Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments on his future


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on his future.

Lionel Scaloni stated last month that he will be thinking about his future as coach of the Argentina national team. Scaloni was present at the 2024 Copa America draw and spoke to TyC Sports after the draw. Here is what he had to say:

“In principle, I am here because I am the coach. I said it after the match against Brazil that it is a personal moment to think and I am in that instance, to think. It is important after everything that we have achieved. We have to think about everything that is coming and see what we can do.

“The players are very good, the team is very good, they need a coach who is good, with all the energy. I said it and I repeat it, they need a coach who is at their level. It is time to think. I still think the same.

“From what has been said, we have to discard a lot of things that are being said. The relationship with the president has always been perfect. It is my decision to think. From that point on, to think what is best for the national team.

“It is necessary to do things well, with someone who is 100% focused, who knows what is coming. Important things are coming, very demanding. It is time to why. Why? Because there is time until the next time the national team meets. Above all, on a personal level.”

Scaloni also stated that he spoke with Lionel Messi and AFA President Claudio Tapia:

“I spoke to him after at the Maracana. I agreed to talk to him again. He is the captain and I have a great relationship with him.

“I spoke with the president, I spoke to him again today, on very good terms.”


  1. Happily, even Scaloni needs to think more to lead good players. I have the right to hope that he will create new miracles. Argentine football will dominate the world for many years to come.

  2. No body said Lionel scaloni to not replaced Nicolas Gonzalez and brought garnacho in the 2nd half of the match against pero despite 2 goal lead and not picking Matias Soule despite Angel de maria not called up due injury and messi on the substitute bench due to injury. Also despite playing good football never called Alan verela of porto. He may have given some minutes to Marcos Senesi in place of otamendi.He has to take responsibility. Always sifting responsibility to Messi is not the solutions. PERFORMANCE SHOULD BE CRITERIA FOR SELECTING PLAYER….NOT THE NAME.

  3. Marcos senesi scored vs utd , 7 clearances 2 interception 1 blocks , he has been good form lately, He deserves to be in the nt left footer decent ball player
    Tall strong in the air he is right profile scaloni likes but I don’t understand why he hasn’t give him enough chance to see him

  4. Lionel Scaloni believes that some players must be changed in the whole squad to continue competing with high standards. He will meet with Messi in the coming days to talk about that topic as he’s the captain. @estebanedul @HernanSCastillo 🚨🇦🇷

    • @estebanedul

      Scaloni plans to meet with Messi. The coach feels it’s time for some adjustments in the squad to keep up with high standards. Making these decisions is draining — both emotionally and tactically. 🤝⚽️🔄

    • Yes, the new blood is key to keep the motivation up. We saw that with Enzo, Mac Allister, Alvarez. Even though their inclusion was forced by circumstances, in the end they proved to be some of the key ingredients of our victory.

      We will see who among our young players will end the season in good form and healthy. If Garnacho and Soule finish well I think they should be included. The question is at whose expense.

      • Some changes needed and I’m happy scaloni notes that plus copa America squad will be 23 men therefore he has tough choices to make esp some youngsters making strong cases for themselves as you have mentioned likes soule and Garnacho

  5. Whatever happened that led Scaloni to say what he said OUT OF THE DAMN BLUE is a sign of something deeper, I personally don’t care. The Man put a team together that won ARG 3 trophies, including the biggest of all, if he is after another challenge or beaucoup $$$ then please by all means, have at it.
    I hope they hire a proper coach because lightning doesn’t hit the same spot twice!

  6. It was purely based on arrangement of friendly and payment. I don’t blame Scaloni because I do understand AFA needs money given the dirt we have been in past however we need to play against European team to get the best out of our team in order to stay sharp. Maybe sometimes AFA needs to ignore ludicrous offers from Asia and play against European team. We are still not appreciating the value this coaching team as I saw someone here commenting it was LUCK apparently we won World Cup ffs. Scaloni telling Di Maria before the night of final that he will enjoy playing on left side because French fullback stay more central ain’t luck mate. I hope and wish they stay till 2026 regardless the result of Copa simply because the project they started they should finish it otherwise we won’t see any improvement or any new players in the team. It will be same old same old. Also Di Maria and Ota maybe should have left by now Messi is exceptional.

  7. I’m not sure if it’s due to the translation or if the sentences are taken out of context, but there are lots of gibberish in his statement. Besides, it sounds like there had been a conflict between him and Messi. About what?

      • There was a rumor that he wasn’t happy that Messi led the team off the field before the Brazil match because of the fan fighting and security.
        Scaloni is a pro, it’s not the translation, he is just keeping the story “in-house” and not feeding the media with any info.

  8. Lots of double talk. When you start thinking of quitting, you have already quit. It’s the same with any job. Why bring doubt and instability? My guess is if he wins Copa he may stay for more money. If he loses, he can step aside and say it is time for someone else because he is exhausted and has given everything for his country.

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