Juan Musso speaks about his form, World Cup, Argentina, Emiliano Dibu Martínez


Juan Musso spoke about his current form, the World Cup, the Argentina national team and Emiliano Dibu Martínez.

Musso missed three games for Atalanta due to a fractured jaw. Back with Atalanta, Musso is part of Argentina’s preliminary team for the World Cup. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, Musso had this to say:

“On one hand I’m anxious but I’m also calm because I know that I did everything and I work hard to maintain the level in a league that is difficult. The team also demands it with a great preparation and physical form. We had a good start and wea re doing well in the league. I am leaving everything, these are decisions that are obviously made by the coach.”

Regarding the Argentina national team:

“I feel part of the group and the process, we live very beautiful things. The Argentina national team will always be the performance of the present. Most have a good presence in their teams, as expected and as expected, that keeps the base.

“It’s difficult because you have to perform every weekend and not lower your level. I strive to train 100% every day. The national team is always a prize for that.”

The difference between himself and Emiliano Dibu Martinez:

“I can’t say. Dibu is very complete. I believe that the goalkeeper today needs to be ready for everything, like playing with the feet and cutting plays and crosses. He is a good goalkeeper with a good physique. I also feel fit, that’s why I don’t like to compare.”


  1. Luis Martín (Argentina NT physical coach): “As for Lo Celso, today I can say that we’re going to wait until Monday to see images better, they’re going to do new studies and with those results we will see what to do. Situation’s complex, but we aren’t losing hope yet.”

  2. Scaloni is no Saint… Sometimes he does have clay in his head too just as his predecessors…
    Rulli – selected for comics?
    Armani – can’t even jump
    Macallister – I don’t know what am I doing
    J Correa – I can play hockey instead
    etc etc
    Thiago Almada is now a must to replace Lo Celso …
    Scaloni didn’t try different players in the 11 and now it’s a blink-blink situation.
    Scaloni don’t bottle it, it’s Messi’s last chance

    • Should Argentina perform dismally, Scaloni will receive biggest backlash ever. His decision to insist playing likes of Armani, McAlister, Rulli might backfire big time. Unfortunately he has no time for experimenting, but his reluctance to test AM like Lanzini and Almada during qualifiers in addition to Locelso, was annoying.

  3. Lo celso will be not avaliable till group state. His replacements. 1. Papu. 2. Almada. 3 palacious 4. Enzo..
    They will play 4 3 3.
    Molina Romero Otamendi Taglafico
    Depual parades papu
    Messi lautaro dimaria
    If goal needed.** alvarez. Dybala. Correa.
    For defend. ** licha foyth .

    • I really hope this line up is not gonna happen once for all Papu ain’t no Midfielder he is a winger or Secondary Striker not a Midfielder. Ues he can play in midfield against week opponents like at Copa but this is WC…
      We need Lo Celso. If he’s not fit Palacios or Enzo that’s what we need

  4. Endrick 17 years old Palmeiras centre forward price will be 60 mill., complete joke.
    Lautaro price was 25 mills. Now his worth 80 mills. minimum.
    Julian 21 mills, will be more than 100.
    Enzo Fernandez 12 mills, will be close to 100.
    Facundo Buonanotte 10 mills.

      • Lavezzi 5,5
        Higuain 12
        Tevez 15
        Aguero 23.

        Vs Rodrygo, Vinicius, Neymar, Endrick all 50 mills.+ even a mediocre Gabriel Jesus 32 mills. for Palmeiras.

    • This is how Brazilian clubs do the business. They are overvalued and still clubs are buying them. Most of them ends up as flop.
      Where as Argentine clubs ready to sell their players with less amount and almost all of the buying clubs, later making profit by selling them.

    • What kind of stat is this. I have never seen someone beaten lisandro in the air this season. Because of his height ten hag didn’t give lisandro to mark players in set pieces that maybe the reason otherwise i don’t believe in this stats

    • If you want to play with Lisandro (in 4 men defence) with his height and limitations in aerial duels has to pair him with a tall guy on the wing. Facundo Medina. Like MU do with Shaw, and a lot of aerially good DMs. Acuna/Tagliafico are too much risk.

    • Enzo Fernandez the same, unable to play in lone 6 as Guido/Paredes, only in double 6 with an elite athlete who compensates his defensive weaknesses (Macallister the same with Caicedo, Enzo with Florentino) we have not such DM’s so def wont play this double six formation. Trouble to put Enzo in the team cause he has way different skillset than Lo Celso, Papu etc. not fitting in Scaloni LCM’s role. (speed, dribbling, 1 on 1s, high pressing, wingplay, mobility etc.).

  5. If locelso is unfit and start as a substitute I’ll go for this lineup in the tournament 3-4-1-2 and the team should stick to these lineup further it will give the best balance as a defence and attack both


    Romero Otamendi Licha

    Molina De paul Guido Acuna


    Alvarez El toro

    Now why Acuna not tagliafico? becoz of the one touch pass and chemistry with messi that locelso used to provide so Acuna for me also his for his crosses… If Acuna comes forward pressing than Guido will be there for the left side defence and than Licha 💪 and for the forward El Toro can also help defensively and going forward with Alvarez 👍 and Messi is Messi 🙌

    So I believe the team should take these risk lineup against the friendly and group stage to build up the chemistry it will do wonders in the knockout I’m sure…

  6. C romero is the best Argentine Cb. He is a all-rounder player whose specifically has no weakness. Its just stupidity to think his ball playing ability is mediocre.As a CB he is very good in all part alongside ball playing ability.in air licha is better than romero!.lol.. Scoloni need conclusion genius!

    • His lack of ball playing ability is the major reason no big clubs want him. Even Juventus didn’t give him a chance. Its perfect for a team like Atlanta and Tottenham who are not dependant of possession football. And its not me every premier league critics and fans r saying he is not strong in the air

      • If Romero isn’t a ball playing CB then who is? Virgil? Militao? Dias?
        Based on your comments and the opinions you give I knew you don’t watch football properly. Only Licha is a better ball playing CB than Cuti. He is head and shoulders above the rest.
        It’s now obvious that you trust English media more than you do your eyes lol.

      • “His lack of ball playing ability”, huh? He’s no Bonucci or Lisandro but he’s way above average and is actually a very decent passer. Again Anuparno, some statements you make are a bit of a headscratcher, reminds me of Kevin aka Kavinder, it makes one wonder if you live in the same dimension or reality as him.

  7. My starting 11 for the Saudi Arabia game
    Formation 3-4-3
    Romero otamendi lisandro
    Molina enzo depaul tagliafico
    Messi lautaro angel correa
    Sub dimaria, Dybala, alvarez, paredes, foyth, acuna
    I put dimaria and paredes in sub role as they are injured and will not get enough matches to be match fit.
    I chose 3-4-3 high attacking as this is the best and maybe only match where we can somewhat experiment

  8. Current scenario Emi, Rulli, Armani

    We fukd up when Abbondanzieri injured in 2006 against Germany. Second goal keeper is very important. Rulli consistently being inconsistent..an error prone, under pressure mentality player as our second goal keeper is worrying. I would always go for Musso if he’s fit.
    If Emi can’t play in a game normal time , then the backup should be Musso.
    If Emi can’t play Penalty shoot out , backup should be Rulli or Rossi. Rossi’s penalty saving stat is very impressive but in Argentine league/South America.

    My pick;
    Emi, Musso, Rulli/Rossi.

  9. Man Lisandro has been playing superb except first two games in the epl, realistically speaking he won’t start ahead of otamendi and cuti but based his current form he should be starting however I’m incline otamendi side only due his Aerial Duels I don’t think any defender better than otamendi in aerial duals he is different level when it comes to that ,hey it’s funny world can’t believe I’m on otamendi side despite I was one of his critics before copa 21 on the other hand it shows I’m not baised or sacre to say how it’s, Argentina nt comes first for me when it comes to football, believe me I’m big optimistic that Argentina will do very well in qatar at the same time I will remind calm

    • On current form he is better than cuti Romero. Lisandro also more talented than Romero. Romero is perfect when u want to play ultra defensive. But lisandro is a more elite defender who are more suited for big teams who are wanted to be in front foot always. No big teams will consider Romero because of his mediocre ball playing ability. Lisandro will ultimately surpass Romero atleast in club football. Romero is perfect for conteball but lisandro is perfect for possession based football to top of that lisandro is quite shorter than Romero but still lisandro better in air than Romero.

      • Anuparno again you talk rubbish, cuti Romero ball playing skills is good go and watch him play. I have been following him since Genoa days to Atalanta to Tottenham cuti is complete defender can play any stlye, yes as said many times before he is over aggressive at times but it seems to me he has Changed that too because he doesn’t collect many yellow cards this season as he used before

      • Cuti ball playing is among the best one in EPL. All the Spurs fan make fun of FIFA 2023 rating of Cuti Romero that gives him 50 something rating of his passing. He is super calm under pressure and not only that, he gives the pass forward too not just sideways or to his closest teammates. As for Cuti, I watch him play very very closely. I know what I am talking about.

        Messi on the Netflix documentary praised Cuti like crazy. He said Argentina is very lucky suddenly Cuti Romero appears, it is good not only for the future but also now. He said that Cuti and Otamendi are the best duo in the world.

    • Both Romero and Martinez are better, sharper, less error-prone than Otamendi. If both are fit, it will be dumbfoundingly stupid to start Otamendi ahead of either of them given their current forms and level or competition. Experience is no longer the most valuable trait of defender these days.

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