Marcos Senesi scores for Bournemouth in 3-0 win vs. Manchester United


Marcos Senesi scored for Bournemouth in a historic 3-0 win vs. Manchester United at Old
Trafford in the Premier League.

It was the perfect match for Senesi’s team as they were able to convert in key moments of the game. The Argentine defender scored Bournemouth’s third goal with a brilliant header coming from a corner kick that left United’s goalkeeper with nothing to do. SofaScore rated him as the man of the match with 8.2 points. The 26-year-old had also scored just three days ago in his team’s 2-0 victory at Crystal Palace.

On the other hand, Alejandro Garnacho started for Manchester United and was substituted off in the minute 79. He had a 6.8 SofaScore rating.


  1. I think. Nico Paz and Garnacho should be included in Copa America. Before next world cup they need senior team experience. I think Nico paz has much much better potential that any of the current MF. He will easily replace MAC and Lo celso in upcoming days.
    Also Senesi should be selected over LMQ because he is proving himself in the most competitive league in the world.

  2. Lautaro martinez have now 14 goals this season
    Inter had 6 penaltys taken this season
    All elite club will give the penalty click to their elite striker 99% time especially when he is fighting for golden boot
    If inter supported their skipper and given him that penaltys, now he may have had 20 goals this season🔥
    This is where clubs from premiere legue and la liga are superior they will make players superstars
    Even lazio has done it 2-3 season ago

    • SeI am also frustrated like you, as I wanted Lautaro to have a 50 goal season.

      But this is why I prefer Serie A and La Liga to Premier League. They focus on good football over fake media hype gimmicks like “making superstars”. Couple of years ago Dele Alli was the “new Messi’. Look at him now. This is what happens when you try to manufacture superstars.

      Lautaro is already a superstar. Not only is he the top goal scorer, his overall game has been phenomenal this season. Leadership, interception, pressing, holding off defenders, ball control, creativity, even coming down to defend himself. He has made some killer passes that would make Messi and Dybala proud. At 26, his best is yet to come. Yet he is captain. He is clearly loved by his teammates, worshipped by fans, commentators, pundits and media.

      Calhanoglu takes penalties because his foot is powered by a jet engine. His shots are unstoppably fast. He has 100% scoring record from the spot this season. As a fan of football I can’t help but appreciate his shooting skill.

      Lautaro, like a great captain, does what is best for the team. I respect him more for it.

  3. Senesi is playing good. Maybe future CB pair. Romero and senesi/licha.. did AFA or local Politics out pressure on Scaloni to pick certain players ?

  4. ‼️🚨 “Lionel Scaloni believes that some players must be changed in the whole squad to continue competing with high standards. He will meet with Messi in the coming days to talk about that topic as he’s the captain. ”

    We all know he was referring to Thiago Almada… Scaloni never lets me down. He is a great coach and I hope he can stay longer for us.

    • You are too much..he not selected him for last 6 match of WC qualifier. So why would he refer to him. Keep almada out of your mind.

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