Lionel Messi to leave Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season


Lionel Messi will be leaving Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season.

Messi will not be renewing with the French club. According to several media outlets in Argentina and France, the Best player in the World will not be renewing with PSG.

As was reported on Tuesday, Messi has reportedly been suspended for two weeks by PSG, which includes no matches and no trainings. This came the day that Messi and his family had left for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As has been reported, FC Barcelona are very much interested in signing Messi for next season. According to Fabrizio Romano, it is understood that Messi’s father Jorge had told PSG one month ago that he would not be renewing with the club.

Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia have already reportedly submitted an official bid of €400 million for Messi last month.


  1. I agree, Messi is not ready for SA league. He can still play competitive football in Europe, for 1-2 more years, maybe 3. Messi committed the “sin” of beating France in the WC. They can never forgive him, PSG even made sure that Mbappe was not around when Messi returned. Messi needs to be on a team where he is happy, because it’s definitely not at PSG.

  2. Molina scored again, he’s by far the most scoring RB we’ve had, maybe even ever!

    De Paul with an assist.

    Lautaro with a brace and an assist.

    Paredes with a nice free kick goal.

    Good day for Argentine players…

    • Molina is becoming sensational player. He is underrated imo, de Paul has playing well lately. diego Simeone has changed his style Atlético Madrid became watchable team for now.

      • Imagine Foyth playing RB vs Holland, he would never have made that run to receive Messi’s sensational no look pass, Molina has that attacking instinct of a modern fullback in him. Playing under Simeone probably made Molina better defensively too.

        • Bro I was one of those who was doubting molina defensively and was thinking foyth were better suited knock out tournament but I’m very happy I was wrong about that one. I never doubt his ability going forward and running up and down as you mentioned he is modern fullback.

    • PSG has been a good luck charm for Messi and ARG and that’s where the positives end, which is all what we wanted. I was especially worried about Messi right before the WC but like their coach stated, I delivered Messi to ARG in good health and indeed he did.
      It would be nice to see him back in Barcelona ……………everything after the WC was and is a plus for Messi

  3. PSG fans chanting F Lionel Messi F Messi ………..Frenchy still and will always be butthurt , F ’em and their sorry excuse for a club. I can’t wait for their Golden Child to take his ball and move to RM

  4. Hasten to add….I really do hope Messi avoids SA league.
    What would be a dream scenario is for Messi, Di Maria and Otamendi join respective clubs back in Argentina.

  5. Probably best lol.
    I think that will be the start of the end for PSG’s recruitment policy. Whether its a going down the youth and academy players or more Paris based players as they dreamt of, point is…who gives a turd about PSG and that pointless league. Lol.

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