Máximo Perrone included in Manchester City team vs. RB Leipzig


Máximo Perrone has been included in the Manchester City team for their Champions League match vs. RB Leipzig.

Perrone could play his first match for his new club on Wednesday. Manchester City have announced their squad for their Champions League match on Wednesday vs. RB Leipzig and Julián Álvarez is not the only Argentine player in the squad.

The 20 year old midfielder joined Pep Guardiola’s team in the last transfer window but has yet to make an appearance for the club.


  1. Any other ballondor candidates from argentina other than Messi? I think the generation of messi and Ronaldo was far too superior compared to this one of mbappe and haaland. So the benefit is that players from other positions like defenders have higher ratio to win ballondor.

    • It’s really hard to guess until players reach their prime, so I won’t even try to put Garnacho or local talents into consideration for a while. I do think if Enzo wins the right trophies at the right times and makes important goals/assists and is consistent he could have a shot at some point in his career, especially considering that Jorginho was close (far less talented and really just lucky that both his big trophies coincided the same year since otherwise he wouldn’t have been considered even with the same performances). I do think it will be hard to dethrone Mbappe/Haaland in the following decade so that complicates it.

  2. Dimaria’s club form has always been of high quality and he was head and shoulders above V.Junior at his age. Only because of Ronaldo both Benzema and Dimaria had to play second fiddle and eversince Ronaldo left all other Madrid stars finally got the recognition they deserved. V.Junior is no doubt a very good winger-forward but he can be easily shutdown with proper tactics like against Croatia. Right now he is totally dependent on speed and will he be able to maintain the same speed in his thirties like ADM and Robben ? Dimaria was competing with Ozil at Madrid and Ozil has been gone from elite futballing leagues since quite a few years and he has recently retired if I am not mistaken? However, Dimaria wasn’t able to replicate his club form for national team and his Argentina career was full of ups and downs and was dropped from the team after 2018 WC only to be recalled in Copa 2020? Similar to Dimaria , Messi was also criticized for not being able to reproduce his Barcelona form when playing for Argentina until after 2010 WC.

    Very few players can play at a world class level in their mid 30s. Only Messi Dimaria Benzema Giroud and Modric are able to maintain their world class game at 35+ age. Many good players like Salah, Marquinios, Coutinho are already going downhill in thier early 30s and this guy Neymar is on the same track. He will be a burden to PSG from next season with 3 more years left on the contract.

    • Di Maria is a great player. Never ever I doubt d his abilities from day 1. However he does not that ambition to be the best. He said in his interview that what he loves the most is giving assist. I mean you won’t be the world best by topping the assist chart. Nothing wrong with that but it seems that that is destined to be a perfect Robin.

      If he had the mentality of Mbappe or CR7, he could have challenged Messi to be one of the world best.

      • I disagree. You can be the world best with assist. Or without any assist or goals in your stats. Its only the media and personal awards which elevate forwards. There are countles players who where at one point or the other “the best” as goalies, defenders and playmakers.

      • Well the best assist giver is actually leo Messi himself, so being an assist master can get you alot of attention, this is examplified by the likes of Laudraup, Riquileme, Ozil, Xavi/Iniesta, T.Muller, de bruyne and ofcourse Dimaria. Although scoring goals remains the most important aspect of the game and so you’ll almost always see the likes of CR7, Benzema, Mbappe and Haaland ahead of the assist makers I listed above.

      • Dimaria happened to be playing in the same era as Messi. Otherwise he would easily be Argentina’s best player and media and clubs would treat him differently. Messi’s stature dwarfed a lot of once in a generation talent that includes Dimaria , Aguero , Xavi & Iniesta and the list goes on…

      • mmmm I don’t know, assists and goals is really just a characteristic of a player, also dependent on the position you play. Di Maria is a winger and his natural skills are in the assist area as well as the goal area, if he prefers assists and makes more of them that’s not ambition that’s just play style. Where exactly does this “world best” parameter come from and who is deciding this? Mbappe and Ronaldo’s goalscoring is because that’s where their talents lie, their ambition only affects how well they perform within their individual category, aka you are a goalscorer + you work hard and have ambition = you score more goals. Having more ambition doesn’t change your inherent playstyle and I don’t see how more “ambition” would suddenly make Di Maria a goal scorer as opposed to a playmaker, plus, Di Maria is incredibly ambitious as we all know based on what he’s done for us recently and even saying before the final in December that he was going to win it for us, that’s ambition

  3. Off the topic.. England should won next year Euro. PL is helping England alot to develop there players. Maybe in few years they will be force.

    • England always overrate themselves. A lot of ppl on twitter now believe that England have the best attacking trio in the world in rashford, Kane. and Saka. The best my ass. Rashford is good yes but Saka is super overrated. Kane is good but not as good as Lewa or Haaland.

      I don’t believe England will win Euro. For me among Europeans France still head and shoulders above others when everyone is fit. Germany have a lot of youngsters, they will mature too. The same as Spain Gavi, Pedro and Torres will mature. England is consistent.. consistently overrated.

    • Ten years after France opened the Clairefontaine football academy, they became world champions and runners-up in 2022. England studied the French method for many years and opened their St George’s Park academy about a decade ago. The French approach to talent has produced better youth players in England. Maybe it pays off one day.

      Still wish Argentina copies the academy concept as our youth teams are a mess for the past decade.

  4. I liked it. If Alison is world class then surely emi is also world class. I mean in club level. For country we all know emi is far better. Aston villas defense currently equals liverpool 2nd team defense. And then also Alison conceding a lot. That arsenal own goal was not even a mistake by emi. And he got criticized. I wish emi have a defender like lisandro or Romero or VVD once he moves from villa.

  5. Vinicious Junior is on fire evethough i hate his guts. Brazil probably better playing around him than neymar. Far more effective and dangerous.

    • Real played great counter attacking football. I used to be a Real fan util Ronaldo came, it became my most hated club, now the hate is going down, but I am not a fan yet since they don’t have any argentine player and full of Brazilians

    • Are you mad? Brazil won’t going to get a talent like Neymar in the coming future and this guy vinicius is not even a centre of attraction like Neymar. He will disappear once opposition marks him. Neymar is far better than him. Vinicius like most brazilian wingers has speed and can take 1 on 1 against full backs but won’t replace Neymar. Stop overrating these Brazilians. He is just a typical brazilian winger. And liverpool is in their worst form. And still you praising those overrated players.

    • Vini is not even top 3 in his positions. We saw in the WC, he was good but not game changer. Mbappe and Rashford definitely better than him and Neymar still better than him. I say he is a bit overrated. He is half the player Mbappe is. There is still Mane, Khvicha in that position. Musiala can play left winger too and look just as good.

      I agree he won’t be as good as Neymar. Neymar was already hot since teenager. Vini is a pure Madrid product but nowhere near Barca product named Messi. I am sure in 2 years Garnacho will be in Vini level. He is not that much behind.

    • Vini is a poor version of Di Maria at best. Di Maria covers much larger area than him. Real always have strong wingers and midfielders, covering lots of space for him to shine

  6. Pep must see something special in him that some of us may have missed. He was not that impressive for the U20 team recently. Open to be have my mind changed about him.

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