Netflix releasing a World Cup docuseries called Captains of the World


Netflix will be releasing a World Cup docuseries called Captains of the World.

The large streaming company announced on Friday that on December 30, they will be releasing a docuseries about the World Cup. The docuseries will be about all 32 teams with exclusive access. Lionel Messi is one of the players shown in the trailer.


  1. Can someone please explain to me how G. Montiel and M. acuna will be in copa America squad when they don’t have sufficient minutes at thier clubs at all
    Or is it they apart of successful Argentina team in the last few years.

    • That is and has been the sorry state of Argentine soccer. No progressive thinking. I guess they plan onto rest on their 2022 WC laurels for another 20 years.

    • Yeah, it’s a valid concern. I hope that either those 2 will find much more regular playing time in the remaining months or the likes of Barco and Maffeo would be brought to replace them.

  2. Echeverri was started against Rosario in Supercup final and played well, great playmaking, he should stay in River at least till the summer or maybe whole year. Raise his clause to 50 millions!!! 25 is robbery compared to brazilians.

  3. Good to see alvarez score few. Hope he start to score in PL and CL. Hope to see few Argentine players move in Jan transfer window
    Barco. Equi. Echeverri valentini.

  4. Meanwhile, Alvarez won yet another trophy, what did he not win at this point, only the Olympic Gold…He is a curious player, he seemingly does not have a flair about him, although he does score beautiful goals every now and then, he’s not a fancy dribbler but he can dribble when needed, a jack of all trades, a Swiss Army knife, but a really high quality one. Overall, brilliant player but in his own unique way.

    Beltran too has now scored a few goals in a row….

    • Pep has turned him into a high IQ futballer. Unlike many EPL stars like Sterling, Rashford, Dalot , he knows exactly when to shoot and when to pass and add to that he tracks back and defends.

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