Julián Álvarez scores for Manchester City in 2-1 win vs. Fulham


Julián Álvarez scored for Manchester City in their 2-1 win vs. Fulham.

Álvarez made it two goals in his last two games for Manchester City as he scored the first goal of the game. A through ball into the 22 year old and a great strike would give City the lead.

The Argentine now has two goals and two assists in his last two games for Manchester City.

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  1. Without Lo celso we can try…

    ________ [ Emi. ] __________
    Monila_GUIDO _Acuna
    ____ALVAREZ ___LAUTARO_____

  2. Mauro Icardi 2 goals vs Besiktas in a big match
    Chimy Avila 2 goals so far vs Celta
    Julian Alvarez good goal vs Fulhan
    Simeone good lively minutes against Atalanta.

  3. Julian is playing a pressing game too, which would be crucial for the national team. With Messi playing a similar role as in PSG and keeping young Lautaro and Alvarez in front might do good. Then Scaloni would have to rethink about Di Maria’s position. Di Maria cannot be left out.

  4. Garnacho: “All of my Argentina teammates congratulated me for my first professional goal but Lionel Messi didn’t.”

    I saw this statement somewhere in the net, if it’s true then this boy is gonna become a crybaby like his idol. He is talking like he scored a World Cup winning goal lol.

  5. Julian’s two goals in back to back matches with limited service means Simeone’s slim chances of making to the world cup squad is disappearing and the lack of playing time in Napoli isn’t helping him at all. Scaloni was never going to drop Julian but if Simeone could maintain the pressure by scoring more goals and Julian’s goal drought had extended then Scaloni would be forced to rethink about Simeone’s exclusion. But with Dybala getting his fitness back just in time, it’s looking like one of the two Correas’ + Simeone will miss out

    7 forwards most likely to go

    Messi,Dimaria,Lautaro,Dybala,Julian,Nico and Correa

  6. I already mentioned that Julian is little bit unlucky upto now when playing for city. I mean this is the 2nd time city got a red card when he started the match. And in both matches if there was no red card means he could have scored atleast 2 goals or even hat-trick. Yeah I mean Julian height is a little problematic. No chance for him against those 6 foot giants to head the ball. Thus haaland gives more scope for de bruyne. But Julian can be versatile. His runs are perfect. But still I felt like he has not settle down fully.

    • He is now started 4 games at a stretch that’s real positive. His confidence is back and regular minutes just before the wc this will make our attack strong. Messi, lautaro, dimaria, Dybala, alvarez all r going and except lautaro all r properly rested

    • Id keep Halland as #9 and use Julian on the left instead of Griellich.. but the dude i is English ad has seniority so no happening this season

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