Chelsea reportedly asking about AS Roma’s Paulo Dybala


Chelsea are reportedly asking about AS Roma’s Paulo Dybala.

Mauricio Pochettino could soon have another Argentine player at his club. According to Jacopo Aliprandi, Chelsea are asking more information about the Argentine.

Pochettino is a fan of Dybala’s and the club is reportedly looking at the idea of triggering his release clause of £10 million.

Paulo Dybala joined AS Roma last season where he scored 18 goals and had eight assists in 38 matches.


    • Inter Miami just signed Alba and Busquets too. Not sure how their foreign players rules work but i’m assuming they’re bending the rule

      • I think the alba move is still not complete but most likely will be finalized. The move for Racings Tomas is great. He is a 19 year old Argentine striker. They can afford him after they make some room I believe

        • Quick search….MLS clubs can sign 8 international players. International defined as not eligible to play for USA or Canada NT. Looking at their roster im counting like 15+ international players…lol no clue how it works but heck, doubt 1 more will be unacceptable.

          • I think you are right about bending the rules. MLS would be stupid not to bend the rules to bring in the greatest player in the world and the likes of Busi and alba. Busquets will probably be the best midfielder to ever play in MLS history. From what I have read, Miami is trying to clear out three or four players to make this happen.

  1. EPL is fast and physical league but even if he stays fit for 50% of the matches, he will be worth every penny. Additionally, $10 million is like loose change for Chelsea. He is someone that can score , create and provide great passes out of no where, just like Messi but obviously less talented, but who isn’t compared to Great Leo Messi . Dybala will definitely make Chelsea much much better than last season! I really hope he moves there. He is making very low salary at Roma and Chelsea can easily double his salary!! Also , Serie-A is quite physical too!!

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