Lionel Messi to break one record at the 2024 Copa America, could break two


Lionel Messi will break one record at the 2024 Copa America and could be breaking two.

Messi presently holds two Copa America records. The first is being the player with the most assists all time at a Copa America with 17 assists.

His second record is for the most assists at a Copa America. At the 2021 Copa America, Messi had five assists, the most any player has been able to have in a single Copa America.

He will be breaking one record in the first match against Canada. Messi has played 34 Copa America matches, a record he shares with Sergio Livingstone. Against Canada, he will be at 35 matches, standing alone with the record of most matches at the Copa America.

There is one record he could break. Messi presently has 13 goals at the Copa America and is four goals away from tying Norberto Méndez of Argentina and Zizinho of Brazil for most Copa America goals, each with 17 goals.


  1. My brothers, in the USA you can use the VIX app to stream (and watch later) all copa América and euro games. Its $6 for the whole month.

    Outside the US, Rojadirecta should have streams listed and you can also visit a couple hours after the game to find full game downloads.

    Vamos Argentina!

  2. italy are trash these days…….the score easily could be 6-0. idk what they are doing with their domestic league.

    on a sidenote I would LOVE to see ARG vs Spain in a competitive match.

    • England has never been a tournament team. They have so much talent but Southgate is trash.
      If they weren’t so racist then they would have hired Alex Ferguson years ago and had better results.
      Arnold was playing in a position today that he never played in. Southgate is trash

      • That is what happens when you have too many “STARS” , in a team. We also suffered from this luxury for a long time when every star wanted to shine, until 2020 when most of our stars had to retire and finally we had a team full of competent players minus the stardom, willing to put in the workrate for one star to shine and make all the difference.

        • > That is what happens when you have too many “STARS” , in a team.

          Spain 2010, Germany 2014, France 2018 were star studded. England has other issues, nothing do with too many stars.

  3. There’s been reports of a crazy single speed bike riding downtown Richmond with Argentina jersey and flag today. Witnesses and bystandards have said that he is playing some Diego song out of a speaker attached to his bike and smelling like oak and charcoal BBQ.
    More news on the hour to come.

    • Indian fans are unlucky!
      With just hours to go before the tournament kicks off, there is no confirmation yet on the telecast or streaming. The first match between defending champions Argentina and Canada will begin at 5.30 am IST on June 21 (Friday).

      Any links which work in India please post

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