Villarreal coach Quique Setién comments on Gio Lo Celso injury


Villarreal coach Quique Setién commented on Gio Lo Celso’s injury.

Gio Lo Celso was substituted out for Villarreal in their league game vs. Athletic and with three weeks until the World Cup, everyone is worried. Villarreal coach Quique Setién spoke about Lo Celso’s injury. Here is what he had to say:

“Lo Celso noticed some discomfort in his hamstring. He is awaiting tests that will determine what he has”.


        • enzo is alrounder, but his creative output yet to be flourish, he usually plays in river both right and center midfield, i saw several time in Libertadores game he plays in right side, but in benefica he is playing in center midfield as holding midfielder, obviously he can play anywhere in midfield, but interms of creativity we needs player who is solely focused on that, like gomes,thiago they are attacking midfielder, locelso is advanced for us bcs he can do both defence and attack both without losing creative play, enzo is allrounder for me yet to be flourish in fine-grained midfielder or one of the best midfielder argentina could have recently

  1. If Scaloni and his staff set clear criteria it would prevent a lot of speculation.

    Example – we only take healthy players to the WC. A player needs to be able to play 90 minutes at least one week before the deadline of the final list (14 November).

    • Deschamps just did that after it was announced Pogba will not be at the WC.
      Deschamps: I will only select fit and capable players. I will not take injured players to the WC.

    • Lamela is in his 30s plus quite injury prone also locelso’s defensive work is better. I don’t find anyone like to like replacement of lo celso. Only enzo can replace him but he is little different and locelso defensively better

  2. Lo celso is important. Specially because of his defensive work plus cuti also affected by muscle overload. Im fearing for messi, enzo and lisandro they are playing each match they should rest now. Even lautaro is playing every match.

  3. enganChe saying its a hamstring injury and need a miracle. Another member saying he needs 1-2 weeks and is ready for the wc? Exactly what is the official update of lo celso injury? Is it serious?

  4. Lo Celso loss is a significant one. Even a mild hamstring injury might take a while to heal. I hope by some miracle he is back soon.

    Palacios is a great alternative in theory but he is still recovering and you can never expect him to be healthy. Man, that version of Palacios that we had at the punishing altitude of La Paz, Bolivia, that Palacios was an absolute beast.

    Papu has played some games in Lo Celso’s role and did quite well, but at his age you cannot expect him to last long. Plus his defensive contribution is still somewhat below what Lo Celso offers from what I’ve seen. Hard to expect a complete box-to-box performance from him but that’s what Lo Celso does.

    Enzo can play in that position but he is not as dynamic and his defensive work and hustle off the ball are still worse than Lo Celso’s. He would also be new to the team but hopefully acclimatizes to his teammates fast. 21 years old for a midfield role is also a bit too young for my liking, it would have been better if he was 24-26. There are outstanding exceptions to that of course (Pedri, Gavi) but is he one of them? Maybe….just maybe….

    Fingers crossed to avoid more injuries to our key players in the remaining 21 days until the WC.

    • For professional players 3 weeks are enough to not only heal from minor hamstring injury but get back to training as well. It could have been worse, had he pulled his hamstring 2 weeks later, then he was practically out. Now he gets to rest for 2 weeks and join the camp and train with his team-mates. Most of our players resting while other team’s are busting their ass could be a blessing in disguise. Just need Dybala to get his fitness back, we will need him off the bench to equalize or finish off an opponent. I am more worried about Messi , Licha , Cuti, Molina , Guido, Otamendi and Enzo. They have to drop down to lower gear, they are playing two matches per week and are at serious risk of muscle injury.

  5. Against saudi Arabia lo celso maybe in doubt..
    So team will be
    De paul..Enzo..Palacios
    De maria…messi.. Lautaro

    • No need to use not fully fit players in group stages: Foyth, Nico, Di Maria, Dybala, Paredes, Lo Celso, Palacios etc. We will win the group easily wo them too. Macallister/Enzo/Palacios Guido De Paul—Papu/Julian/Correa Lautaro Messi

      • But still has a concern for team chemistry..
        So i think de paul paredes lo cleso should play from 2nd match..what you think?
        And according to tyc sports Foyth chance practically over…may be scoloni will go with 8 mid fielder

        • We played 20-25 matches with this trio together, chemistry is already there, some european team dont even know who will start in the mid, huge problem. Guido+RDP will be fixed, Palacios has chemistry with them, Macallister is an intelligent guy and Enzo is a big talent, wont be a problem. Yes wo Foyth Enzo Palacios and Macallister all will be in the squad.

          • Team chemistry is not something you can pick up from where you left off. After long gaps , players need to play few matches to rebuild the chemistry like preseason for clubs. Otherwise we will end up like 2018 under Sampaoli or 2010 WCQ campaign under Diego.
            Yes, they have been playing for over 3 years together which is why they need 2-3 matches to get the high press and immaculate passing we are used to seeing.

        • Without foyth our chance will decrease by 25% why tyc saying foyth chance practically over?? Look at our rb players they are horrendous defensively. Foyth is far more important than dybala. If they taking risk with dybala why not with foyth. If not foyth they have to try and convince Pablo maffeo to play for Argentina this wc. He will solve our problems. Maffeo is good going forward and also solid defensively

  6. Took a good amount of time to watch Tagliafico’s perfomances against Lille and Rennais, and oh my word, his metamorphosis under Laurent Blanc in the 3-5-2/3-4-3 system is amazing! He is confident, sets up his teammates beautifully and a very tough player to beat on 1v1.His assist yesterday for Lacazette had it all. Blindside run, sublime touch and a well timed pass. Tagliafico’s presence on both boxes are impressive and evidently, fans of Lyon are in love with him already. He’ll arrive in Qatar in such good form and shape.

    • That is great news. We don’t have much options on our left wing and we can use Acuna and Tagliafico on the left flank together depending on the circumstance.

  7. Someone commented on Licha’s performance vs. West Ham:

    “If Ten Hag can’t find another defender like him, United should find a way to clone him”

    Let Premiere Pro or Final Cut do the job lol…Licha has won the fans’ hearts easily and that is his first season with the club, guess what he will do when he settles well?

  8. Nicolás Tagliafico between the players of Lyon vs Lille:
    – 1 assist
    – 1st in tackels [6]
    – 1st in touches [72]
    – 1st in interceptions [4]
    – 1st in duels won [10]
    – 84% pass accuracy

    MOTM 🌟
    One headache is gone

    • Just hope that he don’t give a performance like WC 2018 🤞rest is ok….but I’ll prefer acuna over tagliafico becoz of his crosses and long balls…let see

      • Acuna is shit recently. Both acuna and tagliafico quite mediocre going forward. Defensively tagliafico has improved don’t think 2018 will repeat.

          • How many assists he have for Argentina while playing as left back?? I don’t remember any.even never seen good crosses which leads to scoring chances. Never seen 1-2 linkup with our forwards also. Copa America final we nearly conceding because of his bad marking of Richarlison and he scored we saved by the offside call. How can he miss the run of Richarlison in a such an important game?? Just imagine he does it in wc and we will be punished for it

          • Sometimes I am not sure if u really watched matches or ur just reading news or highlights? I mean most of your comments rarely make sense. Starting with all countries have at most 4 legendary players, Maradona didn’t single handedly win the World Cup 1986, it was the whole team who won it. And now Acuna not good going forward.

            I don’t need to give u proof but everyone who watches Argentina know that Acuna is our attacking left back and Tagliafico is a more defensive minded one. That’s all. If u tell me Acuna not in good form yes I agree but if u tell me Acuna not good in going forward that’s insane.

          • He has 4 assists for us, most recently a nice cross against Colombia, if you actually watched him last season when he was in good form with your EYES you will have noticed that one of if not his best characteristic is crossing.

  9. Tagliafico is in very good form. He just had an assist last night against Lille. Lyon fans are super happy with him. With Acuna’s fitness issue, this is very good news for us.

    Molina is doing well. Foyth returning. We are good again in wingback positions.

    Brazilian players started the season very well but faded as season progressed. Jesus, Raphinha, Antony started the season with big hype but now no one is talking. Vinicius is not a good as he was last season. Only Neymar, Rodrygo and Bruno Guimeres is doing well. But Tite starts Fred over Bruno.

    Brazil is our no 1 opponent this wc, not the European teams.

    Our most important players Messi, Lautaro, Otamendi is in good form. RDP is also back to Atletico XI and doing well.

    I do not care about injury news. They will come to world cup fully fit. These are just precautions except for Dybala’s case.

    • Tagliafico better defensively than acuna. He also played well in recent friendlies. I think he will be the starter in the wc and earned it. How is Molina performing in Atletico?? Simeone starting him every match. But Atletico this year is little leaky as well. They even conceded 3 against Cadiz. I haven’t watched any match of Atletico this year except that ucl match where correa started

      • But it doesn’t reflect in la liga performance of villareal. When things turn around, I mean in la liga the below table teams play very defensively and foyth cannot just sit back and defend. He has to come forward with the ball and there the option for villareal is limited with foyth. And that’s one of the reasons villareal couldn’t enter into top 4 position.

    • yeah i agree with you, brazilian is our no 1 opponent, good to see foyth is returning, we have problem in our wing backs, fools will never understand how much important foyth for us in this world cup, he has drastically improvement last two years, with foyth we can shut down any attack from that right side which in my eyes most weakest sides of arg game. even his game in coming forward much improved unlike two or three years ago

    • Feel the same…disgusting human no longer at helm but he’s got ~49% of the vote and half the country is full of sh1t just like in other countries incl. US with f’g rump!

    • I don’t know about the rest of you but I would like to see this C sucker and many like him held responsible for all the crap they did while in charge of their respective countries FOR A CHANGE!

      • Not going to happen, brother! They say Karma but it ain’t hitting these kind of people anyway for all their sins against humanity.

        I wish it would happen like you suggested but no, the majority of us are cowards and enable the very people that hurt us all as they play against our own prejudices and lack of good character, unfortunately.

        • The whole brazil NT with the leading of Neymar supported Bolsonaro, slip in their face. Ofc he robbed a Copa America with the hacking of VAR and robbed the hosting of another Copa from us. The rest is history.

          • True that…I hope Lula will truly put these guys in their place and sanction/charge them for corruption. The country definitely deserves better than these selfish primadonnas.

  10. @El Principe — On what you said earlier, I totally agree, there are reasons why each of the three might be in and each of the three might be out. To add on to that, I’ll add a few facts about every Mac Allister call up this year.
    – In January, Palacios was unavailable and Mac Allister was call up along with what I’ll call the “guaranteed 5” (GLC, RDP, Paredes, Papu, Guido). He ended up not making the bench (don’t remember why) and all of Guido, Papu, GLC, RDP, and Paredes got minutes.
    – In March, Palacios and Mac Allister were in but Papu and GLC were out.
    – In May, Palacios and Mac Allister were in and Paredes was out.
    – Last month, the big 5 were in and Palacios was out, with Mac Allister getting several minutes and Enzo being tried.

    Nothing has been totally consistent, and it’s hard to know how many minutes Mac Allister would truly have had this year if the ideal big 5 + Palacios were there every single time, so it is hard to determine the full pecking order, except that we can be very confident the starting midfield is the LPD and Guido is typically the favored replacement for Paredes while Papu is one of the highest rated subs. I mention this because some people think Mac Allister may be guaranteed because of his regular featuring this year by Scaloni, but I think that the routine injuries that happen every time we have games have paved extra room for Mac Allister up until now.

    • Yes, Scaloni picked him to prepare him as a backup if our regular starting midfielders were to be injured and his role is going be exactly that in the world cup. However, the way our players are easily getting injured in the last 2 months or so due to fatigue and exhaustion, Scaloni might have to make some changes to his formation of the squad and pick a 8th midfielder in Enzo!

      Additionally, knowing how Scaloni operates, it doesn’t look like MacAllister will be dropped. He was picked to play as a deep lying CM , to specifically focus on pressing and moving ball forward while tracking back to defend if we lose possession, that is a work horse. Scaloni picked him to play the role similar to Nico Gonzalez but in the midfield and MacAllister has done his job quite well tbh. If we are going to judge him based on his offensive skills then ofcourse he is at the bottom of the stack but as I mentioned before he is picked to maintain the high pressing game coming of the bench. Nevertheless ,
      with 22 days left for our first match and Foyth not even featuring on the bench for Villarreal, Scaloni might go with 8 defenders and 8 midfielders. In about two weeks the squad will be announced and 25th and 26th player selection is looking quite interesting.

      • Why didn’t he select Pablo maffeo?? He could have solved our right back prblm. If foyth doesn’t make it Molina montiel can’t handle world class wingers and opponents will target right side of our defense.

    • I agree with what you said on all those injuries in different time. TYC and Ole are confident that the last spot is between Palacios and Enzo. Maybe they are right.

      Honestly I am ready to accept whatever Scaloni decides on the final 26. My best guess is Palacios will be the one who will be out (if 7 midfielders). But I will be celebrating if it is MacAllister who is out no doubt. I think Enzo and Palacios both offer something to our team better than MacAllister.

      If Palacios is out then we can’t afford losing De Paul at all as he will have no proper back up throughout the tournament. Less than 2 weeks from now is the final squad, we will see.

  11. He just need to sit his ass down and not play anymore and head directly to the training camp 2 weeks before the world cup. Same thing with Lisandro, he needs to slow down and not act like the messiah of Manchester United. He will need to fake an injury and rest up like Antony. 2 weeks of closed door training along with the friendly against UAE and a supposedly easy match against S.Arabia should be used to gradually get our team chemistry back and work on our high press strategy. We should work on reaching the form we displayed against Italy in the knockouts!

    • I am counting the matches for our players. It seems like Serie A and EPL still have 4 matches left each until the World Cup. La Liga has only 3. So Sevilla, Villarreal, and Atletico and Betis players will join the Scaloni squad much earlier as their last match is on Nov 9th. EPL and serie A still have a match on Nov 12th. PSG will only have 3 matches left but their last match is on Nov 13th. Same as Benfica 3 matches left and last is on Nov 13th.

  12. Good article on Licha Martinez

    Martínez is now standing tall after a difficult start at Manchester United
    Defender was said to be too short to ever be world-class but showed against West Ham he has
    First Gianluca Scamacca shot from 10 yards and Lisandro Martínez’s body was in the way, then the two darted for the looping ball, the Italian striker with a raised right boot and the centre-back head first. Martínez won the race to end the attack. His reward was a boot in the face, not that he cared, having completed his job of stopping a goal. A clean sheet is the most important thing, regardless of personal cost.

    The final moments of Manchester United’s 1-0 win against West Ham were a scrap, a concept in which the hosts have not always been willing participants. Martínez was at the heart of it, his teammates following the demanding standards set by the Argentinian. Limbs and torsos were put in the ball’s path to ensure Marcus Rashford’s first‑half header was the difference.

    When Martínez arrived at Old Trafford for £48.3m there were questions raised about his suitability for the Premier League because of his height, standing at 5ft 9in, not a figure often associated with a centre‑back. The early signs were underwhelming as United lost at home to Brighton on the opening day and were then roundly thrashed by Brentford 4-0. The back four for those two games was Diogo Dalot, Harry Maguire, Martínez and Luke Shaw. Three months of Erik ten Hag’s coaching has improved them all.

    In the meantime a partnership was growing between Martínez and Raphaël Varane but the France defender will be missing for his club until after the World Cup. Victor Lindelöf missed out against West Ham, forcing Ten Hag to call upon fourth-choice centre-back Maguire, who was brought back in to rekindle a previously faltering partnership with Martínez.

    “There is a growing bond between these players and the stronger that becomes, the harder it will be for our opponents,” Ten Hag wrote in his programme notes. A key part of that is Martínez, one of two players he brought to United from his previous club Ajax to help build a similar team spirit.

    Martínez is the type of defender fans enjoy watching, throwing himself into every tackle and into the away end when required. It is glorious to see a perfectly timed sliding challenge, especially if the opponent is brought down as part of the deal, an art Martínez has perfected.

    Martínez sets the tone, an example to those in front of him, giving solidity to the team’s spine. When in possession he is efficient, quickly passing the ball to Christian Eriksen or Casemiro to instigate attacks at speed, but Martínez is also capable of a pinpoint long pass when required.

    When forced to clean up a teammate’s mess, there are no complaints, he just does his duty. He is not a man that enjoys fuss. As early as the second minute Martínez was in action when Saïd Benrahma was played through on goal in the left-hand channel behind Maguire. Martínez soon spotted the danger and moved into the vacant space to hold up Benrahma, forcing him into a weak shot that was blocked.

    There was constant dialogue between Martínez and his captain. Maguire’s lack of match action will have been a concern, while Martínez giving Scamacca 20cm in height was a worry. Knowing the other’s weaknesses, as well as strengths, helps create partnerships. The two swapped sides frequently to allow Maguire to mark Scamacca when an aerial pass was expected and Martínez was aware of the space often left by Maguire that he needed to cover.

    Having seen off Scamacca, Martínez was greeted by the substitute Michail Antonio, a man with a point to prove. The Jamaica striker is a greater physical threat, which Martínez quickly learned about when bouncing off his shoulder. Not perturbed by the incident, Martínez got up close and personal with his new foe, to ensure he knew that bullying was not an option.

    Martínez has found a way of marking far taller opponents, using his body to prevent them getting to the ball. With 13 minutes left on the clock, it looked as if Craig Dawson would tower over him to head an equaliser at the back post, only for Martínez to get to the ball first. A powerful Declan Rice shot in the closing stages was flicked away, too.

    United have conceded twice in their past five league games since shipping six at Manchester City. Goals win matches but defences win titles and United finally have a backline that can bring confidence to the rest of the team. When a side is regularly leaking goals, it brings nervousness throughout; forwards live in fear of missing chances because they know they need to score more than one to win matches. Although United impressed against West Ham, they struggled to convert chances, meaning the efforts at the other end were significant and rightly rewarded with three points.

    There has been a need for grit at Old Trafford for a long time. In the final minutes against West Ham the hosts had their backs to the wall but they held their own, led by Martínez’s desire and commitment, with a little help from David de Gea. Being able to scrap to victory is a great trait and Martínez will always be ready to lead United into battle

    • I’m so happy for him that he is enjoying life at utd and proving wrong likes Jamie Carragher who said he absolutely convinced he can’t play as cb in the epl when Brentford hammered united oh I forgot Graeme Souness too who also talk rubbish against Lisandro too.

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