Lionel Messi press conference, talks about fitness, Argentina at the World Cup


Lionel Messi spoke at a press conference on Monday about the World Cup and his fitness.

Messi was at the press conference with Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni on Monday before the game vs. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Messi spoke about his fitness. Here is what he had to say:

“I am feeling very well, I am very well. Playing condition, I think that I come here in great form both personally and physically. I have no issues whatsoever. I heard there were rumors about having to miss part of the training or training a part of the training, no, it’s just precautions. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary.

“We’re in the middle of the season and I feel well. Once we start playing a few more games, we will get pace and I have been playing recently. That’s what I’ve been trying to do recently up until the World Cup. I haven’t done anything different, I just took care of myself. I have worked as I have done throughout my entire career. This is a special moment, most likely my last World Cup. My last opportunity to make my dream, our dream a reality.”

He was also asked about the team and the World Cup:

“We are ready, we feel well and it’s always such a special moment to play a World Cup. The atmosphere, a new beginning ahead of a new match. It’s always very special.

For most of them, it will be their first World Cup. We have to deal with anxiety.

“Yes, it’s great that so many fans are supporting us and that so many people want us to win. I am very grateful for the love I have felt throughout my career. Everywhere I have been, I have felt it so strongly.”

We just won a tournament and obviously it helps you work in a different way. You don’t feel as anxious. It doesn’t put as much pressure on you, we just focus on enjoying our time with the national team. This squad really reminds me of that of 2014, it was a very similar strong. We were very united, we were very clear about what we had to do on a pitch and it’s great to come here with such great form and it gives you confidence.”

About how he is doing:

“I don’t know if it’s the best moment of my career but I Feel really well. Maybe a bit more mature, always trying to give the best and enjoy everything. Again, trying to enjoy each moment. I think I am really enjoying it much more now.

“Before, maybe I didn’t think about that, I just wanted to play but now I am trying to enjoy it. When you play every 3 days, you don’t have time to enjoy. Now we have to enjoy a bit more. Before it was just playing and thinking about the next game. One just wants to keep playing and winning.

“I missed a lot of things in my career and now I Think I am just trying to enjoy it a bit more.”

As I said, I think the age makes you see things differently. Maybe a bit more importance to small details. Before I didn’t do it. Now maybe I try to focus more on all the details.


  1. I think that we lost this match bcause of the 2 errors of Mendy, also the coach Cisse would not change Boulay Dia, our 9. He gave many problems the dutch defense. But anyway it s football and details are very important at this level. Here in Senegal we keep confident hoping that We will win the next 2 matches.

  2. Hi guys I m senegales Anuparno, El principe, Ricky villa, Mik and others thanks for your comment about my country. Argentina and Senegal are the 2 teams I support in this WC.

  3. He would miss his connect with Lo Celso. I am not sure if Scaloni has any other creative midfielder in his team. Paredes and De Paul have not been having long pitch times coming to the world cup.

  4. Inter want to sign Carlos Alcaraz from Racing Club in January if Gagliardini would leave. Newcastle interested in Perrone. Fausto Vera with a lot of european interests too. Our midfield will be fully stacked after the WC. Paredes, Guido, Perrone, Fausto Vera, Alan Varela, Palacios, Macallister, Enzo Fernandez, Alcaraz, Robertone, Thiago Almada, Nico Dominguez, De Paul, Lo Celso, Buendia. I hope Zaracho and Almendra too. Crazy depth.

  5. Netherlands were not impressive today. Senegal was much better team in the second half. But big teams somehow finds something out of nothing against lesser teams.3-5-2 used by Netherlands can be disected, they probably gonaa top the group anyway. Lets see.

    • Yes Senegal played better with what they had as an draw would have been more than fair Result for the Dutch who Could not create anything really before those Late fortunate goals and which were given to them as a gift’s from the unlucky Senegal, who totally dominated specially the second half as the dutch Could not really create nothing more (until those 2 lucky goals) as than only few dangerous chanches in the first half, but in the second Senegal totally took De Jong out of the game and by that it looked like a draw or if the Senegal would had been better finishing their chanches as they were so good and dangerous stealing the ball constantly from the dutch NOR did not they let the dutch create nothing in the second half til’ those fortunate goals as it just reminded me that many times the games will end up also like this one as one clearly been the better side, but as they Could not score or create enough when they constantly stoled the ball so well from the dutch, well if u don’t TaKe your chanches and also don’t score and still your defending so well, but unluckily u end loosing the game by your own errors, as i’m sure the way Senegal played today was due to their brilliance of their coach Cisse as he obviously new without Mane it would be harder for them to score, but also totally nullyfying dutch team until they got those 2 lucky goals, was clearly their his plan as that suited his team’s current players the most as obviously they wished for an goal too, but defenssively besides to those 2 lucky goals and few chanches create by the dutch at the first half, which also came from Senegal’a own errors, they should had at least got a draw, what in football it does not matter who well u shut down your opponents chanches as i’m not talking about Parkinsonin a but as they were defensing very high up with some sort of pressure as they knew exactly when they Could won the ball or steal the ball from the dutch at their own half mostly and they did that so good, but Could not capitalize from those opportunities, so even they were rock solid and very compact and also attacked mostly from the side’s as their coach knew that is the area where u need to play the ball also as behind De Ligt there so much space to attack, but their end of product was not good enough in quality terms to capitalize and score, as it is quite obvious now that this is the way to play against the dutch and all u need is just to score and TaKe out De Jong from their game, so dutch with due all respect not look like a bit threat in the end if u just play against them the very same way as the Senegal did and should had in my oppinion to won as they were better team on the pitch, but lost due mostly for their own errors as for England is still maybe bit earlybto say as with due all my respect i expected more from Iran, but things did not gontbeir way and also they choose completly wrong tactic as Parkinsonin the bus against England as obviously it did not work, so against England u need to play more aggressive as a maybe a bit like Senegal played against Dutch as to be rock solid at the back and also win the middfield battle and be compact and work as collective team against them as i think Arg is more than capable playing in this way like Senegal did today against Dutch, though it requires very strong physical presencence on the pitch and for that obviously fit players who can be subbed at more less equally at some point of the game as when fresh less will be needed etc…as Arg’s end product is much better than Senegal’s, but Senegal showed today to whole world also that they are not any push over team instead when they play like today and just with better end product they Could Casse pientä of problems to others as well, though now as they lost i think the Dutch if they will win and most propably will against Qatar, then a draw against Ecuador would most propably give them the too spot from that group….as Ecuador vs Senegal will be very intresting game indeed as it will be hard to predict, but i may see Ecuador still winnig against the dutch even they have been dealing with same situation as Senegal as their only and main problem might be able to score, but i so not see the dutch if playing lime today against Senegal beating Ecuador, though Qatar obviously was from different level with due all my respect, but i Could easily see this young Ecuadorian team to Cause problem for the dutch as Senegal did today, actually the dutch are so, so lucky to win that game in the end, though it not may matter anymore as win is allways an win etc…

  6. Vamos 🇸🇳

    I’m not particular nervous to play any of Netherlands, Senegal, or Ecuador. I’m not sure it’s possible, but what’s the most difficult matchups for Brazil and France?

    • Brazil will play either Uruguay or Portugal in 2nd round that will be tough then they will face either spain or Brazil or Belgium in quarters that will be another tough game

  7. Netherlands is a tiger without teeth. This team is nowhere near the 2014 team with Roben, Sneijder and Van Persie. They shouldn’t be a big threat to us at QF.

  8. Well matured comments BOSS.





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