Argentina starting XI vs. Peru at the Copa America


The Argentina starting XI has been named for the match vs. Peru at the Copa America.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has named his starting XI for the match vs. Peru. Scaloni won’t be on the bench due to suspension but has named his team. Jere is the starting XI:

Emiliano Martínez; Montiel, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico; Palacios, Paredes, Lo Celso; Di María, Lautaro and Garnacho.


  1. Looking at our line-up yesterday, I thought, this looks a lot like Scaloni’s early 11 when he just started, especially, Paredes, Lo Celso and Palacios midfield and Montiel, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico back four.

    Paredes is an interesting case, I don’t know if Scaloni will start him next game or not. Mac Allister is not a natural pivot and playing him there is a waste, not sure Enzo is fully fit yet nor that he wants to play there either. Guido will only play there if we need to defend for our lives. So that leaves Paredes as the only optimal option.

    Aslo, how fickle are some posters here, we need Garnacho, literally one game later, no he sucks, bring back Nico Gonzalez, etc, etc.

    • People are venting out thier anger literally against Scaloni and consistently harish on Gonzalez due to Garnacho and Dyabala. Though Gonzalez has a lot to improve in final third Scaloni has a reason to pick him up ahead of the 02 for his work rate, aerial duels, speed and even logetivity with the National team since his Stuttgart days. Him and Alvarez can do more damage to oppenents via left flank in an en-route to final games by effectively handing it over to Di Maria to finish the business. Garnacho will surely have his time along with Carboni and it is unfair to judge him with out offering him much trial games, provided that he has improved his attitude.

  2. It is time to bring in new blood after copa america.



  3. The best thing that happened to Argentina in the best 30 years was the COVID that hit Armani right before the start of the previous Copa which made Dibu take over Armani’s spot. It seems we need such situations to see more young, bright guns introduced to the team to show case their talents.

  4. Like I said, I expect Argentina to win all the matches in this tournament even though it won’t be easy. It’s happening. If so, that’s great.

  5. I don’t know what many Man U fans are talking about Garnacho played horribly. His ratings are poor

    We have to stick to what we have, we can’t start experimenting. Scaloni should use either Nico or Dimaria they are far better than garnacho although not perfect still ok. I know the pendu or man u fans will come I don’t care. Garnacho only a speedster, zero technique, zero dribble, average shooting, average passing,…above all still average at best.

  6. 1. Won the match comfortably
    2. Tested the reserve team
    3. Dominated the whole match
    4. Created more chances
    5. Dibu did not have to put any effort except in the last few mins when the match was done and dusted
    6. Going to the qf without any suspensions
    7. Won all the matches

    Comfortable tournament management. But here in “complaint albiceleste” website the cry babies are back talking abt how poor we are, how biased the selection is etc etc. This platform remains the same.

  7. The second half was the only performance for a long time where Argentina looked like the team we love.

    Sadly I expect they will once again remove Lautaro from the starting XI in the next match. Such is the level of bias, prejudice and favoritism in the selection process.

  8. Congratulation!!! Team Argentina…in today’s match my MOTM are both Gonzalo Montail and Nicolas Tagliafico…overall whole team played well. If Lautaro don’t miss two big chance and Parades convert the penalty as a goal then the score would be 4-0. However well wishes for the beloved team.

  9. after copa team should be set up newly ! thank u Leo for beautiful journey…..
    Echevierry, Mastantiono, Anselmino, Zenon, Valera, Agustin Giay, V.Barco should be step up!
    thank god we have still young world best players like Julian, Enzo, McAlester,Palacios, Lautaro, Cuti,Lisandro, Molina, Garnacho along side Dibu…
    Lo celso, Guido, RDP,Paredes, Acuna, Tagliafico, Montiel, Pazzella, Lord Armani should retire soon!

  10. Exequiel Palacios (7/10):

    A defensive monster. Any time Peru tried to go through the midfield, it felt like Palacios was there to ensure they couldn’t.

    • Agreed as not the flashiest and most visible, but specially in the second half started to get more in to the rhythm also let’s not forget this was his first match, sinne when actually..? For ARG ! Though, with all my respect Peru is not really now where near what they used to under Gareca, though nor was Chile, lol !

      Anyhow all of us know if ARG name’s it to final only one of those 3 Uruguay, Colombia or Brazil will be there, so ARG must concentrate now getting to the final and, then get their tactics and line up correct according to the opponent etc…


  11. What a game from Montiel both offensively and defensively! Lautaro meanwhile has entered his peak, and will only improve from here! It will be criminal to bench him, especially with his red hot form! Both Lautaro and Montiel deserve to start the next match!

    • Fully agreed Sula V as TORO’s finished both goals as they oftenly do in handball like between the goalies shoulder and head as it difficult for the goalie’s to get their hands there to stop the goals it is very difficult to safe those kind of QUALITY finishes as onlyway goalie can safe them is with their head’s and truly magnificent from TORO + Montiel was realky good as same obviously can’t be said from Pezzella as he looked a bit shaky again, though he towards the end maybe did better, but still against Peru with due all my respect for both player and Peru, that is why i would had given more minutes to Quarta who also let that Peruvian player to head the ball in to ARG’s post way too easy, but Quarta was only given 15 min or so as, that is not easy settle in so quickly, anyhow both of them luvkily won’t be starting as only if ARG will be cursed as injured CUTI and LICHA, which i truly hope will never ever happen !

      Garnachp played, well overall, though end product as mentioned before still needs to be improved, but with his speed he deffenetly give’s a lot and hopefully we will see more him , still in this COPA as i wished Carboni would had gotten’ also at least 30 min’s as way very limited playing time for him and there was no need to risk ADM on the pitch for, that long as ARG need’s him all the way, though luckily he was not injured as anyone else !

      Palacios, Paredes, Lo Celso middfield played good together and, maybe from those 3 to start the next game with RDP and MACCA i would try Palacios, but we will see how Scaloni will tinker it out for the next match as Paredes was very unlucky with his penalty, though maybe he should not had needed to go with, that much power and as most propably seeing the goalie diving to other corner, well again it is easy for me to say, but…yes, maybe just unlucky in the end have hopefully he will be fine with his confidence to step up again if needed for the penalties….

      Next game will be huge for ARG and hopefully they will deliver ! VAMOS ARGWNTINA !

  12. After the game I am sitting at a bar in South Beach in Miami. its called The Clevelander. Aguero, Caniggia and Burruchaga are coming here shortly. The Argentina party from
    the stadium are going crazy here.

  13. So happy to see Lautaro’s major influence after the unfortunate situation in the WC. I never went to harsh on him because he did score that penalty against the Netherlands (as little as that is, it’s technically as influential as you can be to pass a round) and was important for the extra time goal against France. Always felt a little bad for him because he started out immediately with a goal against Arabia that was called off and then had those knee problems causing all those errors, so it’s great to see him get his redemption now (which I felt was coming, this was kind of meant to be)

  14. The team played well with all the changes, Lautaro FINALLY came around and started playing like we all hope he would and despite all the changes, the team still performed nicely.
    Sit relax and get ready for what comes next.

  15. I said El Toro should take this penalty to add to his goal tally in hopes of golden boot. .and I said paredes will miss this because of his stubbornness. And of course he misses.
    Also Im not happy with a couple of looks lo celso gives to teammates… Not good way to keep morale up.

    • Paredes is a good penalty taker. I am happy that he missed today and not on any of the important matches. Haha.. but we should have been up by 2 or 3 goals by now.

    • funny enough when the penalty happened I said out loud that Paredes should take it and then he did yet failed. I know he has a good track record with penalties and doesn’t get nervous or anything so it was sad to see it miss by a hair, especially when Gallese dived the complete other way. If Messi isn’t playing it might make more sense to go with Lautaro from now on

    • Paredes is actually a great penalty taker. He rarely misses. Harsh to judge him for hitting the post.

      Lautaro on the other hand is a master of scoring difficult goals, but missing easy chances, including penalties. Even Inter does not let him take penalties, despite being the captain.

      So Paredes was the safer call.

      Golden Boot argument is moot because Alvarez will always be preferred over Lautaro in this team in the subsequent matches, no matter how much better Lautaro plays.

  16. Why the fuck Lo Celso loves fighting with the GK every corner?? What was he thinking? His movement almost disallowed Lautaro’s goal against Chile and he didn’t learn from it. Just inconceivably stubborn as a professional player.

  17. What a poor display by our bench !! Disconnected, disjointed, lack of finesse, horrible Garnacho, horrible miss by Lo Celso, a missing Palacios. Everything was so poor about this Argentine team. Scaloni has enough to be extremely concerned about his bench. I even think that Garnacho is not too keen to be on the field because he is finding it demeaning to his star status to be part of B team. Such attitude would not take him anywhere professionally.

  18. Our B team is playing like C team and Garnacho has a long way to go before he can match Nico’s level of play. Hopefully he has a better second half. Locelso should have done better with the last chance of the first half.

    • He was nowhere to be seen. Not even a single creative pass from him. I am just not getting what this team is trying to do. And Scaloni’s absence from the sideline is not helping the team either.

  19. Very good that we can try this new lineup already being qualified. I hope the team flows well and is interesting to watch but even if it is slow/unimpressive I think we can still beat Peru and we will be resting Messi and other important players and not risking any important injuries. Interested to see how Palacios does after his season in Leverkusen, as well as how Garnacho will do, since so far he hasn’t showed anything for us like for United.

    • Man is aging lin up otamendi, Di maria, tagliafico and pezzella are well over 30s lo celso late 20s paredes just turned 30 yesterday

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