Lionel Messi to miss PSG’s league game vs. Lorient


Lionel Messi will miss PSG’s league game vs. Lorient.

Messi will not play against Lorient due to an inflammation. According to Gastón Edul, he will return training normally with PSG in two or three days. He doesn’t want to take any risks but Messi is fine.

PSG have two league games remaining before the World Cup. The first against Lorient on Sunday and the second against Auxerre.


  1. Players should learn from Messi . The way messi saving himself for world cup it’s really commendable. For me lo celso is irreplaceable and hope he can be available from quarterfinals…

    • Not everyone can do that. He is afterall messi but a young player cant do that why would coaches accept their demand?? Its not that easy. Given chance everyone would like to rest ahead of world cup

  2. City players doesn’t provide service to alvarez. Just haaland came and all the players were trying to pass or crosses to haaland. Such a shame. So much groupism

    • They are already fighting for more minutes on the pitch and don’t add want to Alavrez to that list by helping him score more goals. Right now Alvarez is only competing with Haaland but he is easily capable of playing Foden’s or Grealish role too. So it is just pure professional jealousy.

  3. Messi sets the perfect examples for his other teammates to follow. Even if you are not injured at all but feel a tiny bit of pain here and there, just go to your manager say I am not feeling well. That’s what you need to do in the next 8-9 days. No need to risk anything.

    The World cup is once every 4 years. Make sure others follow Messi’s examples too. Even if they have to play, play it like a friendly meaningless game.

  4. Great call from Messi! Now I don’t have to wake up early to watch PSG play on a Sunday morning!! Leo was already playing in a lower gear against Juventus which is why PSG created so few chances and now he is taking extra precaution to not only prevent injury but giving adequate rest to his muscles. Our players need to learn from the GOAT and Cuti to not risk any injury from the last couple matches left before the world cup. Dybala rushed himself back to please his new fans in Rome and tore his muscles but fortunately for us, he looks like he will be back sooner than we thought and will play some mins for Roma before the world cup. However Lo-celso also rushed back , this time to please his new but former coach and is virtually out of the world cup. If he is unable to play any group stage matches then playing him in the knockouts will be playing with one less player like Aguero and Gago in the 2014 world cup. Licha for some reason is willing to risk his career for Man united every match! He will arrive like Dimaria in 2014 , totally burned out! If Scaloni is picking a 9th defender he needs to make sure the defender is versatile and can fill in for a CB if needed. Another player that needs to chill against Juventus is Lautaro!! Don’t push yourself please!!

    • Lisandro if doesn’t get injured he will not be burned out because lisandro is not a starter so he will properly rested in initial matches thn when Romero gets injured or we play 3 at back he will play

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