Mauro Icardi scores for Galatasaray in 4-2 win vs. Samsunspor


Mauro Icardi scored for Galatasaray in their 4-2 win vs. Samsunspor.

Icardi has now scored five goals in four league matches this season for Galatasaray. With Galatasaray leading 3-2, it was an effort on goal which was deflected by Icardi to make it 4-2 for the reigning league champions.

The Argentine has eight goals this season, with three of them in the Champions League.


  1. Matias Soule is very eye catching today . Definitely better than bounanotte at this stage .I think he deserves a call from national team .

    IMO ,Nico Paz ,Matias Soule ,Valentin Carboni are the most promising kids from Europe.

    In local league ,Exequiel Zeballos, Cristian Medina and F Redondo all played well this week

  2. Its all easy for our perfect No.9 .A genuine NO.9 is like this, last moment infront of goal post made it easy. No way for icardi but lets hope he will back his best..when a real No.9 is at his peak of foam a half chance looks easy and beauty to watch.

  3. If alan varela plays good for next 6 months i think he will eventually replace Parades in NT. Just how Enzo came playing in Portugal league. Scaloni should not consider calling players who sits on bench for there Club Team.

    • LUCAS BELTRAN AND MARCOS SENSI ARE THE ONES TO BE BOOKED PERMANENTLY BY SCALONI. It’s been great that players who have duel citizenship are choosing ARGENTINA instead of other countries. There are so many young and talented ARGENTINE PLAYERS are playing in Italy. Retegui wanted to play for Italy for his own sake. He is a good player. But you can’t play tremendously well if you don’t value your national team shirt. Earlier Italy called up BRUNO ZAPELLI, FRANKITO CARBONI, AND VALENTINE CARBONI. But right now they have made themselves available only for ARGENTINA. I hope all of them will be called up for the senior team. And BENJAMIN CREMASCHI is still eligible to play for ARGENTINA. I think SCALONI should rope in BENJAMIN CREMASCHI very soon, otherwise ARGENTINA will miss another good midfielder to the usa like retegui. SCALONI needs to understand that we won’t be able to win another WORLD CUP WITH THE PLAYERS LIKE ARMANI, PEZZELLA, PAREDES, DE PAUL, GUIDO, OTA, ACUNA. So young talented players are inevitable for the upcoming WORLD CUP. Can you guys tell whether SCALONI has any intention to call up BENJAMIN CREMASCHI?

    • Actually, the kid will grow up to find out that his trashy real father (Maxi) cheated on his mom and threw their family life into the toillette. The entire saga is a mess but that guy maxi doesn’t get a free pass.

      • True! Icardi was at the peak of his career in 2018 and all the off field dramas was nothing but a loss to the national team. Icardi, Papu and Pezella were the top 5 players in Seria-a that season and non of them made it to the world cup 2018!

      • Yes, maxi is a trashy guy too… agreed. But the codes are the codes. You don’t do what icardi did. Icardi could choose from so many chicks and he tools his homeboys girl…. scum of the earth move

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