Guido Rodríguez reportedly an option for FC Barcelona coach Xavi


Guido Rodríguez is reportedly an option for FC Barcelona coach Xavi.

Rodríguez of Real Betis is seen as one of the alternatives for the pivot position at FC Barcelona following the exit of Sergio Busquets. According to Gerard Romero, Xavi likes Guido but the FC Barcelona board has doubts about him.

The 29 year old defensive midfielder has been with Betis since 2020 where he has become a starter for the club and won last season’s Copa del Rey trophy.


    • I am sorry, those 3 are not quite NT calibre yet, I think Scaloni will call Lo Celso and possibly some of the current U20 kids, like Perrone, Soule, Carboni, Paz since they have been in the NT orbit anyway…possibly even a recall for Nico Dominguez

      • Bro it will be hard for nico dominguez to get in current arg nt squad we have better midfielders on the rise as well I won’t even surprise if Guido dropped out in near future not he is bad player but we have better options in that position too.

      • Lucas robertone was closed to get call up last time. Definitely he will get this time . Top 5 in assist this season. ( 8 ) in laliga.

      • Robertone performance miles ahead of Nicolas Dominguez this season and there are many many players in midfield who are better than Dominguez. If the selection based on quality and performance Dominguez has zero chance to be selected…

  1. All the losing is weighing on Enzo at Chelsea. That team is a fucking dumpster fire. They bring that piece of shit Mudryk who absolutely sucks. He looks like a back up MLS player and they paid 100mill for him so they could send some of the money to Ukraine. Should of just donated to Ukraine and left the player wherever he was. I hope Poch can turn that shit around but they need a lot of players. And I mean a lot. Crazy how crappy they are. Either that or Enzo needs to leave. I am pretty sure River could kick their ass with ease right now.

  2. With all due respect to Guido, he would fill huge shoes left by Busquets. A pivot is an essential position for Barcelona. Under Cruyff’s philosophy, a holding mid plays a vital role in initiating attacking plays from deep positions, and providing a link between the defense and midfield. This player has to be really good at dictating the tempo of the game, more like a Redondo, Paredes, Enzo type of players.

    In theory, Guido has some qualities that could make him a suitable pivot for a team like Barcelona. He is known for his defensive abilities, including interceptions, tackling, and positioning. His passing is underrated too. But is he a DM of a highest calibre? I am not sure. I hope one day Redondo junior can be.

    Guido only played 57 minutes for us in the WC vs Mexico, dropping very deep between the CBs essentially as a libero, did not necessarily put a foot wrong but our midfield success was built primarily on the Enzo, De Paul and Mac Allister brilliant efforts.

    • I’m 100% with on that. After watching Redondo Jr I believe he would be an ideal replacement of Busquest. Not only he is young, cheap but I’m my opinion he has all the qualities that would make a huge asset for a team like Barcelona. His vision, passing abilities, the way he helps the team break the lines are essential for a modern DM. I was very skeptical when I heard people talking about him but after seeing him with my own eyes and being a huge fan of his dad, I can only say like father like son.

    • They could be looking for a less expensive backup, coz I read somewhere they were going for a younger player to replace Busquets!

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