Argentina training session, midfield news for Copa America match vs. Canada


The Argentina national team trained at Kennesaw University in Atlanta and there is some news about the midfield vs. Canada at the Copa America.

Reigning Copa America champions Argentina trained on Monday evening at Kennesaw University ahead of their Copa America opener vs. Canada on Thursday. According to Gastón Edul, Alexis Mac Allister, Enzo Fernández and Leandro Paredes are fighting for two spots in the team.

Rodrigo De Paul would be the third midfielder to complete a midfield of three players.


    • Stupid goalkeeper can’t hold an easy ball and their defender drop to his knees to clear a
      Pass in the box.. If was against argentina they would have said rigged..

    • Speak for yourself. Some of us do want to see Lo Celso if he can make an impact off the bench.

      You have a habit of repeating yourself like a broken record, first on Almada you went on and on and now with Lo Celso.

    • Lo Celso is a great player in top 10 Fifa Ranking Teams he probably would be a starter except for Argentina I think that says enough.. We right now are blessed with an incredible Midfield…

      I think same goes for Dybala most of the top 10 Countries he’d be a starter and we don’t even got him on the roster… I still think he should have been there but that’s my opinion.

      something seems really wrong with you Karl… all the hate for GLC an Nico…

    • One question that I’m yet to see or hear about is the turf issue at the MB stadium but will come up as soon as COPA kicks off. It’s a faster surface for players and ball but there is that unnecessary potential for injuries! Hopefully it never happens.

      • Is it hard turf in Atlanta ? Hope not.
        I thought we had our starting midfield at depaul Enzo or Mac and paredes ? Or at least that’s what I hope.
        Boys, I need help. Should the kick off asado be lamb or beef ? 🍖 😎

          • Yes classic is beef. But I have half a whole lamb ready to be crucified and staked up. And I’m Argentine born but from Middle East North Africa, so the lamb I cook is top echelon.
            I am the top Asado! – said everyone before they meet those cowboys in Argentina

      • Yes very true again Dfox as this turf issue at MB stadium does sounds a bit worrying just like Dfox well explained as the ball moves faster and bounces harder because the surface is unnatural turf is harder than grass or hybrid pitches, but yes there are also many different turf pitches and let’s hope it is not one those worst one’s as allready mentioned too like AstroTurf for example etc…

        Anyhow i think this will give an advantage to the team’s who are more familiar with such unnatural turf pitches and i do belive Canada is one as i would think also that U.S will be another etc…

        In terms of injuries it is more harder surface to play and if u are not used to it, well it can cause maybe some damage, but truly hopefully not and also i think ARG is fully aware of is whole turf issue/ situation a head as facing Canada too as their first challenge in coming COPA, so, yes hopefully a win and deffenetly no injuries ! VAMOS ALBICELESTE !

        And for Asado Master SorinXCrespo it is allways so nice to read about your Asado and how would u prepate it it etc.,, as it does make me really hungry too and give’s hope for upcoming ARG matches + everything else in general as like rather reading something positive so please once again prepare your Asado as u have allways done whether it is beef or lamb totally up to u bro, but this time it does sound as i would opt for the lamb, though beef might the Classic way, but still i don’t want u to waste your lamb that u have half prepared allready

  1. I don’t like that referee. This corrupt bastard was VAR assistant in 2019 against Varsil. Also he always seems to be unfair with us ffs. The referee against Canada

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