AFA president Claudio Tapia speaks about Lionel Messi playing at the 2026 World Cup


AFA president Claudio Tapia spoke about Lionel Messi playing at the 2026 World Cup with the Argentina national team.

Claudio Tapia was at the Sports Summit Leaders and commented on Messi playing at the next World Cup. Here is what he had to say:

“He always goes for more. He never leaves you. He always surprises you, he goes for more. You can imagine it. How can I not imagine it? I would like him to be there. With the conditions he has, he could easily play in the 2026 World Cup.

“Modric does it for his team, Iniesta did it for Barcelona. It depends on him, on what he feels. I see him playing in the World Cup, playing in the position he wants. He can really do it. It will depend on what he wants. I dream about that too.

“He is happy with the national team, coming to the facility. He is very happy with the group of team mates, with the coaching staff. I am fortunate to have the relationship I have with him. It is a relationship of affection.”

Tapia also spoke about his relationship with Messi:

“We share and talk about what we see in the future, what the next commitments are and how we see them. This is what we do with many of the boys. I love to see him doing well, to see him with new challenges and to keep winning things. He played seven games and became champion.

“If he is well, you feel well. We share things because we feel it, it is not forced. You feel really proud and blessed to have the relationship with him.”