Mauro Icardi scores for Galatasaray in 4-0 win vs. Corendon Alanyaspor


Mauro Icardi scored for Galatasaray in their 4-0 win vs. Corendon Alanyaspor.

Icardi continues to score for Galatasaray. With the score at 0-0, Martins played a pass into the penalty area and Icardi would score from close range to give Galatasaray the 1-0 lead.


  1. Icardi has pull off some Paolo Rossi and Salvatore Schillaci magic in the WCQs, to get some salvation.
    For that to happen. Certain things have to happen first. Like Messi and the core of ’22 legends needs to retire after Copa. Then he might have chance of making the WC ’26 as a bench warmer like Parlermo and score or create some some crucial goals. Other than that, I don’t see him being forgiven by most Argentines. I like him though, but I am being realistic.

    • GLC is having a lively game. His goal was not a stunner. Good shot but deflected. Without the deflection it was going straight to Dibu. Need a little luck.

  2. He is always going to be that GUY, I don’t see how the team will accept him now after winning the WC with the current players when they didn’t before!!
    Besides, like her highness, he’s scoring left and right so a much weaker league has a lot to do with it too.

    • This is Lo Celso’s chance to shine, he must take advantage of it. He is asked to play deeper, as a box-to-box, from a double pivot next to Bentancur, which he should be able to do. Kulusevsky takes Maddison’s role. Postecoglou decided to play Emerson Royal as a central-defender though, good luck with that lol…

  3. The topic is beaten to death. Varying opinions make the world interesting place to live.

    My take is, we should have him in the team. Pure from football POV he brings something that others don’t. Don’t have to be a starter.

    There are many teams who have taken the best out of him, Inter and Gala for example. May be we could too. For the few games he has played for Argentina, I have not heard of any toxic behavior inside the dressing room, like Papu, Veron, Sorin etc. in the past. Let me know if I am wrong.

    There is still a little time left and last two years I see some development in his game too

    • Then i should remind you the behaviour of his manager/wife/others against Inter and the fact that people in Inter don t want to hear even his name as joke. They prayed to get rid of him and God hear them and send the idiots of PSG. Funny fact. Ask Zanetti his opinion about him. Even if he hear the name Mauro he get sick. As about the national team and just because i don t have desire to speak more for ghosts of our past i tell you only this. Search how his manager/wife/others and HE they make red house the dressing rooms before the game against Venezuela for 2018 qualifiers and after that. The demand to be starter and when Sampaoli did his favor after media pressure how he speak against his teamates and Sampaoli himself in media after the draw. The only thing i give big credit to Sampaoli in his failed passing from our national team was the fact that he kicked out from the team that as…le and his manager/wife/others.

    • By the way i have posted here in mundo years before (at romance king era) all the bad talkings in the media from him and his manager about our national team. Unfortunately even if exist the all the posts in mundo from the past i don t remember in which i had post them to tell you to go to read if you want. Passed so many years. Anyway….

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