Nicolás Tagliafico and Nicolás González one yellow card away from suspension


Nicolás Tagliafico and Nicolás González are both one yellow card away from suspension.

Tagliafico and Gonzalez are the two Argentine players presently on a yellow card. Argentina will be playing two more matches at the Copa America and a yellow against Canada for either of them will mean that they would miss either the Copa America final or the third place match.

Both players got yellow carded against Ecuador in the quarter final match.


  1. Drake is going to lose his money betting on canada

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    • It depends on us. We have not played our best games so far in this tournament, and we have to be 100% to beat Uruguay/Columbia.

  2. “JUST IN: Lionel Scaloni’s initial idea against Canada is to put Enzo Fernández in the middle and give Alexis Mac Allister more freedom as an interior, like in the World Cup. @estebanedul 🚨🇦🇷 ”
    This is where enzo is so good well done to the coaching staff to acknowledge that

  3. For some reason, I feel like the 🐐 will have a better game today then the previous one . Man I love how the team always show support to their leader Messi.

  4. Thought this Copa I would be more relaxed having won three international cups of highest order. However, as the group stage started and our team could not be anywhere close to their form in 21-23, worries started creeping in and now at this stage it has started hurting my ego about the team and I am no more relaxed. Some of the players are below par while few others are inconsistent in the kindest of words. Only Cuti, Licha and Emi are exceptions. Lautaro raised some hopes as super-sub. But his performance was dismal against Ecuador. I am not sure if a tournament can be won just depending on three in defence. Scaloni had lot on his hands to do between Ecuador and Canada. Has he been able to do that? Don’t know. Just know that I am tensed once again.

    • I am quite convinced that the match against Ecuador was our team’s and Messi’s rock bottom coupled with excellent Ecuadorian performance. I won’t be a bit surprised if we completely obliterate Canada today!

    • You know I had one main wish in the last WC, 1, ARGENTINA to win the WC of course, 2, for Messi to be the player of the tournament and 3, for Penaldo and Brazil to be humiliated.
      I got my main wish and my other 2 secondary wishes, it was when reality was better than fantasy.
      I already got one of my 2 wishes this time around, Penaldo didn’t disappoint and for ARG to win it all by any means necessary……. I’m not going to push my luck!
      Side note, Canada’s GK likes to come off his line like he did vs ARG a few times and it cost him vs Venezuela, I HOPE Scaloni was paying attention.

      • Don’t worry my friend…good things happen to good people…the sad part is it takes time…VAMOS MI ALBICElESTEEEEE…Argentina will win the Copa America 2024 and the WC 2026…Messi will get the Golden Ball again in 2026

  5. Man I am pumped, LET’S GO ALBICELESTE LET’S GO. ONE more time Capo dei capi👽, please allow me to be greedy just 1 more time to watch MESSI LIFT another trophy and I won’t ask for anything else🇦🇷💙🇦🇷✊️✊️Let’s GO

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