Lionel Messi in PSG team for Ligue 1 match vs. Angers


Lionel Messi is in the PSG team for their Ligue 1 match vs. Angers.

Messi is in the PSG team for the first time since winning the World Cup with Argentina. He rejoined the team last week but was not included in any of their league or cup matches.

This would be Messi’s first match of 2023 and his first match since winning the World Cup.


  1. Really hoping Southhampton don’t get relegated because that would hurt his development if he wastes time in the second tier. Hope they have a relegation clause on his contract or something. Still, I am happy that the bad transfer after the World Cup is a low EPL team. A couple of years ago I bet it would have been the MLS or Russia that took him, it was actually scary every time the transfer window opened up because suddenly all those 10m worth range players would drop like flies. Southhampton are good at developing players and selling them, so if this process isn’t interrupted by a relegation I don’t think it’s terrible. Would have preferred Porto though

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