Diego SIMEONE talks about coaching Argentina team, Lionel MESSI, Marcelo GALLARDO, more


Diego SIMEONE recently gave an interview where he discussed coaching the Argentina national team, Lionel MESSI, Marcelo GALLARDO and more.

The coach of Atletico Madrid had a lot to say in regards to managing Argentina. Speaking with Fox Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“I didn’t speak with anyone of the Argentina national team, no one called me. My father asked me when I’ll go and coach Argentina but I still don’t see it. I have the necessity to train, to make football players better on a daily basis.”

In regards to the current state of the team:

“Today, the Argentina national team is in a process of transition with a lot of players that gave a lot, going beyond the fact that they couldn’t become champions. But it’s not easy to play in two Copa America finals and a World Cup final and it’s not easy to win.

“The important thing is that this Copa America will be a possibility to confirm that there is growth moving forward. Being second place is the closest to finishing first. Finishing second does not make me happy because I want to be champion but if you come out second several times, one day, you’ll finish first.”

SIMEONE also spoke about Lionel MESSI and having players play for the team:

“Football players need a big team. That last World Cup was a big reference for us. You have to have people that want to play for a team. If one doesn’t run, we can compensate for it but if two don’t run, it’s complicated. But if three don’t run, you lose. If you don’t have players who emotionally cannot understand that the priority is the team, sooner or later, you will lose.

“Against a team with less solutions, less of a team, Cristiano RONALDO would fit in much better because he gives you many solutions for a team. But in a team, with a style, it’s clear that MESSI would be much better, in a team that goes with your talent.”

There was also talk of River Plate manager Marcelo GALLARDO who is a former team mate of SIMEONE with Argentina.

“Marcelo is doing an extraordinary job. Argentine football has a lot of good coaches. Hopefully he stays with River but his road leads to Europe and the Argentina national team.

“The best thing would be that the coach who will go to coach the Argentina national team would have spent some time before with the Argentina U20 to prepare.”



    Exactly, Messi can only play for a team that is full of talents, while CR7 can play for any teams.

    • Because ronaldo can head the ball more accurately than messi and that’s because he is taller than messi. When you don’t have a team or don’t play good enough then just cross the ball into the box hoping someone will head the ball at some point. And it is not football but crap.

  2. As of now Simeone is a no go, He has kind of became Stale as a coach, Its like facing a dead end with his tactics, Hope he finds new tactics other than the stale one dimensional Defensive tactic. He has age in his side. For the NT for now a big NO Thank You very Much.

    Both Pochettino and Simeone wont come to coach the NT for at least next 10 years, So forget about them. I have a gut feeling that Eduardo Coudet may be the next in line for us. Gallardo too seems to be a lost course as of now.

  3. We dosent want them as coach.. all are selfish and non patriot..in comes for patriotism sampaoli was far better than them.. when they achieve all in Europe with different different club then they will manage argentina at the age of 70.. we never want these scoundrel as our coach .. after would cup 2014 sabella also contacted by Manchester city but he turned down the offer.. it is better to approach gallardo coudet or any one from Argentina as our coach..but not these selfish and money monger

  4. 1986-87 born Rohit Sharma won IPL 2019. If anyone watch the match then realize MI beat CSK by luck only, Spurs reach UCL final by luck, at the some of point time on the verge of eliminating on Group Stage then won quartar final and semi final by away goal difference. Loris 1986-87 born win the UCL 2019

  5. we have coach right now and there is no reason or anything good can come up
    if we are starting to speak for new future coach
    just one month before Copa America start.

    as about Simeone or Pochetino when they get full enough from money and glory in Europe
    in older age then only they will want to coach the national team.
    this is the reality if we don t try to hide behind our fingers.
    this people don t exist as choices and it is stupid for all the media to mention and speak for something like that.
    this is not make any good.

    something last.
    as long Angelici is vice president in AFA there is no way Gallardo take the job of national team coach.

    • what happened between Angelici and Gallardo?

      As for changing coaches 1 month prior starting Copa, Scaloni has not instilled any identity, chemistry, or chosen a starting 11. He’s basically starting from scratch after 23 selection and any coach could do that. I know it wont happen but id be glad if it didi.

      • Marcelo Gallardo is very loyal to River plate.
        he belong to the family.
        D Onofrio will not allow him to go after all this things happened with Boca last 2 years at least.
        long story to write now but i believe you have idea at least about the last things happened before last Copa Libertadores.
        in same time Gallardo don t want to destroy his relations with River.
        he belong to the family as i write and he is child of River plate.

  6. I agree a bit with Simeone here. If you have Messi you cannot have any other players who do not run. The other 5 players (not counting GK and 4 back) have to run, run, run and run some more. That’s why I do not mind seeing players like el toro or pereyra in the starting 11.

    • Messi used to run alot & press opponents until 2012-2013 season. He even outpaced and stole the ball from Aguero by himself , you could still find a video of that.

      He suffered hamstring in late 2013 which sidelined him for 2 months and also impacted his WC 2014 performance.

      Since then, he’s becoming more timid with his run and more cautious when trying to run pass multiple opponents.

      Messi destroyed Arsenal on his own back then, 4 goals and thats a solution CR wont able to do even in his wet dream. Everytime they faced each other in CL, Messi destroyed him and his team. Messi scored a header in 2009 final in front of CR and run passed 5 Madrid defenders to score in front of CR in 2011 semifinal.

      Messi also hit hattrick to saved Argentina from WC qualifying disaster. My point is, what Simeone said about Messi was because Messi had caused him.and his Atletico team many thropies.

  7. Believe me I don’t see Poch or Simione will ever coach Argentina National team. Well not in our life time. I hope they prove me wrong. Although a lot of us here and a lot of fan of Albiceleste around the world will be happy to see Gallardo in charge.

  8. Why does this one and the other “Chubby” one keep talking about managing ARGENTINA???
    They would have been selected HAD THEY “””REALLY””” showed interest in the job but instead are more interested in looking good in a suit and getting paid millions.

    ONE thing you have to give Sampaoli credit for, WHEN HIS COUNTRY CAME ASKING, BEGGING, PLEADING, he answered the call when he already had a well-paying job with minimal stress and pressure, where were these two back then?? pushing the job away with a 20-foot pole, that’s where.

    • Simeone and poch will not coach
      Argentina anytime soon especially
      Pochettino. He is more likely to manage
      England than Argentina so please
      Let’s forget those two I don’t even
      Like Argentina media keep mention their
      Names the realistic choice is Gallardo
      I believe he will do wonders with the nt
      If he given time