Mateo Retegui and Bruno Zapelli both called to represent Italy


Mateo Retegui and Bruno Zapelli are both called to represent the Italian national team.

Italy will soon have two Argentine born players who will be representing them. According to Luciano García, Retegui, the 23 year old striker from Tigre is set to be called up to the Italian national team by coach Roberto Mancini.

Retegui is presently on loan to Tigre from Boca Juniors. Retegui is not the only Argentine who will soon be representing Italy.

Bruno Zapelli has accepted to represent the Italian U21 team. The 20 year old midfielder from Belgrano has confirmed it himself that he will be representing Italy at youth level.


  1. Since moving to Europe, Cristian Romero averages a card once every 2.5 appearances:

    ◎ 156 games
    ◉ 57 yellow cards
    ◉ 6 red cards

    For context, Sergio Ramos – the most carded player in LaLiga and UCL history – averages one every 2.9 games.

    Romero needs that De Rossi tattoo. ⚠️

  2. ADM header was so good that I can easily picture its Crespo that does it.

    Sidenote : ADM is less than 10 goals away from reaching 200 goals mark in his career. 163 for clubs , 28 for Argentina.

  3. Here

    #Tigre 🐯 Mateo Retegui ACCEPTED the call to the Italian National Team 🇮🇹 . The letterhead with the official notification arrived last night at the Victoria offices. Martinez was the first to know. He travels on 3/18 and does not play with Arsenal (20/3) .

    #Tigre🐯 Mateo Retegui ACEPTÓ la convocatoria a la Selección de Italia 🇮🇹. La hoja membretada con la notificación oficial llegó ayer por la noche a las oficinas de Victoria. Martínez fue el primero en saberlo. Viaja el 18/3 y no juega con Arsenal (20/3).

    By Luciano Garcia the same person who first tweets that he was called up by Italy

    • I take the information of his trainer more seriously than Garcia’s. He has direct contact with him. Ernesto Perisse’s was interviewed by TNT Argentina. He’s sending a message to Scaloni to wake-up. And Scaloni still has that opportunity.

        • Yup I think Retegui is as good as he’s gone. It is a loss, but again he is a poacher like Icardi. Scaloni’s system doesn’t really use such striker. I think Scaloni chooses Lautaro, Julian (both similar age as Retegui) and Simeone in his project.

          Yes we do not seem to have a good pure 9 among u20. We produce a lot of wingers, AM, but not 9, but Retegui is 23, not that young anyway.

          Anyway, I would rather have Garnacho than Retegui if I could choose just one. Retegui is still unproven in Europe. He can be as good as Icardi or a total flop. Garnacho is a proven golden boy already.

          But I feel like Italy will consistently doing this now. They don’t have much talents, so from now on, every player who is half Italian, half Argentine will be approached by them too. I mean the whole Europe doing this and they won World cups doing this Khedira, Ozil Turkey/Germany, Podolski Polish/German; then also a lot of African who become French.

          Italy now start being aggressive doing this. They had success with Camoranesi. They won WC with him. Then they had the second best player in the world in 2021 Jorginho who was actually a Brazilian. So they think, why not steal more talents?

  4. Argentina has an abundance of talented players, but the door to N/T is not wide open. the instinct of the N/T coach and club coach is much needed to screen the best and potential one.

  5. You may want to update the information, Roy.

    Retegui wants to play for Argentina. His trainer is sending a message out to Scaloni.

    Y cerró: “Mateo Retegui lo que más quiere es jugar para la Selección Argentina, sé lo que siente por los colores del país, es el lugar donde se crió…Es lo mejor que le podría pasar llegar a jugar en la Selección Argentina”.

    Zapelli will represent Italy for the U21s but he can switch back without a problem. He probably wants to raise his profile so that he plays abroad.

    • Yes Retegui might prefer Argentina but he already does accept the Italy call. I read somewhere that Di Lollo (anyone remember our legendary U20 center back or Mascherano’s team) is called up to the Italy u-21 too. Good if its true.

      • I haven’t heard anywhere that he has accepted. Thats just fake news as of right now. Senesi was also called up but picked Argentina.

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