Argentina to wear home kit for semi final of the World Cup


The Argentina national team will wear the home kit for the semi final of the World Cup.

Argentina will wear the home shirt with white shorts and white socks in the semi finals. They wore it against the Netherlands in the penalty shootout win and will once more wear it.


  1. France concedes penalties a lot. I hope they will concede against Morocco once again. The only team that conceded 3 penalties in this WC is France. They conceded 2 times in Euro 2020 against Portugal. I think they conceded in the Nations League as well, but I don’t remember them well.

  2. I’m reading all over social media such horrible & vile things about our team. How we bought the ref in Dutch game, how Messi should have gotten a a yellow for the handball, that we are animals, uncivilized, cheaters, but the Dutch could talk shit about us for 5 days straight and during the game right? The one Dutch player was walking behind Lautaro like he was a monkey, but that’s ok, right? By the way, after Germany won in 2014, they also had a song about how Gauchos walk and walked around like monkeys. Anyway, my rant is over, we need to take care of business tomorrow. Hopefully having played 240 minutes of football will eventually take a toll on Modric & company.

    • I have noticed it as well. Bitter CR7 fans mostly, along with Brazil and England supporters.

      I have noticed English football fans especially hate Messi because of all the damage he has done to English clubs over the years. Not including English pundits and players though. Some like Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand have been champions of Messi for a long time.

    • MOFO’s ! This sounds like exact the same what England captain at 1966 who ever cunt that player was talked exactly in this way of Arg and therefore Arg did actually boycott the WC and FIFA, but i can’t remember now for long it lasted…fucking bastards as scum and pure filth are those talking with words like that about Arg !

  3. This World Cup has shown that anything could happen in a game of football. We need to play direct, quick game because otherwise Croatian midfield are great at hiding the ball. We need Di Maria and Molina to make speedy runs in transition if given space by Croatia.

  4. All of who in here or outside keep telling they defeated us 3-0 remember all of it started with a Willy (Johnny Sins) blunder which broke our spine and the result could very much go either way if that did not happen…….people are stupid and tend to forget important things

  5. Did I see that or were my eyes deceiving me, the CBF VP WANTS ARGENTINA TO WIN THE WC!!!! A Brazilian nm that, their Vice President WOW I am impressed/shocked/appreciative of the words of support.
    The boys know what’s up and GOD WILLING it will become a reality.

  6. People saying Croatia scary……great midfield, great in extra time, experience, somehow gets the job done, blah blah blah…….to me probably bull crap, cuz we pretty much dominated the Dutch…and before their game people were like great defense, wingbacks, unbeaten streak, LVG, great tactics, the only reason the scoreline looks 2 each is that we let them….

    • Agreed. Ducth and Croatia are at the same level as Denmark (the opponent we were supposed to play in R16). We have been very lucky on our path to the final. We should have more confidence now, because we thought we would play against Brazil/Spain in SF. It’s not going to be an easy game, but we can be cautiously optimistic!

    • Croatia are not scary but they let you dominate the game and like snakes they ll wait for you till you commit a foul and then they ll grabe at the neck as they did in 18.
      They ve never win in 90 mn playing PK their last 5 win in WC.
      If we played focused we could easily beat them but last games were badly managed after scoring that s what i fear the most especially when de paul is out, no pressing useless fouls and 0 focus. Dibu is great on PK but in the cage he s not very confident except the mexico free kick and Australian chance he were n t that good especially vs dutch in my opinion he could save both goals.
      Anyway our players should play as they did vs poland in the second half cause the pressure on leo now is just amazing and too heavy to for his only back
      Hope di maria will perform and alvarez and lautaro too
      Even diego was helped by the team in the last games in 86
      They should put more of themselves macallister enzo julian

      • Yes great Burru and rest of 86 as Giusti and others too as Jose Brown opened up by a great header as i think it must have been Diego’s corner, but but fully sure as i remember it must had come from the right side corner…if i’m not mistaken with my memory and the second one was agreat pass through from DIEGO R.I.P for Valdano to score and then the blody German’s scored at second half rwice from Corner as i can’t remember if it was Rummenige for the first one,but second alone i remember as i think it was Voller’s first performance in that WC and he blody scored allmost soon as he came in again from the corner, but GREAT DIEGO put even one more greater pass through for BURRU who scored the winnig goal as that moment i knew Arg would won their second WC and finally with DIEGO, though the whole team was obviously helping as even Pumpido who was replaced by GOYCO at 1990 was good enough for that 86 team with so many others as team in the final was :
        GK 18 Nery Pumpido Yellow card 85′
        SW 5 José Luis Brown
        CB 9 José Luis Cuciuffo
        CB 19 Oscar Ruggeri
        RWB 14 Ricardo Giusti
        LWB 16 Julio Olarticoechea Yellow card 77′
        DM 2 Sergio Batista
        CM 7 Jorge Burruchaga 90′
        CM 12 Héctor Enrique Yellow card 81′
        SS 10 Diego Maradona (c) Yellow card 17′
        CF 11 Jorge Valdano
        GK 15 Luis Islas
        DF 8 Néstor Clausen
        DF 13 Oscar Garré
        MF 21 Marcelo Trobbiani 90′
        FW 17 Pedro Pasculli
        Carlos Bilardo

        • As also the famous 1990 team was this in the final :

          GK 12 Sergio Goycochea
          SW 20 Juan Simón
          CB 18 José Serrizuela
          CB 19 Oscar Ruggeri 46′
          RWB 4 José Basualdo
          LWB 17 Roberto Sensini
          DM 13 Néstor Lorenzo
          CM 7 Jorge Burruchaga 53′
          CM 21 Pedro Troglio Yellow card 84′
          SS 10 Diego Maradona (c) Yellow card 87′
          CF 9 Gustavo Dezotti Yellow card 5′ Red card 87′
          GK 22 Fabián Cancelarich
          DF 5 Edgardo Bauza
          DF 15 Pedro Monzón Red card 65′ 46′
          FW 6 Gabriel Calderón 53′
          FW 3 Abel Balbo
          Carlos Bilardo

          As Claudio” CANI ” Ganiggia was suspended, god damn as how much it hurts to see this Still even after 32 year’s !

        • The first pass to brown was from buruchaga the second was from enrique to valdano i think or buru also the third one was the most magic pass in the history of WC diego refusing to lose that was pure magic hopefully it s time to give him back what he deserves even in his grave a 3rd star i m sure that leo will give him this tribute to all what he represented in his life

          • Thanx so much for the correction as invasion thinking that corner was not from Diego, though obviously remembered wrongly about Valdano’s goal as i have lost all my VHS tapes such a long time ago and did not just dare to go looking now in this time at YouTube, lol ! Thank u so much for correcting and referesshing my memory !

          • ”the third one was the most magic pass in the history of WC diego refusing to lose that was pure magic hopefully it s time to give him back what he deserves even in his grave a 3rd star i m sure that leo will give him this tribute to all what he represented in his life”

            Wow, u said it that so well as reallybheartvtouching too as i’m sure like u that Leo will for sure do that tribute which as such an beautiful act would stay in Football’s history forever ! Vamos Argentina !

          • So at 86 if we change the sweeper to third CB as no one really playing with sweeper really as maybe the Goalie has to be the sweeper now in modern football, if there will have to be one, Still anyhow 86 team if we think of it as 3 at the back and with 2 wingbacks as they did had also at 86 with one mid more as DM and 2 MID’S As CM and Diego as second striker or playing as number 10 with one more less as pure striker as no 9. or just another striker little above the second striker, well as i said before while defending it will be 3-5-2 as i’m sure that Messi will run and defend too, though maybe not all the time, but when he sees the opportunity for that i’m prettybsure he will go for it as while attacking Arg can use Molina as LWB and hopefully ADM as RWB or if ADM Still not fully fit to start then A,CORREA AS RWB as i think he is more suited forvright side than left even he has palyed partly on the left too, but maybe Molina can turn out be Arg’s LWB as IM hoping for the very same lset up as at 86 final which was if we change Sweeper to third CB as 3 at the back and 5 MID’S as 3 in the middle as one could be as more like DM and 2 as CM’s with 2 wingbacks, so when defending it will be more less like 3-5-2 as wingbacks have to cover both sides and also every mid as not only DM have to obvioulybdefend too, but in this way Arg will have 2 men advantage in midfield if u put them all more or less in same line as that will be hard to break and while attacking Arg can easily attack from both sides with support of CM’s for Messi as no. 10 and Alvarez as pure striker as he will obviously do more running and help that way to maybe to steal the ball as pressuring forward or even backwards to huntbthe ball back and once Arg will win the ball they will have to be quick on transition as kind of countering or attacking with fast tempo as playing like this will help Arg to win the ball more closer to Crotias goal and get more chances to score so just stay solid and compact and be ready to for quick attacking game once Arg will win the ball as i think the best possible line up to do so is : DIBU
            CUTI OTA LICHA

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