Please 26 Squad

  21. He is one of the very few players that every football fan loves. You will never find someone hating on him. Very bad he didn’t play in 2006 and 2010 WCs. Was loyal to his country and his club. Big respect and hats off to him!

    • His exclusions from those wcs were terrible decisions. In my humble opinion, he is the best rb i have ever seen. Great technique, pace, leadership and tremendous stamina and endurance. The guy was phenomenal! I remember that he suffered acchileas tendom tear at the age of 39 years old, but still he came back and played until 41 years old!
      He was unique!

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