Ángel Di María ties Gonzalo Higuaín in Argentina goals, joins top six all time


Ángel Di María has tied Gonzalo Higuaín in goals with the Argentina national team and he joins the top six all time.

Di María continues to make history with the Argentina national team. The man for all finals scored for Argentina in their 1-0 win vs. Ecuador in Chicago, Illinois in a friendly match.

That goal takes Di María to 31 goals all time with the Argentina national team, putting him in sixth place, tied with Gonzalo Higuaín. He is now three goals behind Diego Maradona who has 34 goals and four goals behind Hernán Crespo who has 35 goals.

Sergio Agüero is in third with 41 goals, Gabriel Batistuta with 56 goals and Lionel Messi is at 106 goals, leading the Argentina national team.


  1. After his horrendous error against Netherlands that led to last min goal, Pezella was again used in the final against France over Licha due to his height factor. Generally experienced defenders are used to see out matches but in Pezella’s case he seems to make rookie errors in pressure situations and on top of that he has lost significant pace which is why pacy wingers get better of him.

    Best time to pick Pezella was in 2018 WC where he was at his prime and was amongst Serie-a’s top 5 defenders but instead Sampaoli went with Fazio , Rojo, Meza, Pavon, Salvio etc and ignored prime Papu Gomez, Pezella and Icardi! Thats Argentine coaches for you! But again Scaloni knows more than everyone and has always made necessary changes whenever required! Additionally, the management may be wanted to stick with the world cup winning team for Copa and make the changes after the tournament.

  2. Pezzella will be included… what a fucking joke.. Scaloni needs to give his head a shake.

    He gave away the Luis Diaz goal in last Copa semi final, and gave away Netherlands last minute free kick in world cup quarter final. What he has done for our NT???

    Scaloni’s stubbornness about Pezzella, Nico Gonzales and Lo Celso will cost us this Copa.

    • What annoys me is selection of Rulli who has been injured entire season. Benitez, Gazzaniga are way better. Ok I understand Dybala’s case, but dropping Senesi and Balerdi in favor of useless Pezella was unjustifiable. That’s plain favoritism. I respect Scaloni for his great achievement, however things won’t remain rosy all the time. Imagine key players get injured and Scaloni forced to play Armani and Pezella against likes of Brazil, Uruguay or Colombia, that will be embarrassing.

    • Fully agreed! Good old days, though luck was not on ARG’s side back then, but yes specially 2006 WC team was really a good one!

      1 GK Roberto Abbondanzieri 19 August 1972 (aged 33) 22 Argentina Boca Juniors[26]
      2 DF Roberto Ayala 14 April 1973 (aged 33) 100 Spain Valencia
      3 DF Juan Pablo Sorín (c) 5 May 1976 (aged 30) 71 Spain Villarreal
      4 DF Fabricio Coloccini 22 January 1982 (aged 24) 23 Spain Deportivo La Coruña
      5 MF Esteban Cambiasso 18 August 1980 (aged 25) 22 Italy Inter Milan
      6 DF Gabriel Heinze 19 April 1978 (aged 28) 29 England Manchester United
      7 FW Javier Saviola 11 December 1981 (aged 24) 31 Spain Barcelona[27]
      8 MF Javier Mascherano 8 June 1984 (aged 22) 15 Brazil Corinthians
      9 FW Hernán Crespo 5 July 1975 (aged 30) 55 England Chelsea
      10 MF Juan Román Riquelme 24 June 1978 (aged 27) 31 Spain Villarreal
      11 FW Carlos Tevez 5 February 1984 (aged 22) 21 Brazil Corinthians
      12 GK Leo Franco 29 May 1977 (aged 29) 3 Spain Atlético Madrid
      13 DF Lionel Scaloni 16 May 1978 (aged 28) 6 Spain Deportivo La Coruña[28]
      14 FW Rodrigo Palacio 5 February 1982 (aged 24) 2 Argentina Boca Juniors
      15 DF Gabriel Milito 7 September 1980 (aged 25) 15 Spain Zaragoza
      16 MF Pablo Aimar 3 November 1979 (aged 26) 40 Spain Valencia
      17 DF Leandro Cufré 9 May 1978 (aged 28) 2 Italy Roma
      18 MF Maxi Rodríguez 2 January 1981 (aged 25) 13 Spain Atlético Madrid
      19 FW Lionel Messi 24 June 1987 (aged 18) 7 Spain Barcelona
      20 FW Julio Cruz 10 October 1974 (aged 31) 15 Italy Inter Milan
      21 DF Nicolás Burdisso 12 April 1981 (aged 25) 8 Italy Inter Milan
      22 MF Lucho González 19 January 1981 (aged 25) 27 Portugal Porto
      23 GK Óscar Ustari 3 July 1986 (aged 19) 0 Argentina Independiente

      ZANETTI would had been great and maybe some other’s than Julio Cruz & Rodrigo Palacio with all my respect towards them too…

      Come 24th of June again and we can give our birthday wishes once more to RIQUELME & MESSI !

      • Diego Milito with ZANETTI would had been perfect at 2006 and maybe if they would had won German’s and to let AYALA headbutt with Materazzi as Marco would not had an any chance, lol! And handsome Heinze to end Zidane’s international career with France in the final !

  3. One of my favorite players! It’s true that he used to play a bit more like a headless chicken (kinda like Nico does right now) but he kept improving and is the 2nd most important player for this team after Messi. I’m grateful for all he has done to win us trophies and I always wonder what would have happened if he was fit for the 2014 WC final. I think we might have won it.

  4. The time was 2018 WC vs France and Di Maria scores that spectacular goal and in that exact moment, I said to myself, why can’t he do that more often in big games!!??
    Di Maria to me WAS 2 steps less worse than SUPER Kun, who was incredibly great for ManCity but always injured, slowed down by injury whenever the time came to play for the NT…I often called him an 80s Super Car that was pretty fast and expensive but
    would never go the distance. Di Maria on the other hand was there most of the time, making him more annoying than Kun because you’ll just see him running up and down and aimlessly passing the ball into nowhere.
    Remember a crucial 2018 WC qualifier vs Colombia, 1st game back for Blond Messi after that semi-NT- Retirement…..passing the ball to Di Maria who SKYS the ball up in the Air but luckily was too close to the goal to miss it!! and I said, DAMN YOU Di Maria you were itching to miss that easy goal weren’t you.
    I can give other examples to show my frustration with this player that had heart but loved to torture himself and us whenever called upon.
    Was I wrong or harsh I don’t know, but one goal unlocked his potential and forever propelled him into an Argentine footballing legend and we as fans are forever in his debt.

    • You’re not wrong. Di Maria despite his accomplishments has been a very frustrating player for Argentina. He’s inconsistent. Some games he makes great decisions and other games he doesn’t. Sometimes those 2 things happen in one game. If he was more consistent he would probably be our 3rd highest goal scorer by now.

      The most important thing is that he has turned up when it mattered the most and for that we are grateful.

  5. Wow! No wonder most football fans felt he has always been underrated. Under 23 World Cup final goal was the first time I saw his heart celebration with his mohawk. Then winning Champions League final with Real Madrid (player of the match) only for overrated one-hit wonder James Rodriguez and Isco to later warm the bench. Goal in Copa final and WC final.

    I used to call him a chicken with his head cut off from 2016-2019 (he was poor then, but so was the team). All that is in the past and he always proved he belonged in NT. Always picking up his game to ensure he is called up and being vocal that he wants to be called.

    I would love to see him do one last heart celebration at this Copa America final to send him into retirement.

  6. Mundo family used to disrespect Di Maria, even worse than Perezs’ Madref. I wonder why,though? Anyways he earned it and officially one of the most important players to wear the jersy after Leo, tied with few Legends, forsure. He is born to influence final games.