Lucas Beltrán scores for a third consecutive match for Fiorentina in 1-0 win vs. Monza


Lucas Beltrán scored for a third consecutive match for Fiorentina in their 1-0 win vs. Monza.

Beltrán now has five goals with Fiorentina this season, two in the Conference League and three in the league. Monza had the ball inside their penalty area and the goalkeeper tried to pass it back to the defender but the Argentine intercepted it, blocking the ball and with his touch scored to give Fiorentina the 1-0 lead.

Lucas Martinez Quarta and Nicolas Gonzalez were not part of the team for Fiorentina while Valentín Carboni was brought on as a substitute for Monza and Franco Carboni remained on the bench.


  1. The problem with Garnacho is his inability to operate when width isn’t on the offer. He is great in open spaces, on the counter, but when the opposition is playing mid/low block, he will struggle to get past defenders. His pace wouldn’t give way at all, as close control dribbling is not his strength. But then, how many talents do we have who are finished products? Presti is mighty talented, but we have to give him time, same with kids like Zeballos, Buonanotte and others. Eche is mighty talented, especially in terms of decision making, but he will operate more into the CAM, on the wings we are really lacking someone after Fideo retires. Maybe Colo Barco will give us option on the left flank, but not sure what are our other options on the wing. Soule needs someone to create the outlet for him, but even his form is found wanting after a really promising start.

  2. Garnacho will be surviving off that overhead kick goal like Martial survived 8 years off the Liverpool debut goal. On a serious note, the kid ain’t special to lead Argentina and we should stop pretending like he is one.

    • It is way to early to write Garnacho off, he just turned 19 couple months ago and at his age not many players achieve what he has so far. He has potential and if he works on his average finishing which is mainly caused by his poor decision making as he is still young and doesn’t have the experience to make quick decisions in the box, he can be a great player. However inability to dribble for a winger with so much pace is a huge drawback. Not sure if you can learn dribbling or it comes naturally to you. But one thing he can learn from Alvarez is that if you are not a good dribbler, you should look to pass around opposition players and pick the team-mates best position to score, create or move the ball forward. Pep has turned Alvarez into a player with a very high futballing IQ. Unlike Rashford, Sterling or Garnacho, he exactly knows when to pass and when and where to shoot!

  3. Garnacho with two huge misses in back to back matches! If he can work on his decision making specifically when taking a shot , he can be dangerous. But as of right now as a19 years old kid, his finishing and inability to dribble is making him look average.

  4. I like what i saw from lucas Beltran so far even though he hasn’t score many goals but his all around game is good can play cross the forward line and in the bucket behind the main striker plus he is settling well now and getting trust of his manager.

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