Changes to be made in midfield and up front for Argentina vs. Canada


Changes are expected to be made in midfield and up front for Argentina vs. Canada.

The Argentina national team will play Canada in the semi finals of the 2024 Copa America and changes will be made to the team. According to Gastón Edul, there will be changes done to the starting eleven, precisely in midfield and up front.

Argentina started their penalty shootout win vs. Ecuador with a midfield of Rodrigo De Paul, Alexis Mac Allister and Enzo Fernández with an attack of Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Nicolás González.

Marcos Acuña will be ready to play in the semi finals and Lisandro Martínez is well and could start the match.


  1. What I would like to see/expect against Canada
    ———— Dibu——————-
    De Paul/Palacios—-Paredes—-Macca

    De Paul isn’t bad but his performance isn’t good either. Because of his play style, he’s very involved in the game, but his efficiency isn’t good. Palacios could offer similar energy in the midfield and better end product, (at least based on his club form, as he hasn’t played enough for the NT for us to see this). But knowing Scaloni, he would probably stick with De Paul.

    Left-wing is the other questionable position. Nico provides cover defensively but he is not good in the final third. ADM is great, but starting both him and Messi+Lautaro would mean our press is nonexistent. Alvarez isn’t a natural left-winger either, and his form also isn’t great. I think it would be between Nico and Alvarez to see who gets to start, and ADM will come on in the 50-60th minute.

  2. We will meet Uruguay or Colombia. We will wait and see if Scaloni has any solution to the opponent’s pressing play. Football today is getting more and more difficult. The whole team must play actively instead of lying still even though there is nothing serious, but the referee ignores it and the team will lose a member of staff at a critical time. Sometimes that can get the opponent a yellow card, sometimes it doesn’t. I believe the semi-final will be a very important test before the final.

  3. Scaloni and the team know best. They are responsible for anything good that happens and anything not going in favour of us. We are just spectators who see it either on the TV or from the top of the stadium. Our view is different from the view of the coaching staff and the players. They see a much crowded space. Still, I thought of sharing my idea, which can be called bizarre:
    3-2-3-2 –> Cuti, Licha, Tagli – Paredes, Palacios — De Paul, Macallister, Lo Celso — Messi, Alvarez

    IMHO Tagliafico is a big game player unlike Acuna. He was excellent against Croatia and France.
    Lo Celso subbed by Di Maria around 60th
    Alvarez subbed by Lautaro around 60th
    Paredes subbed by Molina/ Montiel based on scoreline

  4. Always a pleasure to watch the Yellow sub going to the bottom, I guess they didn’t learn from the WC not to send a defensive player to take the 1st PK especially with all the so-called offensive firepower.
    ARG gets Canada while Colombia and Uruguay kill each other. ARG will play one opponent at a time regardless who it is and I don’t believe the REFs. will allow it to be more bloody than tonight.
    It will be one more day of rest should ARG beat Canada as they should.

  5. There is no easy match in CONMEBOL! Street futbal takes over modern game when South American teams play each other! Brazil failed to create any chances whatsoever with their team full of big clubs players! The $38 million Madrid signing second coming of Pele, Endrick was clearly not ready for this level of competition.

  6. Either the most physical team or the team with speed is going to win this COPA..Don’t expect any favors from the referee..De Paul – please listen..

    Scaloni has to use Garnacho & Nico for counter attack and ofcouse some midfield changes..

        • U are so right about, that speed, which indeed look’s very fast indeed ! As i think many of those players will run 100 meter’s without ball as track & field and will do good , though offcourse not in the top, top level , but also they surely the lungs to run very fast and don’t get easily tired as it’s just look like they will over run any team in the world at the moment as for me, maybe with Spain…, well at least Uruguay and Colombia are not far behind as specially Colombia look’s very fast as now Araujo most likely out for Uruguay they do have a problem with Gimenez clearly not fast enough, though between Uruguay vs Colombia basicly anything can happen, but i fear more of Colombia and therefore i wish and hope, that ARG will beat Canada and rather play Uruguay in the final as Colombia looks a bit more dangerous as in terms of speed , but it is hard to predict which will go through to the final as both are surely very good indeed ! ARG must played it very clever as certain tactics are must against theese 2 team’s , but not sure really how to aproach against theese 2 team’s as maybe, what @MarioKempes suggested as :

          3-2-3-2 –> Cuti, Licha, Tagli – Paredes, Palacios — De Paul, Macallister, Lo Celso — Messi, Alvarez

          Might work as basicly i think ARG must stay very compact, but also theese 2 team’s most likely will attack with more of wingback play, though they are capable attacking also in other way’s too, but looking at ARG’s team and it weakness, well one might like TaKe the opportunity as attacking more with wingplay and ARG on the left have at least Nico to help as on the right not sure if Álvarez or De Paul Could give, that most likely needed helping hand..? Attacking wise MAC with TORO MESSI/ADM would have really be on their best as i fear defenssive duty’s will TaKe most of ARG’s energy as ARG may need or try score either from set pieces or TaKe, that such a wished and hoped coming final ahead all the way to the penalties, though one goal win is all, what matters in the end and more than obvious is, that ARG can’t afford to give any goal for opponent to score neither in regular time nor xtra time either etc…VAMOS ARGENTINA ! 2 MORE TO GO AND HOPEFULLY TO WIN SO TOO !

      • Messi is not a fool to play safe in a quarter final and drag it to the penalty shootout and then miss the first shot. These incidents are never planned beforehand. Messi was playing safe because he still had the discomfort and even amidst that he was the mastermind behind a sublime setpiece move. I agree with @ddr1123 – Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil look crazy in terms of speed compared to our display. They are hungry and eager. Argentina, as a team, has a “we have done it all” attitude. Until and unless fresh and hungrier legs are introduced to the team, we should forget any cup soon.

  7. I like how fans always come up with ridiculous cliche reasons for why players don’t perform. Enzo in this case didn’t perform because of poor decision making not physical reasons. Open your eyes folks and assess accurately.

    • Really..? Lol, Current Colombia would go toe toe with any NT team in the world at the moment as, that good they have become as Uruguay might have a slight problem with Araujo most likely out and Gimenez clearly not fast enough and not his best anymore…

  8. Well played Canada – Congrats on Semi Final spot…you deserve it..

    Scaloni – I do not know how many players are really fit..but if messi is starting..then midfield needs to put in 150%..

    Again – miss Dybala a lot now…

  9. Speaking of ENZO, we all agree that he has not been the same and maybe because of the surgery he had or not but I can tell you the following.
    Enzo had a inguinal hernia surgery, I had the same surgery last August. To simplify it, I had parts of both of my intestines pushing out against my abdominal wall resulting in a bulge in that sensitive area, YES tell me about the surprise when I first noticed that in the shower!
    The surgent would either cut into that area or make few small incisions to push that stuff inside and hold it off with just a piece of mesh because that’s the only way they do it unless some new procedure has been invented.
    Point is, that hernia could easily come back if you go back to doing the things you did before, so carrying heavy things like weights, excessive or repetitive workouts, long running…..etc so you basically need to take it easy so I don’t know how he is managing after his surgery and that is without any pain, nm with pain!

      • You know the discomfort you feel when you’re bloated? like you wanna burp or pass gas but you can’t! this is 10 times worse because that hernia presses up against your stomach, so bad that you can’t stand up nm do anything else. I would go weeks or months without that but then it hits without warning.
        Have it checked out immediately, don’t wait.

          • AS much as I ignored it or delayed it, when the Doc told me we need to operate ASAP, I said Lets go. I had the surgery on A Saturday, the same day Inter Miami was playing in that championship, I looked over at the wall clock in the operating room when the nurse woke me up to make sure I didn’t miss the game….NO joke LOL took me back to my room and watched it on my phone and won.
            I love not worrying about that pain any longer but I can’t do the things I did before and that’s ok

          • May sound as Could had been caused by too much of biking, not Fully sure though, similar thing happened to a several friend of mine’s who were doing lot of biking as surely very good exercise, but in my friend’s case they just basicly did too much, maybe, because they were not in to running nor Could not swim and wanted something a bit heavier, than walking whole day long etc…

            Another friend of mine, who is a boxing coach allways recomends several different as bit of everything like biking, running, swimming, walking etc…and also walking backwords too….also basicly all kind of aerobic exercise and if possible together with some weigjts as no needed to be, that heavy at all just more every day based etc…

            Another friend, who never really was in to any kind of sport before completly sucked in to now Iron Man competition’s as i Could not belive, when i first heard about it, but he has done it now for several year’s as still don’t get it how he is able, but kudos to him and everyone else trying in what so ever way as it surely can only do good for those who can and give good example for others like myself as being too lazy to do it, lol!

    • May u be as healthy as u can as really sorry to hear about it, though good to hear, that u got that surgery done and also that u sound like not worrying too much about it as worrying obviously is so common amongst us, but unfortunatly iit does not do any of us what so ever favor’s, but this does not mean to TaKe or nor not be precautious as with precaution or being preventive as easy it may sound, well some might understand it better as like me only and allways way too late or learning it the hard way as jumping the fence, where it is the lowest etc…

      Anyhow Dfox and also for SorinXCrespo too i wish u all the best and try to stay as healthy as u can and be as preventive as u can too !

  10. Changes in the midfield is exactly what we need. I think Enzo is great, but he had surgery and isn’t playing well yet. If this were a regular season he would be coming on the last 20 minutes of every game to get back up to speed. We only have 2 games left to win it. Just play the most in-form midfield trio. I think that’s Mac Allister, De Paul and Paredes. You can bring in Lo Celso for one of them later in the game if needed.
    I’m not sure if Nico has earned his place. What about a front 3 of Messi, Lautaro and Alvarez? Or is that too imbalanced?

  11. Brazilian club Botafogo ? signs Almada for record $27million. It can be a great investment by the club and could easily double their returns by selling him. Almada becoming regular in the national team is only a matter of time.